10th Planet Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - NYC
31 W 46th St 4th floor, New York, NY 10036, United States
10th Planet Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - NYC

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Great for beginners. Very chill environment. Noticed a significant improvement over the last couple of months.

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Best ji jitsu gym in the Nyc

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Rey and Cece are the best. NYC needed them. Plain and simple. They’re creating killers in concrete jungle. They have this welcoming environment where the moment you step in on your first day, you’re already signing up. Their attention to detail while teaching is excellent. They make sure you understand what you’re being taught. Nothing but great vibes over at 10PNYC.

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Peerless Private Lesson:I have taken bjj lessons with five other instructors. Rey made a statement before showing me an alternative to the move I was about to perform, he said this may or may not help you. Mind opening is how I would describe the experience. I came with my own agenda which entailed 15 drills + 3 moves. The private was for two hours, I ended it when we finished in 1 hour 58 minutes and 20 seconds...

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I was visiting from Dubai and Ray and Cece made me feel very welcome, they had just had brand new mats installed which made for a great space, you can pay for a drop in class for which I stayed for 3hrs, great warm up drills, then technique and finished with rolling. Fun times. Great people on the mat, I will def visit again

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NYC itself is almost oversaturated with Jiu-Jitsu academies, so while youll have no trouble finding a school to train at, there are almost none as welcoming as 10th Planet NYC. Given the crazy pedigrees of the larger schools, it can be intimidating for a beginner. However, Rey and Cece have gone out of their way to establish a great culture that promotes growth in a friendly way. Everyone at the gym, regardless of rank, is dedicated to helping each other grow as martial artists, so youll see more experienced members help with technique while newer members even help first-timers get acclimated. Rey and Cece even welcome people from other academies without question and even encourage others to visit in order to promote growth as martial artists. If youre visiting, its definitely worth dropping in and if youre interested in Jiu-Jitsu, its one of the best places to learn!

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Jiu Jitsu is a personal journey. You want to learn valuable and real world applicable techniques, show up to a class. You’ll find out who you are. Rey and Cece learned directly under Eddie Bravo what more could you ask for. They’re as battle tested and knowledgable as instructors come in the sport.

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10PNYC might be hard to find (no signs outside), but youll be glad you did. Rey and Cece are great people and top notch instructors. All the students I met were very friendly and fun to train with. When Im in NYC, this will be where I train Jiu Jitsu.

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Great community of hard working open minded grapplers willing to share knowledge and have good rolls. Hope to see you on the mats

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Dropped in a few times .. good training

Review №11

Hands down best gym to train at! The curriculum is always progressing. Rey, Cece, Tom, Rene and the entire team at NYC 10th Planet are serious all stars. I have learned more here in less than a year than I have training elsewhere in twice that time. All of the coaches compete regularly so the moves and concepts that are taught are actually practical to a real competition/ fight scenario. I highly recommend training here if you are serious about jiu jitsu and serious about improving your game. Wether you are a day one white belt or a more experienced practitioner the wealth of knowledge on these mats is unmatched. 👇🏻🤜🏻

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I have been coming here since it opened and it is by far my favorite Jiu Jitsu gym I have been to in NYC. Rey and Cece are very knowledgeable, patient, and fun to be around. This place might not look like much on the outside, but once you get into the class you willquickly understand how great it is.

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If you are looking for a modern gym that isn’t bogged down by traditional rules and restrictions 10th Planet NYC is the place to be. I spent a year in Marcelos which was great but I found myself leaning more towards the nogi/wrestling classes. So when I found out 10th Planet was opening in the city I signed up before opening and have been there ever since and can’t see myself anywhere else. Rey and Cece’s open minded approach to all of their students has been so rewarding. It’s driven me to train more and even compete as they lead by example being constant high level competitors as well as even competing alongside us. They also display a wide range of knowledge of techniques with things that are even outside their own game for those of us who would gravitate more to that. I am very excited to remain a part of the academy and watch it grow. If you are interested in a nogi mma friendly submission grappling system 10th Planet is the way to go.

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A new BJJ gym in the area that I had the pleasure of trying out . It’s a great workout and a learning experience. The instructor is very welcoming, knowledgeable, patient and thorough in teaching the art of Brazilian Ju Jitsu.

Review №15

First off let me start by saying that everyone is not bad in that place BUT you have occasional beast moders in there!! not in a good way. i can fairly say that im new to the game but you have a few guys that treat a session like its a fight for their life. just using brute strength or just cranking on arms and necks for no reason. like can i get to know the basics first?ive been to every class so far but mostly at the old academy and once to the new one. instructors are cool for the most part. rey is more mellow and relaxed but cece is more talkative/ energetic. some days her mood is happy go lucky and some days shes just against the world which is not good for a NEW school and if i noticed it then im sure others did also. and it can get very uncomfortable/intimidating.for the most part there are no beginner/intermediate/advanced classes. everyone is is mixed up regardless of the times. it wouldve been great if there was a strictly beginner class for some of us who are truly beginners. (something to think about). this place is not bad at all. just a few minor adjustments should be made. there was times i didnt want to roll and i didnt receive any backlash from it which was nice. being a beginner sometimes i just wanted to sit back and watch and take notes.most people there are nice though with helping you out. as for now im not training because im in and out of nyc but i appreciate the help i did get while there and remember a few guys who made it super comfortable for me. will not mention names but im sure everyone knows them. the dude with the surfer hair in the evenings always helping m (blue or purple belt unsure). the guy with the ear guards from the afternoons, very crafty and technical(blue or purple unsure) the bald guy with the accent from the afternoons, super strong dude, couldve smashed me but helped me instead. i think hes from jersey. (blue or purple unsure). the mma guy with the tats from the am. dude barely uses strength and still took it easy on me(blue or purple unsure) also a guy that looks like him(might be his brother unsure) also from the am. easily a higher belt.any way i just wanted to show my respect to the school and wish these guys nothing but success!! ous!!

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Once I heard these guys were in nyc I was hyped!! Rey and cece are very chill and bring that chill vibe to Nyc which is cool. These guys are very knowledgeable! The only spot I’ve ever been to where people work hard, crack jokes, laugh, and also give you that cool friendly vibe at 7am. We’ve got a few hidden killers here also for this being a new spot but overall a very non intimidating, chill, yet very hard working environment!!! 🙌

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Amazing experience day in and day out and the students over their are helpful a lot!

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Great new jiu jitsu gym. Knowledgeable instructors, good vibes, and hard working students.

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