Perfect Park Driving School
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Perfect Park Driving School

Review №1

First time driving in NYC after living here for 10 years, and was met by Monty the instructor. Monty makes you feel extremely comfortable, safe and gives you all the tools and confidence to succeed. I will definitely be back for another lesson. Plus he was really fun to talk to, making the anxiety lessen. I wish I could give 10 stars.

Review №2

I highly recommend Perfect Park driving school. I did the 5 lesson package including the car for the driving test and passed my test first time. They are very professional from the day you start right through the lessons and then the day of the test. They give great advise and tips to help you pass your test. They are also very organized and you can see they genuinely care about you passing your test. 10/10 for all aspects of service and professionalism at Perfect Park, great job. 👍👍

Review №3

Highly recommend! I cannot thank the team here enough for helping me get my licence! Monty is an excellent instructor; he is kind, patient and does a great job at teaching you how to drive and park. I was never confident about driving but he was always so encouraging and positive and genuinely believed in me. When we drove around for lessons I always saw locals in the area who would spot Monty and tell me that he is great and got them to i understand their excitement, he is a bit of a local celebrity and is definitely the best.Robert is also an excellent asset to the team in helping to escort you to the test and has a fountain of knowledge and tips to help you and was also really encouraging and motivating. His tips are actually really invaluable so pay attention!As others have noted in the reviews, the school has excellent customer service with thanks to Gigi and Violet who flawlessly manage the lessons schedule and can help you with getting the test booked and just have really great and positive need this when you are about the face the DMV on test day!I wouldnt hesitate in recommending this school to anyone looking to get their licence.

Review №4

I purchased 5 lessons, a car rental (for the lessons) and driving test at a reasonable price. They were very professional and attentive to your needs. I had the same instructor from beginning to end. The knowledge I acquired from this school assisted me in passing my driving test on my first try. Thank you Perfect Park Driving School!

Review №5

In my opinion, Monty is an amazing driving teacher- he is smart about being on the road, really funny, and gives good feedback on your driving skills. He really is 100% committed to your success on the road test, Ive been practicing parking and u-turns since day 1. Would definitely recommend!

Review №6

The people at perfect park driving school helped me pass the road test first try. Highly satisfied and would recommend this school to anyone who wants to pass their test with ease 10/10.

Review №7

Previously I went to a different driving school and failed my road test... When I went to PERFECT PARK DRIVING SCHOOL I was taught things I didnt know prior. Monty is the best. He made classes really comfortable. I passed my road test!!!! Thank you guys

Review №8

Ive been with this School for a few months, and I have to tell you - I positively Love them. I just passed my NYS Road Test today because I practiced driving with the Best. You Go Perfect Park. Whoohoo!💞❤

Review №9

Very highly recommend. Monty is a patient teacher and great guy. Robert gave a ton of good tips the day of the road test. I passed on my first try after 6 lessons. Much appreciate everyones help at Perfect Park!

Review №10

I don’t do reviews but I’m so grateful I just had to do it …did 4 lesson and passed my road test Monty is the greatest help me so much on my parking he also funny too I usually don’t talk while driving because I get nervous lol I don’t kno why …but now I’m comfortable talking and driving….Robert broke it down on great tips also getting me to pass my road test great staff/team work including the rep gigi a very great school thank you sooooo much I’m so happy I choose y’all ❤️

Review №11

I want to thank Mr. Monty for being a great instructor. He took me from no experience driving to passing my road test and getting my license in a few months. I recommend perfect park if you want to drive.

Review №12

Monty and Richard went over everything I needed to know in order to pass the road test. Passed on my 1st try. They were very clear and direct and what you should expect for the road test. Definitely would recommend anyone who is getting their license to come here. They are also very helpful and worked around my work schedule for classes.

Review №13

Thank to Monty and his team! It was a great and smooth experience.

Review №14

I thank God Google led me to this driving school. Monty, the instructor, is extraordinary at what he does. He is patient and makes you feel at ease behind the wheel. Gigi and Violet, his staff, provide excellent customer service skills. This driving school is worth every penny if you want your license to go there. I wish I could give more stars.

Review №15

Everything works with me. I Passed my Road Test on the First Try thanks to Montys lesson. I took 15 classes and everything went well with him. He will explained a lot at the first couple lesson so every beginner can understand what to do and you get better the more you practice with him. Monty also let me try on my own at the last few classes to put me in the testing environment and will always point out issue or mistake I made. Gotta have my Highway Class and I am all set thanks to Perfect Park!

Review №16

Terrific experience. Violet on reception was great in getting everything organized and explaining what to do. Monty a great instructor who understood my level and needs. Gave me clear and direct instruction, And the gentlemen who drove me to the test amazing in terms of his explanation, coaching and really useful last minute tips. A great team. Thank you Perfect Park Driving School. Will

Review №17

Great driving school. Very responsive, able to get me a lesson and road test at short notice. With good guidance, passed first time.

Review №18

Instructor was very thorough. Going back for more lessons.

Review №19

Wow, I want to thank Monty and everyone at perfect park driving school, I was to accomplish one of goals which is obtain my drivers license, working with perfect park driving school was a great and professional experience, not only did they teach me the ins and out but most importantly they were able to help reach my goal, I’m beyond grateful thank you guys so much so I’m so excited and I’m officially a licensed driver

Review №20

I took 15 hours with Monti and he is the best instructor I came across. I was always scare to drive especially in new york city i thought I would never be able to. Mr. Monti is very patient and I learn so much from him. I learn how to park perfectly :) Mr. Roberto is also very informative and I learn alot from him before the roadtest. I now have my driver license thanks to all the amazing classes and all the great people that works here!!!! Will recommend anyone who is looking to be a safe driver!

Review №21

Wow where do I start. I had six lessons with Monty he is the man. He is patient, kind, consistent, reliable. The receptionist are respectful. Well I passed my road test and ecstatic to say hardwork paid off.

Review №22

Thank you Monty for an awesome experience! Just pass my test today! I highly recommend Perfect Park Driving School. Monty is a really good teacher, always calm and professional. He teaches us the right and safest way to drive. But hes also very human, friendly and funny! So it was a pleasure to take every driving classes with him. After 10 lessons, I asked him if I should take more before my road test. He said no! youll get it now! which I really liked. He just could have charged me more lessons like others would have done, but no hes honest. And now I have a license after the first try! THANK YOU!!!

Review №23

Awesome driving school. They covered all possible pitfalls of theatrical performance called Driving exam in NY.

Review №24

This driving school deserves more than 5 stars, my sisters and I all pass our road test on the first try! We have to give a big THANKS to Monti and his awesome team. This business values customer service and in each lesson you will notice your driving skills getting better each time. We highly recommend this driving school if you live anywhere in the city.

Review №25

Perfect Park is the perfect place to take driving lessons. Monty, the chief instructor, is brilliant. He is easy-going, low-key, and super professional. I dont think there can be anyone better at putting learner drivers at their ease. If you make mistakes, which all learners do, hell gently demonstrate where youve gone wrong and explain the right way to do things. He is patient, courteous and has a great sense of humor too!Monty and the other instructors, who are also excellent, have an in-depth knowledge of all the local test centers right down to the layout of the routes you will likely take and the individual testers themselves. On the day of your test they will talk through with you what to expect, and I found this to be extremely helpful. In addition to the instructors, Perfect Parks office assistants are also exceptionally professional, courteous and helpful.In short, I couldnt be happier with my experience at Perfect Park. Thanks, Monty, for helping me pass my test on my first attempt!

Review №26

Great instructors, staff and pricing.. Passed with a 90 on my first try after only 5 hours of lessons. My full review is on yelp.

Review №27

Great and efficient service. In the post pandemic time I was able to get my 5 hours pre-licencing certificate remotely, get super useful tips from the instructor and get my appointment done within 2 days. Super smooth experience, well done!

Review №28

Wonderful people and very helpful definitely recommend for those who are new to driving or trying to brush up for their road test

Review №29

This place is Perfect hands down, I was always scared of driving and Monty and Aldi are the best. if your looking for a place to learn how to drive this is it, they take their time to make sure you understand get the hang of things. make sure you listen to everything they say because they know what they are doing. and I passed today. and I cant forget Violet she was amazing and so nice she is beautiful inside and out. thank you

Review №30

Although their methods may seem unconventional at first, Monty and the team leave nothing to be desired. Truly a perfect experience all around. If youre going to spend that much time in a car, it may as well be with someone you enjoy the company of and remember. Fast, affordable, experienced and hilarious. Nothing more I could ask for.

Review №31

This school is awsome. They help me for everything. Im glad that I had my lesson and road test feom you guys. THANK YOU GUYS

Review №32

I passed on my first try with Perfect Park Driving School. Many thanks to Monty and Nate for their professionalism and dedication to a hard headed individual. They were both too patient. Nate was so dedicated in making sure I passed and kept telling me that I would until I started to seriously believe I really could. Thanks to the great staff who assisted me. You guys are truly the best. Great school Monty Hart keep up the good work.

Review №33

Hello all if your like me all thumbs when it comes to driving this is your driving school. Let me tell you guys the only I could do was drive straight. Monty will teach you everything you need to know about driving and has no problem in repeating his self. The staff is awesome. A quote to wise book your classes as soon as you pay because it fill us quick. See you guys on the road and I GOT MY LICENSE ON THE 1ST TRY.

Review №34

Very professional and patient

Review №35

Definitely go for your lessons here. I bought a package with the lessons, 5 hour class, and road test. Totally worth it, buying everything at once made it so easy. The instructors are amazing. They make you feel comfortable while also giving you tips and tricks to drive / park perfect every time. I can’t recommend this place enough!

Review №36

Amazing service! For someone who already knew how to drive and just needed to get my license in NY it was awesome.They made it easy to reschedule, everything through email or text, they kept it simple no frills just the stuff you need to know to get your license.Monty who was my instructor was great, very nice and knowledgeable.Highly recommend using their services if you need to get your license painlessly and quickly.

Review №37

Great school. I did my pre licensing course and my road test it was a great experience. Thanks Monty

Review №38

This deserves more than 5 stars. For one the instructor Monty is fantastic. He helps you gain confidence and feel comfortable behind the wheel. I had previously learned to drive before taking lessons here. They will show you how to properly drive (I say properly because you can’t do whatever you would do on your own during the road test). The place is nice and clean. The prices are good as well considering other schools. I HIGHLY recommend going there if you need to learn how to drive or perfect it. They will work with you and help you where you need help. I passed on my first try and I’m grateful.

Review №39

Highly recommended, Lamont is an excellent instructor and gives great advice. If youre a first time driver and worried about the kind of instructor you would have then I strongly suggest this place. Really comfortable atmosphere. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.

Review №40

Small school great instructor.

Review №41

Honestly, this is the best school to learn how to drive. I only took a 1 hour class right before my road test and I passed. Lamont taught me really well in that 1 hour. Everyone has positive energy and are easy to work with. I really suggest going here. Its worth the $$.

Review №42

This is the place to go if you want to get your license hassle-free. Monty - the instructor is the guy. I’m an international student and he made the process fun and informative at the same time. I got my license in first attempt. Cheers.

Review №43

They’re the best driving school I’ve ever attended. I’ve been scheduled with both Monty as well as Skylar and they are both amazing, patient, and encouraging instructors. They genuinely care about you being able to pass the road test and motivate you to face your fears versus making you feel uncomfortable behind the wheel and practicing the basics. They really show you the scenario of what real-life driving is like and have the best of intentions towards you and your driving abilities. I wouldn’t go anywhere else but here, I wish I would’ve found them before I started at my previous 2 driving schools which were a fail! Perfect Park Driving school is where it’s at! You would be neglecting your license if you decided to go to another school or otherwise. You will not regret coming here. I assure you as someone who was scared of the road.

Review №44

Hey Shout out to man Monty and his team.. had my lessons done here and just took my road test and PASSED. Great teacher and his team very friendly and helpful.. THANK YOU A MILLION GUYS!Ralf

Review №45

Got my license in under 2 months on the first try! Nate and Monty are absolutely the best, they really work on boosting your confidence. They have two different styles of teaching, but both are very effective and helpful. Im so glad to have found this place and I highly recommend it!

Review №46

I got a 15 hour package which also includes the 5 hour class and road test. I had every practice session with Monty, who is an excellent instructor, and I passed the road test easily in large measure due to how well he prepared me. I had no trouble scheduling practice sessions, and got all 15 hours in in about 2.5 weeks. I intend to go back to perfect park for highway practice now that I have my license.I cant speak highly enough of Montys ability as a teacher. He starts you on slow, easy driving and gradually ramps up the challenges as you prove yourself. He pays attention to how you succeed: in my case, background chatter helps me focus so he would keep a steam of consciousness going as I drove. He is always calm and stays positive: every mistake is a chance to learn through nudges and suggestions or (much more rarely, as when I missed a stop sign) a gently spoken directive to pull the car over and talk through how a poor choice happened. Monty makes sure you know the elements of the drivers exam cold: parallel parking, 3 point turns, stop signs, and turning from 1 way roads into 2 way roads and vice versa, over and over again until its pure muscle memory.

Review №47

The whole operation at Perfect Park is profession and efficient. The instructors and staff are friendly and hard working. I had no problem scheduling my lessons and test, and any questions I had were quickly answered. I passed the test my first time and was certainly prepared. I would definitely recommend Perfect Park to a friend.

Review №48

Highly recommend. Monty always prioritizes his students and handles his employees with a lot of respect. Nate also really helped me with the process of getting my license. He was very motivating and I could not have done it without him. The secretaries were always very kind and really do care for thwor clients. Thank you all!!!

Review №49

Absolutely the beeest! Thank u guys!

Review №50

I have been a predestinan for 38 years and was afraid of driving and getting my license.I finally decided to get my license and I am so grateful to have found Perfect Driving School.I came in for my five hour video and shortly after for my road test. I am not a driver at all and because of the amazing instructors, I passed my road trip on the first try. Thank you to all of you at the school, Robert (you are Fantastic, Denzel, and help desk!! I highly recommend this school.

Review №51

Let me start off by saying, I GOT MY LICENSE!!!If there were an option for ten stars, I would rate Perfect Park Ten Stars. My experience was phenomenal. My instructor Monte was patient, kind and precise, ohh and not to mention funny. During every single driving lesson, I felt extremely comfortable which was quite reassuring, especially when driving through NYC traffic. Hes there with you every step of the way, even when driving to the road test. Choose Perfect Park, you will NOT regret it. Thank you Perfect Park Driving School.

Review №52

Just passed my road test after a 10 hour Lesson Package. From the day I walked into the school, the service was extremely professional, and very courteous. Setting all my lesson hours and dates were done with absolute ease, and they helped me to fit everything into my crammed schedule. My instructor Monti (sorry if I butchered spelling your name, is also the owner of the school), is amazing at getting you feeling very comfortable and confident, not only driving alone, but also driving in the hectic city. His instructions are very clear, informative, and only takes a try or two to get spot on. The level of generosity and hard work this school puts in into getting everything set and comfortable for the students, to say amazing would be an understatement. Ive had many of my friends telling me not to go to schools in the City, because they are disrespectful and will rush you to get your driving skills up to par, but when I signed up at this school, I could feel nothing but supportiveness. I would recommend anyone looking for a driving school, to come here. I couldnt thank Monti and his employees enough. I am here with a drivers license thanks to them.

Review №53

I tried 2 other driving schools before trying Perfect Park Driving School. I only wish I had originally gone to Perfect Park Driving School. Today, 2/1/2017 I passed my driving test. Mr. Lamont is the best, most patient, courteous, fun and respectful instructor. It is because of him that I achieved my dream of getting a license. I couldnt ask for a better experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. Lamont. I also want to thank Ms. Violeta the school secretary for her professionalism and keeping me on point with my appointments.

Review №54

This place is so the worst like the receptionists work around everyone schedules but there is only on instructor. My friends are clients and the only one to give lessons is a guy named Monty I believe. I went by there on Saturday and I was not impressed my mom wants to buy 20 hours and I heard good things but hearing this is different than seeing. And don’t believe the hype of everyone passing its at least 2 times my friends have taken the exam and passed waste of money

Review №55

I was to book a session just before my road test. The person I spoke to on the phone was polite and professional. The practice was incredibly useful as the instructor was cool and knowledgeable. He taught me how to park quickly and flawlessly as well as gave me tips on how the test will go down. With the tips and practice I received, I passed my road test!

Review №56

2 thumbs way up perfect park driving school makes driving SUPER EASY I did the 5hr class took 2 lessons and aced the drivers test the first time 1 and DONE!!! I definitely recommend it for first time or even experienced drivers makes you feel so comfortable its like your learning with family definitely A+ service in my book👍🏼👍🏼✌🏽

Review №57

This driving school is the best! The driving instructor Lamont is very professional and goes all out to accommodate his students. He is very patient and I high recommend him for anyone who is new behind the wheel or having another go at the road test.

Review №58

Monty is magnificent! Professional, friendly and patient. Staff were friendly too. All good experience all round :)

Review №59

Great experience, entertaining and educational instructor and I passed on my first try!

Review №60

Lamont is a very good instructor and I highly recommend perfect park driving school. I took my road test under Lamonts school and passed on my first try. If you listen to his instructions; you will pass very easily. Thank you Lamont

Review №61

I did my driving test with them today, with a one hour lesson/warm up.I choose the 1-4 weeks option; I had it by the second week.Girls at the desk are kind and professional.The instructor Monty (I hope, I have problems to remember names sorry Bro, LOL) is very polite, and he was on the point the entire time, clear, concise and with no blackouts in the explanations. I could not find a better one.The car, a Corolla in my case, worked great, no problems at all.I warmly recommend you this school.And yeah, I had my license.

Review №62

I wish i can give this school 10 stars. My instructor Monty made me feel so comfortable driving this is the best school to go to hands down!! And i will also like to thank Nate as well.

Review №63

If you want to get your license this is the place to go! Great people, great teachers and I passed my driving test the first try!! Dont wait!! This place is great!! Thanks and shout outs to Monty & Nate!! 👍🏼

Review №64

My experience was awesome. The people are very nice here. Monti is the best driving instructor ever!! I highly recommend coming here!

Review №65

Lamont, my instructor was an excellent teacher. He was very patient and understanding with me. I was going through hard times and he was always there for me. I VERY STRONGLY recommend this driving school.

Review №66

This is a really great school and I have gotten really great driving advice that I will always remember and I successfully got my drivers license and Monty was my driving instructor.Highly recommend

Review №67

Being a licensed nervous driver I decided to give this place a go. Cars are upto date, not like those places that have you practice with something from the yr 1999. Staff is awesome. Monty is a great and experienced instructor, he made me feel confident in the first few minutes of driving away from the school. He has alot of patience, and will make sure you know that other people on the road are out to get ya money, be focused. I definitely would recommend this establishment!

Review №68

I highly recommend this school. Monty is awesome and his teaching techniques is perfect just as the school states. If you want to get your license this is the place to go!

Review №69

Lamont (Monty) and Nathan are excellent instructors, I went from being nervous behind the wheel with no confidence, to being a driver. They believed in me when I didnt believe in myself. My mock road test with Monty helped a lot, the day of my road test Nathan was able to help me get rid of my jitters by going over the driving procedures. As of Oct. 13th 2017 I am officially a licensed driver. I cant thank you guys enough.

Review №70

Really great school! Got my license within a few weeks, Lamant was extremely helpful, good at making me feel in control and confident. Best experience I could have asked for!

Review №71

The bundle was well worth the price.It included a lesson and two other things that was vital for me to get, in order to pass the road test.The road instructor Monty was absolutely amazing. He knows how to train you well, to pass your road test. It was a pleasure meeting him. I believe I will return to get other licenses in the near future.Thanks Monty.

Review №72

Great! They are super nice and fast, and they even get me a slice of pizza before test:) and I got a license!

Review №73

Loved working with this driving school ! Both Monty & Nate are official instructors who take time to help you understand the steps it take to becoming a SAFE driver. I passed my road test with a 90 all thanks to them 😎💕

Review №74

Amazing driving school I highly recommend it! They are really nice people and are highly knowledgeable instructors!

Review №75

Its all about Monty! If it wasnt for this man I would not have my license. Thank you brother I enjoy the whole process 😁

Review №76

Nathan is the best instructor for any kind of new drivers out there . Angel of driving license.Guaranteed to get your license with him!

Review №77

Great experience teach you all the right things handle business should go here for sure Can schedule early test lessons are helpful and learn everything you need to know should go here for everything

Review №78

Great people and driving teachers! I highly recommend this driving school!

Review №79

This driving school is amazing! Instructor Monty is the man

Review №80

Went to the best driving school in nyc, everyone is very pleasant and willing to help took 10 lessons from not knowing how to drive and was able to get my license asap thanks to themRecommend to any type of driver

Review №81

Just got my license on my first try thanks to this driving school. Prior to coming here, I was somewhat skilled at driving but I needed to learn how to parallel park. I also lacked confidence when it came to getting behind the wheel. That changed very quickly. The driving instructor is marvelous at what he does and hes also very patient. Its clear that his main goal is to teach a student how to drive safely and perfectly in order to pass their road test. I learned how to parallel park and do a 3-point turn in such a short period of time. He even taught me how to pump gas because I never knew how to do that either. I also have to mention how welcoming the receptionists are. I learned a lot from this driving school and it was worth the money I paid. I would definitely recommmend this driving school to anyone.

Review №82

I went to this school after I had failed my driving test twice. Passed perfectly with great instruction from Monty and Nate the first time after perfect park.

Review №83

Really the only place you should be looking at to get your drivers license. Monty and Nate are excellent driving instructors and they give it their all to see you pass first try.

Review №84

Great school, very professional and pleasant instructors and personnel. Highly recommended!

Review №85

Wish I had the zero stars option this man is the most unprofessional driving instructor I have ever came across and the last test I took I didnt get my license until I finally took my own vehicle and did the test myself The instructor Monty is unprofessional and very inappropriate he talks about his employees like trash constantly looks at his phone and his on his phone throughout the entire session unless you complain hell keep doing it then hell be apologetic but will eventually continue on at first I learned a thing or two and got better as time went by however he can make you feel uncomfortable and really doesnt even give you the chance to really get better as a driver I dont believe the majority of these ratings because Ive took 10 lessons with this man the first time wasnt a successful pass the second time wasnt either and it took a New York State road test instructor to see what I saw and believe it was true he saids hell keep pushing you but honestly thats just a persuasive move to continue for you to give him more and more money to fill his pockets then hell offer you a one hundred dollar discount off the road test car and a free lesson if your going to go to a driving school dont go anywhere near this place he talks too much about his personal life to much about his issues when the main goal of you investing in lessons is to get educated about the rules maneuvers about safely controlling the automobile really your paying for a amateur money hungry individual to allegedly teach you about driving but really give you bs and say wait well get you there and finally I realized this instructor is just all talk no walk hell even have you make pit stops while your on the clock and if you dont speak up like I did you wont get your time back hell even try to rush you and your the one paying your own money and hes working for you overall stay far away dont spend your money here or even look at this place his receptionist that he talks bad about didnt even email you your road test information unless you asked now is that what you call professional a instructor that talks bad about his workers personal issues and you dont wanna hear that you just want a education in learning how to drive not indulge in drama and negativity and unprofessional behavior I gave him a chance but he couldnt get the job done 10 lessons and didnt pass until I did it myself with my own car finally your money is your power use it wisely I felt I wasnt being educated properly and I knew it and once the road test instructor said he wasnt teaching me right I knew i was right I gave this school a 1st and second chance once that was done never again this is just my personal experience sometimes the school wasnt even open literally hed leave a note on the door saying call his cell phone number while you wait outside until he arrives never heard such profanity towards co workers in my life my advice from one consumer to others is stay clear of driving schools in Chinatown Allen street area and youll be fine and find a instructor that talks the talk and walks the walk and also a driving school that has more than one instructor with a professional driving school vehicle to use and youll enjoy your experience and be pleased in the end thank you you all have a good one

Review №86

This instructor that i had was excellent. I would recommend this instructor to every driver that is nervous . The lessons are cheap and the road test is affordable.

Review №87

Did my 5 hour class here, really nice guy and very helpful

Review №88

My teacher is great with me on my lesson on the first day he have me driving, parking and doing a three point turn in one day and also the young ladies in the office is very friendly and warm I will recommend you to everyone I know.

Review №89

This school is awesome very professional

Review №90

Lamont is the best

Review №91

Excellent!!! 🖒🖒

Review №92

Perfect Park Driving School is Awesome one of the best Schools in the City Monty & Nathan are very good instructors the whole staff very friendly affordable rates they treat you like family A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++You be Driving in no time!!!!!!

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