1504 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10031, United States

Review №1

Acropolis driving school is a wonderful place to learn to drive. The calm instructors helped me become more confident when driving. The staff overall is amazing. I passed my road test thanks to this driving school. Thank you so much to everyone at Acropolis. If you want to learn to drive or become a more confident driver I definitely recommend Acropolis!

Review №2

Acropolis Driving School is an amazing place to learn how to drive. The staff is very friendly, welcoming and encouraging even if you dont succeed with your test the first time continue to ensure that you will pass. The driving instructors are all very good. No matter who it was, they always made sure to point things out and teach techniques that came in handy for the exam. I would highly recommend this school for anyone that wants to learn.

Review №3

In this way I want to congratulate the entire Acropolis driving school team. For his excellent management and professionalism with the client. At the same time recommend this prestigious institution to all those who have not yet obtained their drivers license. If you took the exam and didnt pass it, you dont have to worry anymore. Contact the Acropolis driving school office and they will immediately provide you with all the information and support you need, dont delay.

Review №4

Great driving school. After going to different instructors from other driving school I chose to come to this school and the service was exceptional. The instructors are awesome and go out of their way to help students. I got my license on the first try. The Iralda and the staff were very patient and friendly to communicate with. I had a wonderful experience. I recommend!!!!

Review №5

I am so grateful for my two instructors Ivan and Maria!! I paid for 7 lessons. The first 5 I scheduled as soon as I could and the last 2 I saved for just before my road test. Everyone at this location are SO FRIENDLY and so helpful!! And I’m happy to say I passed my road test on my first try!!! If anyone is interested in getting their license, I’m sending them here!!! I strongly recommend this place!

Review №6

This school is absolutely wonderful! I took my road test yesterday after completing about 16 lessons with Acropolis. Thanks to driving instructors as well as the team behind it all, Ive passed. The driving instructors are vey patient and encouraging, and they always want the best for their students. They were also very flexible with scheduling, making it easy for me to fit lessons into my personal schedule. The whole experience was great!

Review №7

Prior to coming to Acropolis Driving School, I was a very nervous driver and did not have a lot of confidence but after taking numerous classes, I was able to overcome my fears and pass my driving test! The driving instructors here are very patient and encouraging. This is truly a supportive environment. My only bit of feedback/suggestion is that they tend to be very busy and you have to schedule early in order to secure driving lessons.

Review №8

My cousin recommended this place for me, because she passed her road test. I got a package of 25 and I’m still taking classes and I love it. I try every instructor and I can’t complain. The owner so nice and the girls in the front desk as well. Highly recommend this place

Review №9

The price is fair, it looks nice and everyone from the office staff to the drivers were extremely helpful and nice. I would recommend this school.

Review №10

This driving school is amazing. They have packages for those of us who know we need the help and payment plans for those who can’t pay it all upfront. They’re very attentive with their clients and have many instructors to teach you different things. Let’s be honest, you’re not going to know what kind of person is giving you your test so having experience with different instructors helps a lot. They even went out of their way to get me into an online 5 hour so I didn’t have to wait a long time for in class. They’re very sweet and professional. I’d recommend to anyone new to the car and sick of the subway.

Review №11

😁 very nice place with very nice people. I love the instructor Maria. She guided me and reminded me of what to do in every lesson, we practice mistakes over and over until it was done correctly. I am very thankful for the school all the support and their advices until the last minute.

Review №12

I only have positive things to say about my experience with Acropolis. The instructors were very kind and accommodating. I was able to pass my driving test on the first try! Their staff is also bilingual which made me feel even more comfortable. I would highly recommend them.

Review №13

I 100% recommended this driving school to anyone who wants to pass there road test. I passed on my first try ! Thanks to all the staff. The customer service is the best and they make u feel welcomed. You wont regret it. THANKS AGAIN ACROPOLIS

Review №14

My experience at this place was awesome. Starting with the reception, Helen and the other girl are super friendly. Love the communication and the organization. I bought a 5 lesson package and I got the pleasure to have the same instructor for all the lessons. Nicolas knows what he is doing, he is super patient, friendly, encouraging, and works in a organize way. I went knowing almost anything and with 5 lesson with Nicolas I feel like im a driver already. This place is great, good job everybody. 👍

Review №15

This is an excellent driving school with great front desk staff and driving instructors. I’m somebody who already had a driver license but got in a bit of an accident and was completely turn-off to ever drive again. As a result, years pass that I did not sit behind a steering wheel. I felt like I no longer knew how to drive or felt comfortable. I decided to phone this school and inform them of my situation and they were not only welcoming but understanding. I was partner with Maria. She is a tough cookie but if you are serious about learning and putting your money to work she is the one you want. I went in there a scare baby and came out an f1 driver. Maria is an excellent teacher but please note that this school is so great that I can confidently say all the instructors are excellent. Iralda and Estephany are the front desk staff and they are very accommodating and great at reminding you of lessons. God bless this school and I will be sending them students. Thank you Acropolis driving school. Truly grateful!

Review №16

Great experience! I was nervous about taking driving class but Kelvin was very helpful and professional. All staff made me feel comfortable and made things smooth for me. I recommend Acropolis driving school to any new learners.I passed my driving test!I’m ready to hit the road thanks to Kelvin and Acropolis’ team.

Review №17

I really enjoyed learning here, the instructors are very nice and easy to understand, and I was able to pass my drivers test!

Review №18

I highly recommend this exact driving school theyre knowledgeable and professional; the instructors are friendly, very patient and very relaxed. The school not only teaches safe driving but also gives good tips for passing the exam. This was a wonderful experience all thanks to the workers.

Review №19

The best driving school out there. The instructors are excellent, patient, kind and funny. The owner is the nicest person and is very well organized. She works hard to make sure you get your classes and your road test scheduled to your liking. I was at another driving school that was awful and Im so glad I found this place! Highly recommend!! (I passed my driving test today! :D thanks to them)

Review №20

The people here are excellent and teach you every steps with your driving and have many options to see how many lessons you can take and how comfortable you can drive. They help you build your confidence with your driving and give you step by steps to drive. I recommend all of you to take initiative in this driving school. A piece of advice, always listen to instructions when the instructor tells you.

Review №21

The best experience ever, the best customer service the ladies are so lovely, super friendly highly recommended!!!

Review №22

This is one of the best driving school you can find in the Harlem area. I took the service for my daughter, she was a beginner, she had her road test last week and she passed on her first try. She told me they changed the instructor every time so you can have the confidence driving with different people on the passenger seat. If you want learn to drive call or go to Acropolis Driving School

Review №23

The drivers are all super professional and helpful. Prior to my classes I had never driven before, but Nicholas and Jose gave me the confidence I needed to move forward in my learning process. Would recommend to anyone!

Review №24

The best school to learn at. The Instructor is nice and friendly and take the time to really show you what to do in what to expect for your road test.Like to thank everyone there. For helping me Prepare for my road test 😁😁😁Eric y

Review №25

They have reasonable prices and the instructors were all very helpful. They made sure we were prepared for the exam and knew what to expect. Made it all seem less daunting.

Review №26

No I didn’t pass my driving test but I can honestly say that was my fault. This school is a very good driving school very nice and professional people I’m happy to say I had know experience when I started to now be confident in my driving skills. And I also want point out if you DO NOT PASS THE TEST AND YOU KNOW IT NOT THE SCHOOL FAULT AND ITS YOUR PLEASE GIVE CREDIT WHERE ITS DUE !!!! These people take the time out of there life to teach us a student’s so please have the decency to show your appreciation 😊 with that being said thank you acropolis !!!! PS it’s okay to fail get back up and try again. And also try not to be nervous when taking your test. 😉

Review №27

I am blessed and over joyed. I found the best driving school for me. I came because my best friend passed her road test and referred me. I have had horrible experiences with prior driving schools. Drivers where unprofessional, late, lagging attitude etc...As soon as I walked in Acrópolis the energy in this place was so comforting and welcoming. I know I will pass my test I have never been so confident. I am scheduled and ready! Acropolis is the way to go 👍🏼

Review №28

Great, Driving School! Would recommend to everyone who’s learning how to drive! They treated me like family! Great great place. Thanks Iralda!

Review №29

Best management ever. Since I started my driving lessons the management has been very nice and respectful. Before you start your lesson the driving coach will ask you have you drive before, if not he or she will let you know what to do before driving off. Before every lesson the management text you to remind you that you’re next lesson is coming up with the time.I started my lessons on may 21 and I will say I’m getting better at driving for someone who never drive before I appreciate and recommend this driving school to anybody.The management and the workers are always happy with positive energy.

Review №30

Best driving school Ive been to they actually take the time out to make sure that you are learning what they are teaching they consistently go over step that you ask for if you will like or they go over the whole driving course with you if you are a beginner driver the help I got from acropolis driving school was so amazing that I passed my driving test on the first try with a great grade all thanks to the help & teachings of this school if anyone has a bad review about this school it is because they did not want to learn & they came Inside the school with a I already know it all attitudes & failed they test Ive seen it happen first hand thank you to this for its great & wonderful experience on & off the road every professional & will recommend to friends and family

Review №31

I purchased the 10-lesson package (and also bought a few more lessons in preparation for my driving exam). Everyone was very friendly- both employees and the fellow students. When there was a problem with the DMV in regards to my road test, the School was able to help me as quickly as possible to secure a new appointment within a few days. I passed my road test on the first try, which wouldnt have been possible without the schools help. :)

Review №32

Great place! Great instructors teaching you. Highly recommend. Instructors speak both English and Spanish.

Review №33

Look, I did a GOOD research of who I was going to do the driving course with. I saw that Acropolis had 5 stars. Decided to give them a shot. Hands down all of them are AMAZING. Helpful and with YOUR interest in mind. Theyll guide you thorough the process, and they will teach you stuff you didnt knew before (even if you have been driving for a while).I cant stress enough of how much I recommend them. To put it like this, if I had to do my process of my drivers license again, I would do it with them again GLADLY.Shout out to Iralda, Helen, Jose, Miguel and Santiago! (All of the other instructors a great too but I worked with this ones)

Review №34

If I could give 6 starts I would.I feel pleased with my experience at Acropolis Driving School. The school provides you with professional, kind, charismatic, friendly instructors that help you build the knowledge and confidence you need while driving.I feel very grateful with all of them for making my experience great.I am gonna be honest, I actually gave them a very hard time with my schedule, always changing due to medical issues, they were very understandable with my situation and needs and always help me with a SMILE on them. An amazing costumer service.I have nothing else to add beside THANK YOU Acropolis Driving School 💕Thank you Iralda, and girls at front desk.Thank you to my instructors Ivan, Kevin, Salomon, Maria, Jose, Santiago, Miguel and Pablo. You guys are amazing!

Review №35

Great Driving school. After having a terrible experience at a different driving school in the city I was Scared to even drive again. I Took about 5-6 lessons and passed my road test on my first try. Iralda and her assistants are so nice and have great communication. I had different driving instructors each time and they were all so helpful. Would definitely recommend to anyone learning how to drive.

Review №36

10/10. THE BEST DRIVING SCHOOL IN NEW YORK CITY. All of the workers care and want you to do great. I recommend everyone to come to Acropolis Driving School

Review №37

Passed on my first try! Had no driving experience prior and passed my road test with 10 lessons. Everyone at Acropolis is very nice and professional. Iralda is the sweetest. She handles your schedule and sends reminders to keep you on track with your lessons. The instructors have years of experience and know how to teach while building your confidence. Very happy I choose this school. They definitely deserve all 5 stars. A definite recommendation if your looking to drive within a few months. Thank you again guys!!

Review №38

I was reccomended to Acropolis by a friend who had taken classes with them and passed his road test after his first appointment. I have nothing but great things to say about them! The staff is so accommodating and friendly. They even offer classes on Saturdays. The instructors are very helpful and knowledgeable. I was able to schedule my road test with them and they provided the vehicle and passed! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great driving school!

Review №39

Hello my name is Sory Urena, when I enrolled in Acropolis Driving School I was a beginner and did not know anything about driving. Thanks to Acropolis and all of her instructors, I lost the fear I felt when sitting behind the wheel of the car. The best school that can be found in NYC, very respectful, professional and with the best attention to customer service…. I thank everyone so much but especially IRALDA, she is the best and like her there is no one. If you are looking for a responsible school that values ​​your money go to ACROPOLIS DRIVING SCHOOL you will not regret it.

Review №40

Amazing driving school! The staff is amazing. Great quality service. The school helped me so much in learning how to drive. The best driving school in NY. The prices are affordable. You will truly get your money’s worth. With the help of the staff you will get your license in no time.

Review №41

Extremely happy with the services provided. I took 10 classes and the instructors really made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. So comfortable that I passed on my first try! 😁😁A special thank you to Iralda and the rest of the team. Thank you for being super accommodating and for making this experience worth it!

Review №42

I highly recommend this driving school. After taking classes here I passed the test. They have several instructors and cars, which is a plus since they all have different teaching style and input. The best part is that they are in good spirits, therefore i was always looking forward to my next class. Iralda is a wonderful lady.

Review №43

Absolutely highly recommend! ACROPOLIS DRIVING SCHOOL It was AWESOME! When I called Acropolis driving school and spoke to the assistant she answered all my questions and I felt extremely comfortable already! The process of registering was done swiftly, professional and I was ready for my lessons. Great communication! The assistant will keep you updated with your class schedule or any-changes that has been made! Immense value from the Owner Mrs.Iraldas she put her customers on a high stool and is explicit about everything you need to know about your driving lessons! In my opinion a great leader will definitely have a successful business! The quality of my experience is highly satisfied! The instructors are exceptionally knowledgeable. I felt confident and safe with my lessons! The instructors are professional and very friendly! ACROPOLIS DRIVING SCHOOL was able to schedule my road test and explain what to expect on the test! I PASSED MY ROAD TEST! I thank you acropolis driving school for everything. You make me super happy! May God continue to bless you all and grow your business bigger and bigger! 🌹🌈🌈🌞🙏👍👍❤️♥️🍾🍒🌇🥳🙌🏻🍰🥰😍

Review №44

Guys! This is the best ever school! I am a Russian and I thought that for me it could be better to go to Brooklyn. But, unfortunately over there schools are overpriced.So I decided to go to Acropolis. From the first phone call they provide to you the best service. Everything is so quick. They will take care of you. They will give to you the best schedule which is works for you. Drivers are calm, very knowledgeable. Irlada... you are wonderful women. The best manager, teacher, owner! I sent 3 friends to your school. And they passed too! We are so happy! Thank you! You still reading my review?! No! Go and get your license! Call them! I will keep sending all of my friends to you! This is the best experience for me! I love you guys!

Review №45

I do not recommend AT ALL! I only came here because their location is very close to my university (with incorrect assumptions that the instructor picks you up like most driving schools do). You receive a new driving instructor every single lesson, so it’s impossible for the instructor to know where you left off in the previous lesson, resulting in slower progress than you would have if you received one continual instructor. Communication is terrible. You have to pry out of them when your next lesson or driver’s test is scheduled for or you will just be left in the dark with so much time in between your last lesson and next lesson. Most drivers I’ve received (besides one) were unfortunately very impatient. The staff does not communicate with one another so they are always on different pages. I bought a package deal which included the 5hour course but realized through my other friends at this school that no one actually takes the course! They lie! And provide you with a random certificate on the day of the test, which I normally wouldn’t care about, but I paid for it .. I was going to let them slide. But I just recently had the most disrespectful interaction with IRALDA, involving her actually raising her voice. I am receiving a refund because this is the worse experience I have ever had with a company.

Review №46

I found the Acropolis driving school to be both extremely accommodating as well as efficient with their instructors. I haven’t driven a car in over ten years and all of their instructors we were extremely patient, knowledgeable and understanding towards my needs. Iralda is a saint.

Review №47

If I can give them a Ten ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I wouldve. Acropolis is very professional; the receptionist is friendly and super pretty. The instructors at Acropolis are significantly patients. I passed my road test on the first try with only five classes, and I was a customer with No driving Experience and older. The instructors explained everything to me as many times that I needed him to. The instructor made sure I was comfortable with every single next step. I would recommend any and everyone who has never driven before And needs classes and wants to pass Their Road test.

Review №48

I chose Acroplis Driving school for their amazing reviews and I was not disappointed. I was very happy with the level of professionalism and kindness of the instructors and front desk staff. I NEVER drove before and selected the package with 20 lessons. The instructors were well informed and equipped with helping me learn the rules of the road, how to drive safely, how to complete turns, how to conduct a K turn (aka U turn), how to parallel park, and how to ease my nerves! I went from being so afraid my first lesson to excited to get in front of the wheel by lesson 7. You will be nervous if this is your first time driving but the instructors are GREAT!!!!! I took my road test yesterday and PASSED the first try!!!! I am sooooo grateful that I went to this driving school! I recommend this school to anyone!!! You wont be disappointed and you will feel confident on the day of your road test!!

Review №49

I found this school online & attending here was the best decision I did. I walked in, Iralda and her assistant guided & help me throughout the whole process. Great communication & the teachers here are excellent! Within a month I knew how to drive & PASSED my road test! Thanks to Acropolis driving school!!! I recommend anyone going here, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!

Review №50

Im glad I chose Acropolis because they delivered excellent service from start to finish. I really appreciate Iralda and her team for helping me schedule my classes and being very responsive via text or phone. The driving instructors are excellent also! I left each lesson feeling more confident on the road. They go above and beyond to make sure each person is fully prepared for the road test (they even helped me reschedule my road test). This is truly a gem.

Review №51

After failing my driver test in other school this was the school that help me passed. They really help you out my instructor was Maria and let me tell ya she help me so much especially with the Parking. I took 5 classes and I passed because the dedication they give to there students so they can pass is something I never experience somewhere else. Iralda what can I say about her she so sweet and kind. Everything is positive vibes. I highly recommend this place 100%. Also when you doing for your road test, Helen gives you little reminders and tips on your way to the road test. In my experience and others that I know that went and have passed there nothing negative to say about this place. I’m really thankful for Iralda and Maria ❤️🙏🏼

Review №52

They work very efficiently and respond in a well timed manner. I kept in contact through messages which is a plus if you’re not a calling type person. Helped me pass my road test on my first try! Plus, hablan español.

Review №53

Iralda and her team are AMAZING! I started my classes having absolutely zero driving experience but with their help I was able to successfully pass my road test in under two weeks! The instructors are very knowledgeable and determined to making sure you’re comfortable, learn, and of course pass your road test. Shout out to Solomon & Kevin, amazing instructors who always keep you on your toes and are patient with beginners like myself!If you’re looking for the best driving school in Harlem, come here!

Review №54

Guys you won’t regret if you come to this school, they will teach you everything that you need to know about the road test, they treat you like a family there.. if you want to pass your test, come to acropolis driving school. Much love acropolis driving school thanks for your help .. keep the good work!!!!

Review №55

This is an incredible driving school. All staff are kind, responsive, and professional. Iralda never misses a BEAT! With this combination of driving instructors, they care about the work they do, and motivated me to pass the test. I would say I miss them already, but I am REALLY happy that Ive passed!

Review №56

Everyone here is really nice and very helpful. The instructors are really good and patient. The cars are really nice. I have had bad experiences with other driving schools in the past and the folks at Acropolis go above and beyond. There was a little miscommunication, but I will just say COVID probably has a lot to do with the confusion of the process currently. But if you are still on the fence about whether to take classes, please do it and do it with Acropolis.

Review №57

Great instructors! They will keep you motivated and on point with the driving. Parking will become very easy for you! Thanks to all the staff and especially Ms. Iralda.

Review №58

Beautiful place and people. Was always greeted with a smile and staff is very understanding

Review №59

Everyone in Acropolis Driving School is really friendly, super helpful and very professional.The instructors are really helpful.When I first took the road test I fail and they help cheer me up saying you got this you will pass and they was right when I took the test the second time. I Highly recommend for everyone who wants to learn to driver.

Review №60

I loved my experience at Acropolis Driving School. I highly recommend this driving school. They are very professional. They help you in the areas where you need more practice and also go above and beyond to keep you accountable with your schedule. Thank you so much Acropolis Driving School❤️ God Bless you!

Review №61

Don’t be fooled about 5 star rating there is no way you can get that score out 320 reviews, this place is about taking your money. Very poor communication, they give you different instructors with different instructions, very confusing, don’t waste your money and time you will fail here

Review №62

I personally went with the 3 lesson package, since I had previous experience driving, and it was definitely worth the value. I passed my road test first try. I’m grateful for their service.

Review №63

Nice people with very good communication and patience in the office, the guys who tech how driving are so lovely, good price and very honest..🥰🥰🥰

Review №64

Iralda and her team are amazing and professional. She was helping me a lot to get my driver license. She was very organized and make me feel welcome. I love you Iralda ❤️ . I recommend Acropolis

Review №65

Absolutely amazing. I found this place on Google for my partner and I have zero complaints. We started the process in late April and they were completely open and honest about timelines and met them without any late cancellations, pushback, and etc. Classes were on time and professional, good cars to practice and take the test with, & instructors were always accessible for questions and concerns.

Review №66

Coming into this school, I had never really driven. I was really nervous, anxious and thought I would need at least 30 lessons. I just passed my road test on the first go around. The instructors are all kind, patient and although they have different teaching styles, they all are good teachers. I had such a pleasant experience. All the staff here are great and I highly recommend this school, especially if you’re a beginner. They really care about you, they’re communicative and professional.

Review №67

Awful. I picked this driving school because of the 5 stars and the reviews... obviously those reviews were fake because this was a terrible experience and a total waste of my money. First off, the location itself is rundown and dirty. Dont even think of using the restroom. I brushed it off because I figured I would be spending the majority of my time in a car. I should have seen it as a red flag though because it was all downhill from there. The customer service here is non-existant. There is very little communication and very little organization here. Multiple times I tried to contact this place in order to change a lesson time or add lessons or simply inquire about something and they were all ignored. No call back. No response. Each time I had a lesson, I had a new instructor... so each lesson I was getting different information. One would tell me one thing and another would tell me something different. It ended up being more confusing afterwards. You can become more confident when you build rapport with someone. You see the same person, you build a relationship, then you can trust, then you can be confident! And we all know confidence is a huge part of being a good driver. Plus you get straightforward information! My experience here was the complete opposite. Very disappointing. The day of my test I was taken to the DMV location in one of the employees cars. The entire drive there, music was blasted so loudly I couldnt think straight. It would have been nice to take that last drive before the test in some quiet so that I could have really reviewed things before we got there. Very unprofessional. As I was taking my test I mentioned to the DMV Instructor something that I was taught at this driving school... suddenly his face had a strange look on it and he said oh, no, thats not right... WHAT?! I was literally instructed to do the wrong thing. After I failed my test, I called and texted Acropolis but no response. Nothing. Its like they swiped my money, gave me minimal service and instruction, and then ghosted. I tried texting again today, mind you, this was my main way of communicating throughout this entire process. This texting thing isnt new to them. I got responses before... now, nothing. Honestly, I should have taken the text communication as a red flag too. Have we heard of e-mail? This is a so called business, not my friend. I dont want to text you. I am still waiting to hear from these people. Please, do yourself a HUGE favor and find somewhere else to learn how to drive. You will lose money and the opportunity to get your drivers license if you go here.

Review №68

It was from my very first interaction over the phone that I felt as if this was the place for me. They were very informative and willing to answer and questions I had. Then when I went in to enroll, it was confirmed. Iralda and her staff were truly amazing! They made the entire process flawless as they were extremely friendly, welcoming and accommodating. I actually felt like I found a new family just by enrolling in Acropolis Driving School. My instructors were all friendly and made me feel comfortable driving, they also ensured that I was following the rules of the road so that I was prepared for my road test (which I passed on my first try). I would definitely recommend this driving school to anyone, whether you have experience driving or you are a beginner. The service was exceptional!

Review №69

I passed on my first try with the help of an extremely helpful and welcoming staff. I practiced with multiple instructors with 7 lessons, however 𝗠𝗶𝗴𝘂𝗲𝗹 helped me the most as I had 4 of my lessons with him. Because of the pandemic, many places closed down and could not offer me a package or a test date, however Acropolis allowed me to not only sign up, practice and do what I have to do to pass, and did it only in about 6 weeks. Go to this school if you want to not only pass, but want to guarantee a road test appointment as they are hard to come by because of the DMV being behind from last year.

Review №70

I love these guys they are very helpful respectful and patient they kept it professional . I recommend up to 5 class to pass . They took the time with me to teach me and I past my road test in a couple weeks .

Review №71

This place is amazing they work with you they are friendly and confident with you. They dont give up on you as a beginner I took 15 lessons but it was well worth it. I pass today 2/11/21 Im so happy yes I will recommend this driving school to anyone. The drivers and front desk are amazing

Review №72

Buena escuela Buenos instructores buen stafff muy amables y te ayudan a pasar el road test yo lo pasé . Les recomiendo estas escuela la mejor que hay en New York.Very organized, excellent communication skills, very responsible and work hard to help the students to learn and pass the road test.The office is very nice and clean, it has a very good atmosphere, you feel like you are at home.All the staff is very friendly and professional. I took classes with different instructors and that help me a lot to pass my test and be able to drive with anyone.I highly recommend Acropolis to all that wants to learn well how to drive and get their license.Thanks Acropolis!!!! Great Job!!!!

Review №73

Great driving school! The instructors are very patient, supportive, and help you pass the road test. Iralda is super kind and incredible; she is also easy to communicate with via text to schedule lessons and road test. I highly recommend the school to anyone, especially if it is their first time driving

Review №74

Before coming to Acropolis, I had driven in a parking lot a few times, but wasnt experienced at all when it came to driving on the road. I came here and after the first lesson, I felt like I got it! They made me feel at ease behind the wheel which grew into confidence! I got my license and now anytime someone asks for a recommendation to a Driving School, I send them to Acropolis! Thank you so much for teaching me and being patient with me!

Review №75

Hey everyone! I was a student from acropolis and I’ve been reading some of the bad reviews from yesterday. I can’t believe that people can be so rude. The place might not be perfect, and the business is not perfect. Is anybody of you perfect? Please people if you want to get a license come to this school. I never ever felt so comfortable spending my money on something like a driving school, in acropolis I learned how to drive and I didn’t spect acropolis to pass my road test too.Guys, come to acropolis driving school, if you want to learn how to drive, easy and fast. Help acropolis instructors by putting effort on your lessons and paying attention! All that BS about bad costumer service, it’s not true!The customer service is super fast by the amount of students that go over there, if you need to change a lesson, ok! Change an instructor, ok! Change whatever, ok! Just text them, call them, and be patient, they are humans too, and work just like everybody people, they take from 2 seconds in respond a text from a 1 or 2 hours, is that much? If you hace an emergency… Call them! Cant get any simple than that.The cars are new/updated and their workers are super polite, some customers are super rude and go there talk super bad and are not educated.The other day a woman started screaming at Iralda because she wanted a lesson right before her road test. People, acropolis cant get you a road test from one day to another, the DMV and acropolis are two different places, and the road test dates only the DMV can post them, acropolis have an availability, and the DMV another availability, so don’t blame Acropolis for something so stupid like “you can’t get a lesson right before your road test.A little tip for the customers, please people, be educated, responsable, be prepared, be polite, and please go to acropolis driving school! You wont regret it! Drive safely, and go to acropolis driving school! God bless everybody! Iralda very kind person! Helen, a very professional and responsible acropolis worker, and the rest of acropolis personal

Review №76

When i first came in to get information about the school I was welcomed and given all the information I needed! Everyone here was very helpful and always made me feel at ease!!! I would recommend this school to everyone learning to drive... especially nervous drivers like myself!!! Iralda is the best receptionist ever!

Review №77

Everyone from the owners to the instructors are very professional and amazinly nice. Let me give you some examples, the day before each lesson you will reiceve a text reminding you. Any time you need to reschedule a class they are more than accomidating. The girls inside are all smiles and welcoming all the time. As for the instructors they are well informed of the traffic laws and are very patience. They all have different routes they use so you will get a full scope of driving in all type of conditions. This was my first time taking lessons so I took the 20 lesson package and passed my test the first time. Now I feel safe enough that I signed my son up to take classes. Thank You once Again

Review №78

The best school ever yes the best school I recommend it to anybody that wants to get their license or know how to drive him to Acca acropolis you won’t go wrong

Review №79

Today July 9, 2021 I passed my road test, on my first try. Thanks Acropolist driving school, I couldn’t have chosen a better school to prepare for my driving test. The staff and instructors are all awesome, they go above and beyond to make sure you succeed and that means a lot. I strongly recommend Acropolist driving school, thanks again Acropolist driving school.

Review №80

Worst management ever. The driving coach dont track the students progress. In the beginning of every class, they chat a bit and let you start driving with very little guideline. They didnt include all the test moves in my 5 classes.On the test day, three other ladies and I went together. One of us was not even registered for the test and ended up having to schedule the test again.

Review №81

Happy to say I had a great experience and got my drivers license! Iralda and her assistant were informative and were great with communicating with me. The instructors were helpful and patient with me as well. Jose and Salomon especially! Theyre great instructors! I will say I failed my first driving test but that was purely nerves and on me. Second test I aced with great advise and extra instruction. I had never driven a car before attending. Now I am confident in my abilities. Thank you Acropolis!

Review №82

You will not be disappointed first and foremost. I did 3 classes at 8 months pregnant ( had to get license before permit expired in a month). Everyone and I mean absolutely everyone is so caring, professional, and goes above and beyond. I did classes with Jose and Maria ( love them !! ) I can not speak highly enough about Iralda - she’s an absolute angel. The staff makes this process so easy and smooth. And of course when I get back from passing my road test Jose and Iralda are there giving me such huge hugs. The customer service, the experience, was worth every penny. You will learn so much in just 1 lesson. Thank you Iralda, Jose, Maria, Helen, everyone !!!Going back to visit with the baby soon !

Review №83

So friendly driving instructors. Iralda was very organized and made me feel welcome from the first day. Passed at first attempt ! 😊🎉

Review №84

I love this school 🤗 no wonder the ratings.Every instructor I had build my confidence up and now I have to wait 2 weeks for my drivers license 🤗🤗🤗 and don’t worry about being nervous for your road test because Helen will be their to prepare you and cheer for you🤗

Review №85

I PASSED, if it weren’t for the 6 classes I took, I don’t think I would have been able to practice and know my errors. They worked very well with my schedule and instructors were patient, great and once your test comes along they would tell you “keep an eye when you do this.” Ivan was amazing!! I passed on my first try, even when doubting myself because i had different instructors, made me get a new perspective of driving. This placed deserves a 5star! Also ty Helen for making me feel at ease before the exam. ( GIRL POWER!)

Review №86

I took 25 classes, when I intended to take only the 18 classes in the package I purchased. I failed the road test twice using they service, didn’t understand because the staff was friendly however, I feel the amount of classes I have attended should have exceeded my expectations to get my license, my permit winded up expiring at the time and now I feel I have to start all over, it was a waste of my money, they didn’t really assist me on what I needed to work on or was clear on why I failed the road test which lead me to not get my license but also the results I expected. I started to feel they was just taking my money! Because they kept on advising me to take more classes after classes, after the 18 I already completed. so please be aware! anyhow I will be trying another driving school unfortunately this one wasn’t for me.

Review №87

If I could give this driving school more than 5 stars I would. Iralda (front desk receptionist) was a dream to work with. She gave me all the information I needed and worked with me to purchase a lesson package that was right for me. I purchased a 5 lesson package with them back in October and practiced with Jose, Kelvin, and Santiago. They were all super professional and made me feel very comfortable during each session. They taught me exactly what to do for the road the test and I passed on my first try. If you are looking for the best driving school, this is definitely it.

Review №88

Best driving school!!!I’m lucky to found near my home, great experience and very professional staffHighly recommend!!!Thank you so much!!!

Review №89

Words are not enough for the knowledge and support that I received at Acropolis Driving School. If there is a school in Heaven on Earth - this is it. Thank you, Iralda, Maria and Miguel!

Review №90

I highly recommend Acropolis to anyone wanting to pursue/renew their license. The instructors are very knowledgeable and patient. I have bad anxiety and they helped me go at a pace I was comfortable with. Which for me, was the most important. Massiel and Estephany were very accommodating with the classes as my schedule changed and are great at following up with students. Iralda was very helpful professional throughout our introductions, she was warm and welcoming as is the entire staff. Helen took me to my test and she was very open to assisting with any last minute questions or concerns before the test. She gave me that last minute boost of confidence that I needed. Everyone is very supportive and willing to answer all your questions- small, big, complicated or simple just to ensure youve got all that you need to pass the test. Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback, patience and advice! Wishing you all more continued success.

Review №91

Iralda and the entire staff are great and professional. All the instructors are patient teachers who will help you feel comfortable behind the wheel and prepare you for the road test. It was just an overall great and fun experience learning how to drive there.

Review №92

They treated me just like family and I believe that God directed me too this place to obtain my drivers license and complete driving School. May God continuously bless this community

Review №93

I highly recommend this driving school. The instructors are super professional and their services are unique. They will show you everything you need to know to pass the rode test. They also speak Spanish which is also a bonus point. They have it all. This is the best driving school in NYC with no doubt. Thanks for everything y’all did for me because y’all were the reason I pass the rode test.

Review №94

Iralda is very responsive and took care of the scheduling of lessons/exam very well! The instructors are very good and supportive of your learning needs. I highly recommend them for those who are looking to be guided to get their driving license :) Thank you!

Review №95

Acropolis Driving School is exactly what I was looking for. Many of us can say that New york city baby us too much and we forget the importance of learning this important skill, which is called (Driving). Thats my case. But guess what? it is never too late. Acropolis allowed me to have the confidence I needed to achieve this goal. I have to say that this group of driving instructors are empathetic, comprehensive and great communicators. They are excellent instructors. I really enjoyed working with the entire team. Each of them have great techniques that come in handy. It doesn’t matter in what level of driving you are in. Wether you are experienced or non-experience. Acropolis will be there till the end with you. Iralda has been extremely professional. Always goes above and beyond for each of her clients and the community. I fell in love with her kind heart and her empathy and desire to support those in need. We need more people like her in this world, who truly care about giving back to the community. Iralda was very flexible with me and made me feel so comfortable. Her team is very accommodating and welcoming. They were able to work with me in anything I requested. Always looking for feedback from her student’s. I am honored to be part of this wonderful team. Thank you Acropolis for your excellent service.

Review №96

This school was literally the best! All the teachers were great. Iralda and her assistant were so accommodating and their communication was great. Definitely would recommend. And with there help I was able to pass on my first try.

Review №97

Iralda is the best!!! She worked with my schedule to book my driving lessons, it was the best experience I’ve had making appointments. It was fast and easy, five star recommended 👌🏾

Review №98

Great service they were quick and efficient, definitely recommend getting a lot of classes if you haven’t driven before. They are able to give the 5 hour class, car for road test, and scheduling the appointment.Iralda is a great help, communicates efficiently and provides a lot of car and consideration. Truly grateful for their help.

Review №99

Iralda and the teachers are fantastic! I had been driving on the left side (Japan,AUS,NZ) for more than 15 years but never drove on the right side so I was scared to drive in NYC. However, the teachers are experienced teaching students like me and they gave me lots of tips to driving in NYC. So I passed my road test on my first try. Thank you so much!

Review №100

With Acropolis amazing team you will have the best driving school experience!

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