Mid-Manhattan Adult Learning Center
212 W 120th St, New York, NY 10027, United States
Mid-Manhattan Adult Learning Center

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They are very helpful here. Teachers are awesome and great. Ms. Knox is very helpful, understanding, has patience, and will work with you to make sure you pass.

Review №2

I dropped out in the 9th grade... Ive just graduated, It took me 7-months Oct - May 11. With the help of my teacher Ms.Betty Picpican ( SHE TOOK HER TIME TOo EXPLAIN EVERYTHING SO WELL BE ABLE TOO UNDERSTAND). 7 months ago I was on here looking thru the reviews, and now I have my HS Diploma. I was so lucky too have her as my teacher. She is passionate, persistent, and an amazing teacher. If I can do it, you can too! With hard work, patience, faith, and dedication. Good luck and go further than getting HS diploma (COLLEGE) If you have HS diploma you can go to community college 1 credit = 1hr in class, 3 credits = 3hrs in class, 30 credits = 1 yr, (60 credits = 2yrs associates degree), 90 credits = freshman, (120 credits = bachelors degree). but is must be in the same field so the credits can transfer over from associates > Bachelors > Masters. :) :) :)

Review №3

I love this school but I couldn’t finish in person I was in my program that time.

Review №4

Excellent school the teachers go all out to make sure you understand your work .

Review №5

Hi great school how can I register anyone know the link I lost it

Review №6

I really do enjoy going to this school and I like how they keep the students and the staff and teachers safe during this covid 19.

Review №7

Do anyone know if they do Spanish math classes?

Review №8

No one works at this place. Purely false advertisement. Your going to get no where in Brooklyn as well. This place is sickening.

Review №9

I like that place, because they are concern about the students situation.

Review №10

My school always nice

Review №11

I did my G.E.D there teachers are friendly and very dedicated.

Review №12

It’s been a wonderful experience for me the teacher a passionate and the classmate are friendly . I really like it here

Review №13

I was there 2 year ago and now I am in collage. I miss those classes great teachers. Even here in the collage they don’t teach like them. I miss Ms chin my level 4 English teacher

Review №14

Very good school I have learned a lot in the summer class thanks a lot

Review №15

I was studying English there last summer and I learned a lot, all the staff is very professional, their principal Ms. Williams is a wonderful person, Ms. Johanna Salcedo also and the teachers are extraordinary, even observe that even security at the doors deal with an extraordinary kindness, if you want to learn one of the courses they offer, go now and do not waste time.

Review №16

Cant wait to start school

Review №17

This school is organized chaos. Stick with it and be persistent. Once you actually get into a class your good. Classes are excellent and the teachers are dedicated.

Review №18

Its an amazing school lots of people willing to help you learn and reach your goals give thanks jah god bless

Review №19

Never enjoyed math class like I do now ! .. Mr Konē is a GREAT teacher !!

Review №20

I recommend this institution to anyone and everyone 110%

Review №21

My wife recently came to the US to live and we decided to enroll her in the english program. First of all the enrollment was horrible and we never found out in what level she belonged. They assigned her to level 4 and she barely understood and the classes seemed to be too advance for her. She asked if they can lower her level because she just came to the country and barely understood english. Her request was completely ignored. We decided to try it out for a few weeks and all they had her do was paint, cook, and decorate the classroom. She tried talking in English because obviously its a English class and she was answered in Spanish. She came home so depressed because she was not learning anything. Probably other classes in that school is good but the english class are horrible.

Review №22

First day my name is S.Sanchez enrolled in Saturday G E D tabe class seems good so for try it out

Review №23

Its a good school, if your serious about your education. I earned my Microsoft Office Certificate

Review №24

I love come back the English School, my teacher Mustafa is very nice, I love go to school every day

Review №25

Its a chance to open doors and a plus is thats its free an time is flexible..

Review №26

The staffs commitment to help students reach their goals.

Review №27

My experice was awful the staff treat u with otmost disrespect

Review №28

Great school they give you a lot of opportunity...

Review №29

Nobody never answer the phone to make an appointment to come in to register for class and they information is so outdated the website don’t even exist anymore and this is for all locations

Review №30

Does anybody know when you can register for the classes?

Review №31

Free learning center.

Review №32

I went to this school a few yrs ago and there are still things I remember from there

Review №33

Information is out dated and nobody answers calls all automated

Review №34

Great school!

Review №35

Teacontactschers are the worse very little information

Review №36

Great school

Review №37

Excellent classes

Review №38

Very good !

Review №39

Very well

Review №40

Association for Literacy and Free English Language Learning

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