Discovery Point Trinity
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Discovery Point Trinity

Review №1

Discovery Point Trinity has been amazing for both my kids! My 2yo has been going there since he was an infant and LOVES his teachers! My oldest is school-age and attends after school and always has so much fun! The arts & crafts are always so creative and you can tell the teachers and directors put so much love and thought into everything they do for the kids! Thank you Discovery Point for always being wonderful!

Review №2

Third child to graduate VPK from a Discovery Point and still impressed with the curriculum and fun that this school brings forward. The staff is wonderful and Mrs. Aki is always at the front door with a welcoming smile and enthusiasm that makes your child feel special and excited for school! Thank you Discovery Point for preparing my children for kindergarten!

Review №3

Nothing but positive things to say about this school and the staff. Would give more than 5 stars if I could. My son felt more comfortable here within a month than he did for almost 2 years at his prior school. This shows me that they genuinely care about the children here. Best decision I ever made to switch here!

Review №4

The staff and directors are wonderful and super friendly! I feel safe leaving my kids with them during my work day!

Review №5

I need more bubbles to click above!!! The team/staff at Discovery Point Trinity is amazing. Our youngest is ahem...high maintenance and it really is a team effort to coordinate behavior plans between home and school. We are so thankful for their continued dedication to care for our youngest! Most importantly, our youngest feels safe and is learning everyday! He comes home, in trouble, most days but he is also sharing what he has learned and it is typically shared through song. We could not be happier with the school, the staff, the teachers, the programs...etc! Thank you!

Review №6

The best directors by far! Very organized, my children are safe and happy. I have been here for about a year now with my family and have seen outstanding relationships form and grow. I am so happy to be apart of this Discovery Point.

Review №7

I could not be happier with the care and kindness of everyone at this facility. My youngest son has been there for almost 2 years and comes home to teach his big brother how to be a bucket filler. Thank you for teaching him not only regular classroom curriculum, but also how to be kind and courteous. We will be sad to leave after this summer. Off to Kindergarten he will go with all that he has learned from quality teachers.

Review №8

My daughter is always so happy to be dropped off in the morning. She has so much fun and loves her teachers so much. They are great at communicating with me on how my daughters day was. The facility is always clean and the directors and teachers all truly care about the kids. Its a great feeling as a mom.

Review №9

To all of the parents that constantly worry about your children, Discovery Point Trinity is the the one place that cares just as much as you do about your children. (I am aware that statement totally sounds like a cheesy commercial) I was scared to go back to work, I’ve dealt with some daycare facilities that should never be allowed to watch a human under the age of 16!I went in and had a tour of the facility, and was pleased, but knew the real test would be how well they take care of my children.Let me start off with; OH MY GOODNESS! I’ve NEVER, and I mean never felt completely comfortable with my children’s before and after care, but after I saw how happy my children were when I picked them up, I felt like a weight was taken off my shoulders.They really do care about every single child! There was one time I picked my children up from school and forgot to call, the bus driver waited, then went into the office to find out where my kids were, once she found out they were safe, with mommy, she then left. The next day I was asked politely to always call if and when I pick them up, in manner that made me feel like I was in trouble with the principal! But I’ll take it, especially when it comes from someone that cares enough to be upset!Also my youngest is autistic, he’s high functioning, and can, sometimes, play well with others. They make sure he’s included and treated no different from the other children! When my kid has a “moment” they take the time to CORRECTLY calm him down! He’s yet to have a complete breakdown, but I feel 100% comfortable that they will handle it just as well!So, if you’re a parent that freaks out and stresses as much as I do, then this place is your ticket to freedom, and a little less to stress about.

Review №10

This is the first daycare facility I have ever gone to due to just having my first child last year. So far I am pleased with the overall care and the teachers listen well to the parents. When I had to watch him be moved up from the infant room I was very sad. The teachers in the infant room are so great. Mrs. Melissa & Mrs. Elsa were always so welcoming and told me great things about my son daily. They always listened to what crazy demands I had and how I wanted to feed my son. They always showed my son the same care that I would show him at home. In the evening for pick up I had Mrs. Jamie and Mrs. Debbie, they always were holding my son and telling me how much they loved him. If he was not himself they would call and let me know which really made me feel good. My son has been in the beginners room and doing okay for quiet some time but still is so connected with the infant teachers when he can be. Mrs. Denise is great with the beginners but I do wish she had more support at times, she loves the kids but I hate seeing her so over worked. Overall I can’t say anything negative and as a parent have my concerns and worries that I get over because it’s a daycare and no one can do everything the way we would like them too unfortunately.

Review №11

The staff is so accommodating and personable. I feel 100% comfortable leaving my daughter in their care daily.

Review №12

I only have amazing things to say about our experience at Discovery Point Trinity. The staff is amazing, very organized, very flexible and personable, and worked hard to attend our their customers expectations. The communication between school and families is great, they always have nice events and different things going on which make our kids life as good as can be in a day care. I should specially say that my kids teachers, Ms Janet and Ms Savannah, were outstanding, constantly innovating in the class room and working hard to take care of our precious kids. I would highly recommend Discovery Point Trinity.

Review №13

My daughter was only there for about three months before I decided to move her. There was one amazing teacher there who left about half way through my time there. The staff is sometimes friendly to parents but their form of communication is nearly always yelling. (I understand to some degree having a room of toddlers the need to raise your voice may arise but every time anyone picked up my daughter they were always screaming.) For the money I expected a much better environment for her. I had walked in on something that made me feel a little uncomfortable which I spoke to management about and they were very understanding and made me aware of the actions that they were following through with. I feel like the teachers may be slightly overwhelmed with the amount of kids they have at any given time. There are times where there are two teachers and others when there is one for the same amount of kids. Her behavior was really reserved suddenly. Ever since I have switched her she has been thriving at home and at school. Switching her was the best decision!

Review №14

My son go to this school since he was a baby and now he is in VPK, I never have a bad experience. The teacher in this school are well train and they always work with the parents. When my son turn 2 years old he was moving to the P1 class and I was planning to pottery train him so he doesnt has to wear diaper anymore, so I spoke to the teacher and we get it done in one week he was fully train. I am very impress with this school from toddler all the way to PK now. He will come home and tell me what he learn everyday from writing his journal to artwork. I love the teacher in his class now she is very passion of her job. I am a working mom and my kid spend most of the time in school with the teacher more than he spent time with me so I have to make sure he is in a safe place that I can trust. From education to behavior they always adjust the issue immediately.

Review №15

I have two children that attend this school. My daughter is in the infant room and my son is in the 3 yr old room. All the teachers there are amazing and the management is just as great! I have always had my childrens needs met and I would refer fellow friends and family to attend this center!

Review №16

I enrolled my son today. He is 19 months. Jessica was amazing!!! Great learning academy! Very nice teachers and amazing staff! Highly recommed!! Suuper clean and friendly staff!! So excited for my little one!!

Review №17

My son is currently in this VPK, I HAVE FINALLY HAD IT. My son just turned 5. His teacher needs training and the communication is at a poor level. I left today and called on my 5 minute ride home to pull him out. This school has done more harm to his learning than good.

Review №18

My daughter has been with Discovery Point, Trinity, since she was 6 weeks old and shell be 4 this year. She asks me to take her to school on the weekends! Lol! I love seeing her run to her teachers at the beginning and end of each day. She truly loves them and feels special every day. They never seem to miss a beat. My 6 month old son has also been with them since he was 6 weeks old, and always has a smile at the beginning and end of each day, every day as well. I cant wait for him to grow and learn here with all the same teachers his big sister had the pleasure of knowing. Ill be very sad when they go to regular elementary school and have to leave. I tell everyone about D. S., Trinity :)

Review №19

I will never recommend this facility to anyone I know.My daughter started at 4 months old. From the week we started their were issues with the staff, both management and the teachers that cared for her. My instructions were not being followed, our belongings were being lost or misplaced, and every few weeks or so I was told something I could not do or something my daughter could not have because it was a state regulation that they were unaware of. It finally got so bad I asked for a copy of the state regulations regarding Infants, because it became clear to me they did not know what they could and could not do.What finally made me pull my daughter from this facility was how sick she became. I knew my daughter would get sick attending daycare, my pediatrician discussed it in length with me before we placed her anywhere. However my daughter got a bacteria infection that spread to her ears, causing her to fight a very bad ear infection for over a month. When antibiotics did not work we had to resort to a course of antibiotic shots in the leg, 1 a day for 3 days, very painful! While at the drs office getting these shots, I met two other families, ironically there for the same bacteria infection, and guess what: they all attended Discovery Point on Duck Slough!!!! I father said he removed his son and does not regret it, the other mother said she probably would pull her child and sat there wondering what was happening to cause these children to become so sick and what was I going to do. I went in the very next day and spoke with the Manager and Owner, Cherie. Expressed my concerns and frustration with the communication problems Ive been having since I started my daughter at the facility as well as the infection we were fighting. I asked her what she planned to do. What she thought was happening, and if we could find a solution to make things better. She seemed un-phased that children were pulled from her facility. She sat there an apologized for my frustration, but offered no solutions. I truly wanted to walk out with my daughter, but I did not have another facility lined up and was stuck. By the end of the week, I pulled my daughter.There is a cross contamination issue at this facility! Ive seen teachers change babies, including my daughter with no gloves and without washing their hands. Ive seen teachers pulled from other rooms, with children of older ages, and pick up a baby or a bottle without washing their hands. Ive watched diaper bags that are on the floor, put on top of the highchairs the babies eat off of without then being wiped down! The teaches do not have the right training to think before they act. Babies are going to get sick but it is my feeling that these teachers only introduce more germs by being so nonchalant and not thinking about what they are doing.I also think the management is a huge problem at this facility, and as we all know, things always trickle downwards. I think the teachers are overworked and treated like crap, which will easily affect their job performance, which eventually affected my daughters health.

Review №20

Very nice day care

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