Music City Montessori
3028 Lebanon Pike, Nashville, TN 37214, United States
Music City Montessori

Review №1

Being a member of Music City Montessori has been an absolute dream! When I went to tour with Lori I knew my son would be in excellent hands. He’s 1.5 years old and has grown so much in development since starting. All of the teachers really care for him and I love knowing that he’s getting great attention here. The teachers go out of their way to take cute photos of the kids and host safe events for them. Lori has been so helpful giving us up to date information and helping with our needs in schedule changes. Thank you so so much Music City!

Review №2

This school has been amazing. We have found a place that wants to work with us in making sure our daughter has the best early childhood education possible that fits her and her personality. She’s been here since she was 3, turning 4. I love how they work with parents and communicate to make sure we are all on the same page. The communication also helps as we transition from school back to home in the evenings, and helps us present a team front with our little one. Also the space is beautiful and calming. I’m so grateful that there’s a Montessori school of this caliber in Donelson/Hermitage. All neighborhoods deserve good schools and we are grateful this one is here for us, at this time, for our family.

Review №3

We were very reluctant to send our little one to school at such a young age (she’s 22 months) AND in the middle of a pandemic but it became necessary with our work schedules. We scheduled a tour and immediately knew a Montessori school was exactly what we wanted for our daughter. Lori was fantastic. She fielded MANY questions and concerns without hesitation. Her love of children and the Montessori style of learning is evident as she is a wealth of knowledge and our daughter absolutely loves her. The facility is beautiful and well kept. My daughter’s classroom is such a welcoming space and her teacher, Ms. Jordanna, is wonderful. Every morning our little one is so excited to go to school and runs in singing and laughing to greet her classmates. Her independence and communication skills have exploded after just a few short months in Ms. Jordanna’s classroom. The environment is open, spacious and inviting with tons of activities for the kids. We honestly couldn’t be happier with this amazing place and the staff. They care for the children and the families like their own and are incredibly inclusive. If you are looking for a safe place for your little one(s) to learn, gain independence and be part of a great community look no further!

Review №4

My little one has been attending MCM for a year now. The owner Lori is respectful and kind. She is involved in all of the activities and knows my child well. I greatly appreciate all she does for my little one and her class... My child is happy and comes home with sweet news of her day and talks about her teachers every day! Love you guys. Keep it up!

Review №5

My 7 year old is so excited to go to school every morning. He loves it here and so do we. Not only does he actually look forward to going to school, he is learning and doing things that most kids his age dont get to do. He loves having guided control over his education and the Montessori style of education has really given him a newfound enthusiasm for learning.The staff is so great to work with and the daily updates are wonderful and make it easy to talk with him about what he did in school every day! Couldnt be happier with the school and highly recommend it!

Review №6

Dean loves going to school! The teachers have been absolutely wonderful with him. We get daily updates through the Montessori app. He’s always excited for spaghetti day on Wednesday’s and pizza day on Fridays. It’s been fantastic seeming him grow and I’m so glad we got him in here.

Review №7

The school is so pretty, clean and calm environment. I love the Montessori toys that they have and allow the children to go at their own pace. My 1 year old seems happy and relaxed whenever I pick him up and you can tell he had a great day. The teachers are so attentive to any requests or preferences I have about his care :)

Review №8

Music City Montessori is more than an educational environment for our children and families it teaches us about respectful behavior, tolerance, self disciple and enjoying life in general. All of this along with a dynamic montessori education has helped my son and family grow in so many ways. We love this school and it’s staff and families.

Review №9

This community has been so supportive and integral in making us feel comfortable with the transition to school for our little guy. When he gets to school in the mornings, he doesn’t even look back! And the amount of love and learning he’s gotten is incomparable. We love MCM!

Review №10

Everyone here, Lori the Director & all the staff, are so nurturing & supportive...We love it! We know our son is cared for here, it shows in his behavior. They are very respectful to the individual which is extremely important to us. Thank you everyone at MCM!

Review №11

My son came from a public school where he was struggling badly and would cry every single day before and after school. But since we have joined MCM almost 3 months ago his entire attitude towards school has shifted to be just the opposite. He absolutely loves going to MCM now and is participating, learning and growing beyond our expectations! I highly recommend them to anyone!!! They not only teach your child but they truly do show love, affection and concern for you and your child ☺️

Review №12

MCM and their staff consistently go above and beyond to care for our son. The teachers cater to each child’s individual needs while making our child feel special and loved. This is the first school that our son has been excited to attend everyday. I highly recommend Lori and her team at MCM .

Review №13

My daughter has been coming to Music City Montessori since she was practically born, as I also work there! I have worked there for 2 years, and it is such a calming and peaceful environment. I trust all of the teachers and staff with my daughter who is thriving in the young toddler environment. The director, Lori, is great at communicating with the families and is always open to new ideas to better our school. I couldn’t imagine working or sending my daughter to any other school. We have found a family within Music City Montessori!

Review №14

We absolutely love MCM! We have been attending since my daughter was 15 months. It brings me so much joy and peace that she is extremely excited every morning to attend school and she is just as excited when we pick her up. You can tell she genuinely has productive and inspiring days.The staff is welcoming and have been so accommodating with COVID precautions. They have still been able to find fun family events that’s happen outdoors to stay safe. I am excited to continue my child’s future education and growth with MCM.

Review №15

We’ve had our daughter at MCM since June. We could not be happier with how the director has handled the COVID pandemic and making adaptations and taking precautions seriously. Her teachers care so much for all the students, and our daughter’s progress with words, counting, and overall comprehension is incredible. We will be with MCM as long as they’ll have us!

Review №16

Great leadership and staff who really care and love our kid! Highly recommend!

Review №17

Music City Montessori is fantastic! My son has blossomed there with the incredible teachers and welcoming staff. Everyone from the teachers to the school director is easy to talk with if you ever have questions, and they are truly invested in helping each student grow. Cant recommend Music City Montessori enough!

Review №18

I would highly recommend MCM to anyone looking for a quality and family like day care! I was so sad to go back to work after Mat leave and they made the transition so easy. Lori is a fantastic director and the infant / toddler teacher, Hannah, is amazing as well. I knew nothing about Montessori style teaching or care when we started and now I am a huge supporter.

Review №19

What a wonderful school! We love the teachers and staff!

Review №20

Both of our children attend and we love it. Have been there for 5 years. Very loving and caring!

Review №21

Music City Montessori has a beautiful facility with amazing teachers that have great attitudes. My wife and I cant say enough good things about this school and the positive impact it is having on our child.

Review №22

My 5 year old son has been with Lori Eldridge, director and owner of Music City Montessori, since he was 4 months old. She has always provided a safe, nurturing, consistent, clean, family oriented environment that focused on education as a whole life concept. Music City Montessori has specifically been a second home for our family. As my son moved from the pre-school to the elementary level, Lori and her staff have been excellent in providing our family with information and support as we all guide him through his educational career....TOGETHER. I highly recommend Music City Montessori for any family with an infant to 5th grader. The people I know whom have grown up in Lori’s Montessori program are dynamic, smart, thoughtful members of our community. I welcome any questions from any potential parents in consideration of Music City Montessori. -Kristy Lynne Falks

Review №23

We absolutely LOVE Bambini! They have treated our daughter like family since she began 3 years ago. We love her teachers and Ms. Lori, its truly a family environment at Bambini. We are so lucky to have found such an amazing place.

Review №24

Ive only had my 5 month old son at Bambini for a few months now, but I am very happy with our choice! You can tell that the teachers and director, Lori, love working with the children by the way they get excited about describing new milestones your child reaches and how they share how the day went. I see other babies hugging and loving on the teachers and see how my son smiles when he sees the familiar faces. He is my first child and I have felt very comfortable leaving him in their care.On a practical note, I wanted a location that was more than just a daycare. And as a school employee, I also didnt want to have to pay for summer months just to hold his spot for fall when my son would not be there. I was impressed that since Bambini is a school, my son is getting more out of being there than just being babysat and they separate school sessions and summer sessions, so you only pay for what you need (and still hold his spot for the following fall!) NO other infant locations offered that from what I found.Only piece of criticism is that Lori was a little difficult to get a hold of over the summer before my son began school in August, but she was very apologetic and that has not been an issue at all since school started.Overall, very happy with our selection!

Review №25

Our son started at Bambini Montessori in October 2016 and weve loved it! Every staff member cares about the children. The building and playground are great. Would recommend Bambini to anyone!

Review №26

My child has learned skills at Bambini that I would never have been able to teach him. He enjoys arriving to school everyday.

Review №27

Bambini Montessori had great teachers working for them. They care about my child and any other child there. You can tell when you talk with them.

Review №28

I appreciate Bambini Montessori and everyone that works there. I tell everyone that and they are very caring and they are involved in my daughters.

Review №29

I have been impressed and often surprised by the academic progress my daughter has made at Bambini Montessori.

Review №30

The staff and teachers at Bambini Montessori are wonderful. They are very responsive to any concerns parents have regarding the students.

Review №31

Weve sent both our children to Bambini over the last 9 years and love Lori and the staff. Its been a wonderful experience. My children have been safe, loved and immersed in a montessori atmosphere!Amanda and Abigail are AMAZING with our Toddler!! Lori has managed to keep rates very competitive over the last 10 years. She continues to improve the new school building and play ground, I trust this school with my childs life! If you dont understand the montessori philosophy, you may be suprised. You shouldnt expect cribs, or overprotection. Not all Toddlers bite, but it is a natural beahavior and learning process for 50%+ of all children. they work to get all kids and parents through the issue. Youre always notified when something happens, but they arent going to get into details about who did what. You should expect bumps and bruises from play and discovery, an extremely dirty kid if the weather is warm. Outside discovery plays a huge role! Your baby will have grass or dirt on his onesie from the time he can sit up!

Review №32

The director Miss Lori was unable to reach for two months after telling me they had an opening for my daughter. Being new to town I took a chance to drop off my daughter on her start date. Although my spot was available, the girls were unwelcoming and had no interest in my child. When I picked her up from the first day she was crying alone in the baby room!!!!! We will not be back. Horrible experience!!

Review №33

My wife and I had a very bad experience with the director,Lori Wong, she was hard to get a hold of and communication was not there. We never received a packet for our little one and they did not even care to check for her shots. We had to make other arrangements because once again no packet and lack of communication. Tried to get a refund and Lori kept saying yes, we would get it.  Five months later she said check is in the mail and now two weeks have gone by and now she is ignoring my calls and email. One phone conversation she threatened us with a lawyer, when we have been nothing but patient and understanding  I was expecting more professionalism than this. Since she is keeping our money, Im writing this review of their bad business practice. Lori also did not answer our concerns on safety when we asked them. Beware they may swindle your money like they did us.

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