Mosleys Driving & Testing Center
1865 Henry St # 3, Muskegon, MI 49441, United States
Review №1

I scheduled my daughter to take her road test, paid $50 and she didn’t pass the parking, so we had to reschedule. We rescheduled 4 weeks later, paid 40 more dollars. The instructor - Paul I felt was unprofessional during our 2nd visit and had an attitude. He had us complete the entire paperwork process again and was somewhat argumentative and had a bad attitude when he asked about my car registration . I explained this was all the same paperwork from before and he told me it was fine. The office person had to say to him, “why are you going back and forth with her you accepted her papers the last time?” So he then proceeded to start the parking part of the test. My daughter passed the parking but I knew she was doomed based upon his attitude. After pulling out to start the driving piece, she pulled up two seconds later and he said she failed the test. He said it would be another $40 to retest. I think NOT!!!!!

Review №2

Mosley is a great place to take driving test, fair and honest access. Would recommend this place to new drivers

Review №3

Great place! Daughter took her driving test with no issues! Very nice instructors!

Review №4

I had very great service here for my test! Everyone was so nice and my instructor was very helpful with his directions for me! (My instructor’s name was John for those wondering.) He was calm and collected and even gave feedback after I signed my certificate. I highly recommend this place for road testing in Muskegon!

Review №5

Just had the most exhilarating experience while taking my drivers test today

Review №6

I just called to ask if the person getting all the bad reviews online still worked there, and I spoke with a secretary full of attitude. I cant even explain the laughter she gave toward my serious inquiries. Absolutely defensive from the start, as I asked her for information about the bad reviews. Simply put, I will be going to another place. I wont say which one but if you call around and ask questions to the different schools, to see the best fit for your child, you will know immediately where I am sending my kid.

Review №7

This place is very unprofessional. Never would suggest anyone to go there. They’re very rude and not very helpful. They will get any reason they can to fail you. This place will try to take your money.

Review №8

Said I ran a red light but it was yellow

Review №9

Excellent place for drivers training and motorcycle testing.

Review №10

Guy was very clear on directions and was very courteous.

Review №11

Just took my 2nd and 3rd kids for their road tests. When their older brother took his road test there 2 years ago, it was great. The instructor was very helpful, explained things clearly, and let him ask questions. I was hoping kid 2 and kid 3 would get the same instructor, but unfortunately shes no longer there. The gentleman they got instead was also good. Warned them if they were approaching issues, explained things clearly and gave great feedback afterward. Im not sure if theres some other instructor that the folks giving 1 star reviews are experiencing, but this guy was very good. Probably more like 4.5 starts, to be honest.

Review №12

Very descriptive when explaining tests

Review №13

So I went to take my road test today-all bright and happy with polite manners. The service lady was very kind. I was seated to an older gentleman who wrote down information. He was kind-at first- then had a nasty attitude! Me being a younger driver was more nerve wrecking than ever before. So I pulled in and did some test runs, but my third brake was dead! He told me to change it to Vans (great service), then when I came back, I gave a thumbs up to say that I’m ready. He told me “I have many appointments already that I can’t missed, You’ll have to reschedule another time!”, in a disgusting manner. I said “ok” and proceeded to walk to the service lady which bless her heart....but I have to wait another TWO WEEKS! Get this- the place didn’t open until 9 and my test was at 8:15! CRAZY RIGHT!!!!! What a hypocrite and a no for good man he was! Would I recommend it ..... NO! Please read this beforehand. If you are going through it, have everything check and give him a nasty attitude. I would rate this a 0

Review №14

My younger sister had her road test today. I took my test here about 4 years ago and Genie (who has since retired) was lovely and my test went smoothly. My sister was a bit nervous going into the test (as we all have been there) but confident. Her instructor was the older gentleman who had very little patients towards her. Although I was not in the car for the test, seeing my little sister in tears afterwards just hit a nerve. There seemed to be some confusion during the test and as I heard it, LOTS of yelling. I could tell you that I would not have passed if I had some man barking orders at me the entire time and questioning my competence. The experience of driving was ruined and I personally dont recommend bringing your child here. Find somewhere else that is a bit more understanding and personable towards new drivers. I also do not recommend eating the gum in the lobby... quite gross.

Review №15

Went to take my test in March and had the older guy. He never once told me I could not pull forward to correct my parking and took a point off every time even if it wasn’t even an inch. He then told me I failed and couldn’t take the road test, and asked if I wanted to try parking again. Then I did all the parking again, three times each IN FRONT OF HIM, without pulling forward more than once and he told me I still had to reschedule. So I did and I went to go retake it today, and right when I walked in the lady at the desk was already being rude. She told me I never put a deposit down and she replaced my spot with someone else. Never called, nothing. I tried to explain that she called me before my first test to remind me about the deposit, but never once told me or called to tell me about the deposit on the retake. She tried to tell me she never called me the first time and I tried to play her the voicemail but she refused to listen :). Then couldn’t be a grown up and talk to me so went and got someone else. Never go // take your kids here to take their test. You will get nothing but horrible service and rude people.

Review №16

I loved my driving instructor mr. Fiori . He was nice and very professional. The car ride was nice and he didn’t make me nervous and he was very understanding and calm! I recommend mosley to take your road test!!

Review №17

Highly recommended 🙌

Review №18

Very patient, kind people. Extremely though when doing road testing. All 3 of my sons went through Mosleys. I highly recommend them.

Review №19

Taking my driving test tomorrow, but very good experience with both of the ladies who work the front desk! I took a test here last year and failed but my instructor who was a male was very friendly.. excited but nervous for my test tomorrow at 2. Wish me luck!!Can’t believe all of these 1 star reviews...-Kayla

Review №20

Very nice and calm driving test instructor. I wouldnt go anywhere else! Answered all my questions during parallel and reverse tests. They have a vehicle available to rent as well. Very nice on the phones and in the office too. They have a waiting room too.

Review №21

Amazing drivers center ever. The intructor was very nice, I just have the driving test today and I passed. This is the best place to take driving test I wish I can give them 10 stars..!

Review №22

My daughter went here to get a driving test.... (Shes in her late 20s) and got the rude old guy and wasnt even given a test. They stole her money and discriminated against her. Now they want her to come back and give them more money! (Scammers). Shes going elsewhere for a real test. Beware females!!!! The old guy yells, swears and says females are a waste of time. He also pounds his fist on your vehicle when you adjust mirrors and seat. Very unprofessional!!! We tried talking to the owner and he supports his employees. He doesnt believe this.

Review №23

Great place! my oldest child and I have both tested here. Nice vehicles, kind instructors and staff, I will be bringing my other 3 children here also.

Review №24

Lady SCREAMED at me with any little mistake. Very unfriendly. Rude comments the entire time like are you even aware of the road? this is why you should take drivers training. (as if everyone could afford that) I dont like that! while grabbing my wheel for no reason. Do NOT schedule test for Fridays or Saturdays! She never smiled once or replied to anything we said to her. AWFUL UNPLEASANT EXPERIENCE.

Review №25

My mom sent the check for my drivers test and they said they just got it today (when she sent a check to someone the same day and they received it on Wednesday) so they gave away my spot, and now I have to wait until September to take it. Not taking it here ever. Ruined my day completely.

Review №26

Horrible place. They yell at you while you are driving. I will be turning that behavior in to the state of Michigan.

Review №27

I brought my son to this place the instructor was how do I put this a very rude and had 0 patience! He was a older man and for the job he is getting paid for should be able control his temper!!! He yelled at my son more than once and I had to do everything I could not to punch him! Very unprofessional !! Dont go here! A waste of $$$$

Review №28

Just passed cy test, very fair and the ladys there will work with you, make sure you understand everything clearly and bring everything you are required to have

Review №29

Can not perform one of the simplest tasks without taking it personally and blowing up in their customers faces, don’t give them the satisfaction of having your cash or your time.

Review №30

Do not go here. The old guy is very rude and unprofessional. He spent a total of 8 minutes with my son on the parking course and very rudly said you failed but you can reschedule and pay another fifty dollars. Do your research and go somewhere else. I wish I would have read the reviews prior to making the appointment.

Review №31

It was not great. I had an older gentleman and he was extremely rude. While driving he would swear at me, he said multiple times slow the hell/damn down. Also once I passed he signed the certificate and just threw it at me and better learn to slow the hell down. Not happy with there service.

Review №32

These people were very professionalThe parking lot is small so do yourself a favor and rent their motorcycle if you have a big bike

Review №33

Paid them $85 to take a road test, didnt even get out the driveway because supposedly didnt pass the parking test. Parallel parking she said that once backing up you cant pull forward( dont tell you that in the Michigan What Every Drive Must Know Handbook) nor was it mentioned or a Mosleys does and dont handbook given,so now a retest is involved for $40 more dollars. Beware this place only wants your money.

Review №34

Instructors are rude and swear at the kids. I had always heard this was a nice place, but now Im beginning to question why the state allows these type of people to instruct our children.I dont know what happens inside the classroom, but I can tell you after following my son during an on the road segment that my trust in Mosleys is absolute zero, and I honestly worry for the safety of any child stuck behind the wheel with one of their angry, foul mouthed, instructors.

Review №35

I heard good things about this place, so I went there to take my road test. Ive failed twice there, Al was my instructor both times. He was very pushy and rude, at one point he told me that he thinks theres something wrong with my brain and he failed me after making three small mistakes. Its much easier to pass something when youre in a friendly environment, which I felt I wasnt in. If anyone plans on going there, I suggest to make a request to have anyone but him.

Review №36

Rude, unhelpful, arrogant staff. They forget who the customer is!! Dont waste your time or money at this place.

Review №37

Experience could not have been worse. Very sketchy place. Tricked my 16 yr old out of his deposit. Have heard the same from other parents. DONT TRUST THIS PLACE. Rude, unhelpful employees.

Review №38

Very grumpy old man . Friendly staff. If you go there do not get the old man he will flunk you. Would not recommend to anyone. He flunked me for being cut off by cross traffic in a intersection while the light was green by the time I proceed the light was red.

Review №39

I havent even got a test yet and they already made things difficult they tell me a deadline to bring in my money and I bring it in the last day of deadline to find out they already gave the spot away and when I called previously I was told to leave a message and no one ever called back they have been over all difficult to work with even though I seemed to have fixed the issue with a woman who dispite my angry yelling and swearing because I cant wait till October to get my license was willing to work with me to fix it I got the day a little later. I am happy with how she worked with me however the overall of this place is horrid. Ill see if that changes when I take my test. With the wishy washy complaints ive heard recently I wouldnt be surprised if people stopped going here.

Review №40

Worst place ever. Dont waste your money. Rude and impatient instructors.

Review №41

My son just finished his segment two and we are very pleased with everything so faralso my wife did her training there and many others i know i never have heard one bad complaint

Review №42

Great place!

Review №43

Rude old man. No patience whatsoever with new drivers.

Review №44

Everybody was nice during the segments and I learned a lot here.

Review №45

Very rude! Instructor yells at you.

Review №46

Very unprofessional, instructors yell at you. If you care about your children dont send them there.

Review №47

Old man

Review №48

Rude employees

2.7 Rating
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