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American Flyers

Review №1

American Flyers I would say its best of the best if you want to get Flight Training they cater to you even if youre a little slower than everybody else you will get what you pay for or what you go there to achieve and thats most likely Learning to Fly and continue flight education all I got to say theyre top-notch go there you will not regret it

Review №2

Received my private 2 years ago and they were great! Currently doing the IFR/Commercial program here and I’m glad to say the instructors are great. Happy to be back!

Review №3

I started my Private Pilot training in July 2020 at American Flyers in Morristown. I got my PPL last month and am currently working towards earning my Instrument and Commercial certificates. All of my instructors I’ve had so far are professional, knowledgeable, patient, and take time in explaining all subjects in detail. The school is flexible and they try hard to accommodate scheduling requests/preferences. Everyone at this school is friendly and helpful. I would recommend American Flyers in Morristown to anyone looking to do their flight training in northern Jersey.

Review №4

Did my CFI/CFII training here and the whole company is full of professionals who really know what they are doing and all know their stuff. Would recommend for those interested in learning to fly at any level!

Review №5

Great place to get trained for your future to become a pilot. The instructors are very helpful as the courses are based on structure, even the staff such as chief pilot John G. he’s a great guy very helpful, encouraging and understanding. If you get the chance to meet him you’re lucky. Overall, great flight school as I’ve had previous experiences with others that weren’t a good fit for me.

Review №6

Amazing instructors who pay careful attention to safety and detail.

Review №7

1. You get told how much they charge you for the day for ground and flight, but they never actually provide you a receipt of the breakdown of what youre paying for. This is especially true if you pay in cash, they will just give you a piece of paper saying you paid this amount of cash, and wont give you change, they just automatically put the change as credit on your account, but still you have no clue what you are paying for.2. The flight instructor I worked with was young (20 years old), inexperienced (got all his ratings a few months ago and literally started at this flight school a year ago) and could not instruct/teach for his life. Its nice that he knows his things, but NOT once did the instructor show nor go over the pre-flight check list; rushed the preflight check on his own to get up in the air as fast as possible; just gave you a short direction (ie do this) and expecting you to know what to do without them showing you what to do or how to do it; and was severely distracted in flight and on the ground by other planes, and not for safety reasons (As you would survey the sky for any oncoming traffic, he would spot a plane and literally stare at it without having any situational awareness for anything else outside or on the controls, to the point where if the plane already passed to the back he would literally turn around and still look at it).3. The flight instructor never endorsed my log books for ground instruction/training.4. The flight instructor wrote notes on achievements and areas of improvement for the schools records, had me sign it and yet they never told me what was written just forced me to sign it. Additionally, they never gave me a copy of it.5. I never received a copy of anything I signed at the school. I was told that all the paperwork would be held at the school but will not be provided to me. If I sign something, it should be standard that I receive a copy of what I signed up for.If I am paying for an instructor to teach me, I expect the instructor to actually teach me, and not just sit back and make sure he gets enough hours to move on to a career in aviation on my time and on my wallet. I learned more from watching flight instructors on YouTube, for free, than from my flight instructor.The only positive I have to say about the school is the manager John, he was very polite, was not pushy in any way and was a true professional.I would NOT recommend this flight school. They have a nice office and everything seems structured and organized, but these flaws that I mentioned left a bad taste in my mouth.

Review №8

Currently a student here and loving it! From in-house management to instructors all are helpful and always willing to be bothered with my countless questions.Great facility and quality aircraft to fly.Very glad I chose to do my flight training at American Flyers Morristown.J

Review №9

American Flyers’ instructors provided high quality education in both ground and air on my way to passing my private checkride. I came into AF knowing very little about aviation and the process of becoming a pilot. They were able to take me from start to a confident certified pilot in 3-4 months with 40 hours.

Review №10

I took the ground school course over the weekend and had a great time. The instructor went into great detail and took time to answer everyones questions. If you need to prep for the FAA exam this would be the place to do it!

Review №11

Excellent Flight school, with good instructors that will make sure their students become the best pilots in aviation. Not only just giving the students knowledge they need, but applying it in their flights and gain experience for their careers.

Review №12

One of the oldest and best schools from Texas to NJ. Not the cheapest perhaps, but definitely worth it. They have great instructors and very experienced management.The atmosphere is pleasant, there are students of all levels present everyday. They are very punctual and professional, and have a great finishing programs for students. Their planes are very well maintained (R models).Btw, you can choose between part 61 and 141 both. Home airport (KMMU) is an excellent opportunity for beginners to acquire necessary communication skills with the tower, which is a very good thing.John and Paul (both very experienced pilots) will greet you to make you a personalized syllabus to get you on the right track from the beginning.I have finished both the PPL and the IFR endorsement there, and had a great time.

Review №13

I had an amazing experience at American Flyers, earning my PPL. If you have to choose a reputable school (also 141 accredited), with experienced CFIs to learn from, AF is the way to go. They also have kind staff members who constantly check in on you to see how you are doing, and review your progress so you never feel alone.

Review №14

I took my Instrament written here with Dominuqe and he was absolutely wicked. Ethan, the chap that I coordinate with was brilliant. I will be here again!

Review №15

Straight forward here. I got my private pilots license at flyers with no prior experience or interest in Aviation. I took an introductory flight and was hooked.There are many different opinions about what is the best way to flight train. At flyers there are a great group of people passionate about aviation and flight training. I got to fly with different instructors and received a lot of valuable insight about growing my skills and flying safe. If you apply yourself to the courses and truly want to learn it is a great school, with straightforward staff and management.I also left with a bunch of new friends in the aviation that have helped with questions I had about tail wheel and glider endorsements and the best way to build time and experience as a new pilot.

Review №16

Amazing place and people!

Review №17

Absolutely amazing flight-school. Helped me finish everything through commercial and they were very professional. Best flight school in NJ hands down.

Review №18

A few weeks ago, I took Frank Gravina’s weekend Commercial Pilot Ground School. I am pleased to say, I passed my written exam this morning. A special thanks to John from American Flyers, Morristown, who also helped with the scheduling and motel arrangements. I recommend taking the ground with frank. He takes a personalized approach for your success...

Review №19

Very disappointing customer service. Inept, inexperienced management that will lie to keep your money and time committed to this dump. Dangerously poor condition of aircraft. Instructors that dont seem to care at all about their students, just there to make one more hour towards the airlines. I could go on, but I invite you to read other reviews.

Review №20

Visited American Flyers fr an intro flight, Josephson was my instructor. The whole experience couldnt be any better. The staff were very friendly. Josephson was very helpful, he explained introductory concepts very well and made flying feel so easy. Had Fun! Thanks American Flyers!

Review №21

Primarily focused on making money than flight training. Costs are higher than the rest of the metro-NY area and you dont have a dedicated instructor which leads to lots of retesting or flights where the instructor didnt truly know your skill level or weaknesses, which in turn, leads to a higher cost due to needing to redemonstrate knowledge at the beginning of the flight.One simulator is using X-Plane 8 whereas the current version is 11. Version 8 was released in 2004. Version 11 is a lot more realistic with flight models and fixes a lot of inaccuracies with the characteristics of flight.New manager is always very busy and doesnt place customers first. Instead of attending to a customer issue, he decided to send an email from his phone then proceeded to tell the customer he was very busy so he couldnt completely deal with the need, but then did it anyway.I would not recommend flying with them unless you want to take advantage of their business contract with American Airlines for a train-to-hire program and spend the extra money on it.I ran out of money during the last phase of my training with them after spending 10k so I could not finish my training.

Review №22

Very fast and straightforward training, I thought a 15 day cfi course was borderline impossible but they proved it to be not only possible, but extremely fun. Wish I discovered them sooner.

Review №23

Inexperienced, poor management, deceptive, and very full of themselves. I was passed around between instructors scammed out of money, and flat out lied to. When asked what they would do to speed the process up I was given a fake smile, told I had not learned my basics well enough (cant think why), and would therefore need another four months of training! That is greed at its most obvious. There are good instructors here and I was given one for a time but then passed to a more inexperienced guy who really didnt want to be there. I had a flexible schedule yet was given the times no one else wanted. Biggest problem is their insistence on doing day to day scheduling which is a nightmare if you work part time. Clearly I was not a priority here. I do not recommend this place. Plus they have four seater planes when you only need two. Avoid if you can and look on glassdoor at what former employees had to say. I could go on but its just not worth it.

Review №24

Save your money and go elsewhere, $280 an hour is crazy and they don’t have a multi engine plane.

Review №25

Pilot factory with dorky, overconfident flight instructors. They seem to be just banging out flight hours to move onto to the airlines, hence the lack of good atmosfere there..

Review №26

Did the private pilot course here. The team here are all true professionals and I would recommend them to anyone. Passed my first checkride with 42 hours. Great people.

Review №27

The staff sincerely try their best and they are interested in your progress. That being said you must get the right CFI.Some of them have no clue and others are on point. Some will sit and say nothing, others will help you form a plan for your goals.CFI Academy is worth the money im Pompano, but when Patrick Connel finally retires their product will go terribly wrong. Go to Pompano and get Patrick Connel for CFI academy while you still can.

Review №28

The Best Flying school !

Review №29

Brought my son for the introductory flight at this place. Got good ground and simulator training but they shortened his flying time to ~30 min instead of 1 hour they promised.

Review №30

I sat the ground school here before I started my training at their Houston location. Its a 3 day course and I did not think I would be ready for my written at the end of the last day. I was wrong, I took it and passed with a 98. Thanks Frank, you were a huge help.

Review №31

I took the accelerated 2 week CFI course here and passed my checkride the first time. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to quickly get their CFI rating. They give high quality flight instruction. These guys are the best!

Review №32

Best flight school in the northeast!

Review №33

Bought Groupon to go for a 1 hour flight. Booked 1 month in advance but got a call day before flight that both pilots available are out sick with a flue. Re-booked it again 1 month in advance again. Drove for 1 hour just to hear owner say that both pilots are sick again with a flue and need to reschedule again. Was told that someone called and left a message about cancellation of the flight but I never got the message. This place is a total scam will ask for money back using Groupon customer service.Do not deal with them or you will have same issue as me.

Review №34

Took my private pilot ground school here. pass my FAA written on the first try

Review №35

Great place for an intro flight, so much fun!

Review №36

Not a safe place to fly at

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