Lake Norman Muay Thai
107 Commons Dr suite i, Mooresville, NC 28117, United States
Lake Norman Muay Thai

Review №1

Ive been going to Lake Norman Muay Thai for around 5-6 years. I could not ask for a better experience. They are like my second family and I enjoy going so much! I definitely recommend coming, you get one free week to try it out and it is very welcoming! Its a great place.

Review №2

I was taken back by the unprofessionalism and lack of experience and the lack of direction and teaching. They mad me spar some 13 year old kid the first day he was there and bloodied my nose. The owner J.T. told me I have thought u the language and now it is time to speak and threw me into open sparring with strangers my second day there. A dirty smelly gym with no leadership.

Review №3

My daughter loves the training and has progressed so much, they are great instructors!

Review №4

Kru, thank you for giving your all to your students each and every class. In just a few short weeks of training I have noticed a big difference in my childs confidence and her skills. She is hitting and kicking harder and with purpose. Kru pours his heart into his students. Lake Norman Muay Thai is the best!

Review №5

The facility along with their Trainers JT Smith and Matt Riter are among the best! Could not ask for a better Muay Thai gym than Lake Norman Muay Thai. You guys ROCK!

Review №6

I have been taking my 5 year old daughter for about 4 month now and Kru Smith has been a fantastic leader and role model. This is not your chain karate class your child will learn how to punch, kick, knee and defend themselves all while learning discipline and respect.

Review №7

Lake Norman Muay Thai is AMAZING! Everyone is so kind and welcoming there. It’s really amazing to be a part of such a wonderful, hard-working community. I look forward to going each and every day.

Review №8

My 7 year old girl and I have been training here for little over a year now and LOVE it very much! Great atmosphere, great people. The afternoon classes work very well with my schedule. No other place has 12pm martial arts class! If you want to get in shape, learn how to fight or to become a competitive fighter I HIGHLY recommend this place!

Review №9

Great place for a great martial art. All ages welcome.

Review №10

So grateful for Lake Norman Muay Thaï 🙏 Joining this gym to learn an art I’m passionate about, has been one of the best decisions I have made 2 years ago... Thank you kru JT Smith, Kru Matt and Kru Shawn for all you do, your care, guidance, teachings, time, friendship and leadership. Definitely worth driving 260 miles a week traveling from Charlotte to Mooresville to learn Muay Thaï with peers I consider brothers and sisters, in a gym where ego has no place, everybody learns from each other and willfully share their experience and knowledge, pushing each other to want to get better with every class!!! I am looking forward to many more years of learning, training, competing and seeing us all surpass our individual and collective goals not just in Muay Thaï but also in life!! #family

Review №11

Love this gym. It has and continues to add positivity to my life in so many ways. Extremely talented fighters, Extremely talented Instructors and an overall amazing environment for men and women of ALL AGES and all skill levels. I can’t say enough about all the instructors, my team mates and all the great people that I train/learn with on a regular basis. Without any question, the best Muay Thai Gym in the area. As legit as they come, real deal traditional Muay Thai. Much love and respect for Kru JT Smith, Kru Matt, Kru Sean and all the other members of my team who have truly become my friends.

Review №12

Its wonderful I give it five stars because.... when I first walked in the gym I thought woah but then I learned Muay Thai and made friends.The teacher Jt Smith is so nice and careful, funny, and hes a good teacher!-Chloe

Review №13

This place is an amazing place to train if you want to get in shape while doing so in a family friendly atmosphere. As a Jiu jitsu student I can say Joe Hurst is one of the best coaches around and we welcome all ages! Plenty of people to help you and there is always someone willing to teach you something new.

Review №14

This school is a great environment to learn in. The JT and his students are helpful, encouraging and caring to new students and the like. The classes are rigorous and fun at the same time. I would recommend this school to anyone and to all ages!

Review №15

Lake Norman Muay Thai is a great place for both the beginner and experienced martial artist. A fun place to learn real world fighting skills and discipline. If your looking for a martial arts family this is your place. Kru JT Smith has created a enjoyable learning environment for all ages.

Review №16

My son have been training with JT for almost two years. The transformation both physically and mentally is clear. The environment at the gym is one more of a family. We highly recommend it!

Review №17

Lake norman muay thai is the best i go there and gets losts of complaments also love JT/kru

Review №18

This place is amazing. All of my neices and nephews loved it here and this is another family to be apart of!

Review №19

I love this gym! From the moment I walked in the door I’ve felt so at home and learned so much. Whether you’re a beginner or someone more advanced looking to hone your skills there’s a place for everyone. The atmosphere is friendly, clean, safe and extremely fun. Kru JT is extremely knowledgeable and everyone in the gym is always super helpful. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and I’d definitely encourage everyone to give it a try.

Review №20

Excellent place to get in shape.

Review №21

JT, Chris, Matt and this entire place changed my son’s life! Jeremy was very lost before Muay Tai became his life. I’ve never met a more dedicated, patient and loving group. They truly want you to succeed and learn. Thank you Lake Norman Muay Tai. What are you waiting for? Adults and children, male or female just do it!!!

Review №22

What a wonderful place - J.T. is awesome, both professionally and personally. We met thru the Rock Steady Parkinson’s program — to say that in less than one month it has changed our lives would truly be an understatement.No lack of motivation or inspiration at his Mauy Thai Academy !! Thank you Kru J.T. Smith! And a huge thank you also to all the volunteers and other participants in the Rock Steady program.

Review №23

Lake Norman Muay Thai is the best decision we have ever made. Our son Manny now 12 has been with the club since the beginning. He trains several times a week and has learned more than we ever anticipated. Manny has built enough confidence and skill to compete in tournaments with the club. Each week Manny grows not only as a fighter but as a person. Kru Smith and Kru Riter have taught him to be humble, to care and honor others, to work hard, and also train hard. Our 4 year old daughter Scarlett also takes the Tiny Warriors class, each week she brings away a new skill and more confidence in herself. We have found a new family at Lake Norman Muay Thai, everyone fits in there. Everyone is always welcome.

Review №24

I cant say enough good things about Lake Norman Muay Thai. Kru Jt, Kru Matt, Kru Sean are all great guys, who throughly love the sport, know the sport, and love to teach. It can be intimidating walking into something your unfamiliar with, but the coaches and members are all so excited to have you their and to help you learn! Its a great workout with a fun, safe and friendly environment. PLUS you get a week free, what do you have to lose! Its the best part of my day!

Review №25

I would like to share my review and experience with Lake Norman Muay Thai.First I want to say that I train here with my son Leo (who got me into it) and we both love it!I am going to apologize now because this maybe a bit long, but I feel will be worth the read.I am a 47 year old man, working as an engineer and life has caught up big time... I put on weight, quite a bit if I am honest. I was tired all the time, in a bad mood all the time, stressed out ready to just pop!Then one day I saw a recent picture of myself, and I was shocked. Is that me? do I really look like that? For some reason you just cant see it in the mirror, but this was an eye opener. I was determined to do something. I also recently had an physical, the results were not good. My doctor was actually worried. Everything was bad, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, the ratio of all the tested items was just bad. OK I really need to do something and I need to do it fast!But what should I do? a Fad diet? a boot camp? am I going to succeed or just fail and quit like so many others who attempt to get in shape am I going to be just another failed New Years resolution?Then one day while picking up my son from his Muay Thai class, he was running a bit late talking to his new found friends from class laughing and just having a good time so I waited patiently for him to finish. The next class was starting, the adult class. I noticed that it was a mix of people, men, women, younger, older, a total melting pot. They all seemed to know each other and they were caring on in a manner that was a bit frolicsome. Then the class started and it looked intense and exciting, everyone was soon in a good sweat and you could feel the energy in the air. I have to admit I was quite envious.There was one thing, I was a bit nervous maybe even scared. What if I cant do it? What if I am not a good partner? Will people get mad at me? Will I get hurt? But then I though wait, my 8 yo boy does this, there are little girls who do this, there are old men and women who do this. I can do this!So I went in one day and signed myself up. Just as with my son, JT and the rest of the group were right there to help me along. Was it hard at first? Yes it sure was. Did I think about quitting? I sure did, but then a funny thing happened. This started to become part of my life, not just some add on that I am trying to squeeze in. I started to feel accountable to all those who have helped me out. All those who would be waiting for me to help them train. I started to have a purpose it was not a chore that I dreaded, but an experience that I looked forward to. Just like my son, I now had new friends. We talk and share details of our lives, we go out for lunch, we help each other with just everyday things that come up in our lives. We have gone out for movie night. Its like an extended family.I have to say I think there is a special bond, a mutual respect one gains from enduring a challenge with a partner. Its amazing because you can go in train hard even spar and bang on each other and come out closer. Its just something that can not be accomplished with a machine. I dont think I would every say these things about my treadmill... Its the human interaction that makes it special and you just cant get that from a gym.Well to finish off my story..In two months (8 weeks) I lost +25 lbs I dropped over 70 cholesterol points and my labs look amazing. My doctor sent me an email saying it was amazing and to keep up what I am doing. I have the email and labs to back it up just FYI.Did I train hard 3+ times a week? Yes. Did I make better choices with my diet? Yes. Am I dieting and killing my self? No!I am making better choices, being active and having fun doing it.I hope you find this review worth the read, and if you are in the same position as I was where you need to make a change I strongly suggest you give JT and Lake Norman Muay Thai a try. You wont be disappointedGary Karamikian

Review №26

I love this place!! They teach very well and you get ur energy pumping and fun exercise and make new friends!!

Review №27

So I go here and im only a white prajied and I love it.I love the hard sparring class even though Ive only been once but I plan on doing the hard sparring class every tuesday. I go to the 5:30 class and I love it.My stepdad does it too.Go here if you want authentic Muay Thai classes.

Review №28

Come check out muay thai of lake norman, Ive been a member for 7 month, and it is exceptional place to workout and Ive met great bunch of people.

Review №29

My son, Bentley, attends classes at Lake Norman Muay Thai. He loves going to class and enjoys learning all the new techniques. When he first started, he was nervous, but he opened up quickly and made new friends. Lake Norman Muay Thai is not just an after school activity for Bentley, it’s become more of a family. Bentley now looks up to both Kru. They are very patient and keep Bentley moving towards his goal and pushing him to become better than he was the class before. Bentley is learning more than just Muay Thai techniques, he has learned so much about the history of Muay Thai and Thailand. He enjoys educating his teacher and friends at school all about Muay Thai!Not only does Lake Norman Muay Thai hold Muay Thai classes for all ages, but outside of the facility they have outdoor training, lake days, movie nights, summer camps and so much more. Bentley attended a Be your own hero summer camp and loved it. Along with self defense and Muay Thai training he was also introduced to jujitsu.I held Bentley’s birthday party at Lake Norman Muay Thai. Best decision! Kru had a ton of games to keep all the boys active and entertained. Balloon stomp, obstacle course dodge ball, among other games were a blast. I also bought a piñata that looked like a heavy bag, It was perfect! I am so Thankful for Kru and everything he did that day!I highly recommend Lake Norman Muay Thai! I couldn’t imagine Bentley being a part of a greater group of people.

Review №30

Great place! My daughter and I have been treated like family since day one. Kru Smith and Kru Riter are awesome! If youre looking for a place to train in martial arts, this is the place. Brand new gym, great students and a wealth of knowledge in Muay Thai. Come check them out and try a free week!

Review №31

Kru JT Smith is very experienced and has experienced Muay Thai practitioners working with him. I started learning Muay Thai about 10 months ago, and I love the intensity of the workout. It mixes cardio with strength training and conditioning. All in one place.Everyone is very respectful and we all learn at our own pace. Lake Norman Muay Thai offers classes for children, youth and adults. I work out there with my husband, and its great bonding time for us. There are parents and children who do this together as well.If Thai Kickboxing piques your interest, you should definitely check them out. They give you a week free, and adults have the choice of day and night classes.

Review №32

Early in the first round, Ryan Hall defeats UFC legend, BJ Penn using crisp Muay Thai techniques to set up a Brazilian JiuJitsu submission. You can learn both of these martial arts, under one roof, at LKNMT.

Review №33

A great place to learn!Highly recommended!!!!Kru jt is a great instructor!

Review №34

Lake Norman Muay Thai is the best. JT Smith runs a top notch facility.

Review №35

Free week&no contact! JT Smith is a fantastic teacher that cares about his students. My son trains here and JT has changed his life! Not just training his body but also helping him training his mind and attitude. Kids follow your lead not your suggestions and JT sets a great example of dedication to your passion! Give this place a try! You wont regret it! Some places teach you just to punch and kick. .. not this place! Lake norman Muay Thai has a heart of service and a teacher with grounded humility. Love this place so glad to be a part of the family!

Review №36

Lots of talent at this School. Great Vibes and child friendly.

Review №37

When the coach’s and or trainers have a multiple decades each of training and competing it says a lot. Very friendly environment and absolutely the cleanest training gym around.

Review №38

Amazing training atmosphere, youre in good hands with this kru

Review №39

We love it here!!!!! Highly recommend it

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