Silicon Valley Surgi-Tech Institute dba SVSTI
1729 S Main St, Milpitas, CA 95035, United States
Silicon Valley Surgi-Tech Institute dba SVSTI

Review №1

I am a student here and I will be going to my externship next month. Coming to SVSTI was the only time in my life I felt serious about my future and it has paid off. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone pursuing becoming a scrub tech. I also see working as a scrub tech as a great opportunity to advance one’s career. I hear all the time about techs becoming nurses, PA’s and educators. You get out of it what you put in. As long as you keep that in mind and you stay hungry and humble you will succeed. Excuses don’t get you to the next level, effort does.

Review №2

Small classes with lots of hands on learning. The teachers were incredibly knowledgeable and guided us through everything we needed to be successful. Julie also post with frequent jobs that become available at hospitals throughout the area. The hospital I did my externship at had a position open and hired me. Id highly recommend this program.

Review №3

SVSTI has got to be one of the best decisions Ive made for my education/career. Julie is such an amazing person, she truly cares about her students success and will take time out of her day just to make sure you are fully understanding what youre learning. The school itself, has a lot of hands-on training that will get you ready for the outside world. Julie finds and places you at different hospitals that best suits your needs for your externship and could possibly hire you after! :) Ronnie (Instructor for SPD) was really cool too, definitely answered all the questions I had and was very knowledgeable! Ms. Tammy (CPR) was really nice too!Thank you so much for everything Julie! Hopefully in the future, I can come back to take the Surg. Tech program :)

Review №4

I took the SPD (Sterile Processing) class last year and currently attending the Surgical Tech Program. I have had a awesome experience so far. SVSTI is full of great encouraging instructors.They like to use hands-on activities in order for you to understand the what your doing, as well as provide you with great resources. This school really wants students to succeed, i have and will continue to recommend this school to everyone! I look forward to whats to come.

Review №5

I am learning so much each day I would highly recommend for anyone who loves to learn hands on as this will prepare us for the real operating room as a surgical technologist. Julie and Autumn and Marsha are all great teachers and very experienced. They are preparing us to become the best.

Review №6

Very well organized school. Good training for the medical field

Review №7

I left Another school and came here because I know The owner Julie Hamrick and she’s got a great reputation in the community. She’s strict but also very chill and understanding. She strives on helping her students even when they are no longer her students. You need to be committed to the program and if you are she will do just about anything to help you and help you be successful. Love SVSTI and love Julie

Review №8

If you want a great environment, hands on, and passionate teachers- look no further! Julie and her team care and want her students to succeed. The have a lot of equipment and hands on training that you will be ready for the field. I am so glad I came to this program & Julie is an amazing woman! She wants her students to learn and succeed.

Review №9

This school is wonderful. The owner goes above and beyond to help her students. Lots of equipment and instruments to learn with. I highly Recommend going to SVSTI. I did A lot of research and this is by far the better option out there.

Review №10

Need hands on experience you have found the right place. Do you work better in smaller settings this is the place for you.. cost efficient this is the place for you. This program is highly recommended by myself, with hands on experience and an externship provided this program offers it all and you should follow up and tap(sign up) in.... Julie is great!!!

Review №11

Has to be the best decision I have made for my career, me and all my classmates worked hard and passed the class, we were all placed at sites and all got jobs as Surgical Technologist’s at some of the best places all around the Bay Area which was pretty nice with me living in Antioch, I commuted from Antioch all the way to San Jose 3 days a week and in the end it was worth it. One thing I really liked about the facility is the equipment provided to students, there is 2 OR rooms with everything you need to perform surgery (bovie, suction, lights, OR tables, gourneys, sutures, pumps, drains, drapes, dressings .ect) there is Stryker towers and Arthroscopy towers with lap instruments to practice with, a large variety of specialty packs and drapes to learn from, there is a C-arm to practice draping and using, more surgical instruments available than some facilities I’ve been to, tons of disposable items that you get to learn to use, they have a C-section stimulator to actually deliver a baby and placenta & all, so much fun, you get in what you put in, if it’s something you really like doing, time will fly and it will be easy and enjoyable, if your thinking about becoming a surgical tech, I would say jump on it right away, there is a lot of jobs looking for surgical techs

Review №12

Nice, updated equipment. Amazing instructors, very professional and will prepare you and help you get a job.

Review №13

The instructor is a strong believer in student success. I was so happy with what I have learned that I sent my son through the program. Having hands on training made all the difference during externship. Thank you SVSTI!!!!❤️

Review №14

I decided to have career change. Im totally new to sterile processing. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable. The classroom sessions are small so you have lots of one on one time if needed. There is a great amount of instruments for your hands on experience before your externship. She truly cares about her students and strives to help us be successful. If you are looking to be a sterile processing tech or Surgery Tech, go see Miss Julie Hamerick. She is amazing, and she will work with your schedule as best she can. Its a really awesome program!

Review №15

Svsti is by far the best surgical technologist school program in the bay area!!! The instructors Autumn and Marsha are very knowledgeable, skillful and passionate about making sure that the students are fully prepared, disciplined and ready to go as they get ready for their future careers in becoming the best surgical technologists they can be. The program director Julie Hamrick has made it her goal that every student gets a feel of what it’s like to be in an actual operating room with three operating room theaters. From anesthesia machines, operating room tables, OR lights, Cautery units, Endo Video Towers, Back Tables, Mayo Stands, Rings Stands and of course many Instrument trays for a variety of specialties like General, Ortho Trauma, GYN, Plastic, Neuro... etc and the list goes on!! So if you want to join a program that offers the best tools in becoming a Surgical Technologist then SVSTI is the place for you!! Contact Julie Hamrick!

Review №16

I went to SVSTI for Sterile Processing and then for Surgical Technology. This school is by far the best in the area. Julie is very compassionate about her students and their success. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in either of these programs. The only school that makes Surg Tech students go thru the Sterile Processing course to make us students more knowledgeable and marketable.

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