Genesis Vocational Institute
12851 Southwest 42nd Street, 2nd Floor Suite # 131, Miami, FL 33175, United States
Genesis Vocational Institute

Review №1

I loved the EKG class. It was engaging and fun! The money was well worth it!

Review №2

I studied the EKG program at this school and I am very satisfied with my experience all around. From the professor who studied Medicine at UM to the office staff. They were all very helpful and considerate in helping me graduate. I would recommend this school to any one who would like to study and advance their career! They even help you find a job after you graduate! I would give this school an A+! And the courses are both in Spanish and English! :)

Review №3

I am very happy with the level of education received at this institution. The teachers were excellent and I recommend this school to those who want to grow in their professional career!

Review №4

Very good school, I just finished my nursing assistant program. I’m very happy

Review №5

Great school.The only reason someone would say otherwise is because they failed.. just saying 🙄🙄

Review №6

This school is a complete waste of money, barely any lab time in my medical assistant class and there was never an externship that was said to be given. They barely help you find a job once you finish the program and just forward emails from indeed. Would rather have taken the program at MDC

Review №7

The best School in Miami. The staff is so friendly and they answered all my questions. The teachers are excelent. I recomend this School.

Review №8

I came to this school in hopes to learn something. To be able to get my license for phlebotomy. Let me tell you this place is a waste of time and money. I started the school with a down payment of $250. I sat thru the classes which they barely did any lab time. Then the day of the state exam I got pulled out in the middle of the test only for them to askFor money. The director of the school interrupted a state exam to ask me for the remainder of the money. I had explained that I am a singleMom of 5 kids with my mother dying... they took no compasión. I told them I would pay today to please send my exam and to work with me. Regardless I can not get my diploma from them without paying off the remaining $200. Well they’re all about the money and pass rate Bc they gave answers to during the state exam just to get that pass rate up high! Well I’m calling the state and letting them know. Schools that are only about the moneyShouldn’t even be around... much less schools that don’t teach you with hands on training. This school is a scam and that lady is money hungry!!!!!

Review №9

Im giving 5 starts at the best Professor that I have during my nursing program, Elier Tinoco, who always cared and pushed us to study hard. I passed my Nclex Board with 85 questions at first try. Now Im doing my RN and I cant believe myself the high level of knowledge that I have on nursing.

Review №10

This school con me out of $5000 . I had enrolled in the Lpn program and once i payed my balanced i found out the school waa on probation, and they could not take Nclex .Adriana the school director was nice untill she got all my money, the school do not care about you they are a money making machine, its better to go to college then here .stay away !!!!

Review №11

Excellent institute, the courses are worth doing

Review №12

Terrible attention to students. The only thing that matters is to collect your money. The principal has no patience to talk to her students. They change schedules very frequently.

Review №13

The school is very good, very good service, I highly recommend it, the treatment is unique,

Review №14

It is an exceptional institute, good treatment and very professional, Leonor a beautiful person, I recommend it 100 percent

Review №15

It is a Formidable and responsible Institution, they stand out for their orientation and training capacity. THE CLASSROOMS ARE ALWAYS FULL !! They recommended it to me as THE BEST in technical careers and IT IS SO. I assure you because it is the third INSTITUTE where I study. THEY DESERVE A CONSTELLATION OF STARS.

Review №16

The classes and the preparation are excellent !!! Recommended 100% sign up and take your courses with the school.

Review №17

If you need to continue or start your studies in this country, visit this institute they will serve you not only with the quality that characterizes them, they will also give you the necessary recommendations according to your skills so that you can choose the best course that perfectly suits your previous studies or vocation. The name is perfect. A careful attention I was very pleased with all the girls including the director that I had the opportunity to meet.

Review №18

I have not started the course yet but the service provided by Mrs. Leonor left me super satisfied, she was very kind and very patient clarifying all the doubts, if the staff is like her I have no doubt that the course is excellent

Review №19

I have had a very good experience with the school, I just finished my Nursing Assistant course and I am preparing to take my state exam and be able to acquire my license. I recommend it if you want to improve yourself.

Review №20

I really like the school, very welcoming and what I liked the most was the possibility of learning in Spanish

Review №21

I studied at that school 2010, I recommend a very welcoming environment from its director to the teachers, special gentle Cortes

Review №22

I studied in this school since I came from Cuba. I took several CNA, Phlebotomy, EKG courses and finally graduated from LPN. All the teachers were excellent, Carmen the CNA teacher as well as the Phlebotomy Teacher and Ekg, thank you for the time you spent.But I have a special thanks to the LPN teacher, Elier Tinoco.An excellent teacher and pedagogue because all teachers do not reach the students. In the classroom he transmitted all his experiences and experiences. His classes today serve me in my daily work. Thanks to him I knew which study path to take in order to pass the board. I took every advice he gave us. To many it might seem exaggerated when he said: no walks, no cruises, no barbecue, no baby shower. And yes, to achieve great things it takes a lot of sacrifice. The one who took his advice could reach the goal as I did. Thank you very much Profe and thank you Genesis for selecting him as a teacher.

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