Bonanza Equestrian Center
6000 SW 123rd Ave, Miami, FL 33183, United States
Bonanza Equestrian Center

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Bonanza Equestrian is always a lovely place specially for kids having great experiences and memories with horses. The customer service is great.!Recommended 100 %

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My 13 year old is on her 3rd month of riding lessons with this wonderful group and we are both thrilled. During these difficult pandemic times there is nothing more therapeutic than being at their beautiful outdoor facilities, the connection with the amazing beasts that their horses are, and the super fun riding lessons. I like that shes had her same trainer (Yuni) since day 1 with whom she has great chemistry. Having one designated trainer is great because they build a rapport, and the trainer becomes very familiar with her strength and weaknesses. Very encouraging. The entire staff is friendly and professional. We highly recommend this business. Try them for a class and find out yourself.

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Site is amazing, kids friendly and awsome atmosphere. The horses are friendly and good for kids. I love going there.

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On July 17th, I booked 2 horse back riding lessons as a birthday surprise for August 15th with Natasha. She was extremely informative and accommodating. She was so inviting that I paid in full via Zelle instead of just the deposit she said I could make.On August 14th, I reached out to Bonanza confirming the lesson and I did not receive a response back. I contacted them the next morning to confirm again and I was informed that the ranch was closed due to the tropical storm. I was upset and disappointed that I had not received any notice whatsoever and that I had booked this almost a month in advance.I understood the tropical storm warning but the lack of reaching out to me and the individual who picked up the call having the audacity to ask why I didnt contact them when I did, frustrated me more. I told her I Zelled them in full and wanted a refund, she said she was off and I would get my refund on Tuesday.I got so busy that week that it slipped my mind and on Friday morning, I realized that I had not received my refund nor any call from Bonanza. I requested the refund via Zelle from the individual it was originally sent to and I contacted the office again and was told that they were trying to contact the individual who would refund me and that I would receive it today.I had reached out to Natasha that morning as well and in the afternoon she did ask if I wanted to reschedule but I politely declined and requested the refund again. I provided her my Zelle information and waited.Saturday morning came and I still had not received my refund nor any call from the office. I contacted the office again and they said the person who is supposed to refund me is not in and that I would have to come in person to pick up the refund in cash.At this point I am outraged. Apart from the lack of communication and inability to provide me the services I requested, they added inconveniencing me.I had been asking for a refund since technically Sunday and it was now Saturday. I just wanted them to pay me back the same way I paid them. Zelle can be done anywhere, anytime yet I was given mutiple excuses. The lady said she would try to get them to Zelle me and I also requested the Zelle again on my side just in case.It was almost the end of the day and I had yet to receive a call or Zelle notification. I contacted the office again and they did not respond. I called them via WhatsApp and nothing. I called repeatedly was being ignored. When I was 6 minutes away from the ranch, I received a Zelle notification for the refund and a message from Natasha apologizing for any inconveniences. I thanked her and let her know that I kept calling the office to let them know I was on the way but I was being ignored.I am grateful for finally receiving my refund but am disgusted at the individual who allowed this inconvenience to go on as long as it did.

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Perfect experience, I highly recommend it

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Great for kids

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Excellent teachers. Always with the kids!!

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My children and I were driving in the area and came across Bonanza Equestrian and absolutely felt like it was God sent. Lina and her husband (the owners) were extremely hospitable and even gave us a personal tour of the venue. She also allowed my children to have a demo with their horse Chavela and a private trainer Alvaro who definitely was very knowledgeable and patient. We hope to become part of the family soon and spend time at the farm. Thank you!

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Great teachers and fun for the kids

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Very nice!!!!.....As soon as I came through the gates, I was met by ALVARO, one of the attendants, that showed me the horses that I could rent out. Very impressed by the cleanliness and maintenance of the grounds, stalls, and very well laid out with a small arena to practice,I look forward to going there to work off my extra 20+ lbs gained from the lockdown!! of all, I was given a mango!...thanks, Manuel Antonio Torres

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Great place for kids who love horses and farm animals.I was pleasantly surprised by this place in the heart of Miami near Kendall. Its a big farm with spacious grounds and space for private parties.My daughter signed up for a field trip on a Saturday afternoon with her Girl Scouts troop. They learned about taking care of horses, how to harness and prepare to ride them. They had the opportunity to ride a horse around the pen and had lots of fun.In addition to the horseback riding they also offer summer camps and space for private parties. The canal on the back of the property allows them to do short boat rides for the kids during day camp. We are definitely coming back here if not for equitation classes, then summer camp. Awesome fun place.

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Excellent Family place.

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Like te place.

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Nice place

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Very nice place for an event. ❤

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Best place to ride horses

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Great facilities, excellent trainers.

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It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My daughter is very happy with her classes, her coach is very professional in his work but above all he teaches with a lot of passion. I am very happy to have found that place 🙏

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Very good excellent very cozy a place for learning and sharing with the family

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Spectacular and the people serve you with great kindness. 100% recommended

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Everything well controlled and clean.

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Excellent place for children to learn horse back riding, very good teachers and patients, highly recommended and if you have children with problems they are special, and know how to treat them 🐎😃

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Very good place for parties, horse riding lessons, perfect for children

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If in addition to the class that is excellent, you want peace and tranquility for your spirit ... come to this place ... Beautiful ... clean ... harmonious ... fantastic ... thanks ... thanks ... .... Wonderful people !!!!

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They are the best!!!!!! Paola and Wilson that my son loved these animals with passion. RECOMMENDED 100%

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Congratulations, we loved the whole family having enjoyed such excellent locations and the quality of the people who served us

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Love it

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Summer 🏇

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  • Address:6000 SW 123rd Ave, Miami, FL 33183, United States
  • Phone:+1 786-564-6524
  • Horse riding school
  • Event venue
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–5PM
  • Thursday:9AM–7PM
  • Friday:9AM–6PM
  • Saturday:9AM–6PM
  • Sunday:9AM–6PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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