1789 E Heritage Park St, Meridian, ID 83646, United States
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So incredibly lucky to have had my child graduate from here. She was so prepared for college that the transition to a university was seamless. The staff and faculty are beyond compare, and the curriculum though quite rigorous, prepares students for beyond high school. If your student is considering MMACHS prepare them for hard work. Freshman classes generally consist of 70 students, but half wash out due to the required work. My daughters graduating class was 34 after she started her freshman year with 70.

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Walked in on the first day and 10 children tried to slice me open! I CAME HERE TO HAVE FUN AND HAVE BEEN ASKED 50 xs can I preform open heart surgery on you? Yes jerry go ahead cut me open I dare you. Back up Jerry Im the surgeon now. haha you didnt see that cming did you Jerry. Back up before I preform open heart surgery on you. oh wait you dont have a heart jerry so that isnt possible. HAAH jerry you will rue the day. YOU WILL RUE IT!5 stars tho because someone here knows john shieh.

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I am a Sophomore this year at Meridian Medical Arts Charter. This school is absolutely fantastic! I attended North Star Charter, and Eagle Middle throughout my younger days and MMACHS puts those schools to shame. The education is amazing here, especially if you/your child is interesting in a health care profession. The teachers are well picked and very passionate about what they teach, and very real with the students. Since our school is very small compared to most schools, everyone here gets along very well. You get to meet a ton of wonderful people from completely different backgrounds that you may have never even thought to say hi to in a public school. We have the opportunity of getting concurrent college credit sophomore year and on, and will graduate a certified CNA or EMT. We do a ton of community service and internships as well. We are trained in 3 years of Spanish and learn hundreds and hundreds of medical terms straight off the bat. The thing I love about this school is how realistic it is, almost EVERYTHING you learn here will come in handy later on in your life, from how to make resumes correctly to how to give CPR. This school truly prepares you for your future. Cons? well as every other school, there are a couple small downfalls. for one we do not have sports here at MMACHS but you are allowed to play sports at your homeschool which is basically the closest public high school near you. Two, the dress code is VERY strict. Our staff believes we should dress nicely all the time if we are going to be working in a professional environment like the medical field, and Three, the lunches are horrible, like inedible, dreaded disgusting lunches, but most school lunches are terrible so I dont really blame our school for that one. If your at all interested visit our website(: and apply!!!

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Im graduating from MMACHS this year. The school environment is very friendly. Students that go there are focused on education and community and are held to a very high educational standard. The teachers are excellent, all very knowledgeable, helpful, creative, supportive, and friendly. The teachers are not only of very good quality, but I also have respect for them as people.Because of the small school size, students are very knit together. I have only 38 students in my graduating class. Students are held to a high standard of independence, learning, and behavior. As a senior, I have my CNA certification and am currently attending an internship which I hope will turn into a job. I also have more than 30 concurrent college credits, which is the equivalent of a college sophomore. I have strong references and have participated in community service, college equivalent research, state competitions, and more.This school has changed my life for the better. I love MMACHS so much, Im going to miss it after I graduate. The academics havent been easy, but completely worth it. I have learned so much beyond what I would have learned at any other high school and have made friends with some of the best people Ive ever met. If you are interested in the medical field, MMACHS is the school for you!

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Wow I really hope to go there next year! I am so excited!

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Was the best place I ever went to school

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