Wickham Road Music
4900 N Wickham Rd #106, Melbourne, FL 32940, United States
Wickham Road Music

Review β„–1

I want to thank everyone for your help yesterday with Abby’s drum set….Our family has been through a lot.. and with your help I got to see my baby smile again. She practiced all evening and I was woken up this morning to her playing again.Thank each of you so very very much. I have my baby girl backπŸ₯°

Review β„–2

My grandson is in search of a Wolfgang Standard EVH guitar. We had a great experience at Wickham Road Music. All of the staff touched base with us as he played different guitars and amps. Turns out the Wolfgang is hard to find and the lead time is in months. One of the staff members named Hugo took extra effort to get more details on availability. Unfortunately the lead times remain long. Hugo did a great job with him and were very appreciative of the time he spent even knowing a guitar sale was not imminent. We were also impressed with the amount of activity in the store. Young people coming and going with their instruments for lessons. Its a jewel in our county and were very blessed to have a veteran owned professional music store in Brevard County!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Review β„–3

Nice staff, they had a dog working there as well!

Review β„–4

Nice store with friendly staff and big selection of guitars and amps.All of your accessories are there to make you a rock star on stage.They match online pricing pretty much so no need to make jeff Besos any richer and you get it today. And you can try before you buy...especially important on an amp or 3k guitar. I saw good prices on their amps, strings and the selection is large and great. Come in and get your marshalls, les Pauls, Fenders, Taylors. Easy in and out from Wickham rd by Home Depot. They have luthier service off site and amp repairs off site.I also saw guitar lessons happening in a room by the front.

Review β„–5

There are many better reputable places to enroll your children for music lessons than this sordid place. Have to give at least one star to post this review!The absolute worst customer service...More interested in making an extra few dollars now than in having a client for years.I enrolled my six years old grandson in piano lessons...I paid 5 classes upfront (3 lessons + the 2 security deposit)...Unfortunately, the first lesson took place for the second lesson a week later; my grandson could not attend because several children in his classt tested covid positive...And he had to be quarantined and tested; my daughter-in-law called the music store to let them know the very same day...The following week it was Monday, Labor Day...He did not attend either.When I went last week to pay for the next months classes, I was told that my grandson would have no credit at all, covid or labor day did not matter and that the two weeks security deposit would not be credited either...I pulled my grandson out of the miserable place...I should have known better when I checked the site the first time and saw the music classes that look like cells with no real piano to start with...You live, and you learn...

Review β„–6

I cant say enough good things about this store. Great inventory.Friendly and knowledgeable staff, Theyve gone above and beyond to get me what I needed. Well worth stopping in for instruments, accessories and gear!

Review β„–7

Top notch small business. Id give a million if I could. ❀

Review β„–8

Great place! Great prices! Knowledgeable staff!Helpful and patient with customers!!What more could you ask for!πŸ˜€

Review β„–9

This place is sketchy, the guy running is about as trusty worthy as a stereotypical used car salesman.

Review β„–10

Nice and helpful staff. Low prices too. Look out for the Blues Brothers!

Review β„–11

Friendly staff, great service, and convenient location. Love my new Charvel Pro Mod. Thanks!

Review β„–12

Has some good stuff, but not a great selection. Very cheap or very expensive not much middle

Review β„–13

Please note that despite what Google says, they are closed on Mondays. Very frustrating to waste the drive.EDIT: I believe you are correct, sorry about that. Review changed.

Review β„–14

Had just what I needed.

Review β„–15

This is a veteran owned business. They have a large selection of instruments and friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Review β„–16

I know the best drummer there. I called for another set of lessons a year ago. The female employees at music stores are usually the most polite....and usually funny. This female was rude. Ive wondered how Nick is doing for one year. Neither the rude employee or Nick called back. Yeah, I am not calling to play.....see who picks up to see if theyre decent to customers. Nick is decent to customers.

Review β„–17

Not impressed with their hours of operation....went there to buy a cable and they were closed at 11:00 am on a Monday... WHAAT!???.....Marion music was open so went there instead.

Review β„–18

This store has the best selection, great instructors (especially Mariana, one of their violin instructors) and the best customer service. They try really hard to help you and always recommend you the best option that will make more sense for you without you breaking the bank. They are truly honest and great people. And their dog is really cute.

Review β„–19

Great music shop! I have been going there for almost 4 years, since before they moved from across the street. This new shop is much bigger, with more stock and parking is much better. I have purchased a guitar an amp, stands, cables, strings, two ukeleles for my kids, and other things. All good deals and good quality. I also took some guitar theory lessons from Jon, an awesome musician and instructor, and have had good advice from Tom as well. I believe that all of their guitar instructors are top notch. They are a veteran owned business and have military veterans working there, as well as veteran discounts for some things. Support your local musicians and music shops.

Review β„–20

Overall, just awesome!!!!

Review β„–21

Had been looking at a particular guitar for some time and finally purchased the guitar. Once home, I changed the strings (Elixir) and then played the guitar. I noticed barre cording was particularly difficult as the neck was out of proportion to the width (of my other guitars). I took the guitar back the next day and was immediately informed they do not refund on returns, but do give a store credit. I was blown away (as it was the very next day I returned the instrument...with new strings on it). They pointed to the small sign near the register (No Returns, Store Credit) and the small print at the bottom of the invoice. So, I looked around for another guitar. On the rack they had a new Guild which was around the same price (a bit more) and I decided Id take it and pay the dif. When I was checking out, my girlfriend noticed a crack in the side of the guitar near the guitar strap button. When I pointed out the crack, the entire staff looked like a deer in the headlights, that they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar; they all knew about the crack but were going to sell me the guitar without telling me (had I not pointed it out). Cant trust these guys at all. I did use the store credit and took the original guitar, maybe one day replacing or repairing the neck. Again, BEWARE, NO REFUNDS!

Review β„–22

This place is amazing! Very friendly, informed, and professional. And with whats going on in the world,,,, MUSIC CALMS THE SAVAGE BREAST .... keep rockin!!!

Review β„–23

Walked in the other day to gather a drum throne, a cymbal stand, and some sticks. In and out and decent pricing. Conveniently close as well!

Review β„–24

Great customer service! They had my saxophone fixed in a week and not 6 weeks like the other music store in town. They are kind, understanding, and helpful. I highly recommend them as your first stop!

Review β„–25

Great experience buying my ukulele. The owner, Don, is friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable. I appreciated that he didn’t try to up sell me and treated me like an intelligent human. I had checked out another local music store the previous day with a much different vibe. Looking forward to doing business with this store for many years.

Review β„–26

I have played the violin since i was a child. My old teacher would flip the strings for me because I was left handed.I think it’s crazy this store tried to tell me there was no one ever in an orchestra to play left handed and it would destroy my violin if I did that. The man actually argued with me. I will never shop here because of his ignorance after I stated what I was use to and what I wanted.

Review β„–27

I am thrilled with this store. I visited a big retail store looking for some audio cables and they had no selection nor great knowledge of the product. They told me to buy the product online.I stopped by Wickham Road Music and immediately was helped and the employee found exactly what I needed.I came back the next day because I needed a few more and the owner informed me he would be placing an order soon!So happy. Great small business.

Review β„–28

Great little shop. Went in looking for an acoustic guitar, picked up a nice used Lotus L92. Sat and talked with the owner Dave for a bit. He was a really nice guy, very friendly. Next time I am in the area I plan on stopping in again. Highly recommend this shop!

Review β„–29

Ive been in this store 4 times now and leave with a great big grin every time! This new owner is awesome and he keeps the best stuff available! I brought a couple of instrumental problems to him that he fixed without charge!! All that AND hes a Vet! Thanks for all your service... To the U.S. AND to me!

Review β„–30

Support your local musicians and your local music stores. Every guitar is different even when they look the same. You cant touch, feel or hear an instrument on EBAY. WICKHAM ROAD MUSIC has got the right stuff and shoots straight. Prices are great and they have talented humans to boot!

Review β„–31

Absolutely the best place in town to do your music business. Dave is a friendly and personable guy that really understands what good customer service is. He greets you as soon as you walk thru the door and makes sure all your needs are met, taking time to answer any questions you may have and visits with you like you are an old friend.Although its not a big store Dave will probably have what youre looking for as the overall selection is pretty complete. And his prices are very good. He made me a deal on a really nice hard shell guitar case that Im sure I couldnt have gotten from any of his competitors.So from now on Dave will be my go to music guy, I wont even bother looking elsewhere.You will also be greeted by a beautiful old grey faced dog at the front door. What a sweetheart she is. Take a few moments to give her some pets.

Review β„–32

I went into one of the larger music shops to find my daughter a decent learner guitar. I was really disappointed by the prices. I found Wickham Road Music on the Internet. Dave was a terrific help in finding the right guitar at an affordable price. Dave also put on a new string (at no charge) when I broke one trying to tune it. My daughter is elated by her new guitar. Thanks big time Dave!

Review β„–33

I love Wickham Road Music. The service I received was so helpful in finding a new guitar for my child. Thank you Don for all of your help!!

Review β„–34

Very helpful, honest owner. What I liked best is my whether Im looking at a $$$ amp or just a set of strings they attend the clients just the same. I had a problem with a wireless guitar syetem I bought there, it was exchanged without issue and I was 100% satisfied with the result. Support your local music store!

Review β„–35

Great selection, prices, and a friendly and knowledgable staff of musicians..

Review β„–36

I have been dealing with Wickham Road Music for several years. I have purchased multiple guitars, amps, guitar lessons, etc. from Dave and have always been treated fairly. He goes the extra mile to make sure were satisfied with our purchases and even offers some really great and unexpected discounts on some items. It is refreshing to deal with an honest and friendly small business owner and we will always return to this store for future needs.

Review β„–37

Don and his staff are always ready to help musicians or anyone interested in music with anything. Great store filled with great people. Zero complaints.

Review β„–38

This is a fantastic local shop with friendly and knowledgeable folks wholl give you the time you need to make the right choice about buying gear, taking lessons for nearly any instrument, and repairing/upgrading your current gear.

Review β„–39

Went in for banjo strings. I know banjo is not a super Best instrument but they had only had one set off some off brand strings. They can do better than that with inventory.

Review β„–40

Hours on their website and on their store front say they are open until 8pm. Drove over and arrived there at 6:15pm and they were closed. No explanation why they were closed early. Holiday closing dates listed on the store front sign did not include this date. Wasted time. Should have called first.

Review β„–41

My guitar teacher (Tom) is AWESOME. I can already see Im going to learn alot from him. Don is a gas too.

Review β„–42

Did my first lesson today and it was great I cant wait for next weeks lesson!

Review β„–43

Great customer service! Dave is a very nice man and Wickham Road Music is much closer than driving to the Horn Section. Highly recommend.

Review β„–44

Great place. Locally owned. Go visit. Get a guitar. Rock on.

Review β„–45

Super cool place good selection good prices in diff price ranges

Review β„–46

So I was stuck in a hotel room, moving stuff out of my moms mould-infested condo. I had grabbed my guitar for something to do, and broke a string on the first night, of course. I didnt have anything or anyplace to change strings, so I asked the owner if he could do it. He said he was a little swamped but I was welcome to use his counter and his tools to do it right there! Job done in a few minutes, all for the price of six strings. Obviously this is not their regular service, but he saw I was in a jam, and just wanted to help out a fellow guitarist. Hopefully, he gets that this is my way of saying thanks! Anybody passing through should feel good about giving them their business!

Review β„–47

Very accommodating, helpful and courteous. Knowledgeable staff couldnt have been more friendly.

Review β„–48

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff! If youre not sure what you need, they will help you find a solution within your budget.

Review β„–49

My favorite music store. Very military friendly. Great service. Great prices. Cant beat it in the local area.

Review β„–50

Nice people. great selection.

Review β„–51

Went in to spend $2000 on a guitar. They were blasting crappy music so loudly that I couldnt hear myself. Also, there was a hippy sitting indian style in the floor eating--right in the way, completely oblivuous to the fact that she was blocking off the walkway in front of all the guitars. I turned around and left, and wont be coming back.

Review β„–52

Great staff - expert knowledgeDont have to be musical genius to feel welcomeGood Selection and competitive pricing

Review β„–53

Four stars because the owner rectified this issue and as far as i know, subsequent customers did not have this problem anymore. Props to you for actually caring!One star because piano instructor Suzanne is knowledgeable and good instructor overall, so she gets the star. Issue is the owner seems to have an issue in his vocabulary or he is very dishonest. He recently started forcing students to pay a deposit equivalent to 2 classes. His excuse, if you dont show up to class, we use the deposit to pay for the instructors time; however, the classes are PRE-PAID which means, that the class is already paid for. When i argued this with him, he said, well, we actually use that deposit for two extra classes when you choose to quit. Well, i already chose to quit, so first of all, why would i want two more classes? an entire month is always PRE-PAID too, so no need for deposit since classes have been PAID IN ADVANCE. When i signed up, i told them, i was using 4 classes my mother gifted me. They made her leave a 2 class deposit; even though, again, she had PRE-PAID for the four classes. I told them i was only there for the 4 classes. So when i went to my last class, the owner said, I dont give back deposits, worse case i could give you store credit. Hmmm... DEPOSIT??? a deposit is something that is given back subject to terms. In apartment, if nothing is broken at end of lease, deposit is given back, in a car rental if the car is not damaged, etc. He is forcing people to prepay every month, AND prepay two classes that they have to take when they no longer want to take classes. Completely dishonest, misleading and rude.

Review β„–54

Nice place. A lil on the pricey side. They have good, knowledgable sales people. My complaint deals with their service. Maybe it was just my luck, but I brought in an item to get serviced and was told I would get a call when it was done cuz it had to be sent out. I did not get a call. Later..2 days after I was told it would be done.. I went to pick it up. It was finished, but due to me being in a hurry, i didnt fully check out the item before I left the store. I got home and found some problems with what was supposed to be fixed. I was able to fix most of the issues myself.. Id consider going elsewhere if you need something like a guitar setup done..

Review β„–55

Daves a great guy, and has always been helpful to me every time Ive been to his store. I dont know what the original posters problem was, sounds more like competition trying to hurt Dave.

Review β„–56

Dave is a GREAT GUY! Next time you need a guitar or some equipment visit his store!

Review β„–57

Does this store re-string any instruments such as a ukulele?

Review β„–58


Review β„–59

Dan knows he stuff!

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