Havilah Dance Company
10058 E Independence Blvd, Matthews, NC 28105, United States
Havilah Dance Company

Review №1

This studio is filled with great dancers but the teachers favorite kids and it is terrible. My child was always put in the back and she would come home crying every day. Another reason why I don’t recommend this studio is the training they give the girls. So much and it doesn’t pay off I don’t think the teachers try they just pick there favorite kids and work well with them and it breaks my heart. There are so many other studios around the Charlotte community that will treat the kids better and the hard training will pay off. I very much do not recommend this studio.

Review №2

We’ve been at this studio since it opened. Since then, we’ve seen this studio grow into a loving atmosphere where not only does my child learn about dance, but she’s also learns about supporting and encouraging her teammates and reaching goals that she didn’t think she could achieve. I would say my favorite thing about this place is that the two owners take the time to have a Bible study at least once a month at their own homes. They have been very positive role models and mentors to all of the kids there. In the past, any time we have had any issues or concerns we were able to reach them by phone, email, text, or face to face. They’ve always been very receptive to helping us work to find a solution if we’ve had any concerns. Brittany and Brooke both have huge hearts and knowing them for 7 years, I can tell you that they care deeply about their students and the families there. They’ve both, along with the other teachers, pushed my daughter to reach her full potential and become the dancer she is today. She’s more confident and loves dance more and more every year she’s with them. We love it here and I personally feel like it’s more of a family than just a dance studio. I would recommend this studio to anyone. Actually, my family saw how much we like it here and decided to bring my little niece and cousin. If you’re in the Charlotte area, come check them out!

Review №3

We had 5 dance lessons with Michele to prepare for our first dance for our wedding. Michele was great! We had a lot of fun at the lessons. She was encouraging and patient with us - even when it was clear we hadnt practiced (practice is key!). She was flexible with scheduling and a great instructor. I fully recommend her!

Review №4

I’m a dance Dad who’s not entirely involved in everything that goes on at Havilah, but the two things I have to mention, are that both Brook and Brittany and other staff there truly treasure each of their dancers and try include all of them in important parts of their routines. Everyone is special and important there. And then secondly our girls absolutely love it there. I don’t really know what can be more important than those two things. I see big things in store for Havilah in the future for their faithfulness and love.

Review №5

Janet P- This is our first year at Havilah Dance Company. So far, I have had a positive experience. Havilah works very hard to customize an individualized training program for your competition dancer. I am very pleased to see my daughters talents recognized and utilized. I am also very pleased to see her weaknesses recognized and a training program catered to help her make those corrections. When I was considering making the move last year, I brought my daughter in for a private session with one of the owners, Brittany. I wanted to see if my daughter felt comfortable with the studio and the instructors. When I watched Brittany instruct my daughter, I was sold. I saw a teacher who was out on the floor with her, not only instructing the movements, but also explaining why the body should be positioned in a certain way. I saw a teacher who encouraged confidence in my daughter and made her feel like she could succeed. When I talk to my daughter about how things are going, she says she loves it here. She said the teachers give her continuous feedback. I feel comfortable with both owners of the studio, so that if I had an issue I would have no problem addressing it with them. All dance studios have their own unique environments and assets. It is all about finding the right fit for your child. I would not choose a dance studio solely based on a review, good or bad. If you are considering a move, or to enter the dance world for the first time, I would definitely get some instruction time with teachers of the studio you are considering, to see if you like their methods and to see how comfortable your child is in that environment.

Review №6

This is my second year at Havilah I feel so loved by my teachers and dancers! It really does feel like family here. It’s such a positive environment and when I walk in it just makes me so happy that I have an amazing opportunity to dance at a place like this. The teachers really focus on each dancer individually, which is great because they give you amazing feedback and things to work on at the studio or at home.

Review №7

We love Havilah. We changed studios 3 years ago and we have never looked back. Our daughter has grown so much as a dancer, has made amazing friends and feels so at home. Hard work is encouraged and rewarded. The owners not only care about my daughter as a dancer but they value her as a person. We love our dance family and are so glad we made the switch from a much larger studio.

Review №8

This is the second year that my daughter has danced at HDC. In the past two years, her skills and confidence have grown tremendously. We have been to two other studios in this area and my daughter was at a point where she dreaded going to dance. Once she started at Havilah, they truly embraced her and believed in her. Her perspective on dance completely changed. She looks forward to each practice and can’t wait to go back. They encourage each kid to be the best that they can be and invest themselves in each child and the studio. Anytime my daughter has needed a private lesson or extra instruction, Brooke, Brittany, or one of the teachers have been available. I am baffled by the negative reviews. The teachers and owners have always been approachable and welcomed feedback. Whoever is leaving these negative reviews, why don’t you try a different route to express your concerns and not try to cause “drama” when it is completely unnecessary? Use your real name name and stop hiding behind your phone! Try reaching out to Brooke or Brittany directly so that they can listen to your concerns. That’s how mature adults handle issues. You would be very surprised that they are genuinely great people they care about their students and studio. Havilah, thank you for all you have done to bring the joy of dance into my daughter’s life. You are amazing!

Review №9

This studio is amazing!! My daughter has been dancing here for 7 years now and she still loves it. The teachers are amazing. They are very inspiring and helpful. I highly recommend Havilah.

Review №10

Last year I graduated and become an alumni from Havilah Dance Company, and I could not recommend a better studio. The love and passion that surrounds this studio is overwhelming. The vibe is extremely positive, enveloped in Christianity, and develops amazing dancers. Brittany and Brooke not only helped me to grow as a dancer, but a person as well. The memories I have created inside that team will always remain with me. I grew tremendously as a dancer in my time at Havilah. I’ve never had a teacher push and believe in me as much as Brittany has. This being said, I hope you enjoy your time with this studio, they’re truly one of a kind.

Review №11

My daughter has danced at HDC since she was 2 - we are now in our fourth year. The love and care these instructors pour into every student far exceeds the standard. My daughter lights up whenever she walks into the studio - it is truly her favorite place to be. We are so thankful to have found a studio that cares about all of their dancers and families as much as Havilah does. Highly recommend!!!

Review №12

I would like to say that I am new here to the studio and I have experienced nothing but kindness from all of the staff that works at Havilah. Brittany and Brooke offer not only great technique and competition classes but are all around great people. They host bible studies and are always doing team bonding activities. My child was very nervous to be somewhere new and worry about how she would fit in. The students and staff have been nothing but welcoming and supportive. I do not believe in favorites and I certainly do not believe they do either or would not have my child dancing here. They push hard work and do what is best for all dancers and the dances. I am happy that we have found them and they have been so welcoming.

Review №13

A wonderful gem in the Charlotte area. The teaching and choreography is superb and they instill wonderful work ethic and values into their dancers. The owners have hearts of gold and have a desire to see every dancer grow.

Review №14

We are starting our second year with HDC and consider this place our second home. We left a studio where my girls were stripped of their confidence/desire and they quickly gained it back here. Ms. Brooke and Ms. Brittany truly have a heart for the Lord and for all of these kids. This studio is truly a blessing.

Review №15

Growing up as a dancer, I have seen my fair share of favoritism and the destruction of self esteem; this is the one studio where you won’t find that!! I danced here through junior year in high school and can honestly say that this studio welcomes everyone with open arms. This studio has honestly been a blessing to myself and many and will continue to be a safe haven for others. Thank you HDC!!

Review №16

Stunningly beautiful studio with the best of the best when it comes to service, teaching, and personal care for your child. There is no comparison...even if you have zero experience Miss Brittany has a true God-given gift for teaching dance. Her passion is so evident and she shares it with everyone she teaches.Whether your child is in it to compete, or just to learn as a hobby dont miss the opportunity to stop by and check out the studio and meet the amazing staff!

Review №17

Havilah Dance Company is a great dance studio. A lot of their senior dances won a bunch of awards, which proves they have continued to have good training. I loved the variety of their dances and can’t wait to keep seeing them tear up the dance floor.

Review №18

Love this place- Awesome classes. Awesome space. A place that will make it hard to ever leave the Matthews area---

Review №19

Came across Matthews review as it is all the buzz at the studio at the moment. I am well aware I will likely upset the apple cart by posting this. I am in complete agreement with Matthew. The choreography is amazing. The teachers do operate the studio with a Christian feel to it. That is about as far as it goes with positive things to say. We too, fell in love with the studio when we came. We were fooled. We left the studio my daughter danced at her entire life in hopes of finding a less political, more fair atmosphere. DID NOT FIND THAT HERE. The teachers actions seem to clearly represent that there are favorites, a handful of them. They seem to be the prized possessions. They seem to be given the most studio time, the most attention, the same ones applauded in class, and are the ones on display in almost all of the social media posts. The others fall behind the curtains. I would like to point out, the comment below, defending the owners, by Ms. Likins. I challenge you to be honest with yourself. Dont you keep the owners child and have since birth? And being that your daughter IS ONE of the favored ones, I am a little doubtful that you can truly give an unbiased opinion. The dance teachers fraternize with the favorite kids and their parents outside of the studio, and these get-togethers show up on social media. This further promotes the feeling of favoritism that the dancers already see. This is inappropriate, period. It is irresponsible to think this doesnt affect these girls that show up and give just as much as the others. I tried to give the benefit of the doubt originally, thinking they were oblivious to how obvious this behavior is. I now know, they are NOT oblivious, they just dont seem to care. Disappointed is the best word I have to describe it. Maybe theres no hope, maybe its just the evil dance world. BUT rest assured, this place is NO different. And let me add, you can speculate about who is writing this post. I can assure you based on comments made to me that I speak for many in the studio.

Review №20

Amazing studio with inspiring coaches. At the end of the day, the most important thing for a child is to learn from well rounded coaches who are as beautiful, kind, and talented off of the floor as they are on it. You will get that at Dance Productions 2. Highly recommended for producing great athletes and people.

Review №21

I recommend DP2 to anyone that is looking for dance lessons. The staff truly supports and believes in every student that comes through the doors! They pour everything they have into giving the best teaching out there, and that is hard to find. Definitely check them out!

Review №22

Honestly I couldn’t pick a more perfect place to dance. I could go on, on and on about Mrs. Brittany and Brooke! They are there for every single kid and want them to be the best they can be! At the end of the day that’s all they care about. They are such kind hearted souls and they don’t get the recognition they deserve. All the hard work they put into every single detail, is for their students! I love HDC so much and it will as be a home for me!Love you guys 💕💕💕Makenna :)

Review №23

This is Gary H. Real name. I absolutely love this studio!!! The owners and teachers are amazing. I would highly recommend this studio!!

Review №24

My family and I are new to the studio this year. We were quick to fall in love with it. Very good studio for the most part. Teachers are very experienced and choreography is amazing. I’ve heard about many issues regarding favoritism and seems to be one of the main problems parents have alongside princing for masterclasses being out of the roof. Going back to favoritism, the teachers do play favorites, especially in the junior and senior companies. Parents kiss up to the teachers by working for them in the office or pay them extra to make sure their daughter is on their good list and tend to push other girls down. They tend to focus more on those girls and give them more opportunities.

Review №25

Excellent balance of technique and artistry in a safe and nuturing environment!! We have found Havilah to be a great fit for our dancer to grow in dance and character.

Review №26

Amazing place for Dance Education! Caring and compassionate owners and teachers that love ALL of their students!!

Review №27

I am a little late to the game I suppose. I have read this thread of comments and it makes me chuckle. For several reasons-anyone who has their children involved in the dance world signs an unwritten agreement, per se, that they are joining a world of nastiness. My child currently dances at Havilah. It is most definitely a place where favoritism abounds. The comedy in this feed is that the people jumping on to defend the studio/owners and the favorites are either one of two categories. The favorites themselves, or friends of the favorites. I mean in all honesty though, is anyone truly friends with the favs? Their children are being slighted, so I doubt it. Thats not really relevant. Point being, yes there are a handful of favorites. They will always get the special parts, have the best solos, and get the best awards at the end of the season, and be gushed on the most in class, etc. And NO, not because they work any harder than the other children. That is a cop out. I can promise you my girl works just as hard. IT IS because it is the nature of the beast-THERE WILL ALWAYS BE FAVORITES EVERYWHERE YOU GO. PERIOD. You deal with it, sad as it is, or you leave. I just know as a parent, if I saw my child was constantly on the receiving end of the favoritism spectrum, I would have a heart to heart with the teachers. I would explain that while I am honored they think so highly of my child, I dont want my child constantly the center of negativity due to resentment. As a mother, I would have to politely request that it not be so obvious. But fortunately, I am not having to walk in those shoes.

Review №28

I really love HDC,they have taught me so much and boosted my confidence😀

Review №29

I too agree with Jules Bishop and Matthew C. (Partially) there may not be any monetary gain for it but there is certainly favoritism in the studio. My child danced here for about 3-4 years before we left, she learned a lot don’t get me wrong and she was a strong and hard working dancer but there were obvious things that caused us to finally leave. Most of the attention went to the Junior company and up, the younger children were not a great priority like the others. Even the mini company dancers were pushed aside.As far as favoritism, there is a lot. If the child is a excellent dancer, their the favorite. Even sucking up can get your child to that favorite spot. It’s to the point where the will shame other dancers by pointing out the “favorites” and saying how in awe of them they are and that everyone should be like them. I’ve even witnessed parents falling out due to it, threatening to take their kid out of the studio or even quitting. Next thing you know, their child has a lead role in a dance.The only reason i gave 2 stars is because my child loved it there and again was a great dancer (also Juleigh was one of the best teachers, tho she was the tumbling teacher) but trying to get private’s with certain staff members was impossible because they rather work with the older kids or their favorite families. I personally wouldn’t recommend this studio if your child is “soft” or cares about getting a lot of attention. I’m not a fan of Brooke, never was. Brittany is great but stretched thin and that causes her attitude to be ridiculous sometimes but overall she is the glue to the studio. Without her, i highly doubt they would be as good as they’ve been. She however, shows most of the favoritism, in a sense you have to pick and choose your battles.Oh and yes, I’m writing anonymously due to the way some of the favorites are harassing others and defending these owners, when deep down they know it’s the truth. Also, because i still associate with some families that are still there (and i still hear that there is a lot of drama)Good luck

Review №30

I recently graduated from high school and became an alumni of HDC. My experiences were nothing but positive. I always felt like I had support from my teammates and my teachers, whether it was dance-related or something I was struggling with outside of the studio. Not only did I receive great training that made my love for dance grow stronger, I also learned valuable life lessons that I will carry with me forever. At many dance studios, there is a huge emphasis on individual improvement but Miss Brittany and Miss Brooke teach all of their students the importance of being a good teammate and putting the team first. Miss Brooke and Miss Brittany have set HDC apart by running their company so each dancer has the same opportunities. The dont play favorites, they reward hard work. I love this studio with all of my heart and cannot say enough about how wonderful my experiences were.

Review №31

This studio is really awesome! My son danced here from 4 years until we moved and he was SO SAD to leave HDC. Didnt care about his school friends or neighborhood friends, but his dance friends, wow, he struggled leaving. He cried randomly and still misses everyone. When your kid feels this connected to a place, you know its a great one. He only took hiphop, and Brittany was mainly his teacher. He could be getting corrected the entire class because he was off, or not paying attention, or didnt practice, and he still loved Ms. Brittany, and hugged her after every class. The joy on his face when his Mini (for those that say the minis get pushed aside, not true) Team won Nationals, was priceless. The competition still uses his image for advertisement.1. If youre looking for a studio, my best advice as a parent - go visit and see how it feels. If it feels right, you and your kid will know, same if it feels wrong. Go with your gut and give it more than a half a year or a year. Just keep in mind that your concerns should always be brought up to the appropriate people and, in my opinion, you should consider time for those to be addressed before taking to the internet.2. As a professional dancer for the last 10 years and still working - dance is an art form to be cultivated and nurtured so that the human studying it can become a productive citizen and contribute to the rest of the world in an impactful way. This is a competition studio, like many studios are, and they WIN a lot, so obviously theyre good, but this studio (and one other that I can think of) do not perpetuate this type of drama within its walls, and put their blood, sweat and tears, literally, into the growth of the students there.3. Everywhere there are things you might like or not like. Its like being in a family. Havilah, however, is an organization that cares for its students and families, and truly does make an effort to communicate and always keep communication open in a non threatening way. THIS, is something you wont find in many places.

Review №32

All of the teachers at HDC are dedicated to providing excellent technical training to each of our beautiful dancers. Every dancer is special and loved. I want to thank all the HDC families that showed their love and support for us. To address the false names on the reviews that are innacurate and are obviously just trying to hurt the do realize that nothing on the internet is anonymous. I know this because my husband specialized in computer forensics for years. I know I speak on behalf of all the teachers that if you have any questions or concerns please let us know and we are happy to meet and resolve things. Our dancers mean the world to us and we feel blessed to help them reach their dreams!

Review №33

I am an owner of a local studio and want to share my experience as a friend of the owners as well as some of their dance families. Brittany, Brooke, and I grew up dancing together and I have always loved and respected them as friends and teammates. They have always been so supportive of me and my students when we see them at competitions and conventions! The bonds that some of my students hold with some of their students are like nothing else💗 THAT COMES FROM THE TOP! When Brittany contacted me a few years back in a bind and trying to find an acro teacher WITHOUT ANY HESITATION and Even though our studios are less than a mile away, I offered MY OWN SISTER to go be a part of their team! When we as adults can show a mutual respect and support for another studio the students follow suit! This goes for inside of the studio as well. I was ALWAYS so happy for my teammates that would win at competitions or have a LEAD in a dance bc I knew it was our best shot at winning being a competition dancer who never got a platinum medal on a solo! If one person won MY STUDIO WON! About the “FAVORITES”..... I have A LOT of friends who own dance studios and unfortunately it seems that these days parents want to ACCUSE MOST dance teachers of this... The reality is that these childeren that give 100% to their art, are supportive of their teammates, WORK to perfect their craft, love dance with all of their heart, and are PASSIONATE can’t just be congratulated, celebrated, and be deserving of their placements like they should be.. people want to place blame other places! My mother always taught me that there will ALWAYS be someone better than me and if I don’t like my placement in a dance WORK HARDER... ALL and ALL I know the hearts of these owners and know what amazing people they are and hope that they know that ALL STUDIOS go through this same thing and to just keep your head up bc YOU and GOD know your hearts and that’s all you need💗 HAVILAH IS A WONDERFUL PLACE WITH WONDERFUL PEOPLE.... JUST MY OPINION😘 SHOW MORE LOVE PEOPLE! LIFE IS TOO SHORT!

Review №34

I love it there.The teachers are amazing and know their stuff I have enjoyed every second in there and the assistants and the office staff are very helpful and nice.I love my studio!!!!!🤗😀

Review №35

I love dancing there,they gave me more confidence than I ever had,and the staff and students are super helpful and nice!

Review №36

Brooke & Brittany are literally dancing queens. They have been at it their entire lives. You could not ask for a more positive and wholesome environment for your kiddos than DP2.

Review №37

Brittany is a really nice person, really knows her stuff too! I would recommend her to anybody

Review №38

The best teachers Charlotte has to offer and the most beautiful studios!!!

Review №39

Sweeped the floor at nationals!

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