911 Driving School of Marysville
11603 State Ave, Marysville, WA 98271, United States
911 Driving School of Marysville

Review №1

Great instruction inspite of no in person teaching during the pandemic. Consistent communication and reminders of upcoming zoom lessons and drives. My son’s instructor, Al, provided good feedback during his drives and made him feel at ease and not nervous at all.

Review №2

My son loved his experience at 911 Driving School. He really enjoyed Al his main driving instructor. He made a point to schedule all of his drives with him. Al was personable and patient.We also found the zoom classes to be so convenient! My older son went through the same program in-person and I will have to say for our schedule, we prefer Zoom in this scenario. We were able to go on a family vacation while still attending classes in the afternoon for the hotel lobby. Great program!

Review №3

Taught me well and I have my license now. It was super hard to get drives because of Covid, but that’s not really their fault

Review №4

The people in the 911 driving school were all very nice from the receptionist up to the instructors. Special thanks to all my instructors all of them were kind and very helpful. Keep up the good work !!! God bless and stay safe always.

Review №5

Both my sister and I took drivers Ed here. It was the most amazing experience. I left with so much knowledge that went further than the basics. I felt safe in all of my drives and classes! If I’m still around when it’s time for my kids to go, I will 100% be taking them here. In fact, I loved it so much I came back to work here a few years later! 💕

Review №6

I have just finished putting my 4th child through this program. I recommend it to everyone I know. The instructors are honest and straight forward with the kids. They also are patient while driving.

Review №7

The instructors were very informative and caring. My daughter learned so much. She had a good experience here.

Review №8

I use to love this place the staff was always very polite and helpfuland welcoming. Now they have hired new staff and one of the ladies there who answers is very rude and snotty to me and my daughter when we cqll for help. The other ladies are nice and helpful Ill be taking my kids somewhere else when my daughter is done with her test. Ive tried calling the Manger and email but the rude lady always responds

Review №9

My son just started driver’s Ed here and he’s liking it. Taking him out to practice has shown a difference with what he has been learning so far. Love it.

Review №10

I like the other instructors but the blond lady is very rude, I know by looking at reviews and hearing from my friends you guys know about her attitude towards the students and the people who take the tests. I understand you have to make sure people who are going to be driving are good to be able to drive but having someone that rude isn’t going to help the person taking that test feel confident or comfortable to drive at all. Some of the instructors know they are dealing with anxious teenagers who want to drive but they aren’t rude when someone makes a mistake, I know that is a good reason to fail someone, I just think if you guys really cared about your students you would talk to her about her attitude problem. There is no need for her to make drivers even more anxious than they already are by being rude to them. I will tell anyone is thinking about taking it there to turn around and ask for another instructor if they get the blond one.

Review №11

Very friendly and helpful. A pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend them.

Review №12

Great experience for my daughter. She got the reassurance she needed to become a confident driver.

Review №13

We have been very impressed with the level of training & education our children have received at 911 driving school. The instructors are knowledgeable and professional. Our children will be safer on the road thanks to this program.

Review №14

The school is facing challenges due to our current social conditions but was very helpful with scheduling my twins drive times. Everyone has been polite and professional. Al was excellent with my daughter and made her feel comfortable driving with him. They gave me valuable feedback to help me teach the kids to drive. I recommend this school.

Review №15

Best driving school out there! We are so glad we chose 911 Drive School. Angie was so helpful during the registration process and helping us get our daughter’s permit! I highly recommend enrolling!

Review №16

Excellent experience being taught by cops, they all taught me what I needed to know about defensive driving, It started out intimidating and erroneous at first, but as the lessons went on, learning to drive got easier, as well as less anxious. I can think of no better teacher than our beloved law enforcement. These fine men and women of the law will make sure you all will drive safe, and smart on the road ahead.As a former student, I wanted to thank you all again for your patience and help, I wouldnt have gotten over my driving anxiety without you all 🥲

Review №17

This is the best place to learn how to drive!! I received great tips and lessons while driving and taking the classes!It’s taught by actual police officers making the information that much more useful!!I highly recommend Marysville 911.

Review №18

911 Driving School Marysville did a great job of helping to teach our daughter to drive! The instructors were friendly, good educators, and encouraging. The front desk staff were very helpful with navigating the paperwork and state requirements, which were especially challenging because of Covid lockdowns. I will recommend 911 Driving School Marysville to all of my daughters friends and their parents, and my second daughter will be taking classes there when she comes of age!

Review №19

Even in tough scheduling 911 gets the job done. We are confident our new driver is as prepared as possible.

Review №20

I just passed my road test recently. I had the best experienced learning in this school, highly recommend this school. My instructor was extremely helpful and was kind. Kelsie Macdonald helped me a lot, she gave me a bunch of tips and gave me confidence about my driving skill. My examiner Elizabeth was so chill and nice to me the entire road test. I highly recommend Elizabeth as your examiner and Kelsie Macdonald as your instructor. They’re both amazing.

Review №21

My experience at 911 Driving School was above beyond my expectations. I was treated respectfully and they explained any questions that I had until I understood exactly what was being expected of me.

Review №22

This is our favorite driving school. Oldest took DE from a different school and had a bad experience. Other 3 kids went here and had good instruction. Some of their visuals are getting dated though!

Review №23

The instructor I had was very nice and polite. She was very understanding about me being g very nervous. She had patience with me and was very understanding with and how nervous I get around other people, especially people I dont know. She let me take my time. I am very happy with the 911 driving school of Marysville. I highly recommend coming here to take your driving test. They have a high pass rating.

Review №24

Very helpful/informative staff, quick to respond, super nice and helpful when I did have to go into the office. I had a lot of questions, kind of overwhelming trying to get everything done remotely, everybody was always kind and patient with me. Great teachers. Patient instructors. Will definitely send my other kids through these guys! thanks 911!

Review №25

Just a really good experience. took the driving test with (i wish i could remember her name) and she was super friendly and made me feel relaxed and unpressured, which made the entire test that much easier to get through. thank you for that, maam!

Review №26

Instructors are patient and communicate really well with the students. Also if there needs to be a schedule change, they are flexible and accommodating. Such a great experience!

Review №27

I don’t know about the classes here because I already had a foreign driver’s license so I didn’t have to take any classes. However, I had a really good experience taking both written and driving exams here. I think the person that tested me was a former police officer, if I’m not mistaken. She was a bit stern/intimidating but overall very professional, respectful and kind. I would totally recommend.

Review №28

Very friendly and knowledgeable. Also very detailed with the information provided. Instructors are encouraging. I would recommend them to others.

Review №29

My son had a wonderful teacherHe became an amazing driverBest school out there😃

Review №30

I loved going to my teen driving classes, the driving instructors were so nice and not as intimidating as I thought they would be. They were really straight forward with getting the message across, which was great because I do tend to have a short attention span in classes or long lectures but I’m definitely enrolling my sister here for her classes when the time comes.

Review №31

Wow!!! The stress of a first time driver can be overwhelming. I can honestly say that my son is a better driver from this experience. The instructors professionalism, great attitude along with calming and at times funny humor made for the best learning environment. They focus on the basics and take the time to correct and practice on their shortcomings.Not cheap, but you get what you pay for. When it comes to my kids safety, this is well worth the expense and should never be compromised.

Review №32

Thank you so much for your help and endless support in driving.with your guidance and patience you taught me the skills to become a safe driver. Thank u for giving me confidence to drive and for helping me to overcome my nervousness

Review №33

Thank you for the excellent service you provided.

Review №34

Skagit 911 Driving school is very efficient, The people are so nice and patient with new drivers and it was a pleasure working with them.

Review №35

This was a great experience for drivers ed. Loved teaching, my daughter loved her drives with her drive instructor, communication was great, incredibly helpful with any question...good people!

Review №36

I loved attending the courses that were coherent and fun. Whenever I had a problem they were quick to help. This is a quality school and the instructors are very nice.

Review №37

Best driving school everOffice gals are sweet as pie and very helpful

Review №38

I was a bit skeptical at how drivers ed was going to be on zoom but the teachers were great, the drive instructors also great and friendly. Scheduling a drive is a little difficult as they book fast but other than that no complaints.

Review №39

My son took the driving classes online and had a great experience. Would highly recommend.

Review №40

The content was very thorough and well put together. The driving instructors were knowledgeable and friendly.

Review №41

This is a very good quality driving school taught by amazing past and present officers. I found that not only did I learn everything I needed to know but I also enjoyed going to class because the teachers always made it safe and fun environment for us.

Review №42

I had to try to teach my daughter how to drive but she fought me tooth and nail. At that point her grandfather stepped up and took over our own lessons. I lived close to the 911 driving school so I called to inquire. The big deciding factor is that the kids are being trained by actual police officers. Who better to teach when the police know all the driving laws and rules of the road more than the average person. I felt confident in my choice and the money spent was more than well worth it. She is a great driver today and im glad she went through 911 driving school for this. Anyone on the fence, call to get information. The people are great!

Review №43

We have tried to schedule drives for our daughter and they are so booked out where she will not have her drivers license on her birthday. We’ve asked to go to another 911 driving school and we were told they are independently owned. I would think they would partner with the other schools so these students don’t have to wait four months for one drive and they can’t be scheduled back to back; have to wait at least 5 days before you can schedule the next visit. We have a few friends with the same issues and are very frustrated as well!Our daughter has said the instructors are helpful; just the drives have been scheduled so farOut so there is no consistency. We did miss two drives due to illness and we had to pay for every drive. I wish we would have gone elsewhere and tempted to go somewhere else to finish up. Absolutely ridiculous and they won’t work with you!

Review №44

We had two kiddos go through 911. We loved every moment. The instructors are wonderful and caring, not to mention accommodating. We recommend them all the time to friends!

Review №45

Even with the Covid struggles they have been amazing in helping to make my kid a safe driver. Thank you

Review №46

My daughter’s been doing 911 driving school for 2 weeks now and she enjoys it. It’s a little weird cause she has to do her classes online through zoom instead of going in person. But that’s Ok. Her online instructor is very nice and the people in the office are also nice. She is scheduled for her first drive next week so she’s excited about that.

Review №47

Excellent experience from the front office to all the instructors. So glad we chose them.

Review №48

My son learned a lot (probably more than I know) from the online and hands-on driving. Definitely worth the money!

Review №49

We got there 30 seconds after the 5 min span of how late you can be and didn’t let my some drive because we got stuck because the road was closed and we got stuck at train tracks from train and have to reschedule the whole drive and on top of that they cut your drives short about 15 min every drive.

Review №50

They where great to deal with.

Review №51

Great place to learn Driving. you wanna learn to drive good, go here

Review №52

My oldest just went thru drivers ED. 911 was so great to work with. Due to Covid everything was moved online and taught over Zoom. If any changes needed to happen they called and emailed. We loved that we could reschedule classes online, if for some reason the scheduled class didnt work for us.

Review №53

People are really nice

Review №54

By far the best place to entrust one of the biggest milestones our kids have. Learning safe driving techniques by current, or retired officers.

Review №55

The BEST of the BEST teaching young drivers the ways of the road!!! Great bunch of people 💙

Review №56

My daughter was doing classes in office, covid came about they set up online classes immediately. She enjoys going/zoom class as well as drives. She enjoyed her experience with this company & she lets her friends know as well!

Review №57

A great concept in driving schools, all of the instructors are law enforcement officers. Learn from the best. I hear great thing from my friends who have sent their kids here. Their goal is to help the kids be collision free and ticket free for life. Where were they when I was a teenager? I have three kids coming up and they will all go here.

Review №58

We love 911 Driving School! Both of my daughters took their driver’s education through 911. There are different class options to work with different schedules. Make-ups were easy. Teachers were GREAT! A very positive experience. Would definitely recommend!

Review №59

2 of my kids went here and it was a good experience for both them and me. Likely will sign my other kids up when the time comes for them to start driving as well.

Review №60

Very good experience here nice people affordable price and they passed me so I could get my license.

Review №61

I highly recommend this driving school. They teach all of the skills while straight talking to the teens. They really have way of getting the message through. They have done a good job of changing for the current times too. All online for classes... it worked out well.My 18 year old went here and he is now a really good and responsible driver. No tickets or accidents. And my 15 year old is in the process of getting her license now.

Review №62

Got my license back after 13 years during a pandemic. Im glad they made this available when the dmv is closed. Passed both my tests the first time and everyone was nice and professional during my testing process.

Review №63

This is a great place to take your driving test, the instructors are awesome and very kind they understand that you may be nervous and to take you time. They have a good pass rating. So I highly recommend going here to take your test.

Review №64

My son went through the program and learned so much. He is an excellent driver because of it. We would highly recommend the 911 driving school.

Review №65

I loved the integrity of Jess

Review №66

I needed to get a new license for Washington State from California when I came back home and the wait was 7 weeks. So I went to 911 and passed with flying colors and was able to get my drivers license that day. Well worth the money and a great bunch of guys that run the place. I highly recommend this place.

Review №67

Knowledgeable, pleasant, and interesting instructors! Real life experiences so valuable and appreciated in this experience.They work well with teens and are able to help develop confidence in their driving skills and respect for safety and rules of the road. Front desk workers are exceptional! They are so pleasant and helpful with arranging drive schedules and answering any question one may have. Students and parents are always greeted with smiles.

Review №68

Even though classes like these are forced and way too expensive. 911 is a good company and they did a great job.

Review №69

Great driving school for my teen. Gave her confidence and great skills!

Review №70

My daughter who was 18 came here to take the class just to get hands on training so she could get her drivers license. I got to sit in on a couple of the classes. The Teachers are actually police officers and I feel that gave them more of a hands on Knowlage about the laws. I mean come on, who better to teach a driving class than an officer of the law. It was actually nice to see them out of there uniform and less intimidating, there people just like us. I know that at times when you see a police officer they can seem to be a little intimadating and thats not at all who they are. Taking this class has helped my daughter see a funny out going not at work, well on the job kind of guys. I would recommend this driving school over any other driving school that is for sure. When my daughter would come home after class she was excited to go back and couldnt wait till the next class and that is definitely what you want at any age.

Review №71

My daughter learned a lot and all of the instructors were kind and professional.

Review №72

My daughter just finished her class here and I highly recommend this driving school. The teachers are active duty or retired police so they have the experience to teach the kids. My daughter did all her drives except one with Elizabeth and she felt really comfortable with her. I know that can make all the difference with a new driver so thank you Elizabeth for making my daughters drives comfortable and fun she had so many nice things to say about you. The front desk staff was always helpful and friendly too.

Review №73

Great driving school. The classes werent super boring, and the drives were fun. The teachers and instructors are kind and understanding. 10/10

Review №74

We had a wonderful experience going through 911 Driving School in Marysville! My son just completed the classes, behind the wheel, and knowledge tests. All of the instructors were very knowledgable, patient and helpful to my son and the office staff was helpful and communicated promptly with the students and parents. Even during the COVID pandemic, 911 driving school did an amazing job helping the students successfully finish the class and ensured every safety measure was made. Thank you 911 Driving School in Marysville/. Looking forward to working with you in 5 years for my other son!

Review №75

My daughter just finished up not long ago. She loved being enrolled in this school, and really appreciated the teachers. When taking the actual driving test, she was able to request the driving instructor who had ridden with her the most, during her drives. She was happy about that!It was not a long coarse, and they were very thorough and helpful! I would absolutely encourage a parent to enroll their kiddos into 911 driving school in Marysville, if you live in the area. They also have other locations if you live outside of Marysville.

Review №76

My daughter attended this driving course 3 years ago and it was an extremely positive experience. We had tried out two different courses with our older kids and this one was by far the best of the three! We liked the no-nonsense approach and the fact that this course didnt overdo the drug/alcohol prevention stuff.

Review №77

I had a great experience at the Marysville 911 Driving School. The teachers were amazing, and very attentive. They make sure before you get behind the wheel that youre not only knowledgeable, but also comfortable. I appreciate you guys helping me obtain my drivers license.

Review №78

Our son attended 911 Driving School. His instructors were knowledgeable and reinforced the same driving/safety concepts I was working on with him! They take their role very seriously but instruct in a manner that is not intimidating. Great start to his driving experience!

Review №79

This was an excellent experience for our family. Allowing my daughter to interact closely with officers gave her a better perspective and better perception of officers and law enforcement in general. She is a very safe driver b/c they also inform about accidents they have come across and how some of those thing happened. This is a great way for law enforcement to engage with the public in a non -Threatening way.

Review №80

Enrolled my son for classes. Great teachers and safety first attitude. He passed written exams and knows what to expect. Needs more practice driving. This school is great! Police run, so I know they are teaching what is important as well as emphasizing safety. If I could give more stars, I would.

Review №81

My daughter went from almost taking out the side of our garage to parallel parking in a little over a month! 911 Driving school was a great choice and they taught my daughter to be an excellent beginner driver. The front staff was extremely friendly and helpful, they signed her up for all her drives On the first day of class. It was easy to schedule the final drive so she can get her license the day she turns 16. The instructors were helpful, encouraging and knowledgeable and they had very effective teaching techniques. Overall we had a fantastic experience and will be sending our other kids there when they turn 15!

Review №82

911 may not be the cheapest driving school but they are absolutely the best. Our oldest went through them and had an excellent experience. We will use them for our soon to be learner as well.Rock solid classroom instruction.Amazing driving instruction.Integrated testing.Police officers performing the training (at least at our location at the time).

Review №83

Great Experience, Would refer others. My daughter improved as a driver each step of the class. Teachers gave good feedback on areas to work on to improve her driving skills. Excellent!!!!!

Review №84

My son said he had a great time in this course! They did a great job on teaching the mechanics of driving and threw in some extra curricular activities to think about when get into a vehicle. This has been one of the only courses that I think my son has ever really seemed to have had any kind of patients or kept his attention span for longer than twenty minutes to a hour ! Good work 911 ! Keep it up !!

Review №85

We sent three of our grandsons through the 911 Driving school course for new drivers and were very impressed with the results. Our boys are doing great several years later and recognize their responsibility to be be safe drivers.

Review №86

I HIGHLY recommend this driving school. The instructors who are also police officers were highly professional, but werent overly strict. The class instructor I had was very fun and humorous. The instructors are very helpful, informative, well experienced, and they arent angered quickly if you make a mistake. The instructors also shared many stories to the class, many humorous and many we could learn off of. I had a real fun time learning at this school. I highly recommend especially if your kid is learning to drive.

Review №87

We have sent two of our kiddos to 911 Driving School and the staff has always been helpful and friendly. Classes are offered at a number of times to fit into our busy schedule. The instructors take the time needed to teach new drivers in a way that is both safe and fun. We will be sending the rest of our upcoming drivers to 911 Driving School for sure!

Review №88

Thank you to their amazing staff. My daughter has been driving for a year now & is nothing but careful & safe. She always makes comments of what she learned & what is wrong with other drivers. Instructors are AMAZING! Another safe driver on he road. Thank You!

Review №89

I took my driving test there and had a positive experience. They are very professional and were able to help me navigate some troublsome paperwork. Would recommend to everyone!

Review №90

Friendly staff and very good at educating new drivers. They worked with our complex schedule which really helped a lot. Highly recommended!

Review №91

The blonde office person that works there is the rudest person I have ever encountered. She treated me like a kid and talked down to me and doesn’t expect someone to respond in the same mannerism. She ripped my driver test up after being rude and I was just making sure I wasn’t signing anything that I haven’t read regardless if I turned over the paper making sure. She then told me I have to reschedule because I was crossing my T’s and dotting my I’s. I don’t and won’t ever refer anyone to this place period because of bad representation of the company and location. Don’t treat someone with disrespect without expecting it back.

Review №92

Having my wife go here at the end of August, she’s 26 from Nepal and the only place I trust to get her up to speed on Washington and the US driving regulations. Also went here growing up, they did an exceptional job. Very detailed, fun and all around good experience!If you make a mistake driving the instructors won’t scold you, rather teach you techniques to avoid the same mistakes

Review №93

I remember just getting to Washington and I was greeted professionally when I first came to the office well a short time later took the test and am now gainfully employed. My instructor while serious exhibited the kind of patience EVERY student NEEDS! Im sooooo glad I chose 911

Review №94

The whole process from start to finish was extremely easy and relaxed. They’re really very nice and supportive and made me feel at ease and I was in and out on the day of testing and had my license in no time at all. Considering that I have a social anxiety that makes going to new places extremely difficult I would recommend this establishment to anyone who is looking for a very low key place to get the the service they need.Thank you,DJM

Review №95

I’ve had both of my driving aged children attend 911 driving school. My choice was based on the fact that who better to teach your child to drive, then those who will be judging their driving, the police. Both of my children had a great experience. The instructors made class interesting with real life stories and examples of where other drivers made mistakes. I’d definitely recommend 911 driving school! Military Families, don’t forget to ask for your military discount.

Review №96

We love Marysville 911 Driving School! Everyone there is wonderful, from the front desk staff to the instructors. Rory was my son’s favorite instructor but he really liked all of them. He said they all made class fun and he learned a lot. For parents, it is peace of mind knowing they are taught by Officers who are stressing the importance of safety. The online scheduling for drives and testing was also convenient as we could do it in the evening after work. My son passed his test with flying colors and we are confident in his skills thanks to his experience at 911!

Review №97

Our daughter went through their program and now our son is enrolled. Their instruction is thorough and they make sure the kids take their responsibilities as drivers seriously. Scheduling drive times was easy and they had lots of different class times to choose from.

Review №98

The people at 911 are professionals, friendly and cordial... and run a great business, i was in and out in no time and my only wish is that they tested for motorcycle endorsements too

Review №99

I have taken the driver test twice at this location several months apart. I was with the blond woman both times. The first time she failed me and told me I needed more hours on the road. I drove for several months on my own and went to take the test again. She was my instructor again. This time she failed me for different reasons even tho I was more experienced at this time and gave me a 74%. I then went the very next day to a school in Everett and passed with a 90%. She doesn’t understand that people who are taking the exam are not perfect drivers. Skill comes with practice. She expected me to do every move perfectly and deducted way to many points for simple things such as parallel parking in more than 3 moves. I made sure to do everything she told me I didn’t do the first time and she still found a reason to fail me. I got my license the very next day after she failed me. I did everything the same as I did with her. Do not take your test with her. Everyone walks away from her with the saddest look because she fails every one.

Review №100

911 driving school went out of their way to help us with a big problem my kid was having. Basically gave him an emergency class on defense of driving to keep him out of trouble. They where very understanding they are off-duty police officer‘s are retired and had a very good understanding of the situation. And understood that sometimes our justice system isn’t always right even though it’s the law. Thank you guys

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