Cobb County School District, Human Resources
514 Glover St SE, Marietta, GA 30060, United States
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Unbelievable that it seems parents have to choose between taking their kids to school and keeping them safe. Right now Cobb County has a mask mandate for their facilities, but Cobb County schools don’t. That makes no sense.

Review №2

Leadership is disgusting!! ZERO effort to keep our children safe! Stop choosing money over our children and spouting off completely FALSE information. If parents and teachers refuse to wear masks then they should NOT be allowed into the schools. Children under 12 CANNOT GET VACCINATED. How many more will die? SHAMEFUL!!

Review №3

The world is watching the USA crumble into itself.Divide and conquerDivide and conquer

Review №4

Horrible leadership. No care for staff members or the community during COVID-19. Ragsdale needs to resign now!

Review №5

You all need to rezone Cooper and Garrett Middle Schools. It makes no sense that 80% of the the Garrett School district has to drive Literally past Cooper every single day. Yall need to exercise a little intuition.

Review №6

You cant call them because their bots just walk you in circles but wont tell you that the buildings are closed. So I go up there because i need to speak to someone about my diploma, check the hours, says the building is open. Drive half an hour to come up here and the building has a big sign on the front that says Closed Indefinitely.Thank you for wasting an hour of my time

Review №7

Only care about teachers and themselves, NOT the kids!! Thanks GOD mine are out of there.

Review №8

Brumby Elementry School is THE WORST school ever. My son has been hurt multiple times, and the school did not contact me nor his father to inform us about the situations that have occurred. Once, he hit his head by playing outside and he was laying on the ground for about a minute before he got up. I don’t know if he had a concussion at the time or not. But they did not call to inform us. And today, his finger got bent in gym. He said it hurt so bad that he was crying. And again, no one decided to give me a call, and he said they did not even send him to the nurse. I cannot wait to get out of this school district.IF I COULD GIVE THIS SCHOOL “0” STARS, I DEFINITELY WOULD......

Review №9

Threatening kids and parents who may want to participate on the walkout? Illegal to say the least. As a Georgia voter, I say you lose. Educate our kids better.

Review №10

Thank you so much for getting my school closed. We were underfunded in the first place. Yall have a special place in hell. O was going to graduate from IAS next year. Now several familes have no where else to go. Thanks hoes. 💕💕

Review №11

Worse school ever. Very racist. During homecoming week the kids where told to follow dress code.the theme was rags to riches, Several white kids wore hats which is against dress code but the black kids who wore hair bonnets where reprimanded by administrators. My daughter was sitting rifht next to a white friend who was wearing a baseball hat amd my daughter was asked to remove her head cap while her white friend was told nothing. Also a whitr student threw a teacher across the room in a rage amd the teacher simply asked him to sit in the hall and she told the class he will be fine he is just a little upset.😕

Review №12

Any contact I’ve had has been pleasant and helpful. Very professional and prompt!

Review №13

Holy moly you might as well just turn the school into a MTV showKid divasPine mountain middle school edition

Review №14

They are dumb af for letting school star on july 31st

Review №15

HORRIBLE for anyone who is different or special needs. DO NOT SEND YOUR KID TO COBB if they are anything but fitting the mold

Review №16

Its great!

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