Jerry Knight STEM Academy
1524 N Walnut Creek Dr, Mansfield, TX 76063, United States
Jerry Knight STEM Academy

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There was someone stealing a shopping cart.

Review №2

First of all, let me set things straight.This school is not at ALL like wester, which is the school right next to us. Some of the reviews have mistaken this school for a different school, and this is not the case.This school is actually a very nice place to go. They allow for freedom, letting us choose our own seats, letting us choose our own classes, letting us follow the Engineering Design Process during our completely different period where we have to solve a PBL, they allow for collaboration, which is a skill that not many people come out of school being good at, they have clubs that you can choose, CI time for students who need tutoring or just time to work, and many other things.They have amazing teachers and staff, as they care about us students, and they want to see us grow as an individual. The small amount of students in each grade level in here lets us really know each other and connect with each other easier.All in all, this is an amazing school, and if you can, please try to let your children go here for their school. It will be a one in a lifetime experience.

Review №3

My experience at Wester was a ride full of bumps. In seventh grade, I had an amazing year there. However in 8th grade, it was bad. I am just glad that I am out of there. In addition, the restrooms are completely unsanitary. There are roaches almost every hallway you walk in. The janitors try their best to clean, but there are some students that do not know what the definition of hygiene means; therefore, they do not apply it to themselves. This pandemic should be a lesson to everyone. Rest in peace to all of the incoming students.

Review №4

Its an ok school. Most of the teachers are good but there are some that need help. For example, some teachers may not have a great attitude or not care at all. But thats only a few teachers. Id say the bathrooms really need to be worked on though. Some days I just wait til I get home to do my business. Yes, most of the time it is that bad. I will kind of miss this school a little bit but I could make a list of things that I wont miss. This school needs some work.

Review №5

Wester Middle School is also a great place for children to learn and grow into the young adults they are becoming. The staff are very nice and handle the stress of dealing with young teens very well.

Review №6

Beware of staff members Brandi Pitt & Kourtney Gates at Wester Middle School. Both appear to possess biased ulterior motives when dealing with particular categories of students and believe accountability to concerned parents of those students is nonexistent. They fail in regards to maintaining the best interests of ALL students when it comes to them equitably earning an education. You work for the taxpayers of Mansfield who pay for your salarys and workspace. You serve the public; not the other way around. All future Wester parents need to keep school staff like these in check. If left unchallenged, this insidious daily working behavior based on personal prejudice can and will permeate further to the detriment of many children attending this campus.

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This place is a ok place. Is it perfect,god no. Is it bad, not really. But the teachers can range form fun to freaking devils (especially the front office staff). If I ever go back I think I would feel bad to all those kids who stuck going to this godafall school.

Review №8

This is the worst school in the world

Review №9

Brooks Wester is Awesome you should totally bring your kid there. The teachers are fun and they are all about school spirit.

Review №10

This school made me learn lots of stuff.

Review №11

Oh my lord Kourtney Gates instigates in stuff that doesnt involve her and we get in trouble for the smallest things coach wiley is rude and needa watch her mf mouth talkin to me like she aint got no sense Coach pitt is a grumpy female fr and Coach pringle, Mrs.Bruner,Ms.Gomez,Mr.Fletcher,Mrs.Crockett,Mrs.Sundee and Mrs.Powers are the best teachers there 💯 other than those good teachers the rest trip over small stuff and it aint got nothing to do wit em ong😂they annoying and needa watch their mouths

Review №12

**READ THIS EVALUATION**When I was in 7th grade I had high hopes for middle school- nice teachers, nice people (most of them at least) clean school, and very nice facility.The teachers on my team (CoolCats) were very strict and rude. At least 2 of them seemed like they didnt care about what students or their jobs. Students would always get into trouble and eventually get expulsion and suspensions! There would always be a physical fight for the most ridiculous reasons! I hope you dont read these reviews and think this school has it al because it really doesnt. Most of the people who review this school are adults. Theyre not the student who actually goes into the school and finds all the perks an disadvantages.The school is satisfactory but theyre are many things that could be fixed. For instance the lockers- most of them jam up and are dirty inside as if no one has ever cared to clean it. Also theyre food. I feel as if the school doesnt provide the students with enough protein and all those nessesary nutrients our body needs. I dont want to make this too long so Im going to leave them with this;I feel like they can do better.

Review №13

I went here 7th and 8th grade. the teachers are okay but could be better. i had a mix between teachers i will remember forever and teachers that i hated. My parents also did not like some of the teachers because of how much homework, that shoukd take 4 hours to do, was given for one night. Also the teachers are very strict. no im not over dramatizing it. The cleanliness of the school needs to improve. Bugs are seen all the time throughout the schoolyear. The things that are taught are good, but some of the people that teach them are not. Overall the school is okay but i reccomend looking at other schools around this area

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5912 Chestnut Bnd, Colleyville! Thanks so much for returning!

Review №15

I went there and it’s the best experience I ever had. I’ll miss it

Review №16

Awesome Assistant Principal named Kourtney Gates.

Review №17

If the School is going to have teachers they might as well make the teachers teach the subjects in a funny or hysterical way so that its not boring and more people actually listen.

Review №18

I went to school their it was to best school ever

Review №19

Worst school in the district

Review №20

Kourtney gates really needs to watch her mouth when she has talks with children about issues especially when it doesnt concern in the case

Review №21

I go here please send your child

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