Swim Tank - Mamaroneck
120 Madison St, Mamaroneck, NY 10543, United States
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Wonderful instructors- they get in the pool with your child and guide them through the process of learning to swim. We’ve had nothing but good experiences here!

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Well run, but a little pricy. Excellent quality.

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Our daughter has progressed so much at swim tank. She went from hating all forms of water, bath included, to loving it. Her skills have really progressed and their COVID protocols make us feel comfortable. The one time we did have feedback it was addressed right away and without issue.

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Took my 4 and 2 year old today for 1at time since Covid. Could not have been planned any better. Felt safe. They did wonderful job keeping and maintaining social distance plus keeping kids safe with their new setups. As a physician I have no reservations about using the facility until we get back to normal. Great job swim tank

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Amazing program and instructors! Safe and sanitary environment during covid.

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Awesome place for kids to learn. This place is always maintained very well with professional staff, clean facility and on top of all those awesome managers. I take both of my kids and happy to be there!

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Like another moms review on Yelp;What a terribly unfair and simply unsympathetic policy and group of people who run this corporation. Shame on them for not being more understanding to a mother and child situation. I will not be returning going forward and will surely be sharing my negative experience with everyone I know!I simply couldnt agree with her more.Weve been with Swim tank for many years and recently one of my child starts having an anxiety attack whenever she goes there for her swim class. After giving this new development some time to settle and giving enough chances (7 classes) for my child to ease in, things didnt get better at all. So after consulting with her psychologist, and based on her medical recommendation, I reached out to them and asked if they can transfer the remaining days fee of what I had already paid for this child to my other childs account. I wasnt asking for a full or partial refund. I didnt blame them for creating a situation where my child suddenly developed a new anxiety attack whenever she goes there. All I asked was an understanding of the current situation and a simply solution thats fair to both parties. You keep my money and I let my other child to take over the classes I already paid for the one who is having a hard time.Yet Olivia the manager simply told me, they dont care if your child is having a difficult time going in to the pool or not, they will not refund you or transfer prorated credit to my others child account or make other arrangement for you.So here we are, with a child who developed a new anxiety about going into the pool - thanks to SwimTank and $500 wasted.We will be definitely moving them to a different swim place where they truly care and understand each childs needs and are willing to work with parents concerns. And I will make sure my horrible experience with them will be shared with all the Moms and Dads social media groups in Westchester.

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AMAZING!!!! We signed up our 1.5 and 2.5 yr old in the Infant and Learn to Swim classes. Our 2.5 year old has the propensity to be, well, over-dramatic (aka blood curdling cries when in a new situation). When I warned SwimTank, I was called and reassured that he would be taken care of- to which he was! It only took him 2.5 lessons before he was puddy in your teams hands! Our kids learned so much and had a blast throughout the summer session.Your entire teams professionalism, organization, patience and amazing rapport with all of the kids are just outstanding!!!My only point of recommendation would be more classes on the weekends for the tots! I hope we can return next summer!Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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Like it there, but they do not post holidays or days off on website. No email blasts as well

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Fantastic swim lessons. Awesome and dedicated teachers. All 3 of mine are enrolled and they are worth it!

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Such an amazing place! Loved watching my nephews swim! Yay! Thank you.

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A very well run place for children to learn such an important skill!

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I had both my boys here for a year and a half and then I took them out. The swim instructors are good and the facilities are ok (especially the new one in Mamaroneck), but their rules and policies are so rigid and set in stone - which leaves no room for customer service.My sons class was on Saturdays at 2. You get to miss a class 10 times a YEAR. After that, if you miss any, too bad. I asked mid-session if I can change his class to ANY other, they said no. There are TONS of classes, there is just no way that they were full to the max at both locations. So, since I was no longer able to take him at his time, I just lost the rest.Staff and facility cleanliness is 5 stars. Because their policies are not flexible at all for customers, I give them zero stars.

Review №15

My kids enjoy to go here

Review №16

Not very a welcoming facility, for a place that works with kids

4.2 Rating
  • Address:120 Madison St, Mamaroneck, NY 10543, United States
  • Site:http://swimtank.net/
  • Phone:+1 914-694-3289
  • Swimming school
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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