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4 Lakes Driving School

Review №1

I would like to extend my thanks to all my tutors. Especially John, he’s been very patient with me and showed great flexibility with my challenging work schedule and needs. I’m really happy with my training and would recommend people training with 4lakes :)

Review №2

My daughter had amazing instructors, Brianna and Melissa in particular were fantastic. They gave her excellent feed back and tips no other instructor had provided. She is an expert at parallel parking and has more confidence driving. Thank you!

Review №3

It is impossible to schedule any driving sessions. They do not answer the phone, they do not call back, and when you finally get through after the 20th call, they say they dont have any openings, or you can only schedule 1 session that is happening in a week or two and you have to call back again to schedule another session. It is really hard to learn when your sessions are several weeks apart, and at this rate it is going to be months before we get through all the sessions.**Update: It is Oct 20 and when trying to schedule another lesson, but have been told to call back in November when new classes should open up. So... we have to wait a few weeks to schedule something for several weeks later???? 1 lesson per month is not helpful in learning to drive.

Review №4

My son liked all his teachers for behind the wheel but Bob stood out. From my son:“Bob is great! He’s a charismatic person, is very good at explaining things and very calm. Also great to talk with. “We have sent both of our kids through 4 Lakes and had a positive experience both times.Texting and emailing work best for communication. I think the office staff is limited and often unavailable so phone calls often went to voicemail with sporadic response. The only suggestion for improvement is with scheduling behind the wheel lessons. It was really hard to get things scheduled and often nothing at all was available. I had to log in 5 or more times a day—the first 4 times the schedule was completely full. Then the 5th time there would be several openings that you had to select instantly (before even checking your own calendar) or they’d be gone. I’m not sure if it’s a staffing issue or a computer issue, but that was my only difficulty.I appreciated how the staff spelled out the next steps along the way for getting the permit, the license, etc.

Review №5

The communication with this place is horrible. They don’t return phone calls, they don’t respond back to emails. It’s hard to set-up one in ones with instructor/student and finally trying to get a refund on a student (my child) who has decided he was not ready to drive is nearly impossible. It’s been weeks and I still haven’t received my refund, yet they got their money right away.

Review №6

First of all, I am an adult who had fear to drive. And I had only 4 lessons which were game changer for me. Would recommend driving instructor Michael Flores, his professional advice and knowledge are really helpful. Now I am driving more confident and even enjoy it. English is my second language even though Michael was excellent at understanding and explaining. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family members.Update: I passed road test on my first try!

Review №7

Horrible service. Blatant scammers

Review №8

Weve had an excellent experience with 4 Lakes Driving School. Communication was good and the process was easy to follow. We appreciate the kindness and dedication of the driving instructors that our son worked with throughout his behind the wheel lessons. We recommend this driving school highly.

Review №9

This driving school is excellent. My daughter was paired up with a man named Micheal Flores. He too was excellent. She was very nervous about learning how to drive, especially in winter. Michael eased her tensions by giving her gentle guidance and excellent driving instruction. I look forward to sending my other children to this school when they are of age.

Review №10

Michael P. did a great job at being friendly and relatable when it came to the behind the wheels. My son really enjoyed his company and the techniques that he was taught by him, definitely a teacher that cares about his students! 10/10 recommend him if you can!

Review №11

My son did most of his lessons with Sunil; he was awesome. My son said he was very patient and gave him great tips for becoming a better driver. Sunil always took a few minutes to go over the lesson recap and how my son did and what we need to work on at home between lessons. Overall very happy with the communication and ease of the website to schedule lessons and keeping track of the progress.

Review №12

We were very pleased with 4 Lakes Driving School and would certainly recommend them to other families. They did a great job of communicating and, especially during Covid with all of the craziness with shut-downs and limitations, 4 Lakes did a great job of navigating those waters. They providing a great service with enough time options for behind the wheel instruction to be able to complete the process in a reasonable amount of time.

Review №13

I have been so impressed with 4 Lakes Driving School. The online curriculum made it easy for my daughter to complete the course. Scheduling to then take the test was a breeze! Now, she has started behind the wheel. I greatly appreciate all of the safety protocols that are in place. I want to give a huge shout out to Doug Randall. His calm, patient disposition and desire to understand how my daughter best learns was nothing short of amazing! Thanks to John the manager for being so responsive in making sure all of our questions are answered.

Review №14

Very pleased with my experience through 4lakes driving school. Loved my instructor Rachel Marks. She was very patient and explained everything very well.

Review №15

The behind-the-wheel classes for adults were helpful for me who wanted to practice some specific skills. The classes can meet personal needs and Rachel was very professional and helpful in lessons!

Review №16

I had Rachel Marks for most of lessons and she was great! She explained things in super helpful ways and was very understanding always!

Review №17

Went here for my drivers ed, very much enjoyed it! Overall liked all my instructors and got my license with great training all around. Thank you 4lakes!

Review №18

Overall everything was great, but getting a hold of them by phone during business is nearly impossible. I’ve been calling them every 15 minutes or so for the past few hours, have left multiple messages, and heard nothing. Besides that they’ve been great.

Review №19

I was charged extra for observing time the driving school failed to provide. There is constant poor communication and unprofessionalism throughout this company. Please save yourself time, energy, and money. Do not send your child to four lakes driving school.

Review №20

The whole experience given was so helpful and necessary. I highly appreciate the employees and the way they genuinely care about the process. They made it very easy to enjoy my time. Highly recommend.

Review №21

They are great and teach you quite a lot. Super calm while you are driving and help you with whatever you need to work on.

Review №22

4 Lakes Driving School delivered great communications to parents in regards to students finishing up their lessons during COVID-19. Both my son and I really liked Ms. Key, she is a great behind-the-wheel instructor and communicator. Thank you 4 Lakes for a great experience.

Review №23

There really isnt many options for driving schools in the Madison area, but we were unimpressed with the level of instruction that was given and generally disappointed in the overall experience.Now, I understand this is a difficult time for everyone with navigating the COIVD pandemic, but 4 Lakes certainly did not seem to try to help themselves or their customers. First off the website is terrible, it is old, slow and hard to navigate and understand. It is not user friendly whatsoever. The scheduling was unnecessarily complicated. Furthermore, you had to be checking the website constantly for when new slots would open up and if you didnt get it right away you had to wait.The instruction received was barely passable. The feedback given on the report to parents was nearly nonexistent. Now, when I asked my child what they learned they could barely remember. Now I understand that may be part of having a teenage son, but the teachers certainly did not make any impression.Now my biggest issue is with the observation. Because of COVID it needed to be done virtually, which is fine and I understand. However, my son watched the same two hour video for each of the 3 sessions he took. There was zero interaction with the students or effort made to make sure they were learning anything. It was almost like we just needed to do the observation to get the state requirement done and not truly learn anything. Honestly this is unacceptable. It reflected poorly on the instructors and on 4 Lakes as a whole.Basically, I would not recommend this service to anyone looking for driving instruction. But unfortunately they really might be the only game in town.

Review №24

I was a difficult student - middle age and without previous driving experience. These guys were really patient and kind - thank you Cristal and Bea for teaching me how to drive! Then scheduling your lessons its a good idea to figure out the date of the driving test with DMV at the same time - there could be a bit of a backlog there. Otherwise go for it - this is solid and professional driving school - no complaints.

Review №25

Antoinette was very very helpful when I was just starting out and as I got better, I was really glad to have multiple lessons with Andy! I love the staff here and always felt like I was learning something.

Review №26

Excellent instructors. very helpful

Review №27

Through the terrible COVID 19, Jon and Dave helped me get closer to drive alone. Everyone at the 4 Lakes team did an amazing job! Very fortunate that I picked 4 Lakes for my driving school.

Review №28

Bob is GREAT. He is calm, patient, and easy going. Thank you Bob. Because of you, my daughter passed the road test on her first attempt. Thank you for being a wonderful instructor. We will never forget you!

Review №29

My daughter went through 4 Lakes Driving School, and we had a great experience. The instructors were very knowledgeable and patient. The office was very helpful with our concerns, and scheduling the behind the wheel lessons. They have a flexible schedule, so we had no problem getting lessons scheduled. The school has nice new cars for the behind the wheel lessons. She passed her road test on the first try. I would strongly recommend 4 Lakes, if youre looking for a professional driving school.

Review №30

Thank you for your patience during this inconvenient time! You fit us in your schedule as soon as you had availability! We appreciate your teaching while every business is trying to recover from quarantine!

Review №31

I have been taking lessons there since January. Now due to Covid I was expecting my license to be pushed back a little, but when I contacted them multiple times by email, phone, and text, I was unable to get a clear concise response. I am still unsure about my requirements to get my license which will now be pushed even farther back due to 4 Lakes inability to pick up their phone. I do want to point out though that ever time I HAVE had a lesson the driving instructor has been very professional and really good. The only time there was an issue was my first lesson and I am still very unsure how that all happened because I thought It wouldve counted as two lessons because one of them was on the virtual thing and one of them I was in a car, but getting any actual answer from 4 Lakes just isnt happening

Review №32

Highly disappointed with the pre-class service provided (called three times, left a voice message, never heard back. Finally someone picked up the fourth time I called.) They told me there was a 3-week wait to get me in. Patiently waited. I went with them thinking that if they were the highest priced driving school in town, it should be for a reason. I was wrong. The instructor was very passive and short. I did not get much out of the lesson I took. Will not be going with them again.

Review №33

4 lakes driving school has a passion and care for their customers and teach it with passion and care. They have stayed so consistent professional especially during these COVID times. There is no other place I would have rather had my training.

Review №34

I paid for 10 lessons over a month ago and still not have heard back about scheduling or refunds. I recommend confirming lessons before paying if you absolutely have to use these guys

Review №35

This is a ridiculous place and all they want is your money. I called like a thousand times to schedule lessons. They gave me different instructor each time and some of them are late for lessons. After that it took me a lot of work to contact them and get refund. I did not get good driver ed because of the timing of the lesson. I failed the road test and was trying to schedule for another 4 lessons but i couldn’t get in contact with anyone to do that. 4 lakes is highly unorganised and if you have a choice don’t go to that place

Review №36

At this point in my life driving is a necessity. From my past experiences and dislike for driving, I knew I needed professional training. I chose 4 Lakes Driving School based on the online reviews for Crystal. It was clear that she is a stellar instructor. It was very apparent from lesson 1 that this is not just a job to her, but that she is doing it from her heart. With each lesson and Crystal’s encouragement throughout, I was able to improve my driving technique tremendously. As I completed lessons, my confidence grew. I even started to enjoy driving and passed the road test on my first try. It was a great experience learning with Crystal and I will miss her. I know I have been given the skills to be a safe driver for life, and I cannot thank Crystal and 4 lakes Driving School enough.

Review №37

Had to wait a while but it was worth it. The instructors really cared about the job and went over lots. The office staff was really helpful too.

Review №38

Professional driving instructors. Quality education! Prepares clients for success!

Review №39

My daughter was nervous about driving and Bea totally got her over the hump. I am very grateful for Beas cool demeanor and patience. A driving instructor rockstar!The folks in the main office are great to work with, too!

Review №40

We did the 4 Lakes Online then 9 hours of BTW. The online classes more than prepared our son for his permit test. The flexibility the online modules allowed him was also a big help for his busy schedule and our family. All the behind the wheel instructors were knowledgeable and provided great instruction. One instructor stood out and was specifically requested by our son. That instructor is Karlen. He worked well with our son who is normally pretty anxious about driving. His relaxed demeanor and knowledgeable insight is likely what allowed our son to walk into his drivers test with a higher than average level of confidence about his aptitude. He also made the experience fun. I dont think you could ask for a better instructor. Thank you Karlan and 4 Lakes!

Review №41

Four Lakes is a superior school for future drivers. John who is in charge is efficient and helpful. I highly recommend this school for future, skilled drivers on our roads!

Review №42

4 Lakes is awesome! Before going to 4 Lakes, I knew nothing about driving. All the Instructors I had lessons with were very patient and helpful. They not only knew exactly what is on a real road test, but also helped me build up on-road experience and deal with complicated real road situations. Unfortunately I only got passed the road test after several tries, but each time I came back to 4 Lakes, Crystal, Bea, Ramsey, David and also John and Judy helped me analyze my mistakes, and encouraged me that I finally nailed it with a perfect score! Its been a nice experience all the way.

Review №43

I had 8 lessons with Crystal at 4 Lakes. She was very helpful and patient, which made me feel at ease with driving. The option to be picked up and dropped off at your location of choice is very convenient for the busy student. In the end, I passed my test in 1.5 months as a safe and confident driver. A big thank you to Crystal and 4 Lakes!

Review №44

Had a great experience with 4 lakes driving school. I was able to clear my Road test in the first try. Earlier I used to panic a lot and never even tried to take car out of parking. Lessons have made me confident and I was able to drive around a lot. A special thanks to my instructors Jon and Bob. Thank you once again 4 Lakes!!!!

Review №45

John was so helpful with getting my daughters lessons scheduled. Thank you so much.

Review №46

4 Lake Driving School is amazing!I have never touched a car before, I took several lessons there and passed the road test the first time with only 2 points off! Corry, Krystal and David are really nice! 100% recommended.

Review №47

Thanks to them I got my license and felt more confident with driving and taking my test. I passed and got my drivers license. I would highly recommend them because of how helpful and patient they are as a company. Thank you very much!

Review №48

Crystal was my main instructor for my time with 4lakes. She was very strict (which is good) and insightful. I dont know if she is the best, but she has everything you look for at a driving instructor.

Review №49

Thank you to the very kind and patient driving instructors at 4 Lakes. Some of these instructors are working another job other this one and yet they are still working to help keep kids safe on the road. Toni especially, was very kind and was willing to not only offer advice for things to work on after each lesson, but she also thoroughly answered all of my questions before my road test.I initially was signed up to be instructed by a program offered through my school, but had a negative experience before my classes even started when they cancelled my class because they were understaffed. Thankfully, I switched right into 4 Lakes last minute and I am very happy that I did because I can now rest assured that I learned from professionals, and not unmotivated school teachers.

Review №50

Crystal is definitely the best teacher I ever met. Her lessons and teaching style is really useful for learning. I just got my license this Thursday in a single test. I really appreciate the lessons here in 4lakes with Crystal.

Review №51

No Ratings because they force you to take classes only to make more money. I took one class with them and the instructor keeps telling you to book the class and ask only for her when I reschedule, she kept repeating that throughout the driving time. She also told that I will need more than 7 sessions to be ready, but I couldnt agree as I already have driving experience. I wanted to take the class so that I can be perfectly ready for the test. I joined a different school and it all went well and I passed the road test in just 3 hours and they charge you less as well.

Review №52

This company is ridiculously unorganized. Twice ihave I shown up with my son for lessons and theyve been double booked and weve been turned away, despite the fact that its an online sign up. There is very poor access to driving lessons despite spending several hundred dollars Honda service. He will not get his license on time because of lack of availability of instructors. This was a very disappointing experience and I would encourage everyone to look at other options.

Review №53

My teen just finished lessons with 4 Lakes Driving School. We were initially signed up through CESA and waited over five months for a behind the wheel lesson. 4 Lakes Driving School got us in right away. My teen received excellent instruction, particularly from Robert Oakley. He was professional and patient. If our teen made a mistake, Bob would tell him lets try that again until you get it. Id highly recommend this company and booking lessons with Bob.

Review №54

After having failed the road test in my original country (Brazil) when I was 18, I decided to try again here in America 26 years after the epísode that caused me an apparently insurmountable trauma of driving. Everything seemed naturally even more challenging now (not my native language, different traffic rules etc). I had behind-the-wheel lessons with 3 teachers of 4 Lakes - Crystal, Brad and Taralie - and I recomend all of them. Despite having different personalities, they have in common much patience and competence. Each of them gave me precious tips and advice on how to pass the test, and they were at the same time rigorous and reassuring, serious and generous. At the age of 44, I got my first probationary driver license on last week, and these 3 teachers will forever be an important part of this happy ending that made me recover my confidence and independence. Thank you all so very much!

Review №55

Crystal is the best instructor! I passed the road test within a week! Super excited! I am definitely gonna get highway instructions from her as well.

Review №56

4 Lakes is a great! All my instructors were really encouraging and provided a good experience all around

Review №57

I had a great experience with 4 lakes, especially with instructor Crystal. She is very nice and helpful. I passed the road test within only three weeks from a 0 experience driver. I would definitely recommend anyone to schedule a lesson with Crystal.

Review №58

Great school & teachers but everytime ive called they’ve never answered the phone .

Review №59

Had great experience with 4 lakes and Crystal. I took 7 lessons and passed the road test for the first try. I feel more confident and safe on driving after taking the lessons.

Review №60

4 Lakes Driving School has a history of working with families to help them obtain the best training and with a schedule that works for the family first and then for the business. I highly recommend this driving school!

Review №61

I had an awesome experience with 4 Lakes Driving School. First of all, the instructors are amazing and they truly want you to learn and succeed. I had a lesson with Bea and shes a wonderful instructor. Shes very friendly, patient, and good at teaching. Moreover, I texted her early in the morning before my road test (totally did not expect her to respond) but she responded right away and solved my question so it really shows that she cares and is willing to help even outside of lesson.I also used their car to take the road test. They will pick you up and do a little lesson with you before the test. They will also stay at the DMV with you and drive you home after you get your license. John did a little lesson with me before the test, which was very helpful. I was pretty nervous but after the extra practice before the road test, I felt a lot more confident and ready. He is also very friendly and patient.Although I already had some driving experience, I wasnt very confident because I havent driven in the past 2 years. With only 2 lessons, I gained more confidence and passed the road test on my first attempt. ABSOLUTELY recommend taking lessons with 4 Lakes!

Review №62

The online class is terrible. Both me and one of my friends have called them during hours and got no response and no call back. My payment was applied to the wrong thing so now I can’t sign up for behind the wheels and they are asking for more money.

Review №63

Crystal is really nice and helpful. i got my license today after taking one refreshment lesson. thank you very much, crystal!

Review №64

This class was so bad. i had pat as a teacher and he was vulgar in class and rude to the students. on the last day of this class we had another teacher and he was very nice and the class was actually fun. i suggest if you are taking this class, please, for god sake don’t have pat as a teacher.

Review №65

The instructor Nick Larocco is truly responsible, nice and on time. Give him a thumbs up.

Review №66

I took 8 lessons here, adult private ones, and I would highly recommend. Everything from the instructors to the vehicles was satisfactory and gave me confidence

Review №67

If you want your kid to have a positive driving experience, do not go here. My son who went through this school had an absolute terrible experience. Through most of the behind the wheel appointments, his teacher was Pat. Pat is very abusive with his language to the kids. Not only does he swear but also vapes inside the car. I did not sign up for my son to get yelled at and swore at. Maybe find better teachers. Sincerely Shannon.

Review №68

Great school! But they should work on answering the phone & work on their website.

Review №69

Crystal is the best driving instructor in all of Wisconsin she helped me get all the essentials and more within 5 lessons.Id recommend anyone looking for a driving instructor to call 4 Lakes and ask for her availability!

Review №70

Great overall experience. Very helpful with everything, and super convenient. Great environment to learn how to drive I highly recommend.

Review №71

I cant say enough good about my 2 experiences with 4 Lakes. Both daughters took drivers ed here. The staff was outstanding and both got their drivers Licenses on the first try because of 4 Lakes!

Review №72

I was surprised at how much availability they had. Did Online then 8&2. Good time! Recommend.

Review №73

Absolutely recommend. Really great atmosphere from the classroom to the trainings in the car. Was really nervous going in and was confident by the end of it, really nice cars you get t odrive as well.

Review №74

The Instruction was ver good .The class times were flexible and they always started on time .The administrative staff, were most helpful.

Review №75

I joined this driving school because some of my other friends went there and had a great experience. I was nervous and my instructor was fabulous and calmed my nerves down. I now have my license and am very happy I chose 4 lakes for my driver training.

Review №76

I’ve been waiting for a refund since a month or more and I’ve been calling them for the past weeks and days they either didn’t answer or always said “I’ll be requesting a refund” which doesn’t even happen communication was bad.

Review №77

Very fun, interactive and helpful lessons. teachers were very kind and encouraging!

Review №78

This place is by far the best place to learn to drive in Madison, all the instructors are friendly and helpful, especially John.

Review №79

I have not yet finished the online course, but I have gotten a decent way through and can safely say I am not impressed. I have come across many glaringly obvious typos that show they obviously never went back an edited at all, and two videos so far have had watermarks saying you need to pay for them but instead Four Lakes just pirated them of Youtube. If you have to spend $180 (!!!) on just the online course alone, there should not be such obvious skimping.As far as the course material, it is also obvious they are just trying to fill up the time so the course is considered long enough to be certified as they have you watch several different histories of driving, one of which is HALF AND HOUR LONG. I can guarantee that my drivers test will not ask me what the first roads were made from (lumber covered in seashells if you were wondering).Going back and studying wont be easy either, as all you can do is go through the tons of slides they give you. There are no study tools or a way to search through information. If I want to look up what a solid white line means, for instance, I would have to go somewhere else to find the answer because it would be impossible to find within the course.All in all, I am glad I have not paid for my behind-the-wheels yet because I am considering going somewhere more professional.

Review №80

I was quite apprehensive given the other recent reviews. I had driven before but that was like 2 years back in CA and I did not take n number of lessons from them. All I did was to sign up for a 2 hour class 5 days before my DMV test. Yes, the instructor comes to your place and will park his car, but he WILL NOT give you a call to let you know he is there (i told them this is strange but dunno why they do it) but they are on time. Given the fact that I had driven quite some time back he made sure I went through all the maneuvers and gave me some good feedback - and he finished off everything within the 2 hours. I also registered with these guys for the actual DMV test. They picked me up an hour before, for some practice and last minute tips and it all worked out well. Overall I felt pretty good that I signed up for them - it really boosted my confidence. Id recommend this school.

Review №81

I do not recommend this school to anyone.I was charged for a lesson for $85 and the teacher did not show up!They said that: we came and you did not come!The teachers spend a lot of time on the un-necessary stuffs and their approach is not toward the preparation for the road test. They do not assume that, the reason we pay is to preparation for the road test and they just think about charging us.The telephone person does not care about anything unless charging us.

Review №82

I learned a lot in my class and passed my drivers test on the first try!

Review №83

The management & specifically instructor Vicky is rude and condescending. One instructor, who no longer works for the company, taught her class incorrectly and not according to the Four Lakes rules. Somehow this became my childs problem and a lecture ensued about proper teaching. I was then lectured that I need to make sure my child knew what she was doing while driving. Thanks Captain Obvious. Since there are so few driving schools in Madison, Four Lakes has monopoly & clearly customer service is not important to them.

Review №84

Had a good experience here overall, very good training and environment

Review №85

Several years ago when I was a sophomore in college, I was at the main DMV on the west side. I had a new-to-me car (used, but only about 15,000 miles on it), that was so new (to me) that it still had the temporary license on it. I had backed out of my parking spot at the DMV and had JUST stepped on the brake to put it into drive, when I heard a crunch. A black Ford Focus from 4 Lakes Driving School (the car was labeled) had backed into me and hit me above my rear wheel! The older Asian gentleman got out of the car and was very apologetic and said “I can’t believe I didn’t look behind me! I mean, I’m a driving instructor!”. He inspected the dents he put in my car and insisted that he didn’t put in 2 of the 4 dents because “they were too high”. Never mind they were exactly where he hit me and had black paint on them. (Remember, this was a new car and I had recently inspected it. It didn’t have any dents on it before he backed into me). I didn’t know what to do. I was a naïve 19 year old and this was my first accident. He insisted we didn’t need to call police (dumb of me) and that he would take care of it. I thought it would be a minor expense since they weren’t very big dents (wrong!) He gave me his 4 Lakes Driving School card and I wrote down the license plate. I tried calling him SEVERAL times after that and he never took my calls. I still have those dents. Do you want someone as dishonest as that to teach your kid how to drive?

Review №86

You should check on car #4’s driver today. That car was swerving worse than a drunk driver down Midvale around 1:15pm today. From center lane and over back to the median.

Review №87

Worst driving school experience Ive ever had. Honestly if I were you, Id rethink taking my behind the wheels somewhere else than 4 Lakes.

Review №88

Crystal was the best

Review №89

Great school

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