Latin American Driving School
246 Essex St, Lynn, MA 01902, United States
Review №1

Vlad was very respectful ; and calm.Eerything went smooth like butter. I highly recommends my friends and family to this guy he a very awesome cool dude very understandable u can’t go wrong

Review №2

I was looking for the right driving school at work I heard of Latin American school and decided to give it a try, I went in and the lady was very helpful… I then contacted Vlad the driving instructor and he scheduled right away. He worked with my schedule and was always on time to pick me up. He showed me exactly what I needed to improve & practice in. He made me feel very comfortable and showed me exactly what I needed to know for the driving test. Thanks to him I passed 😊 I definitely recommend Vlad to anyone that needs the driving lessons and passing there road test !

Review №3

Had a really great experience at Latin American Driving school. The people in the office were really nice and on point with everything. My driver instructor was Vlad and he was amazing, he made me feel comfortable as soon as I started driving, very laid back guy that knows what he’s doing. He’s very professional and makes it simple for you to understand. He taught me everything I had to know for my road test in just one class. He boosted my confidence up. Would recommend this school and I will definitely recommend Vlad as your instructor, very impressed with the outcome.

Review №4

I passed my driving test today 8-29-21. Vlads lessons definitely helped me out a lot and is very good with teaching how to parallel park, which is what I was struggling with the most. The whole driving school experience was great. Vlad is a really great instructor, definitely recommend.

Review №5

Just took my road test with Vlad! He helped me prepare for the test and made me feel so comfortable. Worth taking classes with him and would recommend Latin American Driving school to anyone who is looking for a good quality school.

Review №6

Had a great experience with Latin American Driving School, my instructor Vlad was amazing, he was very professional and helped me feel comfortable enough to pass the road test. I highly recommend working with him! He is very patient and will teach you everything you need to know very easy.

Review №7

Vlad did a very nice job with telling me what to do on the road and his tips were very helpful to become a good driver. he was very calm and collective

Review №8

Latin American was a great driving school. They were relatively quick, and at a good cost. And everything is included which makes it easier. Only problem was sometimes not being able to get in contact with the schools office. I did my road lessons with Vlad. He was the best road instructor, he was very organized, always on time, and prompt. He was encouraging and kind. He listened to my concerns, and accommodated them. I suggest doing your lessons with Vlad!

Review №9

Vlad was great! Excellent communication!Just an overall great experience! Book your driving lesson and ask for Vlad.

Review №10

My driving instructor was vlad and he did a great job. He taught me everything I need to know and led me to being able to pass my driving test. He is flexible when it comes to finding times for driving lessons. I highly recommend Latin American Driving School to anyone who wants to learn how to drive !

Review №11

Vlad was very thorough and patient with his drivers! Thanks for the help!!

Review №12

My experience with Latin American driving school was really great especially with my driver instructor Vlad. Really good instructor and would teach you really well Highly recommend him.

Review №13

I took my road test with them! They were good at communicating and super nice! Vlad was the instructor I took the test with and he was really nice!

Review №14

I had Vlad as an instructor, he was very informative and professional. I highly recommend working with him! He helped me passed the road test, and helped me create appointments for both the on the road practices, as well as, my test. He is easy, and straightforward. He will never leave you confused when you have a question or when giving advice. After his lessons, you’ll feel confident on the road. Vlad is a great instructor!

Review №15

This is one of the best driving schools out there. I had a great experience and the teachers are very informative. I personally had the pleasure of having Vlad as my driving instructor. He is one of the most helpful instructors and is focused on your success on the road. He will never leave you confused on a technique. After you’re done with Vlad’s instructions, you feel like a master of the road. It’s a great driving school and Vlad is a great instructor.

Review №16

I passed my driving test today,vlad was my instructor he is really nice and make you feel comfortable,great experience with this school

Review №17

Vlad was a great instructor and helped me pass my road test on the first try! I would definitely recommend taking at least a lesson before your road test to feel confident

Review №18

I really enjoyed my time with the Latin American Driving School. Jacobo was very nice and i felt comfortable in the class with him. Then for the actual driving lessons I had Vlad. He was a really good instructor; he didn’t get mad if I did anything wrong. Instead, he would tell me what I did wrong so that I could fix it the next time. Thanks to him I was able to pass my road test just this morning!

Review №19

Vlad was amazing. Always gave me pointers and tips whenever I needed help. He is always true to the appointment days and shows up on time if not earlier. Higly reccomend the school overall!!

Review №20

I have paid 2 months ago and was told to contact allthe drivers. None of the drivers answered me andhave tried contacting the school. They have told meto contact Jacobo which is the owner of the drivingschool and he answered once and after that never gotback to me. They are very unorganized and I havetried planning since I first enrolledVlad- Answered once and left me on read right afterhe asked if I had any experience which I answeredYesAlex- zero responseJacobo- Answered and was told to call him backTried calling back for 2-3 weeks and he would never answer or call back.The only professional one out of everyone there is the person that enrolls you and the one that does the drivers test.

Review №21

I had Vlad as an instructor, he was very informative, professional and laid back. He knows what he’s doing and makes it simple for you to understand. I took one class with him and passed my road test on the first shot. I highly recommend working with him!

Review №22

Latin American Driving school is a great place to learn the necessary skills to safely operate a vehicle. My instructors name was Vlad, and he would always make sure I comprehended the rules of the road and always made sure my questions were answered. He was very patient and I definitely recommend him as an instructor.

Review №23

I had Vlad as my instructor. He is patient, professional & always answers your questions. Thank you Vlad for helping me obtain my license. Definitely recommend Latin American Driving school

Review №24

I worked with Vlad and he was a very helpful instructor, highly recommend working with him! Took one class with him and successfully passed my road test on the first shot.... as far as LADS, they took my information, made the appointment for my road test and the information to set up my practice course with their trainers. Easy, simple and straightforward work 👌🏽

Review №25

I had a good experience taking my driving classes here, I had Vlad as an instructor and he was very direct and made it easily understandable . He made sure you knew the rules of the road and would always be open to questions, would recommend

Review №26

Passed my road test the first try!! Vlad was a fantastic instructor and the school has awesome service. Highly recommend.

Review №27

I had a great experience with Latin American Driving School. My instructor was Alex and let me just say he is amazing! He is patient, honest, and will teach you everything you need to know and you will learn quickly. Go see Alex at Latin American, you won’t regret it. Great school!

Review №28

Vlad is an awesome instructor. Highly recommend Vlad because you quickly learn from your mistakes. The school in general is very good because you learn so much.

Review №29

I had a really great experience with the school. I had Vald as my instructor. He is a very great instructor i felt really prepared after having taken driving lessons with him. Any questions or things you are concerned about he will gladly answer them and show you.

Review №30

Good experience! Instructor vlad is amazing driver teacher ! He help me get my license teaching me how to drive the right way and feel confident driving !!!! Thank you vlad !

Review №31

I had Vlad as my instructor. He was very kind and helpful. I took many lessons and easily got comfortable with driving.

Review №32

My instructor, Vlad, was very professional and gave me good instruction. I took one driving lesson with him in order to learn how to parallel park and was able to pass my road test the very next day, great place to go to!

Review №33

I had Vlad for my exam and he was very informative and professional, I was a little nervous but he made me feel comfortable and confident. It was a nice experience with the school.

Review №34

Best driving school out there. My instructor was Vlad and he was quite the best out there. There is nothing like him. He made parallel parking so much easier which was something I was struggling with. He is a very calm and friendly guy. Ask him any questions and he will gladly answer them. He can also schedule your road test fast. Thanks to Vlad I was able to pass my road test.

Review №35

Latin America is a great driving school, my instructor was Vlad he was very professional, he seen the mistakes I was making and told me how to correct them in a kindly mannered way, I highly recommend booking your road lessons with Vlad you won’t be disappointed.

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Review №37

Vlad is a great driving instructor, I fully Recommend Him.

Review №38

I worked with the instructor Vlad. He is very patient and professional. No matter how many mistakes I made he always corrected them calmly and showed me the right way to do things!

Review №39

Best driving school in Lynn super informative. Vlad a teacher at Latin american driving school was and is extremely helpful from parallel parking to 3 point turns he’s the best teacher iv ever had!Most importantly he was able to help me achieve my goal to pass the road test!

Review №40

First off I want to say greatly appreciated to Latin American driving school and Vlad/Alex how they can coordinate their schedule and time even if they’re busy with their own schedule. My daughter had a road test as well and she pass as well. Vlad would give you the easy trick and comfort. You can’t ask anything more than a big thank when they can help you in any way. It’s easy as 1-2-3 simple is that. Plus, the examiner was nice. My daughter and I are fortunate and blessed that we found the right place and decent price for what we have deserve. I’ll definitely recommend to my friends and family in the future.

Review №41

Vlad was great he was super flexible with me and showed me the easiest way to parallel park I recommend you go with Vlad if you’re going to Latin America

Review №42

Before I went to Latin America, I was taking my own driving lessons with my family! Once I started with Latin, the experience was amazing ! I had Vlad as my very first instructor ! I then went with Jhan Carlos to try different instructors and he prepared me enough for my driving lessons and the exam! I lastly went with Alex, HE GOT ME PREPARED AND CONFIDENT! I was on the road test a bit nervous which is normal but these three instructors are amazing ! In every way possible! I hope this helps!For future learners, I would definitely recommend those three because they work as a team as well! You would get the same experience. THEY ARE AMAZING! Thank you to all!

Review №43

Latin American driving school is a great school for those who seek to learn driving experience.My instructor Vlad, was very patient with me and taught me how to drive very well. I went from knowing very little to very much. He is very calm and collected during the driving lessons and lets you know exactly what you have to improve on to get ready for the road test. I give him thanks.The best driving school and the best Instructor.

Review №44

I took my clases with vlad at Latin American school he was a really good instructor very patient and good at directions and advice I highly recommend!

Review №45

Best driving school in Lynn. Especially Vlad one of the instructors that helped me through the classes and also went through the road test smoothly and gave me lots of good tips that were excellent. Would definitely recommend you to go to them you wont regret it.

Review №46

My experience at Latin American Driving School was amazing. My instructor Vlad, demonstrates the desire to teach his students how to become safe drivers. His advice and patience was key to my learning. I’ve been to other driving schools, been taught by numerous instructors but none of them compare to this school & instructor in particular! If you’re looking for a driving school don’t hesitate to call Latin American driving school you wont regret it at all!!

Review №47

I got put with Vlad to take my practices and my driving test, he was very helpful and very good at communicating with me. he was also very patient. I would recommend him for anyone looking for a good person to teach them.

Review №48

Wow, my experience with Vlad was absolutely amazing! As a new driver, I was so hesitant and nervous. Vlad made me feel comfortable with driving. He was patient and provided clear instructions. He shared feedback in a way that was constructive. I learned so much and am so grateful to Vlad for all he taught me! 10/10 Recommend!

Review №49

My instructor was vlad, he did great at explaining and teaching me how to be on the road and definitely helped me prepare myself for the road exam.

Review №50

Best driving school in Lynn. My driving instructor was Vlad and he made me feel more confident on the road aswell with parallel parking. I would recommend Vlad to anyone looking to take classes here.

Review №51

I had a great experience with the Latin American driving school! My instructor Vlad was SUPER helpful & made me feel super calm and relaxed the day of my lessons! He showed me what I needed to know without making me feel pressure or like I wasn’t doing something wrong. Thank you Vlad !!!

Review №52

My driver teacher was Vlad he was very easy to communicate with and worked around my schedule. He always helped driving and gave me clear directions while driving

Review №53

I had Vlad as a driving instructor and he teaches very well and makes sure that you are on point ! Highly recommend going here didn’t come across one issue and the classes helped a lot

Review №54

Vlad taught me everything i needed to know about driving and how to drive properly . he made things simply and easy to learn . he was very professional, definitely recommend!

Review №55

Vlad was very helpful,the way he teaches is so understanding never knew parallel parking was so easy until I ment him he is the best and so professional

Review №56

Awesome driving school with friendly and professional instructors with clear instructions best thing I did was come to Latin America getting my license was a success aswell as my day special shout out to driving instructor vlad u the man thanks for making my day a success

Review №57

Vlad the instructor is very calm and patient. He will answer you all your questions & teach you in a nice calm way. !! Thank you Vlad 🙏🏻

Review №58

The school was great friendly and Vlad was a great instructor teaches you everything you need to know would recommend to anyone trying to get there licenses

Review №59

I had Vlad and he was very helpful and was very nice

Review №60

Vlad was very helpful explaining his instruction & giving the best tips to drive & park easier highly recommend !! 😃😃

Review №61

The school was very nice and patient with students, I myself didn’t have any driving experience before I started my classes here. Vlad is an excellent driving instructor, I’ve learned a lot through out my lessons and was greatly prepared for my road test. I would 100% recommend learning at this school.

Review №62

My Experience at Latin American Driving School was amazing, it made me very confident on being on the road! My driver Instructor was Vlad he is awesome, and I definitely do recommend him to you guys! He will teach you the basic steps on the run down on what you need to do to pass your test, And most of all the safety onto being on the road. Thankyou for the great experience!

Review №63

Latin American Driving School is a great school they have taught me so well and they make sure you understand. My instructor Vlad was a very good teacher he told me what I did wrong straight up and I did what I could to fix it. He is very descriptive and good at explaining things. He would answer questions.He has helped me a lot and with that help, today I passed my road test.

Review №64

It was great my instructor was vlad and he did a awesome job with me and helped me through the process step by step he’s a really hands on type of guy and a overall great instructor he helped me pass my test today

Review №65

Vlad was a huge help. He is the reason I passed my test today! Did 10 driving lessons with him and felt really good after. He is able to help you fix what you do wrong before you get in the habit. Great instructor. Would recommend! Great prices too!

Review №66

Vald was very helpful then any other instructure and very professional!!

Review №67

Vlad was very helpful and gave great tips and advice which helped me pass my road test !

Review №68

Great school that offers multiple different instructors, Vlad is a great teacher that is patient and helps prepare you for the test!

Review №69

This driving school was the best in my experience I learned a lot as a new driver and my driver instructor was Vlad he was a really good instructor. Anytime you were having trouble he would walk you through it and make sure you understand he was always calm and that helped a lot!

Review №70

My instructor Vlad was amazing. He was clear, precise, courteous, and professional. Every lesson with him increased my confidence and knowledge of the road. If your looking for the best driving instructor. Choose Vlad, at the Latin American driving school. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Review №71

Vladimir is one of the best driving instructors at this school for english speaking students. Within a few lessons I passed my road test! The Latin American school of driving took care of all the information required to take the road test and set up the date. Thank you, for the experience!

Review №72

Very thorough appropriate Driving School .

Review №73

Vlad great teacher also has a nice car thanks for everything!!!

Review №74

This is one of the best schools in the area, teacher Vlad was patient, efficient and very collaborative in every class that I received, following his instructions I was able to pass my exam on the first try. Good luck guy’s.

Review №75

My experience was excellent, Vlad is a great instructor.

Review №76

Even with COVID-19, everything was great finished my school hours in two weeks very forward and straight to the point. I did my driving lessons with Vlad everything went great always was on time and definitely taught me everything I needed to know to pass my test. 10/10 would definitely recommend to anyone.

Review №77

Latin American Driving School is the best school on the North Shore. Believe me when I say, I did shop around.. Wilkira is always very professional and friendly in person and when answering the phone. The school was very accommodating to the childrens schedule.Vlad was the childrens driving instructor. He iwas very prompt to pick up for driving lessons . Also responsive and accommodating to my requests. Both children passed their road test on their first attempt.I highly recommend this school and Vlad as an instructor.

Review №78

I took a few lessons with Vladimir and he taught me everything I needed to know within the month. I just passed my road test today. Latin American school of driving handled all the paper work and all the information the DMV needed. Thank you ! Strongly recommend!

Review №79

I want to say thank you to my teacher Vlad who helped me a lot and showed me how to drive, he’s patient and understanding. He’s really a very good teacher and I recommend him. Thank you my teacher Vlad.🥰

Review №80

Vlad is the best instructor ever!!!

Review №81

My experience with Latin American Driving School was very good and outstanding. From the very first day I was greeted with professionalism and a disposition to help me sign up for my classes. After signing up, I met my instructor Vlad, who from the beginning was a calm, educated person on the subject, and treated me not only as a student, but as a person I could trust to make all the necessary questions and have support on the road. I will always be thankful to this organization for their help and for giving me the tools I needed. Thanks to them, I was able to pass my driving test! Thank you Latin American Driving School.

Review №82

Really best teacher for driving

Review №83

Vlad was my instructor and he was very patient with me. Explained things well

Review №84

I called the school to schedule a class and he recommended Vlad, a very good teacher, punctual, patient and teaches all the details and is very good at communicating. I recommend!

Review №85

After many driving lessons with Vlad, I am finally licensed. He was a great instructor who taught me what I know now. Always on time to pick me up, and very understanding. This is definitely a driving school I recommend to anyone who is willing to learn how to drive as well as having my instructor Vlad to teach the lessons. It was affordable and the availability was perfect. Thank you Latin American driving school and most importantly thank you Vlad!

Review №86

Vlad was the best instructor! I would recommend to anyone looking to take some classes and getting there license! Thank you!!

Review №87

I drove with vlad he’s a cool guy he corrects you a lot but so you know what he’s saying(so it stays in your head) only had lessons a few times with him & got my license.Thanks to that guy

Review №88

My driver Vlad was very professional and on point. Very helpful !

Review №89

I had Vlad as my instructor, he’s a good instructor and he’s very patient. Latin American itself is good 10/10 was pretty easy I think everyone there was very helpful especially jacobo he’s nice and Would recommend.

Review №90

I came to Latin America Driving and got everything done pretty quick! Big thank you to Vlad, I was able to pass my road test and he prepares very well.

Review №91

My driving instructor was Vlad. Overall, the experience was great at this driving school. Vlad was a very understanding person that was always punctual and a great teacher. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Review №92

My overall experience with the school itself and my driving instructor Vlad was good. I had already been driving previous to attending the school, but I learned a few minor things with the school and gained confidence with driving.

Review №93

My instructor was Vlad and honestly has so much communication he will be patient and tell you you’re rights and wrongs and even better I learned so much to help me for the road test I recommend Vlad if you ever need practice!

Review №94

I am so thankful for my instructor, Vlad. He is truly an amazing teacher and I highly recommend him. Taking lessons with him really helped me pass the the road test. If you are nervous like I was dont worry because he puts you at ease. He is calm and makes you feel comfortable. He believes in you and wants you to succeed. I appreciated that he was willing to give me early lessons because of my work schedule. My overall experience with him was awesome. Vlad youre the best!!!

Review №95

This place helped me with a lot of things I didn’t know to do and over all made it easier for me to pass the test and get my license easier then it has to be

Review №96

My instructor Vlad at Latin American Driving School was the best instructor! Very professional, patient & over all awesome at helping me!! I Definitely recommend Vlad and Latin American Driving School!!! Thank you so much!!!

Review №97

Vlad, the driving instructor was very patient and straightforward with my driving lessons. Would recommend.

Review №98

All super good I recommend them they are the best without a doubt thanks for everything

Review №99

My experience with the school was amazing. I had Vlad as a teacher and he was super helpful and friendly. When it came down to the road test I did great even though I was super nervous i still did very well. The overall experience was great and would recommend to everyone trying to go to driving school.

Review №100

Vlad is by far the most amazing instructor. He gave his all to make sure I was prepared for the road test and I passed because of him. He was punctual and had patience. He made my experience wonderful. Thanks Vlad for believing in me and teaching me everything I know.

4.9 Rating
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