A Store Of Fire & Dice
486 Merrick Rd, Lynbrook, NY 11563, United States
A Store Of Fire & Dice

Review №1

Loving the people and the vibe. JUST WISH EVERYONE SAVED SOME DIGIMON CASES FOR ME! But seriously, a very welcoming community. Will be going back on a regular basis now.

Review №2

Very enjoyable place. Friendly Staff and good selection for a store of its size

Review №3

Can confirm horrible prices. Dude does a price check right in front of me and charged like $200 over the last sold eBay listings. I told him Oh yeah lemme go get some cash. Meanwhile I just got in my car and went home, wasted my time even driving there. I did a price check before I even took a STEP into the establishment so I know what prices I was looking for

Review №4

I would completely avoid this store if I was you. The prices are outrageous the customer service isnt good. They make you feel like youre a complete inconvenience to them for shopping there. Also No One wears a mask(Regardless of what you belive!! You should ALWAYS REPECT RULES AND LAWS PUT INTO PLACE TO PROTECT NOT ONLY YOURSELF BUT THE CUSTOMER AS WELL )Order online its cheaper and you dont have to put up with Inconsiderate people.

Review №5

Dope spot for playing TCGS super chill staff

Review №6

The guy working there was really nice and friendly. They have a lot of inventory but the prices are kind of high

Review №7

I got a chance to go to the store a few weeks ago and really enjoyed the atmosphere. There were young players who were all being very conscious Vine different things for their games while a very small group was there in the corner playing video games together. The stores owner was an extremely knowledgeable person upon the product he had in the store and very friendly to work with. I was able to go there and do some trading with magic the Gathering cards and felt that the prices were fair and absolutely honest.

Review №8

Lots of great people here and a great outlet for people wanting to spread their nerdy interests.

Review №9

Is it possible to give 0 stars? I had gone to the store with the intention of buying 2 sets of exodia cards,but had been in talks with the owner for a few days to buy some MTG dual lands. I finish negotiating for the cards then give him a final call to see if we cant also deal with the duals since Im there. He comes in WITH A HANDGUN without informing me ahead of time and brings them out for me to see. Refuses to budge one cent on the cards then when I finally decide on taking a card for $400 takes the card from my hand and complains about me wasting his time. Walks away from a $1400 deal and I never in my life felt so disrespected.This story is ridiculous. It was so outrageous I hesitated to post because I highly doubt anyone is going to believe this. Something is seriously wrong with this guy and he cannot be trusted.

Review №10

Great store and got what I needed in general.

Review №11

Cool place! Nice people

Review №12

They dont care about covid. The owner is a conspiracy theorist with overpriced products. Not as serious as covid, but he also sold me a yugioh box that was 25 msrp for 50. It was duel devastator right after it released. I told him I was just getting back into the game, because i was, and he totally took advantage with a 100% msrp mark up. Didnt realize it for about a month until I saw the product in dozens of other stores (big retailer and small card shops alike) for 25-30. I let that slide for more than a year, but now, after a recent visit to check out a yugioh tournament, im putting them on blast. They dont care about the health and well-being of store patrons and thats unacceptable.

Review №13

Fantastic Store. Ive had so many great memories playing DND here.

Review №14

Bunch of scammers!! Super over priced items!! Went to the store to buy shining fates etb and they went for $160 when other stores in Flushing are selling them for only $100!!! Dont recommend going here unless you like spending more money than you should be

Review №15

A Store of Fire and Dice has provided many with a space to play games and share their minds. I have never felt out of place walking into this store. All the employees are friendly and helpful. Even the customers are welcoming and can go from stranger to lifelong friends! Truly a diamond in the rough of this cruel cruel world.

Review №16

Do you buy Pokémon cards

Review №17

Store gives very good deals on Pokemon cards.

Review №18

The greatest place to play games in ny. Everyone there is so nice. The owner and his family are great. They carry almost any game you can think of and there’s always a game going on you can join in. Very welcoming and inclusive environment for all people and all ages

Review №19

Fantastic store, has plenty of space and fully utilized every bit of it with different products like: trading card games, video games, toys, figurines, comics and has several long tables for waging war with your opponent! Awesome owners and selection of products.Clean store with a great atmosphere that reminds me of a scene in konosuba where the heroes successfully completed a big quest and they all celebrate happily in the tavern with the townsfolk. All in all, I highly recommend this store.

Review №20

There arent enough great things I could say about this place. Amazing owners that have been so incredibly welcoming to not only me but everyone that comes to their establishment and joins their community. Jesse in the short time i have known him has quickly become one of my closest friends. They create such a fun and welcoming atmosphere and all the people that hang out there are amazing too. When your having a bad day and you just go to hang out, it really makes you feel better. I highly recommend this place to anyone thats looking to find a game store that has a great community where you can go and hang out and make friends and have fun.

Review №21

I cant argue that the store itself is nice and has above average inventory in regards to the quantity and quality of their products. With that said, the store owner can be painfully rude at times as he allows his customers to wait 15, 20, 25 minutes or more to purchase/sell anything because he will be busy playing board games with his friends.Moreover, I might make a side note that they generally offer about 20-25% of market value when selling or trading in MTG products which is way, way, way below anything Ive ever seen any other store in NYC offer. Ive visited the store several times and played the same waiting game nearly every visit. And with a generally unwelcoming atmosphere (unless you become a regular player who sits down at the store), it makes for an overall disappointing experience when visiting.Nothing else against the store and hopefully the owner will fix this waiting problem, given he considers it an issue. Wish I couldve given 4 or 5 stars.

Review №22

Incredible store, incredible staff, incredible community. ASOFAD is the absolute best place to go for your gaming needs. They are always on top of new releases so whatever game youre into, theyll have the latest expansions in stock, and at awesome prices.One of my favorite things about the store is how active the owners are, in every sense of the word. Theyre constantly running events (7 days a week), tailoring said events based on the communitys interest, and they still find time to play/research enough to be experts on what theyre selling. Its a great feeling to know that the best and most valid recommendation in the store will come from the people behind the counter.Come down and check it out. Youre guaranteed to walk into someone with similar interests and get swept up into a game or two.

Review №23

At first I was very uneducated about MTG and just wanted to learn. The store owner, Jesse, was extremely nice and kind to teach me and answer all of my 1-million questions. This is a really great place to hang and they continued to teach me great even though Im sure I was annoying as heck! A+

Review №24

Been a patron for 2 years, its a nice escape after work once a week. The crowd this store attracts makes it all the better.Multitude of games played hereEDH crowd is worth the trip

Review №25

Best store ever to take your kids and have a good time with your babies. Very friendly staff. At a affordable price.

Review №26

Word on the street is a real wizard frequents this establishment. five stars for me

Review №27

I always come here to play d&d and buy cards and the people there are nice.

Review №28

Love this store! Great place to hang out. The staff is super helpful and customers are always friendly. (:

Review №29

Best gaming shop in Nassau. Open space, lots of light and one of the few places you can play Infinity. The also do mtg, super smash brothers and hearthstone tournaments

Review №30

Best gaming store in the area! On free comic book day I got 3 comics! Best staff ever! Will go again.

Review №31

Doesn’t take Covid seriously. Won’t be returning.

Review №32

Its hard to say something others havent already. Always kept clean and organized, all are accepted and Jessie is one of the nicest people youll come across. Im not even a gamr and I was comfortable there.

Review №33

Love this place!! Awesome environment and great staff. Especially Stephanie, shes the best

Review №34

Wonderful atmosphere and a great way to play yugioh Pokemon and magic the gathering, as well as join smash, yugioh, magic and Pokemon tournments

Review №35

Super awesome store with great people! Fun place to play MTG or even tabletop games.

Review №36

Of many card shops I visit, this one has by far been the worst experience in my opinion. I wasnt allowed to look at anything I even asked for the person behind the counter to hold up the binder for me to at least read a card or two but I couldnt even do that. When I asked if a card was available his reply was Im not sure if we have it in the store but I have it. Anyway this type of service for such a little inventory of Yu-Gi-Oh cards isnt worth it.

Review №37

Great store if your into any kind of TCG. Very wide selection of booster packs and boxes and singles available. Customer service is awesome. Owner is super nice and helpful, gave me very fair store credit on some pokemon cards I didnt need. Havent played in any tournaments but they have them frequently and look like lots of fun.

Review №38

Love this place. I go for Yu-Gi-Oh on Sunday. They have a great selection of tabletop games and comics. The owners of the store are also cool.

Review №39

Friendly place! Great assortment of games!!!

Review №40

Amazing store. Ive been here on multiple occasions while visiting family in New York, I have never seen a more diverse play group for both FNM, and EDH. They also have a huge inventory of cards, and a very friendly down to earth staff.

Review №41

Fun and friendly staff, tons of product ranging from comics to figurines and much more. Parking is also very easy.

Review №42

Best place to go and have fun. Everyday is a different event for all sorts of gamers. The staff is very knowledgeble. Owner has a rocking beard.

Review №43

Wonderful. Its a magical Christmasland filled with hopes and dreams. 5 star frog splash.Xoxo

Review №44

I love this store me and my friends come here every sunday i really recommend this store

Review №45

One grate store, i came from Puerto Rico looking for a place to play MTG and I found the place, jessy gave us a great welcome, I feel like am at my old store . Great selection of card game, board games, collectibles and comics. There are a lot of food choices near by .

Review №46

I was walking along Merrick Road, saying to myself I wonder where the worst cheese in the world is sold? I happened to pass by this odd little store which was crowded and boisterous in an almost party environment. I stepped inside to see what frivolity was being engaged, and lo and behold, I found myself transported into a wondrous realm of excitement. Games at every table, magnificent artwork adorning every wall, cheers and laughter almost deafening. The staff, a lovely couple who are instantly likable and their talking badger, spoke with me about their shop. As a gentleman who enjoys board games and various forms of nerdery, this store is a veritable Shangri-La. I have returned multiple times, occasionally battling rampaging yeti or irate British nannies to get there, and each time I go, it is an enthralling and enjoying experience. I highly recommend visiting on a regular basis.*Note - The parts about badgers, yeti, and nannies may be lies.

Review №47

It is a highly placent place to be and the staff is polite, easygoing and helpfull. I highly recommend this store for everybody.

Review №48

Awesome Store!! Great staff, and nice place to get any of your comic book and trading card needs :)

Review №49

If you are a gamer, this is the place to be. A competitive and constructive environment; an open, breathing, and comfortable space, lots of seating, tons of events, a multitude of games, and the best crowd in Nassau, or all of NY. Dont waste your time with hole in the wall stores, play with Fire and Dice!

Review №50

Super rude staff. I was willing to spend a nice bit of $$ on Free Comic Book day and they limited free books to 2 per customer even though I wanted 3 books

Review №51

Very surprised to see how well set the store is. All items for sale are well organized and the store owner is very knowledgeable of their products!

Review №52

Awesome store, wish it was my LGS. Great crowd, amazing single selection, and snacks galore. Youll never wanna leave.

Review №53

Was visiting New York area and found this place in my travels. Id make it my regular shop if I could, but I live on the other side of the nation. That said, everyone should support this place.

Review №54

One of the best places to go for TCG and table top games, great atmosphere and awesome community, holds awesome smash tournaments and has great customer service !

Review №55

Totally gReat store, woUld recoMmend Profusely.

Review №56

I loved that they had so many comic books and Pokémon cards and also that u also can sell ur cards there to!!!!

Review №57

Amazing place. Friendly staff, great environment.

Review №58

A+++ its the place to be on any Friday night! Its the premier location in Nassau county for all your geeky needs! Featuring all the most Best TCGs, collectibles, VG, tabletop games and RPGs!

Review №59

It could be better but is the only one in the area

Review №60

Great place to play different tcg games as well as board and comics as well.

Review №61

Friggin awesome spot. Went in for D&D dice, stayed until closing chatting with patrons

Review №62

Very cool store helpful staff and great prices

Review №63

I great place for all your MTG needs. FNM is the place to be.

Review №64

Local small business fantastic customer service and all the nerdy stuff I was looking for haha

Review №65

Great place to sit down and play with friends!

Review №66

Card prices too high and should be lowered. Bought a heavily played card for mint price.

Review №67

Amazing community for all games they are delighted to hold torments for

Review №68

Great store for magic the gathering.

Review №69

Bigoted unwelcoming owner and atmosphere.

Review №70

Friendly guys. Store manager is a awesome!!!

Review №71

Cards was Priced too high....he tried to sell me used cards for mint price....👎🏻

Review №72

Cool place, cool people!

Review №73

Best store and best staff ever!!!!!

Review №74

Great people

Review №75

I played mtg here

Review №76

Very help ful

Review №77

Excellent store, Excellent staff, and Excellent inventory

Review №78

Great place

Review №79

This is the spot!

Review №80

Gamers spot

Review №81


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