Childrens Orchard Academy
5007 98th St, Lubbock, TX 79424, United States
Childrens Orchard Academy

Review №1

This is where my niece Ava Chambers goes to school!! She tells me how much she loves her school days there all of the time. I can tell her experience there has definitely set the standard. She is so smart and respectful I just cant stand it sometimes. Proud Uncle Here

Review №2

My son Lane loves COA! We have been overly pleased with the care he receives. His teachers and staff love him like their own, which makes my momma heart so happy! Highly recommend!!

Review №3

Wesley & Ivy T. Love children’s orchard academy. The teachers are so friendly and helpful. You can tell they enjoy what they do and really care about your kids!

Review №4

My grandson, Grant Batista, attends here and I am so grateful to hear of the activities and loving, caring staff that care for him while my daughter and son in law work. It is truly a loving, friendly staff and he loves his teachers!

Review №5

We have had the best four years with Principal Jennyfer both at Learning Tree and Orchard. She and her staff have been so wonderful to Park. He has grown from the most shy child to outgoing because of their care. Not to mention he comes home daily with something new he learned both academically and about faith. We couldn’t recommend Orchard more. We love all the women there and trust them with our child completely.

Review №6

I highly recommend Children’s Orchard Academy! My niece, Ava Chambers, loves this daycare. The staff is so attentive and dedicated. Five stars!

Review №7

My friend, after a divorce, enrolled her children Wesley and Ivey Tidrow into Orchard Academy.The school, teachers and staff have provided the love and care that they needed at the time. I cannot recommend highly enough the school for the wonderful instruction and affirmation that they receive. The children are thriving and love Orchard Academy.

Review №8

My cousins Wes and Ivy T can’t stop telling us how much they love it here. Thanks for all you do!

Review №9

My cousins twins Wesley and Ivy Tidrow attend Children’s Orchard Academy and absolutely LOVE it.And this can make a working Mom feel good😄

Review №10

COA is such a blessing to us. Our granddaughter, Ava loves her teachers and classmates. That is review priceless.

Review №11

Wesley and Ivy T love love love going here! Nothing better than happy little’s and this is a great place for them to grow and learn.

Review №12

We have had a great experience at COA. Paisley M loves her teachers and has learned so much. I am so amazed with all the new things she comes home and talks about. Not to mention the social skills she has developed.

Review №13

Our daughter Ava Chambers loves this school! We do too!! Highly recommend joining the Orchard family!

Review №14

COA is a great experience, I have heard nothing but great things! Such good staff and an amazing program. Was recommended from a friend whose son goes there, Bryson Fair.

Review №15

My daughter Channing Nacole absolutely loves Childrens Orchard Academy. Shes been in their program over two years and adores her teachers!

Review №16

My granddaughter, Channing Nacole goes to you school and enjoys every minute. Channing always has great stories to tell me. Thank you for caring and doing a great job at teaching our young people.

Review №17

I love that my daughter Wynter Simmons goes here she has learned so much thank you for helping her grow

Review №18

Our daughter Brynn T. loves attending COA. She loves all of her teachers and friends. I also love that she has the opportunity to learn dance through the Stretch-n-grow program two days a week at COA. We know she is always in good hands at COA!

Review №19

My niece Channing Nacole attends this school, and she has the best stories when she comes home! So grateful for this amazing place!

Review №20

Children’s Orchard Academy has been great for our son, Grant Batista. We love the staff!

Review №21

My nephew Bryson attends here and has learned so much over the past 3 years. I like that the staff/teachers actually try to teach the kids things rather than just letting them play 24/7 like normally daycares.

Review №22

I know Shelbie and her daughter Channing are so grateful to be at Childrens Orchard Academy, Channing loves it here

Review №23

Bryson loves going to school!! His teachers are awesome and he is learning so much!!

Review №24

Wynter simmoms loves this day care and is learning a lot..

Review №25

Shawn and Shelbi Nacole sitter highly of COA! Channing loves it!!!

Review №26

It was so heartbreaking and overwhelming for my best friend to find a daycare for her first baby, Sutton! Her and her husband went to several places to tour and she could not find a daycare she was comfortable taking her baby to until she went to Children’s Orchard Academy! The staff were super friendly and she felt very welcomed. The environment is clean and as a mother she feels this is a safe place! I highly recommend you taking your children here based off the great experience my friends have had!

Review №27

My great-nephew, Wake Sepkowitz, attends this learning academy. Sometimes I have the great pleasure of taking and picking him up. What impresses me is the wonderful staff. They greet me as soon as I walk in the door and know who I am and that I am there to drop off or pick Wake up. Then they proceed to tell me what a wonderful day he has had. It’s a huge relief to know that he is in an environment where he can learn while having fun!! This is by far the best place for children to grow, learn and be loved!!

Review №28

My nephew Bryson Fair absolutely loves this school. He has progressed so much so fast and enjoys all of his teachers.

Review №29

We love Children’s Orchard for Ava C! Such an enriching, loving environment!

Review №30

Happy Valentine’s Day Channing Nacole! The best Valentine’s Day box!!

Review №31

My niece wynter attends your academy and I was amazed that she learned sign language.

Review №32

Finding the right place to leave your newborn baby isnt easy, especially for brand new parents like my cousin and his spouse, and I can just see how much of a great place Childrens Orchard Academy will be for my baby cousin Sutton. Even though Im not a parent myself, I cant imagine leaving my baby with someone that I couldnt trust while I went to work or something, but my cousins seem to have their full and complete trust to leave Sutton in a place where they know she would be safe and taken care of, until her parents came to pick her up at the end of the day. It makes me feel safe that Childrens Orchard Academy is the place where my baby cousin goes for the day while her parents are working hard to provide her a healthy and happy childhood.

Review №33

Sutton is one of my sweet great-nieces. She and her parents love how well you care for her. Everyone is so nice. There is so many activities that she is enjoying and new things to learn as she grows. It is pleasant and nurturing care that we are so thankful Sutton is getting.

Review №34

One of the hardest things I’ve ever done was leave my two moth old to go back to work! Children’s Orchard Academy has made it so much easier. They love our little River N. like he is their own and take such good care him. I can’t imagine a better daycare than this!

Review №35

Children’s Orchard Academy is great! I would definitely recommend this school for anyone in the area. I have seen tremendous growth for our friends kiddo Lo since being here! They have a great method of teaching, interacting, and helping these kiddos grow!

Review №36

Im so glad my niece, Evelyn Vargas, has the opportunity to attend Childrens Orchard Academy and get an early start on her education. Her parents speak so highly of it!

Review №37

Our daughter Lo has thrived in school since starting at Childrens Orchard Academy. We are thankful for great staff that care for our daughter when we are at work. The building is new and clean. Our daughter loves the playground in the back. They keep parents involved with daily information sheets, emails, and special events.

Review №38

My granddaughter takes my great-grandson here and always raves about it! Levi really loves being there and they are helping him grow to be a wonderful young man.It’s a wonderful place to take your children!

Review №39

Our granddaughter, Lo, has had a great experience at this school! We were so impressed with the facilities when we visited Lubbock. It is clean, bright, and filled with educational tools importantly, the staff seemed caring and nurturing. Our granddaughter certainly seems to love them!

Review №40

My little cousin Wynter goes here & I hear great things about her being here. She is learning a lot & becoming a well rounded young little lady. Great job to the staff & everyone involved in helping bring out the best in her.

Review №41

Wes T. And Ivy T. Love going to Children Orchards Academy!!!

Review №42

This is an amazing place to send your kids. My nephew Levi attend here and my sister loves it for him. He learns a lot and is well taken care of.

Review №43

We love Children’s Orchard Academy! My daughter Lo is excited to go to school each day. Her excitement to see all the staff members is always reassuring and she comes home saying and singing things we have never taught her on a regular basis!

Review №44

My sweet little friend Wake loves COA! He is so lucky and blessed to have a place that takes such amazing care of him. Five stars all the way! ♥️

Review №45

Sutton is my cousins granddaughter! I know how hard it is to leave your child at such a young age. Sutton looks so happy and adjusted! Her parents love Childrens Orchard Academy too!!

Review №46

What an amazing place to take your children too! My coachs son, Wake goes there and he has absolutely enjoyed it! Keep up the great work.

Review №47

Channing loves it so much here!!

Review №48

My kids, Bryn and Jonah Galley, attend COA and love it there. The staff is great and so friendly. This daycare is top notch. Wed highly recommend them to anyone looking for childcare.

Review №49

The best daycare in the area! My friends/family speak so highly of the staff, quality of care, and attentiveness to their baby girl Sutton! Highly recommended!

Review №50

My little buddy, Wake Sepkowitz, loves Children’s Orchard Academy. It is a blessing to have a daycare that Wake enjoys going to each day. Thank you for taking such good care of him.

Review №51

My grandson Milo Ramos attends daycare, and we love the staff there. Everyone is always so kind and loving. Thank you all for caring for the kids.

Review №52

My sweet cousin Brittany sends her little precious one, Levi, here and I know they absolutely love it! What a blessing it has been for her to find a place she loves and trusts!

Review №53

Wake man aka the War child. Son of the best coach ever to be know! The war child should be your number one vote because he is the prodigy son of coach sepkpwitz. The best coach around !!

Review №54

My grand-daughter, Camdyn, goes to Children’s Orchard Academy and loves it! It’s the only place my daughter trusts with her precious daughter! Great daycare/learning center! A+++++++

Review №55

My sweet little cousin Wake Sepkowitz go to school here. They love it so much! Such a wonderful place for education for your little babies

Review №56

The only Academy our team trusts with our precious ones!! An incredible staff of loving, caring, nurturing individuals who really allow all children to thrive and grow!!!Daphne Moore

Review №57

A few friends have their children here and speak speak highly of the teachers and staff here. Lil’ Levi, tho, is thriving and makes his parents proud everyday by what something new he’s learned. Highly recommend Children’s Orchard Academy.

Review №58

This is a wonderful place for kids. my nephew levi goes here and its a great place. him and his family love it. we are glad they found it for him.

Review №59

My precious granddaughter Kenlie goes here and we love it. The security, staff and facility in itself is amazing. They also pick up my grandson JRyan after school and he loves it. Truly blessed! ❤️

Review №60

This place is a great daycare. It’s full or friendly teachers, great lesson, Jesus focused, and fun atmosphere.My great grandson Levi loves it!

Review №61

I have heard nothing but great things about Children’s Orchard Academy!! My best friend’s children Wake and Cypress both go here and they’re always so good to them! Highly recommend! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Review №62

This facility is wonderful. Emily M loves attending. They have an IT room, gym, playground, and she loves stretch n grow too!

Review №63

Its my understanding that you all must have an outstanding program for children and a even better trained staff. Ms. Sutton Durham attends, and she and Family seem to be overly appreciative of what you all do for her. Way to set the standard.

Review №64

This is one of the best daycares in the area! My friends speak so highly of the staff, quality of care, and attentiveness to their child Sutton D! Highly recommended!

Review №65

I have heard a lot of great things about COA! My coaches son Wake Sep, LOVES it! He works hard everyday and has a lot of fun!

Review №66

This is an amazing place that is doing some of incredible things for our children! Building the foundations for future leaders like Daphney Moore! Who is an amazing child as well!

Review №67

Such a sweet and wonderful place to send your child. Levi Roberts is always smiling when he comes and goes. Highly recommend!!

Review №68

Our son levi attends here and we all LOVE it! it’s a safe, clean, fun, and amazing! HIGHLY recommend! ♥️

Review №69

I feel they provide a great learning, positive atmosphere. It’s friendly and clean.ROWAN loves it there!❤️

Review №70

My good friend’s child Wake absolutely love Children’s Orchard Academy. His parents love the peace of mind they get when leaving him in a safe and learning environment.

Review №71

My grandson Levi attends here and it’s the best! He is growing and learning so much. It’s a really safe and clean place. 💘

Review №72

Word of mouth travels fast and I only hear great things about how caring they are! Sutton just loves it there!

Review №73

I’d highly recommend this place for anyone! My nephew Levi Jacob comes here and he loves it! 😁

Review №74

My grandson Rowan is enjoying his days at school. He really likes his teacher! We are very pleased with this school!

Review №75

Sutton! Looks like a happy baby coming to your facility. Her Mom and Dad searched high and low and found Orchard Academy to be the best

Review №76

Wake absolutely loves COA. He has such a great time there. His parents are so grateful to find such an amazing place .

Review №77

Our son levi attends here and we all LOVE it! it’s a safe, clean, fun, and amazing facility! HIGHLY recommend!

Review №78

My best friend takes her daughter Sutton to Children’s Orchard Academy! It seemed like an endless search for the perfect daycare so we were all relieved when she found caretakers she could trust for baby Sutton!

Review №79

My niece and her son Levi love this place. We’re so glad she found it for him. Amazing school!

Review №80

Weve heard many great reviews from COA. Our coachs son, Wake goes there and really enjoys it. This seems like a great school

Review №81

This place is great! Namely because Wake Sepkowitz goes to daycare here, and he is just the cutest kid!

Review №82

C.O.A is amazing. My friends son wake has the time of his life. He learns so much. Keep up the good work!

Review №83

I have heard great things about this place. They are a great fit for my friend Sutton.

Review №84

Wake loves COA!! He loves his teachers and fellow classmates! Such a great place for my man Wake to begin his early education!

Review №85

My granddaughter, Hadley Hooks, goes to preschool here and she loves it. Whenever I go to pick her up I’m always impressed by how nice and friendly everyone is.

Review №86

We love that we found Children’s Orchard Academy for Sutton. We feel comfortable taking her there everyday and could not ask for a better environment!

Review №87

I was so glad that my friends found the perfect place for their sweet Emily M. When they moved back to Lubbock. This place has been a perfect fit and she loves her school!

Review №88

Excellent daycare in Lubbock! My family’s children attend here and Wake is always learning so much and having so much fun!

Review №89

We love seeing Sutton & her friends having fun at school! 🦄 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 This has to be the best of the best for her parents to bring her here.

Review №90

Our granddaughter Sutton D. sure does love her teachers. Our son and daughter in law are so with happy the excellent service and caring staff.

Review №91

Our kids, Bryn and Jonah Galley, attend COA and love it there. The staff is great and we would recommend them to anyone seeking a childcare facility.

Review №92

My niece Lo goes there are she absolutely loves it. Would highly recommend!

Review №93

My buddy from work highly recommends this organization says his daughter Sutton Durham absolutely loves it. I personally look forward to sending my kids here.

Review №94

I have heard nothing but wonderful things about this place. Our friends daughter Sutton attends this school and she is thriving. Definitely recommend!

Review №95

My sweet friend Wake Sepkowitz is in love with his daycare! I hear nothing but wonderful things! Great place to take your kids

Review №96

Our youngest cousin, Sutton Blake attends Children’s Orchard academy so it must be one of the best for her parents to put so much trust in them to care for their first baby girl!

Review №97

My friends son Wake, goes to COA and he loves it there! you should really consider on sending your child to Childrens Orchard Academy .

Review №98

The coa is a wonderful place to take your kid. my coaches son, wake, gos wake has a very fun time and loves it there

Review №99

We tried the after school program and the 2s program. K-5 are all grouped together, which I thought and poor judgement. The adults in the afterschool program yell at the kids for compliance, rather than having a caring disciple approach. The 2s program seemed poorly staffed. My 2 year old came home tired and not himself. I am sure the ladies did an okay job, but how can 2 people manage 15+ kids with diapers and comfort or engage the children in a meaningful way. The few substitutes I saw in the room didnt act like they knew how to interact with kids, without being told. Overall it was not a good fit for us as we were looking for a living and caring Christian environment when what we got was sub par basic childcare.

Review №100

My cousins chose this place for their baby girl Sutton. They love it here.

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