Speiser Sturges Acting Studio
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Speiser Sturges Acting Studio

Review №1

Speiser / Sturges studio just shared a celebration about five of their students that have booked some major appearances on some well known tv shows.Im not surprised! I was a student at Speiser / Sturges Studio from 2015 to 2017. It was the best three years of my acting education. I studied mostly under Shannon (although a few times under Aaron). In a warm., supportive setting, she gave me good observations and gave me some challenges to grow. It was all wonderful.Am I a fan of Shannon at Speiser / Sturges Studio. You bet! You would be too if you decided to enroll.

Review №2

When it came to choosing an acting studio for classes I never thought I would Speiser/ Sturges Acting Studio. I am grateful to have taken the Technique class with Indrani Desouza due how great she taught the course and how helpful she tried to guide not just me but everyone. I would highly recommend anyone from LA to take courses due that they can be very beneficial and helpful towards anyone who’s an aspiring actor. Would take classes here again

Review №3

I really enjoy taking classes here. During the pandemic, I think they saved me! I was so restless at home and I ended up taking classes on-line with Indrani. She is a genius. All of the teachers are awesome. I have definitely learned a lot here.

Review №4

To feel like I was part of the studio and to feel important to the studio, was everything I needed when I started training with Speiser Sturges. I was in the first round of the technique class online, and it was great. Shannon and Indrani really spend time with you to keep you moving along. This is the studio for me, and it will be for you as well. Your working with the best to be the best.

Review №5

I absolutely love this studio. Indrani and Shannon are amazing! They are training us to be working actors, not professionals students.

Review №6

Shannon is a truly empowering & inspirational genius that helps you book work!! All of the coaches are BRILLIANT - Indrani, Aaron, Dan and Kay - They all have their own styles but they teach the same process to hone your craft- They have all helped us grow into artists and help with our careers. I love watching other scenes/classes because you can see how a simple note or adjustment changes the entire scene - and moves you. Its breath taking. The community here is super supportive and friendly.. and diverse :)

Review №7

The most positive, spirited, engaging, and welcoming studio that gets to work!!! I was exhausted after my first class and the happiest with everything I was able to soak in and apply to my craft. The best acting coaches on the planet. There is no bull sh*t here and everyone respects each other. I really really love this studio and am so grateful to Shannon and Indrani. Hard work and so much fun! Thank you!

Review №8

I have been at this studio since January of 2017 and it has opened my eyes as an actress to say the least. I have had the opportunity to work with all of the teachers here and it has been phenomenal. I have never been able to see or understand a script or character like I am being taught now and the best part is I am still learning and digging deeper every single class. I absolutely love the honesty and style this studio provides. I am so grateful and so appreciative for you all !!

Review №9

He’s simply one of the best teachers around! He helped me get started in the industry and to build a strong foundation with which I have grown an incredible career! I am forever grateful! He has the best stories too! Thank you Aaron! Love you! G

Review №10

I feel so alive whenever I enter this studio! The students and staff alike made me feel right at home from the very start. The classes are helping me find a side of myself that I didnt know existed. This is the first place I came when I got to L.A. from Cleveland, and I have been here every day theyre open since then! (I actually missed a Friday workout class, but I had to work last minute) The energy is great, and the process they use to find the character brings out some incredible acting during the Scene Study classes. Thanks guys

Review №11

If you are an actor that is looking for an acting studio in Los Angeles, there should be no doubt that this is the place to be. Aaron and Shannon work together to provide its students with all the classes, teachers, guest teachers, and resources for every actor to reach their full potential. I have seen myself grow immensely not only as an actor but as a person since I have joined here. They truly invest in each and every student and will go out of their way to see you reach success. One of the best qualities of the studio is that there is a special and supportive community within the actors there that is unusual and hard to find with other studios in the LA area. This 5 star review was a no-brainer. Thank you Aaron and Shannon!!!!

Review №12

If you are looking to be absolutely serious about your acting career, look no more! I have studied at the Aaron Speiser Acting Studio for the past 4+ years and absolute love it here. I showed up one day (after doing my research) to audit a technique class and everything about the studio felt right! The teachers and the lesson seemed to just fit perfectly and I joined. The Aaron Speiser Acting Studio is the best. If you are unsure if it fits for you, make sure to audit the technique class ( it is only 12 weeks from start to finish) and taught by Shannon Sturges. Did I mention (once you join technique) you can come watch all classes at no additional cost? You also want to audit the Scene Study 3 class taught by Aaron. It will blow your mind! Dont you want to be taught by those who are passionate and dedicated to this art? If youre READY and serious about your film/television acting career YOU HAVE FOUND the place!

Review №13

As a film producer, I can honestly say Aaron is the best acting coach I have ever seen on a set. His easygoing manner along with his commitment to being the best enables him to create magic that brings out the best in everyone on the set - not just the actor he is coaching. Ive witnessed firsthand many times the brilliance with which he stepped in and worked (played!) with Will Smith to get to the truth of a scene that even the writer and director were surprised to discover. I advise any actor who wants to work with the best and who wants to take his or her personal life to the highest potential possible to enroll in Aarons classes immediately. Jump in and see for yourself. And be ready to laugh and cry and feel life in a way you havent felt it before. Youll thank me afterwards.

Review №14

The real deal. Ive trained with quite a few coaches at many studios. Speiser Sturges is on its own level. If you are willing to commit they will bring out the best in you, hands down.

Review №15

Aaron and Shannon are the best teachers you could hope for. They are inspiring and really help you to be a better actor. I took the classes to learn to be a better director and I use techniques all the time that help me in my work, I also saw many actors realize their dreams by studying with Aaron and Shannon. Audit a class, you wont regret it.

Review №16

If youre looking for the BEST acting studio in Los Angeles...LOOK NO FURTHER!! The Aaron Speiser Acting Studio is where its at!! Ive been working with Aaron ever since I moved to California and he has been a life changer. I can proudly say his passion for acting and extensive experience/knowledge of the industry at large will not only make you a better actor, but it will make you a better human being as well. If you want to take your acting to the next level, see my guy Aaron!

Review №17

Ive been at the studio for almost two years now, and after auditing many others, Aaron Speiser Acting Studio is without a doubt, the best acting classes in Los Angeles (possibly in the world). I studied at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and can honestly say Ive learned more here and more efficiently than my time in London.Aaron skips all the theater crap and teaches you in a very straightforward manner the tools youll need to be successful to have a career in film and television.

Review №18

I started at the Aaron Speiser Acting Studio about a year and a half ago and it was one of the best decisions Ive ever made. This class has brought such joy to my life and I have grown as both an actress and as a person. Shannon and Aaron are more than just brilliant teachers, they genuinely care about and invest in their students.

Review №19

If your looking for an acting studio in LA, or a coach to study privately with wherever you are, Aaron is that guy. I knew the minute I sat in his class for the first time, he was the coach for me. Ive been studying with Aaron for three years and he has help me change my life and my acting career. Since studying with Aaron I have been working non stop! I love this guy!

Review №20

Having too much fun everytime come here. It does not feels like a class I just laugh so hard for 3 hours and get involved all the activity. Hey we can all be actor one of these days. Things are start happening to me lately . Thank you ! I learn myself more coming here taking work shop. It has been a journey

Review №21

The Aaron Speiser acting studio is amazing. I love it and have been here for a while dont see myself leaving until Im spending my days on set. Thank you Shannon and Thank you Aaron!

Review №22

Ive been a student here for over 4 years! This is by far the best Acting studio in Los Angeles. I knew from the moment I took Technique that this is definitely the place I wanted to study. 4 years later and I still cant get enough!

Review №23

Honestly, very, very pleased by Aaron Speiser, Shannon Sturges and co. This studio teaches in a unique way that is usable in the daily job as an actor from auditions to jobs while still teaching all the fundamental techniques and methods in a super fun way. They also focus on everyones individuality which is so important as an artist. I feel like the training in this studio was exactly what I was missing as an actor and I am excited for this great journey ahead. Within a few months of training with them, my auditions have improved vastly and I booked a guest star on a hit show - dont think that was a coincidence ;). Aaron Speiser studios slogan when youre ready to do what you came here for is 100% accurate!

Review №24

If you are considering a career in acting for television & film, DO NOT COMMIT TO ANYONE ELSE UNTIL YOU ATLEAST SETUP AN APPOINTMENT TO AUDIT THE AARON SPEISER ACTING STUDIO! I promise you that you will not want to go anywhere else! Ive been training under him for 2 1/2 years which is relatively short if you respect the craft of acting. In that short time, Ive seen A-list celebrities and directors come in just to watch him teach. Even if you arent an A-list celebrity or director, Aaron prides himself for giving the same exact level of top notch quality coaching and attention to any actor who studies under him regardless of their experience. His ability to help actors better themselves so that they can work speaks for itself. Sure hes worked with several big names. But whats even more impressive are the names that you dont hear about because they arent in the limelight. There are hundreds maybe even thousands of actors who consistently work and make a wonderful living because of Aarons teachings. If acting is living, then Aaron will first help you improve your life so that you can then bring it to your acting. As for me you may ask? Well in my short time training with Aaron, I am now signed to a top notch commercial agency of which I have several auditions a month. I get callbacks frequently. My first national commercial just started airing. Theatrically, I am still working on representation because I dont have much experience in the industry yet. However when the time comes, I know Ill be ready because of the tools Aaron gave me.

Review №25

Im in my 2nd year of study at this studio, and I can assure you--Aaron Speiser, Shannon Sturges & co. know acting. Even better is they know how to teach acting. In particular, they know television & film and work with everyone from Hollywood elite A-listers to the greenest new arrivals to town with stars in their eyes. No one possesses a magic wand that grants instant movie-stardom, (especially for the low monthly rates they charge), but their team of show-business veterans teach a trusted process that instills fundamental skills of acting that will serve any true artist well. Even for me, a former credentialed educator and a founder of two successful comedy dinner theaters in Denver with years of stage experience and college theater work, the Speiser/Sturges Acting Studio has broadened my depth of knowledge immensely and challenged me to new heights of growth in the craft of acting. Bravo Shannon, Aaron, Indrani, Kay, Dan and all my studio-mates!

Review №26

I was what many consider a well-trained actor when I moved to LA. I graduated with an MFA in acting from Cal State Fullerton, and spent a year in LA just treading water before I found Aaron Speisers studio, on the recommendation of my manager. I was hooked in the first class. Aarons no-nonsense, straight talk about the sometimes difficult and strange business of entertainment helped me become clear about my abilities, my selling points as an actress, and also grounded me in who I am as a person. AND he helped me make the transition from theater acting to film acting- vital for this market.Any actor needs to be wary of the many ways that businesses and people in LA will take advantage of them, financially or otherwise. I found Aaron Speisers acting studio to be a sanctuary from that kind of nonsense. Aaron will do his best (which is considerable) to make you a better, more prepared, professional actor. Hell also help you improve your life, but thats just an extra benefit. This studio will make you a better actor. Period.

Review №27

I worked with Aaron for 4 years and loved all of it. I saw people who I started with that had no credits end up being leads on TV series, principles in big ads. Aaron really can get you booking, I am always amazed when i see my fellow classmates post what they are up too. All who stayed the course knocked it out of the park.. I just got my GC so can now start auditioning. He provided me with the right tools.

Review №28

I have been studying with Aaron Speiser Acting Studio for a little over a year now, and I am so thankful to have found such a welcoming and supportive environment to be a part of. I started out in the technique class with Shannon and Im now in scene study with Aaron. Both Aarons and Shannons knowledge and teaching are unparalleled and I have already grown so much as an actor and a person since joining. Aaron, Shannon, and the entire staff truly care about every student, and will do anything possible to help with whatever you may need, whether it be career-related or personal. I have studied at a few other studios and none of them come close to the level of excellence at Aaron Speisers.

Review №29

Fantastic place to study. This place is pretty much my second home. Shannon and Aaron = Jordan and Pippen. Not sure whos who though. Lol

Review №30

Aaron Speiser is the greatest acting coach of them all. He is presiding over a younger select group of acting coaches like Shannon Sturges and Indrani DeSouza whom he has inspired and who have trained under his rigorous techniques and methods. His presence is a constant force that demands young actors to learn from their artistic forebears, build on what they have done, and keep building. The sense of artistic continuity and creative endeavor feels real and palpable. Its impossible to imagine that any other studio is offering a learning model in acting like his that works and produces successful working actor.

Review №31

This studio and its staff are truly amazing. I attended a performing arts high school, CalArts, and several acting studios throughout Los Angeles and I can honestly say I’ve grown more in my short time at Aaron’s studio than anywhere else I have studied. Living in LA, we tend to get caught up in the hoop-la and business side of acting that we actually forget to the most important thing of all: knowing how to act! Aaron respects the craft of acting and views all his students as Picassos. This studio will help you no matter if you are advanced or a beginner. I always leave their classes feeling inspired. I have come to view Aaron not just as an acting coach but a life coach as well. Once you start moving up to the scene study classes, you can still attend the “Technique” class (taught by Aaron’s amazing protege, Shannon) as well as the “Homework” class (Taught by the wonderful Indrani) so that’s up to 3 classes a week you can participate in! For $275 a month, I consider that quite a deal.

Review №32

Bestest place to learn acting

Review №33

Great acting school!

Review №34

I found a family when I started training here.

Review №35

I love it awesome

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