John Marshall Middle School
5870 E Wardlow Rd, Long Beach, CA 90808, United States
John Marshall Middle School

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I gave it a 3 because there is great qualities to Marshall like the amazing music and dance programs! But it is like every school there are good and bad kids. Just like there are good and bad teachers. But even though I was bullied there, there is no other school I would rather go to. It has a great education and the programs you get an opportunity to go into are great!

Review №2

Its the best great teachers and staff

Review №3

Marshall is the worst school to be at during quarantine. The teachers dont show up for meetings.They dont tell us the next day if we are meeting again. They just leave the link for us to figure out if we are meeting.

Review №4

I gave this school a 3 because like any other school, it’s not perfect and it does need a little work to be done. My experience here was a little rocky. I got a great education by the staff and help when I need it but girls in my grade (8th) have behavior issues in my opinion and the boys are boys. Overall there are positives and negatives.

Review №5

The school itself is phenomenal with their education, music, and physical education programs, however about 2% of the kids attending do not have good behavior. The rest of the kids are good. I am currently attending 7th grade at this school! :)

Review №6

The kids r fairly well the staff r great and the school is great but the kids need to be more mannered

Review №7

Its a pretty nice school. I am currently an 8th grader here and overall my last 2 years here were pretty amazing.

Review №8

I heard all about the bad things Marshall WAS in the 80s and 90s, but we are now in the 21st century and this school has done a total turn around. I have a 6th grader there (2015-2016) and she loves it. The school informs you of all the things that is happening so much that sometimes I just let the phone call go to my voice mail. So far so good and there is no residue of the 80s and 90s in this school.

Review №9

Marshall Academy of the Arts is on of LBUSDs gems. The transformation of this school in the last ten years has made it a top notch example of what hard work, excellent teachers and a community can accomplish.

Review №10

Love this Academy,my daughter is enjoying her middle school years,the principal is such a nice lady,best choice I made for my daughter😊

Review №11

Lmao it was a good school until they got a new principal who doesnt know how to do anything i had to leave because they screwed me over so bad the staff dont know nothing a peer had a panic attack once so they called the ambulance like what?? And alot of the teachers, can be really bad and the art teacher i had wasnt even an actual art teacher and just traced everything lol so yeah i no longer recommend this school, and also there was a fire in trashcans and kids skip class and smoke and theyre only 11

Review №12

I love MarshallI am a 6th grade student there firm 2017-2020 or so

Review №13

Its a great school, and there are a lot of great teachers!

Review №14

Awesome learning facility!

Review №15

E trecker is the best and we get electives!!

Review №16

I go there, and it is SO AWESOME :-)

Review №17

So nice school im in sixth and it nice school now

Review №18

Im going to Marshall hope its fun

Review №19

This is my favorite school ever thanks Mr. navia

Review №20

I love this school

Review №21

My older brother went there and my younger brother is going there so i guess its okay

Review №22

The school is great!!!

Review №23

Really good school

Review №24

Went to junior high there years ago

Review №25

Its ok

Review №26

Went there 1969-71

Review №27

Now called,Marshall Academy of the Arts

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