Kay-1 Driving School
2015 Palo Verde Ave, Long Beach, CA 90815, United States
Kay-1 Driving School

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I had Jose as my instructor for 6 hours. Great guy, calm temperament, very funny, and a good choice for my anxious, neurotic self. I have pushed my license back for years, so it was nice to feel comfortable behind a wheel. I just got my license a couple weeks ago. So thanks!! Highly recommend

Review №2

Oscar is very good instructor. He helped me a lot and his advice helped me to learn efficiently.

Review №3

I read my traffic ticket so many times. I called Kay-1 and he helped me straighten out my ticket. Excellent service.

Review №4

Susana is a phenomenal trainer and I whole heartedly recommend her for anyone who’s looking for a patient, professional and committed trainer. I can not thank her enough for her incredible patience, understanding and skillful coaching. She helped me overcome a crippling anxiety for driving tests through her calm demeanor, persistent encouragement and ability to understand and not judge my limitations. She’s extremely reliable, always on time, consistently encouraging and highly experienced. She helped build my driving skills while constantly strengthening my confidence. I recommend her services to everyone including friends and family, as I know she will not disappoint.Thank you Susana

Review №5

Signed up my daughter for the 6 hours training. First two lessons went fine. The last lesson the instructor showed up a little late and then he dropped her off 15 minutes before the end of the lesson. It was evening and dark outside. Instructor was long gone before I could open the door. Called the school to discuss and they gave some poor excuse about they get a 5 minute break each hour so it would be normal to be dropped off 10 minutes early. This wasnt explained in the beginning and 15 minutes was obviously beyond that. The fact that he had left the area as soon as she exited the car, especially at night, was not appropriate. Take your business elsewhere. They didnt seem to care about my concerns.

Review №6

A very professional driving school. Tony is professional and very helpful he works with you and your schedule. A big Thanks for my driving instructor Susan for being so patient, giving detailed instructions on driving and also being so nice and friendly. Again and again thanks Susan for the excellent driving lesson you are amazing 🙏🙏. Thanks kay -1 driving school

Review №7

Tony is professional and very helpful. He works with you and your schedule. I was assigned Susan as my instructor and as nervous as I was when practicing at first she was able to talk me through the driving lesson, gave me tips on what to do and what not to do. I enjoyed my time with Kay-1 and so sad to be leaving them... But hey! Susan did such great lessons that I passed the behind the wheel within the one try! I took 10 hour lessons all together. Every time I thought I was ready Susan would report to Tony that I wasnt quite ready just yet so I took her advice and waited until she suggests I was ready. I am so glad I waited! It was all worth the money and time. Kay-1 picks you up and drops you off when taking the lessons. The money is worth it. I would recommend Susan as the instructor. Susan, thank you for your time! I really appreciate everything you did and said! 💚

Review №8

She was very professional and sweet! I was really nervous to get on the road but I was given very good instructions and cool tips. i passed my driving test!

Review №9

Scott made sure I was well prepared, he went out of his way to make sure I felt confident in my driving abilities. Everyone there was and I am sure is really cool.

Review №10

VERY good driving school. Jack was a terrific, punctual, polite & very friendly instructor, that made you feel safe when driving around Long Beach. The office provides you with all useful information you need ahead of your classes.. I took my DL here when I first arrived to USA. My best recomondations.

Review №11

$275 for 6 hours and I have to wait 2.5 weeks before the first lesson. Does not like to answer questions as posted on the site. I suggest skipping this place and go elsewhere.

Review №12

OMG . Christian was my driving instructor for two months the greatest. Tonny, and hes people the greatest. Tony was able to get me through my DMV driving test today, really VIP having him there with me and hearing hes voice of reason. Give me the confidence that I needed. Money and effort was well effective. It changed my life for the better. Thanks Kay-1 Driving School.

Review №13

3 kids...last one is getting ready to take the last drivers training part....great program and NICE PROFESSIONAL people. Thank you!

Review №14

Extremely courteous and friendly instructors! I learned a ton in just a few sessions, and Jack, my instructor, ingrained a lot of the tips and tricks to safe driving! Would recommend in a heart beat!

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