Cache Valley Martial Arts
953 W 700 N Suite 107, Logan, UT 84341, United States
Cache Valley Martial Arts

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Cache Valley Martial Arts offers a fantastic kids Jiu Jitsu class. I love the no-nonsense concentration on technique and core values instead of just filling time with activities that keeps kids busy.There is a lot to cover, especially with kids. CVMA does a great job balancing the physical practice with the mental discipline that carries on beyond its doors.

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Awesome coaches who are dedicated and supportive. They each are well trained and know what they are doing. My son has learned so much in just a year.

Review №3

I trained here over the span of nearly a year (in jiu jitsu) before having to move for work. Leaving this gym was the hardest part about moving. I entered the gym as a new white belt, and was greeted with kindness and comradery. The instructors and higher belts are very knowledgeable, but also personable and willing to help with any questions you have. It is a great gym, with great instructors, and great people.

Review №4

Great atmosphere. Great culture. Quality instructors. Family friendly. They’re the best. What could I say more?

Review №5

I was brought here by a buddy of mine after he punched me in the face. I signed up the next day and I do not regret any time that I have spent there. If you are looking for a place to train, compete, or even just get a workout, this is the place. Coach Koffi, Josh, Maylean, Manny, Cody, they have all been instrumental in my development physically, mentally, and even spiritually. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to be a part of a loving community and a winning atmosphere. There is no better place to train martial arts.

Review №6

Cache Valley Martial arts has some of the best coaches and kindest people! I absolutely love being apart of this community and would recommend them to anyone interested in learning martial arts!

Review №7

Ive done Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the past three years and love coming to this gym. The owners and coaches are wonderful at creating a healthy and safe environment to come learn and train.As a woman I understand how coming into a sport that is largely dominated by bigger stronger men is initiating and scary, however I have never felt unsafe or threatened at the gym. Quite the opposite, in fact.I dont feel the coaches have an ego and instead are there to teach because they genuinely love the sports they are involved in and want to share that passion.In my experience the gym and its coaches have been wonderful at adapting different teaching methods based on an individuals need. I am usually one of the smaller, if not smallest people on the mats for class. And yet the coaches are great at teaching moves with slight variances based on an individuals needs. Not every move a 135 limber female can do will be as effective for a 220+ less limber male.And vice versa.I feel the classes have found a nice balance between acknowledging these differences and working to teach each to their advantage.Whether your wanting to learn how to fight, simply get a good work out, or maybe something in between, I highly recommend Cache Valley Martial Arts!

Review №8

Wonderful place to train! good instruction, every one was polite and respectful, and they were beasts on the mat!

Review №9

Koffi Adzitso is an amazing youth instructor - he is great with my special needs son by helping him focus on process as a path to a result - not just on endless rules for the sake of rules.Highly highly recommended.We have been to two other schools in the valley, this one is in a whole other league. We are lucky to have a professional athlete in Logan who is willing to spend so much time and effort with the youth.💛 💛 💛

Review №10

My kid loves it.

Review №11

I box and do Jujitsu here and it is incredible. Coach Shane for boxing is incredibly knowledgeable and good at working with all age groups and genders. The jujitsu coaches are amazing as well. It is hard to feel comfortable as a woman in sports like this that are dominated by men, but I have never once felt uncomfortable and I have been doing both for about a year. They also have a women only jujitsu class twice a week which has been wonderful. I definitely recommend!

Review №12

Coaches are great. Fellow students are great. Facility is great. Really like this place for MMA, Boxing and BJJ.

Review №13

This place is incredible. It’s not only a place for fitness and to build skill..... it is a “family”! Thank you for the love and support you give beyond the “mat”.

Review №14

This place is more than a gym. It is a community that pulls together to look after their members. I promise you will become a part of a family.

Review №15

So glad we signed our kids up.

Review №16

You guys have been awesome! Great coaches and great facility, love coming here due to the awesome environment and community here

Review №17

Great gym! They go above and beyond for their members. Highly recommended.

Review №18

This is the only Dojo to go to in Logan. Very professional. The best instructor I have seen in Utah.

Review №19

They truly care and it’s evident! Great instructors and amazing community!

Review №20

Great instructors, great place and awesome people to train with. Competitors and non-competitors its awesome to get to train with both, cannot find any other gym like this in Logan.

Review №21

I want to be very clear. This is the first problem Ive had coming here, most of the time the atmosphere is great. I dont want to come across like Im without fault for the sticky situation Im going to explain. I was sparring with one of the guys who has a lot more experience than me. He kept telling me I needed to calm down, I was going too hard. And I was, I was confused though because I wasnt angry or out for blood or anything. So it took me longer than it should have to understand, even after he said it a few times. At first I didnt get why he seemed to be frustrated. Later, while sparring with another guy, I accidentally throw my partner onto the same dude as before. I realized then how I was coming off to him. He probably thought I was being a d--- and fair enough. You have to be careful in BJJ, there a good chance of serious injury if not. So after class I went to apologize again for that, and my crazy pace. Things seemed cool, he told me I needed to learn how to roll. So I wanted to go over a move with him, and said it was nothing personal. He said work with someone else, then he got hostile. Im not going to work with someone acting like a f---ing idiot, if I get one more elbow to the face Ill kick your ass.I was taken a back, repeating it wasnt personal. But he had me figured I guess so I walked off.Maybe he thought that I was trying to brush off the fact that I was out of line? Understandable if so, but I really wasnt. I said it wasnt personal to try to explain my intentions, not to make excuses. I was trying to work hard, not be a hard ass. Im actually glad he brought it up while we were rolling, even if I was too slow on the uptake. I know its something I need to work on.He told me I need to learn to roll properly, and I get why he would be less than enthusiastic to work with me after that, but to follow it up with a threat? What does a guy at his level have to prove to a white belt? Again, I acknowledged I was out of line. I wanted to make it clear I was teachable, not trying to pick fights. But it didnt come off that way.Maybe it just wasnt a good time? Either way, that reaction was so disproportional. A much more experienced guy threatening the white belt, after he tried to apologize, and wanted to go over some technique? Whats the take away here? F--- off with your apology, Ill beat you down?

Review №22

In response to the gentleman above . Its not that uncommon for a higher ranked person to have those talks with new people . When you get young strong athletic people coming in that dont know how to use their bodies and what speeds to go at it often results in someone getting hurt . Jiujitsu is a powerful art and has to be taught to the right people in the right way . I have personally kicked many people out of my class that dont have the right mentality for the Art . From what you said you dont seem like that is the case . I hate to assume but if I were to assume my bet would be you were just excited and dont fully understand the process yet . If you go back with a smile on your face and do what was asked of you then you will be welcomed with open arms . If you go back and do the same types of things you more then likely will get the f--- beat out of you . I hope you pick the first one . Jiujitsu is so we can defend our selves and to help those that cant defend them selves. That power cant be given to just anyone . The fighting arts have lost a lot of meaning over the years . People use to have to wait outside just to be asked in, then clean the mats and bathrooms to prove their dedication, and so on before someone would teach you . Now people want to have all of that knowledge and power just given to them just because. It doesnt work that way my friend .I have trained at cache valley MMA, I have been invited to teach there a handful of times and have always found it to be a very warm welcoming school .Sum it up to, take the lesson that was given to you and go back to train to being a better you . If not, someone will fix it for you . Its the way the world works .

Review №23

Knowledgeable, professional instructors with years of experience go try a class and youll be hooked!

Review №24

Whether youre looking for a class for yourself, your teenager, or a younger child, kyukido at Cache Valley Martial Arts is an excellent option.First thing you should know, there are several different classes; taekwondo/kyukido, judo, boxing, and jiu jitsu. My review is based on experience in the taekwondo/kyukido side of the mat. Theres a nice balance between competition/sparring skills, traditional forms, fitness kicking, and other activities. As for the quality of technical skills taught, all I can say is that theres a reason why people from this school consistently win medals in competitions in both taekwondo and judo. Mr. Allman is an excellent instructor with years of experience and a refreshingly positive attitude. The kyukido classes are a good option whether youre looking to compete or just want a fun way to get a great workout.Thats my experience with the adult classes. As for the kids classes, I think both the general childrens class and the little tigers class are excellent. The activities are age appropriate, there is plenty of supervision, and theres good discipline. Mr. Allman does more than teach kids to kick. He teaches them respect and self-discipline and makes an effort to maintain a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. This is definitely an above-average school in terms of skill and attitude. I highly recommend it.

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Great gym! You’ll become family!

Review №26

This place is very disgraceful low quality poor coaches bad staff and it’s a bad facility

Review №27

Such an Amazing gym and community.

Review №28

Great place, great community!

Review №29

Great place, great owner, great instructors.

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Great place!

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