New Horizons Beauty College
550 Main St Ste 115, Logan, UT 84321, United States
Review №1

Great place for a hair-sage in between cuts.

Review №2

My boyfriend had come in for a very simple haircut, 4 on the sides and trim the top. There was hair all over the counter from the previous person, the tiles were gross and brown on some spots and the whole place smelled like the Aegean stables. They got the haircut wrong, they shaved his hair almost all the way down when we asked for a four on the sides. They only sharved half of his sideburns! The stylist never blew or brushed off the hair that landed on his face and neck and made him take off his own tarp. I wouldnt recommend this place to anyone looking for a haircut. Id rather pay 12 dollars for a haircut than 5 dollars for a butchering.

Review №3

My daughters and I got gel pedicures. The girls doing them were very nice. However, within 2 HOURS of getting them done every single one of us had 1 or more of the polish fall right off. Within 1 week we all had lost all our polish. Yes, its cheaper and they are just learning, but it was still $25 a person and should last longer than a week.

Review №4

Inexpensive place to get a pamper with a buddy. Walk-ins welcome. Staff are accommodating!Students appreciate tips!

Review №5

I love getting my eyebrows waxed and dyed here. Super cheep but they ALWAYS do a very good job.

Review №6

This is a great place to get pampered. Great experience.

Review №7

Sara and Jenna are amazing. Thanks for making our nails look great. 😂😂

Review №8

Im always treated wonderfully, have good conversation and the environment and rate are great!

Review №9

Amu is an amazing owner and is very attentive to her business. I would pick her over any other Beauty College in the Logan area.

Review №10

Its amazing! Its fairly cheap and theyre super nice!

Review №11

I really love that place !!! Everyone is so nice. And they do a great job on your hair...

Review №12

Two times, my haircut was fine. I like that the instructors come over and fix things up after the students are done.At one point, I asked for a trim to get rid of loose ends and ended up getting 5-6 inches cut off. Very sad. The girl was apologetic, though.I still went back the next time and the girl did such a good job, the instructor didn’t even have to fix anything.

Review №13

I love New Horizons Beauty College because they give you a good haircut for an inexpensive price. My daughter and I got our hair cut there recently and it was only $5 each for a wash and a cut.

Review №14

Went in for a gel manicure and it was super sloppy and ended up peeling off 6 hours later. Next time Ill just spend basically the same money and go to an actual salon.

Review №15

This is first, and foremost, a school for learning beautician practices like haircuts and such. It offers those services to allow the students to practice their craft and earn the hours they need for a license. Thus, you can come here and get a hair cut, coloring, nails, etc for a really good price. And, you help support the school and the students there.There are a few other schools like this in Logan that offer similar services and, as far as I can tell as a customer, this is the best one for sure. Ive never had a bad experience.

Review №16

Got nails done. They turned out nothing like I had wanted. Took over five hours. My friend was done and left well before I did. School or not, there is no level of professionalism here.

Review №17

I was there for a haircut, attention is great and excelent job

Review №18

The girls who work here are either really nice or really ignorant. Ive had my hair cut here many times and bleached/dyed once. Usually they do great cuts, as long as you dont go pixy. My experience with the bleaching and dyeing was unpleasant at first, but turned out fine. We had to change my color choice multiple times and it took literally 8 hours, but I ended up liking it. Their prices are also good as long as you stay within cuts.

Review №19

Great haircut! It is a good practice for the students.It is AWESOME just like it says.5$!! Very good experience, I will come again.

Review №20

Great haircuts at only 5$ and the girls are getting an education which is good for their resume.

Review №21

I was quoted one price for color, I was there for 5 hours and she had only lightened my hair. I pay $40 for the bleach job. She asks if I can come back tomorrow to finish the job and the next day (different instructors) says its more than DOUBLE the original price given!!! I was there for 7 hours, my hair looks at most looks similar to the picture I showed her and I paid over $100! If I wanted salon prices I would have went to one and be done within 3 hours! This place is a scam!! Major RIP off!!Sincerely,One time customer

Review №22

Polite and clean

Review №23

I know since it’s a school, results will vary. But dear lord I’ve never had service as poor as I got on my latest visit here (I’ve only been here 2 times now, but still each experience was drastically different). To start, the front desk “student” with the light brown shoulder length hair was rude the minute we walked through the door. Her attitude only lightened up when my guest and I were leaving.The girl who did my pedicure had no care or effort in the world. She told me she wanted to be a hairdresser, so I’m assuming scrubbing feet was the last thing she wanted to do and therefore she wasn’t going to do her best.Usually, for any beauty service I receibe anywhere I tip 30%, but I was so dissatisfied with the service here that I didn’t even tip.I’ll return in 6 months when a new batch of students circulates through.

Review №24

My experience was the worst! My cousin asked for a coffin shape and the shape that she got was an almond shape! And I asked for a coffin shape as well and I got a square shape! And the nail polish isn’t applied well there is places on the nail that isn’t even colored! I’m never coming back! It’s only been 3 days and 3 nails already came off like what!

Review №25

I usually do my nails myself, but Id been doing the laundry and I was tired and didnt feel like filing, so I went here. Big mistake. The girl doing my nails barely filed them (they still had dirt from the garden under the lifted and broken off parts - lots of rocks in the garden). She even asked me to file certain parts, saying, My instructor would kill me if she saw you doing this yourself! Then, when she started applying the acrylic (without even priming), it turned out to be white in a clear jar. I said I was fine with that, though, since I said Id paint them when I got home. I was horrified when she started to gob on the acrylic - no instructor present. VERY bumpy application with holes and ridges. At the end, she hardly filed them, and they certainly needed it after the crummy job she did. Dont get me wrong - obviously the problem is with the school not teaching its students how to do things correctly. If someone isnt ready to work on a client, then you shouldnt let them, let alone charge them $10.I tipped the poor girl because I figured she wont be making much money if this is the quality of education shes getting at this place. Unfortunately, she seemed pleased with the job she did, which shows she hadnt been taught how to do it correctly. Doing my own acrylics takes a while since I have no electric filer, but I can make them look WAY better than this gal did. I filed it all off once I got home and ended up doing my own nails anyway.Also, a few years ago I took my boyfriend there to get his hair cut and he came out looking like a girl with a bowl cut. To her credit, at least the girl was able to ask her instructor for advice. They can probably do an ok job if all they have to do is a trim or something simple.

Review №26

I dont recommend there services at all. Will never go there again. Go to Paul Mitchell and pay alittle more for way better service!!!!

Review №27

Mens haircut 3.70 with student discount. What more can I ask for? They are students but they know what they are doing. Would and will recommend to my buddies

Review №28

Easy in, easy out, great hair cut! :)

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I have done my hairTo many time and sometimes they massed up but most off the time did good job.I have to done once in month so its goodAnd cheap thank you girls

Review №31

I was able to get my neck shaved.

3.9 Rating
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