Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Littleton
8996 W Bowles Ave Unit P, Littleton, CO 80123, United States
Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Littleton

Review №1

Both of my kids enjoy their swim lessons here. The pool is warm, the facility is clean, and the kids have made so much more progress than from rec center lessons. The 1:4 staff/student ratio in lessons is a good number. The teachers are attentive and seem to enjoy the kids, and give feedback after each lesson, which always starts with the positive first. The flexibility with changing lessons or getting makeup lessons if a particular week doesnt work is really nice, and the staff are always super friendly about rescheduling lessons.

Review №2

Our grandchildren have attended this location for the past year. In that time, they have become complete fish. Children that were once afraid to get their hair wet in the bathtub are now swimming to the bottom of the pool to retrieve a toy, jumping off the side of the pool and swimming back to the ledge, and have masters the front and back float. The instructors at Aqua Tots in Littleton, CO have worked patiently with our grandchildren to get them to where they are today. The facility is always clean, the coffee bar is always open, and the entire staff is friendly and smiling every time we are there. Kudos to the manager for an excellent run swim school.

Review №3

We are super happy with the skills they are teaching our baby and the affordability of the program. The staff we are somewhat mixed on, some instructors are amazing and some are just doing a job, same with the desk staff, but with employment issues right now, we understand.

Review №4

My kids have been at Aqua tots for some time now. We liked their first coach and unfortunately she left. Since then my daughter has had several different coaches. When asked to be put in a class with a strong coach as our goal here is to strengthen our kids swimming skills. She was put with a strong coach but the coach was always training someone new and the focus was on training the coach instead of the kids. We were switched again and the teaching is just so inconsistent. I asked the manager about giving notice and expressed frustration about the inconsistent teaching and feedback we received from coaches and I was met with no help, solution, or empathy. The response was well its summer we have to train and our other location is the same. Do you want me to get that notice ready. I think it wouldve been nice to at least feel as if my concerns were heard or my concerns mattered. They are apparently doing well enough here that my money doesnt matter. We will be cancelling once we get some of our make up classes scheduled.

Review №5

Great facility. Its clean, well designed and brightly colored. The staff is very helpful. I have had some communication challenges in the past but I know they are managing hundreds of students. The teachers are very good for the most part and are share useful feedback about how to help each of my children improve and practice at home.

Review №6

What a fun and exciting experience! The teachers are so friendly and the pool is the perfect temperature. The games they play become second nature and really provide them with the muscle memory necessary for learning. In just a few weeks we have seen fantastic improvements. They really take an interest in each child’s individual needs and give amazing feedback on ways to progress and develop. The classes are small enough that each child gets enough attention but big enough to provide a social aspect as well. We can’t wait to see how each level will help our daughter grow!

Review №7

While the swim instructors are great and I appreciate the feedback there is constant turn around with the staff so there is a hard time having them get to know your child. The front desk, specifically the office manager is rude and when there is a problem there is no willingness to help you find a solution. I was offered twice while trying to find a class time that would work if I would like to cancel. Apparently they have have so many customers that losing one is not a big deal. Once I use my makeup classes I will cancel.

Review №8

What a wonderful first swim class for my 7 month old daughter and myself. I was really impressed with how kind everyone was. I was very late and fully expecting to have to reschedule. Imagine my delight when they let us get into the pool with our wonderful instructor Catherine and still have a lesson!! We had a great time and signed up for twice weekly lessons. The water was nice and warm, the whole experience was wonderful from start to finish, I highly recommend.

Review №9

I have seen amazing improvements in my children’s swimming. We’ve been coming since July of last year and the kids love it. They are so much more comfortable in the water. Your coaches are amazing with kids. And being a family that lives on our boat in the lake in the summer this is much needed. Thank you so much for all you do!

Review №10

The staff is super friendly! It was our first class and I loved that one of the front desk girls completely guided me through everything. I am glad they were able to be open despite COVID. However, since we are in a parent-tot class I was in the pool with my daughter and my instructor didn’t really work with us and instruct us on how to perform things with my daughter. It was very difficult to hear her and she didn’t seem enthusiastic to teach as an instructor should. Additionally when our class ended, all of the dressing rooms said not yet sanitized and didn’t seem like we’re going to be anytime soon so we used a non sanitized one. We are hoping for better experiences in the rest of our time.

Review №11

This place has wonderful instructors and a helpful staff!!! Highly recommend!!

Review №12

We cannot sing the praises of Aqua-Tots enough! Our 3 year old daughter absolutely LOVES her swim lessons and would go every single day if she could. Its evident the instructors are experience and confident with kids even at such a young age. They make it easy as a parent to take a step back and relax knowing our kid is having an absolute blast while being safe to the highest degree. We HIGHLY recommend!

Review №13

We love Aqua tots! My son has been in lessons for a little over a year now and its amazing to see how much his skills have improved. The instructors are great and are attentive to all students in the class. The facility is always clean and the water is warm! The front desk staff is friendly and always greets us with a smile.

Review №14

I have been bringing my daughter here for a little over 6 months and we love it! The coaches are friendly and great with the kids. They are helpful in educating the parents on how to be helpful as well as the kids who learning to swim. The other employees keep the facility clean and dry and are very welcoming when you walk through the door!

Review №15

I love, love, love, this school! The front desk staff is awesome and make sure they help with anything that I need. The instructors also are amazing they are all great with my boys and it is cool to see the different teaching styles. It is clean and just over all a welcoming place to be. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars!

Review №16

Take time to read if you would like this is our experience. But Overall dont support an over priced swim school ran by a very rude business owner. There are awesome other local places ran by very kid people that are a good with kids and care about their customers.But...When we first found this place we were extremely excited! It was the first time that my kids will be in swim lessons so the fun friendly look of it made it that much more exciting and we just wanted something ASAP for the summer so we didnt shop around much.Our first two weeks were absolutely Great! The staff that was there was extremely kind, welcoming, and helpful. Especially a very tall girl with light brown hair.They understood me chasing around my two year old while trying to get the four-year-old in her swim class while we either watched my daughters class or waited patiently for ours to begin. But as we know as parents, two year olds can be a handful.Our third week came and on Tuesday my daughter was not on the schedule. It was different people than the last two weeks. They said that they could not see her or my son registered anywhere but got her in her class.Thursday came and we showed up at our regular time of 1130. Once again my daughter was not on the schedule. They argued back and forth also stating my 2 year old was now in a different level. I mentioned the emails I got confirming their classes and levels. My daughter then was placed in a level 4 class (too high of a level for her) to make up for it and my son magically was found.I brushed this off and was going to register for August swim classes. While doing so my 2 year old went to the chalk board sign on the floor next to us.The business owner(short blonde hair lady a bit older) snapped and told me to not let him touch it. I grabbed my son and apologized. As I continued to register he walked over to it again she now stated i said not to let him touch it. There is a sign on it saying soI once again apologized and told her, youre not very good with young children are you?She laughed and then her daughter began to argue stating how she turned out fine in terms of being raised. I told her to stay out of it as her daughter did not need to chime in.After that I turned to the lady who was doing the registration for my month of August and asked her to go ahead and cancel that.The manager then celebrated my decision to no longer register my child for the month of August and actually told me it was a great idea.After that I decided that I no longer wanted to continue to support this business as it is obviously someone who is not very good with young children and also is extremely rude to the people that are paying her bills.I politely then asked for a full refund for the remaining lessons for the month of July.Once again she got snarky and told me how wonderful of an idea this is.I then walked away as I needed to get my kiddos both ready for their lesson.Once we were ready I walked over to actually apologize.As I began to tell her that I apologize and I was struggling with having a conversation with her employee to register for future classes While also chasing my two year old and I was struggling she simply looked at her computer screen nodding her head yes at me.I then told her never mind.She got upset saying how she was listening.I said no you werent, and thats ok i then walked off to then hear her talk poorly of me loudly to her co worker and proceeded being rude to ANOTHER CUSTOMER .I did the class and as we exited she handed me a receipt for the refund I will be getting. She made a passive aggressive comment to me of sorry you werent happyI simply replied, that it was fine and that she may need to work on her people skills.Dont take your kids to this over priced swim school you can support better businesses for less money. Their classes were nothing special.

Review №17

My 3 year old has been taking lessons with Hayden for about a month now. In that short time I have seen so much progression. He gets more and more comfortable with every class. I also love how flexible you all are when we have to miss a class. We have never had an issue rescheduling to something that works for us! Thank you Aqua-Tots

Review №18

The instructors seem very knowledgeable. We have been coming for a month and can see the progress in both kids. The overall experience is very smooth and enjoyable we will be continuing for the foreseeable future as this is a great value for a great service they offer.

Review №19

We have had the next experienced with Aqua Tots! They are so patient. My daughter cried for weeks when we first started and they had someone sit with her to start and got her over the fear. They were kind and gentle and now we finally graduated to the next level and so more fear of water. Which is amazing! My older daughter has been here for a couple years and is almost at a level 7 she is now able to swim with no floaties and can truly save her life if she were to fall in the pool. I feel so confident with my girls around the water because of aqua tots!

Review №20

Terrible place run by thieves and liars. Go somewhere else for sure

Review №21

Manager Heather is always great when it comes to accommodating my familys needs, no one comes close. Norma is one of the most friendly and most helpful staff members i have ever met. Worth every penny coming here.

Review №22

My Son-In-Love and I stopped by with his 2 year old twins (my granddaughters) today to get some pricing information. There were people inside, but the doors were locked even though operation hours indicated they should be open.One person was obviously an employee because she was sweeping the floor. The other people were sitting and eating. They all looked up at us but nobody came towards the door. Rude; makes me wonder if it was because I am a black woman? Another person walked up to the door after we turned away, and they were let in. Acknowledgment of our presence there, pointing to a sign that would’ve told us that we need to call. A poster saying that it was only by appointment right now because of Covid, or the woman could’ve open the door and said that, all would’ve been acceptable. But turning away as if we were unwelcome? You lost money today.

Review №23

We are so happy with Aqua Tots, they are being so patient with my son, we used to cry a lot on his first classes after that he is so comfortable with the coaches and now every time he hear his name to start the class he runs with the coach. Also the front desk staff are so nice!

Review №24

Great place! All the instructors are really knowledgeable and care to each childs individual needs!! Heather and Norma do a great job at running the facility!! Definitely would recommend!!

Review №25

We always have such a great time here. The staff is so friendly and my kids have learned so much from the awesome instructors. Would definitely recommend!!

Review №26

Excellent service, management, staff, and instructors. After attending other schools and not finding what we were looking for, our children flourish here. We appreciate al they do in regards to COVID - enforce mask wearing, cleaning of the changing rooms, and cleaning the pool equipment. It is so nice to have somewhere to bring the kids where we feel safe.

Review №27

Our son Carson always has a great time here. He’s improved so much and is very comfortable with the water.

Review №28

We have been coming here since our son was 5 months old. He has developed a love and respect for the water that is beyond any monetary value. He looks for to classes every week and we see his progress each session.

Review №29

Don’t know what these guys do but my 1 yr old and 3 yr old love going to swim classes. We only started about 2 months ago so we are slowly seeing progress in their swimming abilities

Review №30

I am very pleased with what my son has learned from aqua tots that he never could of learned anywhere else

Review №31

Friendly staff, warm water, extremely flexible schedule. My 3 boys love Aquatots!

Review №32

My grandson goes here. They have some good teachers and he seems to enjoy it for the most part. However the safety in COVID-19 times is just not there. I had added a extra day a week with a promotion. Not only did I cancel that he misses classes when the building is to full. Apparently the Thermometer broke and they’re not going to get a new one. So that made me nervous but on Tuesday it is really packed. Their are adults who take off their masks to have conversations. You have an instructor who lifts the plastic on her mask. I really won’t miss Tuesday’s as they had rotating teachers and some do nothing for the first 10 minutes. Class is only 30. Anyway it’s not my choice it’s my daughters but I wish they would step up the safety. Even though at this point I gave up the cheaper classes for safety. If they can’t handle a lot of kids and make adults keep masks on maybe you need new management.

Review №33

Great staff, always friendly. I recommend this place to all my family friends

Review №34

My kids really enjoy attending swim lessons here. They are so happy to be able to continue to swim during the pandemic.

Review №35

This facility is a really great place and great environment with great and very friendly staff.

Review №36

This is a great place for kids to learn how to swim! The coaches are amazing and the kids love being here!

Review №37

What a wonderful swim school!! Such fun watching these little tadpoles👍

Review №38

Swimming lessons has quickly become a favorite activity of our week. Our son cried the first two sessions (we were told this was to be expected) and we were overwhelmed with how wonderful and sweet the entire staff was to Ollie when he was scared. Before we knew it, he got over his fear and now he LOVES swim class! Coach Eric is so amazing and we are so thankful for everything he has done for our little swimmer! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Review №39

Or little one is in a weekly class. They do a lot of repetition for the little ones. During the day we get one on one instructions for to class size. We just went today around 430 and there were a lot more students, in case class size matters.

Review №40

If you are looking for a job at Aqua- Tots do not choose the one in Littleton Heather Mallory is very unprofessional along with the other two managers they do not treat their employees with respect, and as much as it seems like a fun working environment when it doesn’t involve our students you are treated with complete disrespect they think they are above everyone else when they really never have been. I would recommend Lone tree instead!

Review №41

I loved our experience at Aqua tots. The staff is always very kind, my kids love their coaches and I have seen them all make progress! As a mom of 3 I love the flexibility they offer with scheduling.

Review №42

What a fabulous place! My grandchildren have attended this location for several months after moving from the location across town. There is new management and the school has never looked better. The staff is friendly and helpful, the teachers are so kind with the kidos, and theres even a free coffee bar now for the parents while they watch the class. My grandchildren just love the lessons and we can really see an improvement in their swimming skills. I highly recommend enrolling in this school if you want your child or grandchild to learn to swim in a friendly, comfortable environment.

Review №43

Caring, dedicated instructors. Great atmosphere!

Review №44

This school is amazing, the instructors are great with children. The school is very clean and they are being very careful about keeping everyone safe since covid hit.

Review №45

What a fantastic place for your kid to learn the foundation of swimming. Getting comfortable in the water and kick start your swimming career.

Review №46

Great place. Kids love it!

Review №47

The best swim place ever

Review №48

Heather and Norma at the front desk are absolutely the best! All of the coaches provide excellent skills to ensure safety in and around water! I full-heartedly recommend this school to ALL parents who want their children to learn safe practices in water!

Review №49

We absolutely love this swim school!! We have been going since May and my daughter has excelled tremendously!!!We use to go to the foothills pools for swim lessons and it just seem that she was at plateau and not learning anything new to help her become a better swimmer.All the coaches are amazing and are very detailed in what my daughter is improving/accomplished in her skill level and what she needs to work on to achieve her next challenge.Kyla loves coach Rex, they have a speacial bond and it warms my heart.Thanks to you all who work so hard with these kiddos, it definitely shows!!

Review №50

This facility is always clean and the staff are exceptional. My baby started swimming lessons when she was 6 months old and they are so gentle with her.You are able to go in and watch for free, but your child cannot swim for free. There are packages that you can buy on their website that are dictated by how many days per week you would like to go.I would recommend this place over and over!!

Review №51

They have quality instructors and the flexibility of scheduling is so helpful.

Review №52

We love aqua tots. My daughter has been enrolled since around 8 months and she will be 3 in June. The tea hers are great and we love couch Sabrina. She has helped my daughter bounce back after not being able to swim for 7 weeks because of a cast. Overall, the best place to send your kiddos.

Review №53

Great environment for young kids learning how to swim. Always friendly and clean.

Review №54

I tried scheduling a private lesson - called 3 times and emailed four times. They returned my call, said they would work to schedule it, and then never responded. After one last follow-up email requesting available times, I gave up.In fairness, the group lessons were pretty good, but the scheduling and customer service was disappointing.

Review №55

Great customer service! All of the instructors that we have had have been wonderful! School is clean and all staff is super friendly and helpful! Thank you for being a great swim school, my girls love going there!

Review №56

Great place I took my son last year and the only reason we arent returning is because the rec center is closer to us because were in Englewood. Love the staff and why I went with them initially is because the had better looking seating. Much more comfortable. Wish the classes were longer, also when taking a missed class back to back you have to walk them around again gets the floors all wet. Seems there could be a better way? But its definitely structured they give you a review of your kids progress & they were able to keep the attention of my son. Great job and did I say the staff was amazing!

Review №57

Great instructors! I personally love that water safety is taught with babies, toddlers and kids of all age .

Review №58

I wish I could give 0 to this place. Its just horrible. My kid was very interested in swimming and we joined him here with lots of hope. He is in the same level for almost 2 years. He is a bright kid and listens and follows the instructions nicely- no problems there. The instructors (there are multiple of them) do not pay attention to where he is struggling and improve him on that. Instead they blindly follow their chart or sheet and send him away. My kid is very bored of swimming now. He feels disheartened and discouraged when he is not moving up or challenged with new steps.As a mother, it is hard to see your kid loose interest in something which he used to like. We have given this place enough time and wasted enough money.There are two male instructors whose attitude (to your questions/concerns) is particularly appalling. They are unbelievably rude. One instructor asked me to wait so he can find something from the other instructor, went inside and never came back. I was just waiting there. Not professional at all.I am writing this review so that other parents can take informed decisions about choosing a swim school for their kids.

Review №59

Our grandson has had a very positive experience so far attending your swim school. He looks forward to his lessons and seems to enjoy his time there. When I look around your facility I always see many smiling faces. I love the enthusiasm of your instructors and the cleanliness of your facility.

Review №60

We love it here!! Coach Emilie and Coach Kali are our favorites, but everyone is awesome! My daughter hasnt been the easiest either, but they have always been so patient and kind. We highly recommend bringing your children here!

Review №61

There are so many reasons I rate AquaTots in Littleton a 10! Their willingness to coordinate schedule changes, adjust to different skill levels so seemlessly, build confidence within hesitant kids, implement VI accommodations, as well as their unrivaled passion to not only teach these kids, but love them as their own is like no other. We love the staff like family. There is no where else we would ever consider going to learn one of the most Important skills one can develop that they will use a lifetime! Thank you Aqua tots for all you have done for my children, their confidence, and teaching life long skills! Thank you will never be enough!

Review №62

I used to work with Aquatots. It was one of the best experiences of my life. The coaches and staff at Aquatots genuinely care about their kiddos and are excited about being there. Most of the coaches have done swim team in high school or are currently on swim team and have the techniques down. The kids are great, the families are great, and it is extremely clean and organized. I highly recommend.

Review №63

Unethical business practice, to start I’m fine with the 30-day cancellation policy. This is my issue, my son got his certificate for completing level 3 on Dec. 20th and we where told he was done and we would need to sign up for level 4 if we wanted to continue (we stated we were going to take a break for a while). Long story short, we are paying for 2 months of class even though we never signed up for the next level and they did not start the 30 days on Dec. 20th. Called on Jan. 10 because I saw we were charged for two days while they were closed over the holidays (27th and 3rd which become makeup days I was told). I was then told they would start my 30-day cancellation today (Jan. 10th).As for the Class, during the short 30 minute class some of the instructors spend more time looking at the clock than teaching. By the time the 4 kids get in the water to start the lessons we have loss 5 plus minutes, each kid got maybe around 5 minutes of lessons, then they start getting the kids out of the water.

Review №64

It is a great place. The instructors are patient and kind, and my daughter loves going there.

Review №65

Awesome teachers, clean facility and just a great program/place all around!

Review №66

I am so impressed with this facility. Coach Traci is amazing, kind, and has a natural ability with children. I am very pleased we chose this swim school and would recommend it whole heartedly.

Review №67

New manager absolutely sucks. Completely rude and has no idea how to treat people. Wish I could give her 0 stars.

Review №68

Great staff and service

Review №69

The staff was very friendly and made my child feel welcome . my child has autism and I dont seem many times where she will feel comfortable in groups however she loved her first class and her swim coach .

Review №70

This place is great! They have a wonderful team in place. We have been very happy coming here for our daughters lessons.

Review №71

We love it! Kids really enjoy the class and they do a really good job keeping everything clean.

Review №72

Very impressed by how professionally this is ran, safety is most definitely the priority! The facility has always been clean and the staff has always been great!

Review №73

Instructors do a great job engaging the kids and making them feel safe and cared for.

Review №74

I love each experience I get coming here with my son who is only 5 months! The coaches are great and its amazing how much a baby can learn when coming to swimming lessons here

Review №75

Love this place

Review №76

The instructors are enthusiastic, the staff are friendly, the school has great make-up/cancellation policies, and--most importantly--my son now loves the water! We couldnt be happier!

Review №77

My two children, 5 year old and 3 year old have been attending swim classes here for 8 months, once a week. We have seen their swimming abilities grow immensely and they always look forward to their lesson. The staff, Emily, Jenna and Coach Kat have been absolutely amazing! They are all so welcoming, friendly and professional each time we attend class.We have tried 3 other swim facilities in the Littleton area and did not have great experiences like we have had at Aqua Tots Littleton. More importantly we did not see the incredible growth in our kids swimming skills as we have since coming to Aqua-Tots. I highly recommend Aqua Tots Littleton!!!

Review №78

My kids have learned so much in 2 months. What a great swim program!

Review №79

Absolutely incredible team, beautiful facility. We highly recommend Aquatots!!!

Review №80

Coach Quinn is great.

Review №81

The swim coaches are kind and very patient with the kids

Review №82

Everything clean and in order, it has all the sanitary measures of the moment.Teachers of excellent treatment of children

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