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Review №1

I had Ricky as my driving instructor and he is absolutely the best teacher. I felt very nervous on my first lesson but he really makes you feel at ease and always told me that I was doing a great job. He was the only instructor that had taught me to parallel park in a safe and easy way. I feel extremely comfortable driving now and I passed my road test last week and it’s all thanks to him!! You won’t regret asking for him as your instructor. You will learn a lot and ace the road test as well as being a safe driver!

Review №2

My instructor Ricky (Fredrick) was amazing, very patient, and informative. He is hands down the best, always on time, and has such a great personality. HOWEVER, the individuals ANA and I dont know his name ( he talks very slow) who work in the office are the most unprofessional, rude, unethical, discourteous, and incomprehensible individuals I have came across in any business I have been in contact with. I called to schedule a service and was told I needed to make a payment immediately, keep in mind I have been a student with this school before and all payments are made before the service given. Keep in mind the service I was asking for was an entire week away. I asked Ana why the rush and she said its the companys policy. Now, this is not true payments can be made anytime before services. She refused to give me until the next day. She then proceed to give me a horrible logic why but I then reminded her again that Ive been a customer since February and would she please do me this one favor and wait until tomorrow, SHE SAID NO RUDELY, inform me that she will not be bending the policy and hung up. I enjoyed this school solely because of my instructor Ricky.I do not know who the owner of this establishment is but you may want to do some serious thinking of who you currently have conducting your business. Lost a loyal customer over something so minor.HENCE WHY I GAVE A 1 STAR.

Review №3

I came to the driving school based on the high recommendations for the driving instructor who I was lucky enough to use, Ricky. He lived up to and surpassed his high level of top-notch expertise in calm and relaxing teaching of student driving skills. Ricky has a friendly and funny disposition that helps take the nervous edge away without one even realizing it. He starts you out in parking lots teaching you as you go. Before you know it, you are driving with ease on regular streets. From there you’re on your way to your road test. Expect plenty of encouragement and support along the way. Ricky is the full package deal when it comes to driving instructors and he’s the best!

Review №4

Our instructor Pete was fantastic... When he showed up. He didnt show up for my sons third lesson no call no communication whatsoever. Trying to get a hold of staff is almost impossible it seems like they only work on Thursdays and Fridays and other than that you have to leave a message that they wont return. I also find it pretty sketchy that theyre doing business under three different names. If you dont mind poor service but get great instruction this is the place for you

Review №5

My instructor was Ricky, who came highly recommended. He did not disappoint. He was kind patient and made me feel comfortable. After the first session with Ricky my confidence rose and my anxiety went away. My mom has recommended Ricky to others and they too were thrilled with him.Ricky- thank you. I PASSED!!!!!

Review №6

Norm was my son’s instructor. He is amazing. He always shows up on time and taught my son all the basics. I plan on using this school again for my younger son when he gets his permit next year. I highly recommend.

Review №7

I have taken 10 lessons with Ricky to prepare for my road test and I feel very prepared! Going into the lessons, I was very anxious to get on the road. At the start of the first lesson he took me on main roads and I felt at ease and confident that it would be fine. He always gives positive reinforcement and makes sure to tweak even the small details of my driving to ensure that I do well. In less than two months, I went from anxiously driving in circles in the parking lot to feeling confident driving on main roads.

Review №8

Terrible customer service. Absolutely awful experience. I had initially scheduled to get lessons + driving test in June, and it took around 3-4 months before nothing could happen. I had to call for everything and they would only call once and leave a message. They would only schedule 2 lessons per week and I didnt start driving until July. During the first lesson they asked me to pay upfront with no warning or without any initial payment discussion. My driver instructor Mary was nice but the receptionists at the office are horrid. They do not care at all. For the road test they put me on a waiting list where I had waited until October. They never called me to update and I called from July til October with no response and left several voice messages. I finally contacted them today, October 13, and was greeted by Anna. She gave me vague information and was very rude and unhelpful. She even cut me off saying she needed to attend to another customer. Cancelled whatever they had left and asked for a refund. Would not recommend and piss poor presentation. If I could rate negative stars I would.

Review №9

Ricky was the best. I Improved so much in just 1 and a hours. He made made parallel parking easy and the test car was really niceWould recommend

Review №10

My instructor Pete was extremely helpful! I only needed 5 lessons with him to pass my road test. He thoroughly help me navigate the road and corrected my mistakes. I was well prepared for my test. I highly recommend requesting Pete!!

Review №11

Ricky was a great instructor, he prepared me for everything that would be on the exam. He was always very calm from the beginning, and in-depth on what I need to know to pass the test

Review №12

The driving school was great and beyond helpful especially for being a new driver! Their class packs are amazing and the road test service was also very nice. The instructor that had taught me was Norm, very kind and professional, truly helped me get on the road and loose the anxiety. I went from being scared of other cars to passing my road test! The school was verte helpful and flexible in scheduling classes and arranging road test dates. I will continue to recommend this school and Norm for they were amazing!

Review №13

Pete was an amazing and patient instructor. He helped me to pass on my first try and it was great driving with him. We had fun driving while staying safe and learning how to pass the test.

Review №14

Poor communication and service from this company. Only allows you to book up to 4 appointments at a time (which I understand), but then when I call to make another appointment, they tell me it is 6 weeks out! Told me 3 weeks ago in July that my daughters road test would be mid Sept - now telling me late Oct or early November! How can you have 6 weeks in between driving lessons (lesson 8 and 9 in my 10 lesson package)!!! Thats not acceptable, plus schedulers at office say there is nothing they can do about it and no one else available to talk to. I was looking to book more lessons, but not now. Outrageous - dont waste your money here! Now looking for another driving school. Thanks a lot EMDS.

Review №15

I’m so lucky to have been taught by Ricky. He is the epitome of positive reinforcement. I thought I was destined to be an anxious driver for the rest of my life before taking classes with him. He’s patient, kind, and gives you the confidence you need to ace your road test. You can tell he genuinely cares about all of his students. Request Ricky if you’re interested in taking any driving lessons and you won’t regret it.

Review №16

Ricky was my driving instructor and he was very laid back. I already had my license but had not driven for 10 years so I took refresher lessons with him. He gave great feedback and lots of positive reinforcement! Very patient and professional! Would recommend to anyone learning or needing refresher lessons.

Review №17

Rick is the best driving instructor.. made me go from the parking lot to regular roads in just one class! Now, after 6 classes I can drive all over the place & he definitely sets you up for the road test. Rick is a great instructor with a great personality and I definitely recommend him.

Review №18

This was a good driving school experience but the best part about it was having such a excellent driving instructor such as Ricky. He was really caring and compassionate. He always knew how to put a smile on my face. Whether it be when I did a great job or made a mistake. His encouragement really enabled me to pass my road test. On the first try too! Be sure to ask for Ricky because he really is the best. Don’t let the scary stories fool you. There’s truly nice people out there. Thanks for reading my review! Good day.

Review №19

I really enjoyed my experience with these driving lessons. Especially with my instructor Ricky. Ricky was a great, fun, and easy-going instructor these past few months. I really learned a lot of from him and I really recommend people to ask for him if you’re going to East Meadow Driving Schools! Ask for Ricky!

Review №20

My instructor Pete was extremely helpful! He helped me fix the mistakes I was making. I only took 10 class and pass thanks to his teachings and great advice.

Review №21

I had Ricky as a driver and he was wonderful. Professional, informative and an all around nice guy.

Review №22

Ricky my driver instructor taught me so many things that will benefit me through my life of driving. He was nice and calm and didn’t make me feel anxious to drive. He explained things fully and made me feel comfortable behind the wheel I would recommend him to anyone who asks me for a driver instructor. I feel very confident and ready for my drivers test due to his teaching.

Review №23

Ricky was my instructor who taught things in detail and was patient while teaching me to drive. Always called to confirm lessons which helped me stay on top of them & I feel much more confident behind the wheel with the overall experience of Ricky as my instructor.

Review №24

Ricky was an excellent instructor. My son had a great driving experience and because of him he successfully passed is road test!!! Ricky was kind, patient, encouraging and extremely supportive to my son. I couldnt have asked for a more professional and experienced driving instructor. I would highly recommend him!

Review №25

Ricky is the best! My daughter needed lessons after having her school driving program suspended. Ricky was patient, kind, and encouraging. Gave her the confidence she needed to pass her road test! He always called the day before to confirm his appt. and would call to let me know how well she did that day. Class act! Thank you Ricky!

Review №26

Having Ricky as my driving instructor was an all around great experience. He was both professional and supportive. He confirmed lessons the day before and always showed up on time prepared with the relative information to make sure I was successful. Ricky is an encouraging and motivating driving instructor. He helped me calm my nerves and keep a positive mindset before the test. He was fully invested in my success. I highly recommend Ricky!

Review №27

Ricky was such an amazing help every since day one. I’ve learned so much and I am so grateful for this experience. He is an amazing guy and instructor and I was so grateful I was able to work with him

Review №28

Ricky is a amazing teacher, he taught me so many things that helped me become a better driver.He’s so nice and positive, he didn’t make me feel nervous behind the wheel.He explained things so clear and was so patient. If your looking for a driving instructor your best bet would be to go to Ricky. Thanks again for everything

Review №29

Rick was great in teaching me how to drive. After just a couple lessons I felt great thanks to him. Without him I don’t think I ever would’ve passed my road test.

Review №30

Ricky was a great driving instructor. He helped me with regular driving as well as parallel parking and all turns. Every class was amazing and helpful and I can confidently say I am a much better driver because of his lessons.

Review №31

I would never recommend this driving school to anyone. the staff is very unprofessional. They are rude from the manager down. Go at your own risk! After one conversation i canceled and asked for my money back. They do not deserve my money.

Review №32

Have had a wonderful experience with Ricky! Great results, friendly, and always on time!

Review №33

I took my driving lessons with Ricky, on my first driving test I didn’t drive at all before it but he made me feel comfortable behind the wheel and feel good about how I was driving, he told me what I was doing wrong perfectly and clearly so I wouldn’t do it again. I’m glad I got Ricky as my driving instructor

Review №34

Pete was an amazing instructor. My 2 boys both had him and they passed their road tests thanks to Pete teaching them how to drive safely. They learned many techniques from him that made them feel more comfortable driving. Very easy to schedule time slots with him and always on time. Definitely would recommend Pete!!!

Review №35

I took about 15 lessons with Ricky and he helped me become a more confident driver to prepare for the road test. I learned a lot of new techniques that are really beneficial for new drivers!

Review №36

My driving instructor Ricky was amazing. His teaching points were very informative and I felt very calm while at the wheel. He really focused on helping me improve my driving and I feel very confident going into the road test with his help.

Review №37

Ricky is one of the best driving instructors not only on Long Island but also in New York. I would give 10 stars if I had the ability to do so. Thank you to him for helping me pass my road test. Couldn’t have found anyone better.

Review №38

Ricky was the best..Is the best..Patient, professional, reassuring, friendly.Best decision i could have made..Would definitely refer Ricky and East Meadow Driving School

Review №39

I am taking lessons at this school and my instructor is Ricky. He is very patient and understanding when I make mistakes. I even have fun when I drive and look forward to it. Driving with him makes me less stressed than driving with my parents

Review №40

Russ was the instructor that we used for our daughters driving lessons. I highly recommed Russ. He worked well with my daughter, was always on time, and taught my daughter a lot in the ten lessons that we booked with him.My daughter passed her road test on the first try, and is very confident in her driving. We highly recommed Russa at East Meadow Driviing school

Review №41

I had driving lessons with Ricky. He was so amazing and helped so much! I learned so many tips on how to be a better driver!!

Review №42

I got lucky being assigned to Ricky as my driving instructor. I would definitely recommend Ricky to anyone learning how to drive. I drove with him for my first time driving, all the way to being an experienced driver. He was a great teacher for both a beginner driver and for an experienced one. He is very patient, gives amazing tips, and is very reassuring. He also has the best conversations and creates connections with his students so they feel comfortable with him. Ricky is the best!!

Review №43

I can’t be thankful enough to Norm! I just passed my road test. He is a great instructor. I had failed 3 times before and with Norma help I finally had the confidence to pass.Thank you Norm!!!

Review №44

I passed my test today. Had Norman as my instructor. He is awesome. Very patient with teaching and explaining different road situations which helped me a lot. John took me to the test site. Did excellent with recap on things i need to look out for with positive assurances. The office staffs is excellent with providing support on bookings and reminding me documents i need to prepare. Thank you east meadow driving school. Wonderful experience.

Review №45

Ricky was my drivers ed teacher. I had a very good experience and he was a good, patient teacher. I’m very happy with taking lessons at East Meadow Driving school with this instructor.

Review №46

Ricky was an amazing instructor. He was calm, informative, and always friendly. After my lessons with Ricky I felt completely comfortable & ready to take my road test. I would definitely recommend Ricky as an instructor.

Review №47

Ricky was a great teacher and helped me become a better driver.

Review №48

Ricky I just want letting you know that he is excellent instructor driver, he the best oneA great man alsoGracias🙏🏻

Review №49

Ricky was my instructor and he was patient, understanding and kind. He took his time with me during my lessons and I felt very comfortable and prepared for my road test. I would totally recommend Ricky to any other student needing an instructor.

Review №50

I would not recommend taking lessons with Don. He can be extremely rude and is not patient at all. On the first day, I made a minor error and he got really mad at me and did not give me any positive reinforcement. He literally made me more anxious behind the wheel. Do not take him.

Review №51

I had peter as my driving instructor and passed! I 100% recommend him, he was very patient and understanding. He taught me a lot and it was very fun and easy driving with him.

Review №52

Ricky helped me improve my driving skills and helped me become more comfortable behind the wheel.

Review №53

Russ has been a wonderful driving instructor to my daughter. He provides her with excellent feedback after every lesson. She has improved a great deal from her first lesson. He is very professional and always arrives on time.

Review №54

Having Ricky as my instructor was a great experience! He confirmed lessons the day or two before which I believed to be very professional. He was very calm and reassuring during lessons and has taught me everything I need to know in order to feel prepared for the road test.

Review №55

Ricki was a great instructor and taught me multiple driving abilities such as parallel parking and rules of the road

Review №56

Pete is the best!!!!! He is very thorough. I have tried different instructors but he is by far the best. He will make sure you have perfected all the things the examiners are looking for.

Review №57

Ricky was my daughter driving instructor. He was extremely professional and supportive. Ricky confirmed lessons the day before and was always on time and prepared. Ricky is a very positive, motivating, and encouraging driving instructor. I highly recommend Ricky!

Review №58

I had Ricky as my drivers education instructor at East Meadow driving school and there’s no one better than him. He taught me so many helpful rules and tips. He was very personable and was always happy to see his students and have a conversation. If I did something whether it be good or bad, Ricky always made me feel confident in my driving ability. Lastly, during the pandemic he never failed to reach out to me and make sure I was safe and healthy. I am very pleased with how Ricky has improved me as a driver, and would recommend him to anyone using east meadow driving school.

Review №59

When using this driving school it was one of the most positive and useful things I had experienced. The instructor Ricky was very helpful giving tips and tricks to help improve my over all driving. In the end all I can say is id definitely recommend this driving school and if you go with it give Ricky a shot as your instructor.

Review №60

Ricky was responsible for teaching my 17 year old how to drive. He did an amazing job. One of the things we really appreciated about him was his professionalism. He was always on time, courteous, motivating, instilled in my son safe driving practices.The result is that my son passed his road test. Thank you Rick !Dr. Sanon

Review №61

I had a great experience with my instructor Pete, he taught me a lot. It’s worth hiring pete.

Review №62

I had Ricky as my drivers ed teacher. He was an amazing drivers ed instructor. He taught me all the basics of driving and taught me how to be a better one. He made me more confident behind the wheel. I did not get nervous while I took my drivers test because he said “Don’t be nervous. You are an excellent driver and if you are nervous this time, you will be nervous next time”. He always asked us how our day was and always kept up conversation. He taught me well and I hope everyone can learn how to drive by Ricky.

Review №63

My daughter had Pete as her driving instructor. He was very thorough and professional. He made sure she was ready for her road test which she passed. Yayyy. He made her feel comfortable and ready for road test!

Review №64

I had a great experience overall with this company. My instructor, Ricky Posner, was an amazing driving instructor! He calmed my nerves and was very kind and patient with me. I recommend to anyone to ask for Ricky when you call east meadow school.

Review №65

I had a great experience with my instructor Ricky started off with very little driving skill and ended up passing my road test on the first try

Review №66

My instructor Rick really helped and was an enjoyable experience.

Review №67

Loved driving with Norman! He made driving easy and comfortable. He helped boost my confidence in my driving, which led to my recent passing of my road test. If you can request a instructor, Norman is your best option!!

Review №68

I had Ricky as my driving instructor, he was very informative and was very nice and walked me through every step necessary for me to pass my road test. I went from not knowing how to drive to then being very comfortable behind the wheel.

Review №69

I had Ricky as my driving instructor. He was great and helped me to be confident in my driving ability. He was patient, prompt, and an excellent teacher for my road test.

Review №70

Ricky was great. Thanks for helping me prepare for the road test!

Review №71

Ricky was an amazing instructor. He prepared me very well for my upcoming driving test. Great experience.

Review №72

Nothing but good things to say about my driving instructor Pete. Hes very good at communicating what youre doing wrong in a simple and easy to understand way, and more importantly helping you fix those issues. It is thanks to him I ended up passing my road test with a perfect score could not ask for a better driving instructor.

Review №73

Ricky is THE reason I passed my road test. Such a great teacher, and helped me learn everything I needed to know. Thanks ricky!! :))

Review №74

Ricky helped improve my parking by a lot. He was very patient and nice, and helped me significantly.

Review №75

The driving instructor Ricky is a excellent instructor i would recommend him to any kid learning how to drive. He helped me pass my road test with ease and if you especially have trouble parallel parking he’s the guy to teach you how to perfect. He’s also a very cool dude good conversation and funny.

Review №76

Ricky was the best and helped me so much! I feel like a million bucks now whenever I drive and I am so ready for my road test! Thank you so much and I will definitely send people your way!

Review №77

Hi every one ! That’s driving school so amazing!They doing very well! My driving teacher was Ricky, wonderful guy, he teach me and explain everything good, he show ways how to park good, how to drive in traffic feel good! Completely prepare me to passed my road test.Thank you!

Review №78


Review №79

I was extremely pleased with my experience with the East Meadow Driving School. Ricky was my instructor and he never failed to make me more confident in my driving ability after each lesson. I credit him for all the driving skills I have and for preparing me for my road test. Whenever there was a conflict, Ricky always worked with me and had great customer service as well as flexible hours. I greatly recommend Ricky as a driving instructor because he is truly the best!

Review №80

I called to clarify the packages listed on the website, but spoke with someone who sounded surprise that I called.I apologized on the call for inconveniencing her.Was told this school cannot take students whove made their own DMV road test appointment, and was offered a date 2 months from date of contact.

Review №81

I had Ricki as my driving instructor. I went in not feeling very comfortable driving, and after just a few lessons he taught me tricks on how to ace parallel parking and 3 point turns.

Review №82

Ricky made my day 😊Thank you for believing on me. Always following up on me if a practice or call to make an appointment. He is very calm, very professional and great teacher. Thank you so much, Ricky ! . I will definitely recommend this school and ask for Ricky 👌👌👌

Review №83

As far as driving classes goes, over my 10 lesson package I had three instructors.Charlie, who was very personable and kind.Norm, who had the personality of a wet sock and told me to speed through a yellow light that actually wound up turning red once I got to it and didn’t teach me anything.And Meg, who was very informational, very funny, and also kind.I bought this lesson package for myself to further inform myself on how to pass my road test. Thankfully I did pass. I believe the school played a big part in that and I’m happy with the positive experiences I had.The reason I give it only three stars is because of the last experience I had. Both Meg and a lady I spoke to on the phone had told me that because I DID NOT schedule the exam through the East Meadow Driving School, I scheduled it on my own and used my own car, that I was supposed to receive a small amount of money in the mail. I called yesterday to inquire about it only to be greeted with the rudest women I have ever encountered in customer service.I’ve seen other people write about Anna’s terrible attitude on here too.So my message to this school is: I really believe that your school is helpful to people like me who don’t have the option to go out and practice with a family member or friend.. BUT. If you’re going to own a school you cannot be disorganized like this and the staff you hire is extremely important to keep you guys in business, Anna should not be in customer service, and Norm is not fit to be an instructor.I put over $500 into this school and am very glad it’s over.

Review №84

Ricky was my driving instructor. he taught me many techniques and skills to help me pass my road test on my first time. i recommend everyone to go to him for lessons he taught me the fischetti park

Review №85

Ricky is the best Instructor! He is very nice and patient. I pass the road test at once. I am so happy.

Review №86

I had Pete as my driver’s ed instructor and had a great experience. He was always personable, and patient. He gave great tips which made driving less intimidating. Each week was fun and informative. I’m much more confident in my driving skills now, and am grateful to have had a great instructor like Pete.

Review №87

Ricky from East Meadow Driving School was immensely helpful in preparing for me for both the road test and beyond! He’s super knowledgeable about what they expect, tips for improvement, and methods to be a better driver, all while being nice fun to learn with. I definitely recommend for anyone learning to drive, both for the road test and in general.

Review №88

Ricky at East Meadow is the best!! Absolute gentleman, very knowledgeable, personable and dedicated to his students progress!! Highly recommend him

Review №89

School is a joke since covid. They have 75 year old driving instructors that are not fit to teach. They fall asleep while students are at the wheel and bring kids back early from driving. Never teach you how to parallel park. The only good instructor is Cowboy. Just paying $475 for drivers education certificate for insurance discount basically. Still have to teach kids how to drive in order to pass road test. Waste of money.

Review №90

Ricky is the BEST driver instructor ever. was so nervous about my test and he helped me to pass! best driver instructor out there

Review №91

Ricky was a great instructor and I had a great time during my lessons.I felt much more confident and learned new skills behind the wheel.

Review №92

My instructor Rick was very helpful and extremely nice! I feel much more confident driving now!

Review №93

Ricky was an excellent instructor. Helped me pass the road test the first time I took it.

Review №94

Mike from East meadow driving school is an excellent teacher. My son had a great learning experience

Review №95

Ricky is the best teacher ever. He woke up at 6 in the morning to take me to a road test after failing three days before. Ricky taught me so much and now I’m an amazing driver because of him. If you want a good drivers ed teacher ask for Ricky he really is the best

Review №96

Ricky is the best instructor, he’s very kind and explains everything that you would need to know when driving. I passed my road test today because of him.

Review №97

They helped me pass very easily. I recommend Norm he is very helpful and a great instructor.

Review №98

I had Ricky as my driving instructor at the East Meadow Driving school and it was the best experience. Ricky was not only a great instructor but made all students feel comfortable and confident in their abilities- no matter what level. Ricky taught me many helpful cues and rules of the road allowing me to ultimately become a much better driver. Additionally, he was also a great person. During the Covid pandemic he reached out to all his students to make sure they were doing well and continuing to practice driving. I am so lucky to have been taught by Ricky and would recommend him to anyone looking for a great driving instructor.

Review №99

Ricky was great teaching me how to drive. He was very nice and calm. If I were to recommend anyone who wants to learn how to drive I would 100% go to Ricky.

Review №100

Pete was a great driving instructor. He taught me all the things I had to do to help me pass my road test. And took time to inform and help me fix something if I did it wrong

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