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Hillendell Medical Training

Review β„–1

Before attending this program I doubted myself a lot with my passion and wanting to work in the medical field. Ms. Glenda contacted me ASAP and began to ask me my dreams and aspirations. She genuinely cared. The Stone Mountain location is beautiful on the inside and has a homey touch to it. Ms. Glenda is very professional with a motherly spirit. She will make sure you learn your information while also throwing life lessons into the mix as well. Always do your best and put forth full effort. She is a very understanding person but also is about her business and holds everyone accountable for their actions. While taking this course & learning the skills I have it has given me the confidence and foundation that I will need for a lifetime. I’ve gained new knowledge, new friends, and a mentor. I can honestly say that my money was well spent. Thank you Hillindale. Stone mountains FIRST ALUMNI😊😊😊😊

Review β„–2

I love Hillendell! Ms Glenda, and Ms Pam are truly inspirational and wonderful instructors. They have given me confidence to be the best CNA I can be. I’m confident in my ability to follow my dreams. I am going to miss my Hillendell family !!!

Review β„–3

I am very glad i chose Hillendell medical training.Very professional and friendly.Ms. Glenda always put me on the spot just to bring the best out of me. I really do appreciate your patience and the tough love. Lol. A very BIG THANK YOU to Hillendell medical training for training and bring out the best to the medical field. One love.

Review β„–4

I love Hillendell Medical Training!! You’ll find some of the most amazing people! The instructors will make sure you are prepared for every exam & skill. From day one the experience was very exciting! Definitely recommend Hillendell to help you in your future career.

Review β„–5

I loved my experience here at Hillendell Medical Training. Miss Addie was an excellent teacher. Miss Glenda and Tori both are amazing as well. Definitely 5 star recommended for individuals looking to enter the healthcare field. The course was fast paced but the school itself ran smoothly and effectively to learn the information in a month.

Review β„–6

Mrs. Glenda and Mrs. Pam along with the entire staff was awesome. I cant saw anything more. I like the convenience of having all supplies included and the flexibility of payment options.Best experience ever.

Review β„–7

Such a good experience! The class is made very easy to understand and the instructors are awesome and so knowledgeable. For four weeks you really do learn a lot and they set you up for a good future in the nursing field. Definitely recommend!!

Review β„–8

This class been FANTASTIC. Made friends for life that I did not know would become my family. The environment was warming and welcoming when you first start and apply. You are guarantee to pass because they know what they are doing and they encourage you to he successful.

Review β„–9

I had a great experience here! Ms. Pam and Ms. Glenda went above and beyond to make sure we were ready for the state exam. It was a supportive and fun learning environment. Very grateful to Hillendell!

Review β„–10

Took my CNA class here and it was amazing!!! Our instructors were on task, dedicated to ensure we succeed. We got a lot of practice and they challenged us when necessary. I am thankful for my classmates too, they made the past four weeks fun and one to remember.

Review β„–11

I enjoyed my 4 weeks of class. Pamela the teacher and Glenda Shaw the director, they are awesome..They make sure you understands everything and you will be walking out a different and happier person...It change my life...I would recommend anyone to this class..There are two locations, one in Sugarloaf and the other Stone mountain..Please check it out... PLUS ITS CHEAP..... Thank you guys...

Review β„–12

Absolutely loved working with the instructors! Hillendell provides great options for students and their schedules. Great teaching for a great price.

Review β„–13

Taking my cna class at Hillendell was the best choice I could have made. Our instructors were wonderful and really helped us learn our skills well in preparation for the state exam. I have made some life long friends through doing this program. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a cna program!!!

Review β„–14

I loved hillendell. The experience and the people were amazing. They treat you with respect and make sure they get you prepared. They wanna see you win and I think that makes them stand out from everyone ! I am gonna miss it ! ❀️

Review β„–15

I had such an amazing experience! The instructors were really supportive and friendly! I was able to understand everything I learned! It was totally worth it!

Review β„–16

Skills are thoroughly taught and explained. You have plenty of time to practice/learn all of the skills and retain the information.

Review β„–17

My experience at Hillendell Medical School was very pleasant. Who could ever complain about a 4 week training for a job that helps others, pays above minimum wage, and gets your foot into the medical field? I recommend this to my neighbors family, and I recommend it to everyone who reads this as well. It is a pleasant experience because you get to work with a group of other dedicated individuals and you get to experience their growth in a short amount of time. I live over one hour from Hillendell and each car ride was very pleasant because I just listened to a podcast or Christian music along the way, I considered it healing time for myself. It was a nice car ride, and worth the hour spent, especially to get to the location. Once I was there, the staff and other trainees were so thoughtful and kind. We ended up exchanging numbers, that’s how you can tell it was an amazing experience. Well worth it.

Review β„–18

From day one the experience was exciting. The Instructors are very knowledgeable. They make sure you are well prepared not only for passing the state exam, but also given the skills to succeed in the real world. I would recommend this course to everyone.

Review β„–19

Hillendell Medical is honestly the best training I’ve ever received. No matter if you go to night class or morning class, Stone Mountain or Lawrenceville, the teachers are the best. It’s fast paced but as long as you stay dedicated YOUVE GOT THIS

Review β„–20

Great school!! Lots of fun and a good experience. Highly recommend for anyone striving to find a foundation or a entree into the medical field.

Review β„–21

I loved everyone here, especially miss Pam and miss Glenda. They really taught me things that I thought I wouldn’t have. Especially with miss Glenda’s speech about working with others and miss Pam’s precautions. If you are planning to go here, or want to, or already here, I want you to cherish this whole time here because it will go by FAST, and I mean FAST. Make lots of friends, talk to your teachers, all of that. You will love it, I recommend it a lot.

Review β„–22

Awesome teaching and learning experience. The best ever. I will always recommend this school. Blessings

Review β„–23

Great course to take to get a certification for a nursing assistant! The professors are great and caring! Forever grateful to have gone here! Thank you Ms. Pam & Ms. Glenda for keeping us straight!! Now to new beginnings !

Review β„–24

I had an awesome experience learning so many new skills. Glenda is very professional, fun and fair. If anyone wants to be a CNA, I recommend this school. Latisha led most of our classes, and did a great job! I miss them already.

Review β„–25

Hillendell will definitely push you out of your comfort zone and push you to do your best. as long as you’re willing to put in the time and work, this course should be a breeze !

Review β„–26

This was a fast paced yet very thorough class. Excellent teaching style and environment for optimal learning. I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Hillendell. Glenda and Tori are stellar teachers! Thank you for your support, and motivation! I will never forget you all!

Review β„–27

I highly recommend this school the teachers are so great! The way they put the work together it was easy to understand. I love it there!

Review β„–28

It’s wonderful been a part of the training. My instructor Ms Glenda Shaw is a great instructor and I will say thank making positive impact in my life. Hillendell is the best place to learn.

Review β„–29

Great experience, instructors are very hardworking to train you for your future as a Nursing Assistant! Loved it here.

Review β„–30

Ms. Glenda and Tori are amazing!! When I went to orientation, Ms. Glenda said she is a veteran and she’s not messing around - She wasn’t kidding!! This course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to be a CNA! Ms. Glenda also cares very deeply for each and EVERY student and pushes you to be the best you can be - And Tori is an amazing success coach! I am truly sad this class is over and will miss them both! Thank you so much for everything!! ❀️

Review β„–31

Great experience! Enjoyed my time here. You’ll definitely succeed in your training if you do your part because this facility definitely does their part. πŸ₯°

Review β„–32

I had such a wonderful time learning how to become a CNA here. The instructors here are amazing, and I feel so prepared going into the medical field, this is the stepping stone for me and I am so thankful for all of the information and the experience that I have gained from being here.

Review β„–33

My experience at Hillendell Medical Training (Stone Mountain) was the best. The four weeks went by so quickly. I enjoyed Ms. Glenda and Tori. They made sure we was about business and had some fun time. I definitely refer the class to anyone who wants to be a CNA.

Review β„–34

Mrs. Shaw and Tori were phenomenal as teachers. They are both very dedicated and hands on when teaching. I loved my training here at Hillendell Medical and would definitely recommend it to anyone whose looking for a career in the medical field.Mrs.Shaw is very passionate about what she does and you can tell the love she has for it. I thank you for teaching me and I’m so very excited to start my career in the health field. Thank you soooo much!!

Review β„–35

Absolutely love this place! Both Mrs. Glenda and Miss Pam want you to succeed and push you very hard to do your best and be the best! Cannot rave about this training center enough! I am very grateful for everyone involved in my journey with Hillendell!

Review β„–36

Hillendell Medical Training is such an amazing place to get your foundation in the medical field. The teachers actually care about you and your performance. They explain everything so well and really help the students. My instructors were Ms.Pam and Mrs. Glenda they are absolutely amazing and so passionate about what they do. I’m so glad I choose this place, it was only 4 weeks ago I was looking at these reviews and here I am making a review. HILLENDELL MEDICAL TRAINING IS THE BEST! You would really miss out on not choosing this place for a CNA program or a CPR class. ❀️Thank you Hillendell for everything you’ve taught me and for everything you’ve done for me!

Review β„–37

Such a lovely place! Everyone was so sweet and kind. Would definitely recommend this place to everyone that wants a bright future!

Review β„–38

I learned everything I needed to know about being a CNA & caring for the residents, would recommend this class to anyone wanting to get in school for CNA. Thank You for the traning !!

Review β„–39

Hillendell is a phenomenal educational experience! I found this place at a really low point in my life and it has turned out to be such a blessing. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and they are determined to help you success. I cant say enough about this wonderful institution! Thank you Hillendell Family!

Review β„–40

Very professional environment. Top quality training. Hands on learning that helps you prepare for real life situations. The training is affordable and works well with any schedule. Highly recommend if you are looking to further your career in the medical field.

Review β„–41

I just wrapped up my final day at Hillendell Medical Training and I can sing nothing but praises about this school. I am 100% glad I chose Hillendell over all the other schools in my area. From the very beginning Mrs. Glenda and Ms. Tori were supportive, attentive, passionate, patient, caring and all around knowledgeable in their craft. I can honestly say I am leaving confident that I will pass my state board exams and move on to becoming a RN in the future. If you are looking for a medical training school look no further, you will not regret your decision with this school. 5/5 stars! I am going to miss you guys so much, thank you for an amazing experience ❀️

Review β„–42

Hillendell Medical Training was the best experience yet. It is so much information to take in with so little timing but it is 100% possible. They believe in you so you have to fully believe in yourself! I got discouraged at one point, but Ms.Glenda & Ms.Pam made sure I stayed on top of my game ❀️. Also thank you to Julie for greeting me each morning & Tori for being there to help all the time as well.If you are looking to become a CNA this is definitely the place for you!

Review β„–43

Hillendell was an awesome experience for me! The teachers are great and dedicated to the students. The atmosphere is very welcoming, I definitely recommend this place.

Review β„–44

It was the most interesting class ever. Miss Glenda is the best, pushing everyone to give their best. Looking for a good foundation for your Healthcare carrier, you are in the right place. Thank you for everything HILLENDELL ❀

Review β„–45

Most amazing school I’ve ever been too! Everyone was so great and helpful! Most fun I’ve had in school!

Review β„–46

Awesome experience friendly staff! Mrs. Shaw and her staff were phenomenal. If you’re interested in becoming a CNA Hillendell is the place to go.

Review β„–47

This is the BEST SCHOOL EVER. after looking at all these reviews that is is a good school. THIS IS A GOOD SCHOOL!!!❀️ The teachers push you to your BEST! I had Ms Pam Ms Tori and also Ms Glenda. They are AMAZING!!! If you plan on becoming a CNA I recommend this school. Thankyou sooo much hillendel for everything y’all have taught me!!!☺️

Review β„–48

Good experience loved the instructors and my classmates were very helpful as well

Review β„–49

Literally loved my time here! the environment created by glenda and tori is such a welcoming and encouraging environment. forever thankful for this experience. if you’re thinking about doing it, do it!!

Review β„–50

Hillendell is an amazing CNA program that prepares you for everything, from the skills we practice to the state exam. I recommend anyone who is thinking about going to this program.

Review β„–51

The instructors went above and beyond to prepare me for not only the state exam but for my career as a CNA as well. I would definitely recommend Hillendell to all wishing to pursue a career as a CNA.

Review β„–52

The staff at this place is topnotch! I learned a lot and if you are still thinking about getting your CNA or any other health related certificates, this is the place you need to go to. The instructors know their stuffs. It was a great learning experience for me.

Review β„–53

Great work and friendly environment with focus on your weak and strong points. Really focused towards your success. Class schedule can be flexible for you. Hope everyone succeed here.

Review β„–54

Fabulous place to learn! Perfect environment! Thanks HillendellπŸ‘πŸ½β€

Review β„–55

So awesome!! Took the ARC Blended Training. It’s intense, but Glenda and Tori are really helpful and train you well! Class is so much fun! They also offer TB skin tests and CPR classes for a great price. Thank you so much Glenda and Tori!!!

Review β„–56

My experience at Hillendell Medical Training was great! Glenda and Tori are amazing, and taught me everything I needed to know to pass the state exam! All the hard work and help from Glenda and Tori paid off! Thank you guys!

Review β„–57

YES YES YES! Had an amazing experience here, and Ms. Pam was a great instructor. Couldn’t have gone to a better school!

Review β„–58

This is a very rewarding program, very hands on, fast paced but easy to follow, and the instructors will lead you on a path of greatness in the medical field as a CNA.

Review β„–59

Hillendell is a phenomenal school with amazing faculty and staff. Ms. Glenda, Ms. Tori, and Ms. Rachel are all friendly, they care about the students and their well-being. The course is professional yet fun with interactive learning and top of the line equipment. Overall, being a student at Hillendell met all my satisfaction requirements within a school dedicated to preparing students for their future in medicine. Whether they will continue on as CNAs or move higher up into the medical field, it is awesome to know that all of us were in great hands and encouraged to not settle but to aim high. I will recommend Hillendell Medical Training to anyone interested in progressing in their career to become a well-trained student and future asset to medicine!

Review β„–60

Hillendell made it so that what we learnt sticks with us for a long time. Great community and super fun! Definitely would recommend this place to others.

Review β„–61

Hillendell is great! Seriously, Glenda and Tori made the entire training experience very pleasant. Not only are they compassionate and kind, they’re extremely thorough and genuinely want you to succeed. Highly recommend Hillendell for anyone’s training needs!

Review β„–62

This is the best place to receive your CNA training ! Everyone is super sweet, and encouraging. Ms. Glenda and Ms. Leticia were soooooo great!! They made sure everyone in my class learned how to do the skills correctly and were very patient with us too. I would highly recommend this to everyone! You will honestly enjoy this experience!

Review β„–63

I love Ms. Glenda & Tori. They really care for the success of their students. They make sure to provide all the extra help & resources to ensure understanding of their students. They’re willing to provide extra hours and always willing to answer questions whenever needed. I would highly recommend getting your CNA certification here. I also got my CPR certification here. They also provide TB testing. They do it all !! 😊

Review β„–64

I always felt so welcomed and important πŸ’› i met great people made great friends! Everyone was always so supportive and caringπŸ’›no one was ever left behind and for that i am greatful to have chosen this path for my life πŸ™‚πŸ’›!! Also thank you to ms Glenda and ms Tori for guiding us always till the end πŸ’›

Review β„–65

This school helped me learn everything I need to know to be a CNA plus more. Ms. Glenda and Tori made sure that we are prepared for what is to come. This class was not only good academic wise, but it was fun and I met a lot of nice people. I recommend this school for all future CNAs!

Review β„–66

STONE MOUNTAIN LOCATION πŸ”I LOVE MRS. GLENDA πŸ’™ !!! This was the best class I ever took ! Money well spent !

Review β„–67

Everyone was very helpful on every aspect of the course

Review β„–68

Beautiful experience wonderful teachers and a great start for medical experience made friends for life

Review β„–69

I could not have chosen a better school to attend for CNA training, the whole staff was amazing to work with and it is bittersweet to know after a few short weeks my classmates and I have graduated. They will be missed. I would attend here for CNA if you are presented the chance!

Review β„–70

Great staff, great program, wish I could give more stars!

Review β„–71

I went to Hillendell Medical Training to complete my CNA training program, and this was genuinely such a great experience. Not only was the teaching incredible with how thorough the material was despite the short time frame, but also everyone who I worked with are amazing individuals who care and want the best for you.

Review β„–72

Mrs. Glenda is an awesome instructor . Before even getting into the course, Mrs. Glenda’s facilities (Lawrenceville & Stonemountain) both are amazing places to take a cna in. Its a friendly, clean, fun place to learn. I’ve taken classes at both of her locations. She is very skilled instructor, efficient with everything she does, carries herself with dignity, honesty, and just all around greatness. Coming into this class I was preparing for the worst, but Mrs. Glenda made sure she took her time to really break down each lesson, skill, homework, and etc to make sure we understood. I am truly thankful for Mrs. Glenda, she is an amazing person. She is very dedicated and good at what she does. She does things such as groups, provide fun activities and way much more to show her appreciation to students but she also sets her students up for success, which is something that really stuck out to me. She goes above and beyond making sure she stays on us about the class, quizzing us and preparing us for the medical field . I just want to say if anybody is looking to become a CNA, Hillendell Medical Training Center is by far the best CNA training I’ve every took. I will forever appreciate Mrs.Glenda and all the blood, seat and tears she has put into helping me and my other classmates become successful.

Review β„–73

Attending HMS for my CNA training was such a good decision. Ms. Glenda is extremely knowledgeable, and kind but tough, making sure we have all of the tools we need to succeed in a medical career. This has been a genuinely wonderful experience for me, and I’ll make sure to refer any interested friends here in the future.

Review β„–74

Ms pam was an awesome instructor!! Im going to really miss her. Ms glenda taught us everything we needed to know to prepare us for the start of the medical feild. This is an amazing school, and i would give it 10 stars if i could.

Review β„–75

Hilldendell Medical was so helpful in preparing me as a CNA and I would recommend this place to everyone! The staff was amazing and I genuinely enjoyed coming to class and learning skills. Take your course here!!

Review β„–76

I’m glad a choose Hillendele for CNA school Mrs Glenda and Ms Tori are the best

Review β„–77

If you’re looking to become a CNA, this is the best place to go to. 10 out of 10 πŸ’―

Review β„–78

I was fortunate to be apart of an amazing training class. Mrs.Shaw is super fun. She showed us tough love, she expects nothing but the best out of us. The material was explained throughly and easy to understand. Our skills teacher Rachel was very patient with us and kind hearted. Genesis the BOM is the first person I had interactions with and she made me feel so welcomed before starting the class. This was perfect start for my future.Thank You All,Diamonique

Review β„–79

The staff and instructors are very professional. This institution wants you to succeed ! I am very grateful that Hillendell has laid the foundation to my future neonatal nursing career. I reccomend their program to everyone !

Review β„–80

Taking this class was the best decision I’ve ever made! I never thought in a million years that I would go back to school but having Ms. Glenda and Tori as my teachers made it so much fun and worth it! I will miss them and my classmates so much! ❀️I definitely recommend this class to friends and family!

Review β„–81

Attending Hillendell Medical Training was absolutely the best decision I made in 2020! Hillendell equipped me with the tools and resources I will need to better myself and provide care to those in need. If anyone is here reading and wondering look no further. Make Hillendell your choice. You will not be disappointed. I received the best training. Thank you Ms. Glenda and Team for your knowledge and support!

Review β„–82

Thanks a lot Mrs glanda you’re the best

Review β„–83

Excellent and proficient training program!!! The instructors are very knowledgeable and will go out their way to make sure you succeed!!! Thank you for sharing all your knowledge with me.

Review β„–84

Great teachers comfortable setting and a great family environment. 10 out of 10 will recommend!

Review β„–85

Great people in Hillendell. They have big heart and passion making dream come true for CNAs.

Review β„–86

I absolutely love this training center. To start off, it is very clean and a positive environment. The director and the administrator are very nice and helpful. They put complicated medical terms into simplistic everyday language. They honestly make learning a lot of fun and they ensure you get a lot of practice in before exam day! If I could give this training center 10 stars I 100% would!!

Review β„–87

They are amazing! Really helped out with explaining skills further. They helped me prepare for the exam written and clinical. It was an amazing experience, I did the blended program both online and face to face but it was amazing. I learned so much.

Review β„–88

Glinda and Tori were so helpful in my CNA journey. The skills I learned in class will help me be successful in my career not only as a CNA, but as also as a future RN.Thank you for everything!

Review β„–89

Wow, you just don’t no what your missing. Great professional learning experience and in Georgia. So, if your even thinking about redoing your CNA or just starting out in the nursing field. Check this company out. Take my word for it!!!!! THE BEST!!!!!

Review β„–90

Great learning experience! Friendships that’ll last a lifetime!

Review β„–91

I came into Hillendell Medical Training with the intention of becoming certified as a CNA. I left Hillendell feeling set up for success, proud, and with new friends to call on. This is a place to grow and learn without judgement of experience or background. 10/10 I would recommend this facility for anyone looking to become a CNA.

Review β„–92

Honestly Glenda is the best teacher I’ve ever had! I learned everything so easily. I love this school, I wish I can attend again. If you’re thinking of becoming a CNA don’t look anywhere else, this is the spot I promise you!!

Review β„–93

Absolutely loved my experience at Hillendell Medical! I was looking for a program to become certified as a CNA so I could began my clinicals hours for PA school. This program took only 4 weeks and the staff was outstanding! I highly recommend if you want to get your feet wet in the medical field, this is a great way to start. Glenda and Tori work hard to make sure you are prepared for the state exam - you’ll love them!!

Review β„–94

Great experience..amazing classes sessions with the best teacher

Review β„–95

A very unique and fun way to learn with great team and people to work with! Shoutout to Miss Glenda, Miss Tori, Miss Julie and of course MR FORD!!!

Review β„–96

Loved my experience here! The instructors were so friendly and helpful. I learned a lot. The clinical days were always fun and kept me on my toes. The instructors made sure we did everything well and offered help if we did anything wrong rather than criticizing us.

Review β„–97

My experience at hillendell medical training as a CNA. I had a great experience training with you and I appreciate everything you have taught me, and I’m absolutely grateful! I will definitely recommend anyone who want to be a great CNA, who has compassionate for people. You’re amazing Instrutor and I really feel blessed to have had you began me on my journey.From the bottom of my heart.Thank yoyπŸ™πŸΎMabinty C.

Review β„–98

Ms. pam and Glenda are amazing teachers and great examples

Review β„–99

Thanks to the Hillendell Medical Training. May God bless you, folks, as you guys continue to improve peoples lives in the Health care field.

Review β„–100

YOU HAVE FOUND EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IN A MEDICAL TRAINING FACILITY !! MS. GLENDA AND TORI I want to Thank You for your sincere gratitude in motivating your students to achieving the goal on entering into the healthcare industry! You gave me the knowledge that I will regain for a lifetime! On today I SUCCESSFULLY PASSED MY GEORGIA STATE BOARDS. Thank you Miss Glenda and Tori and staff you have TRAINED and CERTIFIED another outstanding FRONT LINE WORKER ❀️❀️❀️❀️ #BlackExcellence #Educators #Phenomenal-Brian Rowell CNA

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