DTR School of Trucking
3133 W Post Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89118, United States
DTR School of Trucking

Review №1

Great instructors with many years of experience they make sure you have the skills to succeed. Administrator assistant Keisha is great. Road examiner is tough and very demanding in a good way. The only negative I observed is the need to update training facility and equipment. Otherwise great school.

Review №2

School was quick and easy! Very attentive instruction. Yard time was fun and informative. Was able to learn all the information needed to pass my test on the first try! Keisha was awesome and helped me get into a class right away! Would definitely recommend this school if you are looking to get your CDL

Review №3

Dtr school of trucking man what can I say, RUSS is by far the best in the game in my eyes, He is really knowledgeable and has lots of experience under his belt.Really patient and made the hole process fun and he is always good at explaining what you need to get done.BRANDON really knows what he’s talking about and pushes you in the right direction to achieve your goals on time and in a orderly fashion, fun and outgoing as well and knows what he’s doing.Brandon and Russ together make a great team to be honest I don’t think I could of done it without them so I am thankful to them both for pushing me to get stuff done by far was an awesome experience and I’m so glad I chose DTR instead of any other option.thanks and will always be great full to them both.....MUCH LOVE and RESPECT!!!!!

Review №4

The classes at DTR Trucking School are easy & well instructed. I passed my passengers. Kisha & Daniel are very professional Extremely patient with there students. Thank you

Review №5

Russ was an amazing instructor!! Very helpful and thorough with the whole driving class.Only downfall was the class was pushed back almost 2 weeks behind schedule and pushed out too far that made the class and testing end 6 weeks from the original starting date. This made me cancel appointments I scheduled months before and cancel trips I’d plan way ahead and after our original end date of July 2nd.

Review №6

Yes, this is the place to get your CDL Training- top notch trainers followed with patient and courtesy. Yes I will recommend DTR School to get the BEST CDL Class B training. Keep up the Fantastic Service.

Review №7

My husband had an appointment to meet with them. That day there was no one in the office. So he called and someone told him that they had to leave the office and would reschedule. Its been over a week hes called them every day and the guy keeps telling him that he will call him back, but nobody ever has..

Review №8

Knowledge and personnel was amazing,. I doubted myself but with their assistance I passed. Russ was amazing

Review №9

DTR School of trucking is a fantastic school to become a professional truck driver.they are very professional and really care about their students. They provide you with an strong education that helps you start you career in the trucking industry. Thank you DTR for all your help..

Review №10

The instructors here are very patient, full of knowledge regarding the trucking industry, and teach in a caring manor to impart information regarding successful driving skills. I highly recommend DTR for their trucking driving career.

Review №11

Just graduated DTR School of Trucking a got my CDL Class A License.I was immediately Hired by a trucking company and going to workDTR is the way to go for your CDL, They Training is the best.All the staff is very professional and very Knowable.I highly Recommend this school to anyone. Total worth the money.Thank to all the DTR Staff for great help. Awesome!!!!!

Review №12

The school has patient instructors, Russ and Brandon are the best. and are very interested in you getting your cdl. I would recommend this school to anyone who is thinking about going to get their CDL, if you can get a grant to pay for your schooling, do it, dont waste time. Also, thank you Kisha for calling me back and staying in LV Instead of going out of sate to get my CDL.

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Review №14

Covid 19 forced a career change for me and like a lot of people I realize the potential in having a CDL. So I started to research how to get training. So I know how stressful it is choosing a school and spending that type of money and making that commitment of your time and efforts. So I thought I would write a honest review hopefully it helps someone.DTR is a great choice the instructors are awesome (shout out to Russ) they really do care if your doing well, they want you to pass with the knowledge to be successful. With that being said you have to put in the effort! Study hard and your life will be easier trust me.I can honestly say Im happy with my experience at DTR and the knowledge and skills I acquired during my time there. Give Daniel a call if you want a REAL school that actually teaches. Thanks to all staff at DTR you guys are awesome.

Review №15

The instructor and tester are professional courteous kind hard-working amazing men amongst men

Review №16

Best school in Vegas Hands down!! I started my journey with Kisha I was undecided on joining at first but she helped make the decision to join their program and I finished the program with Russ he is the best trainer Ive ever met I started with no knowledge but now I feel I know everything !

Review №17

Great school staff is very friendly and instructors are very knowledgeable and patient and make new drivers comfortable driving a commercial truck. Highly recommend DTR.

Review №18

Very good truck school, the teachers are very patient and teach very well. I felt very comfortable taking the classes because all staff are friendly, I highly recommend it.

Review №19

What an outstanding trucking school !. Russ, Franklin, and Brandon are top-notch instructors with over 100 years of driving experience between the three of them. All retired professional drivers, they know all aspects of the industry, history, regulations, governing bodies, protocols, and the necessary driving skill sets of being a professional commercial cdl driver. Whether youre looking to drive flatbed, dry van, refrigeration, this school will teach you what you need to know.My class included every age group from young 20s, all the way through 50 somethings looking to make career changes, or fresh starts.The in-class lecture section, that Russ taught with over fifty years of experience alone, was highly informative and gave me a much deeper perspective, understanding, and appreciation of the commercial trucking industry. This coupled with a lot of supportive hands-on driving instruction between Russ, Franklin, and Brandon that made it challenging, and fun at the same time.The testing segments are intense, but with the encouragement of the staff, they really wont let you fail. They are just that dedicated, and that good at teaching the skills necessary to get you started. One day youre brand new, and the next youre driving a large commercial vehicle. They waste no time at getting you started.It has always been a dream of mine to learn to drive a big truck. What a great experience it was for me, and Im looking forward to many, many miles at the wheel of a big rig that I will owe to these excellent instructors, and this terrific school !.Thank you DTR School of Trucking !.Adam Lowry

Review №20

Excellent and very helpful staff including Kisha and Daniel! Russ is a great instructor and was always available and thanks to his instructions I sailed through the program and got my CDL A.Will highly recommend this place to anyone trying to obtain their CDL.

Review №21

Kisha & Daniel are very professionalExtremely patient with there studentsThe classes at DTR Trucking School are easy & well instructed. I passed my passengers endorsement with no problem

Review №22

Just graduated from DTR’s class A truck driving program and it was an amazing experience. Great people and amazing instructors. Definitely one of Las Vegas top education truck driving programs! Russ was my instructor, one of thee most dedicated and most amazing instructor/person i have ever met. This guy will go above and beyond to make sure you get the proper knowledge to make sure you learn the right way. Thank you Russ, and thank you DTR!

Review №23

Great people to work with. Awesome school and are understanding and easy to work with

Review №24

Awesome instructors very flexible! I did the refresher course was well worth it, if you follow their instructions you cant fail! They really care and want you to succeed.

Review №25

Ladies if you’re thinking of becoming a driver, this is the school for you! The owner, Daniel is wonderful. If you’re serious about learning to drive, reach out to him. Their instructors, Russ and Phil are FANTASTIC. Words cannot express how patient yet firm they are. I looked at many schools, I’m so glad I chose DTR. They’re teaching styles are different but they compliment each other.... their different styles of teaching allows you to get a real life feel of what trucking is. I can’t say enough about DTR. One thing is for sure..... DTR is the school to attend to learn to drive! Thank you guys for all of your help..... I’m a commercial driver now!!! Yayy!

Review №26

Good place !! Easy learning and nice patience instructors !! Two weeks in and then I was out . Ready for work . Thank you RTDS. You guys are awesome .

Review №27

Very fun and easy course with great instructors

Review №28

I researched many, many schools before choosing this one. The program was absolutely outstanding. At the conclusion of the course I felt comfortable taking control of a semi and getting it safely to my destination and this comes from someone that has never stepped foot in one previously. Russ and Phil were amazing and took the time to teach you the right and safest way to accomplish what you were after. Amazing instructors that took the time with each student to make sure they had it and weren’t left behind. It was well worth it.

Review №29

From reading all the reviews on here about DTR they are a 100% right. Well worth every penny you guys should give them a shot . They will have you backing and driving a truck and trailer in no time the right way. They have great instructors and the staff is awesome too.

Review №30

They dont deserve the name, it is fake training school, they are so nice untill you pay then they dont care

Review №31

Graduated back in August. Loved the experience at DTR. Classes were small with one on one training. Manual and Automatic trucks were available. Instructors were excellent, very professional and DMV certified. Instructors went above and beyond to make sure our skills were at 110%. I’m very confident in my trailer backing skills and tractor driving. DTR is very fairly price for the CDL A program. Expect to pay nearly double with larger classes anywhere else. Thanks again DTR!May the low rider truck force be with you!

Review №32

This is simply the best trucking school in Las Vegas, if you are serious about trucking and want the best education and training then this is the place to be. The owner Mr.Daniel is a perfect professional individual and you would know it within minutes of talking to him. Unlike other schools that i went to check before them ( who has 0 interest in your future, all they want is money) Daniel will share his experience and give you an idea about the industry and what to expect. Their trainer Mr.Russ 😊 believe me i miss meeting this man every morning.. He is simply the best, He has lots of experience, skills and is very patient .. If Russ trains you then you do not have to worry about anything you will enjoy your training and be on your way.. he is too positive and he is the best trainer i ever had in my life.. I would like to Thank DTR for the training and experience i got.. thank you so much.

Review №33

Good school I recommend them is good

Review №34

The education process was very detailed. The instructors were helped you a lot when you needed it and by the end of the course you will definitely be able to drive a combination vehicle when youre finished.I Highly Recommend DTR School of Trucking.Great School...

Review №35

One thing that I want to say is dont go to this school, they are so nice before you pay the money after that they dont care about you and they reschedule your class and test time may be three or four times.

Review №36

Attended DTR School of Trucking Class B CDL Program. Instructors were outstanding, service was great,Great place to train to get your CDL. I must say you really have to study and pay attention, they make sure of that. They dont pull any punches.They will make you a professional at this school..I highly recommend DTR School of Trucking. It’s a “GREAT” place!!

Review №37

Awesome school, very professionals ..all instructor are very knowledgeable and patience during the course..i would highly recommend this trucking school to any one..Thank you DTR School of Trucking..

Review №38

DTR School Of Trucking is great. I had pretty much what it took to pass the test. Due to Covid test were out till November. Cant and didnt want to wait. So I called Daniel at DTR. He was able to fit me in. He told that I needed to brunch up on a few things. Went back and met up with my trainer Russ who gave me some pointers. He really knew what he was talking about. Then came along Brandon the test taker. Dude was on point just like a dmv tester would be. Ended up passing my test and taking an envelope with me back to the Sparks NV DMV and paid a few more bucks and done! Have my class A cdl.

Review №39

Completed the 4 week CDL-A program. Well organized program, top notch, patient instructors. The small class size gave everyone the necessary time to train and prepare for testing. Being able to take the DMV tests at DTR’s training site on the same equipment we practiced on was a great benefit. The instructors have had years of industry experience and will give you valuable career guidance at every step. If you’re considering getting started in the trucking business, DTR School of Trucking should be your first stop!

Review №40

I started my truck driver training with another school in Las Vegas. It did not take long for me to realize that due to the large number of students in my class, that I was not going to get any hands on training at all.Went to see Daniel at DTR. Had one on one training with a professional driver.I will encourage anyone to check them first. DO not waste your time and money elsewhere.

Review №41

I recent graduate and got my class A CDL. DTR help me all the way, the instructors Russ and Phil were the best. even through it was not easy to drive a truck, they showed me a lot of Patiences until i got it down.they keep a daily record on you to make sure you are learning and show you every day so you know what to do next.when you leave this school you will know how to drive that truck, no doubt .i was hired by a great company and very happy. I called other school before this one, and there just rude on the phone and want you money .I recommend this school to everyone looking to get their truck license .professional all the way.Thank you DTR for helping me when i needed it.

Review №42

I recently finished my training with DTR, and have to say how happy I am with my experience. The instructor Russ, is great at what he does, very knowledgeable and great to learn from. Daniel is great to work with and is willing to work with You to make sure you get the most out of your time there. Small classes so you get plenty of one on one time on the driving range.

Review №43

My name is Ricky, I recently graduated from DTR School of Trucking.. This is a great school with excellent teachers and state certified examiners, they are polite and professional and really go above and beyond to teach or refresh you in the trade of Big Rig Truck Driving...

Review №44

This school is the absolute BEST! They truly care about your education and have FANTASTIC instructors. They keep their classes small for quality 1-on-1 learning which is what I liked most about this school. I would definitely recommend DTR Trucking School to anyone who is thinking about becoming a professional driver!

Review №45

DTR School of Trucking was able to get me through the testing process. Both Russ and Phil, the instructors were amazing with their knowledge and advice. I recommend DTR School of Trucking to any that would like to get their CDL Class A Drivers license.

Review №46

DTR School Of Trucking was a top notch program. The instructors provided first class training and are extremely knowledgeable. Outstanding program!!

Review №47

I just finished their course and I have nothing bad to say about it at all. The staff were all friendly and knowledgeable. They teach you everything you would need to learn to get a CDL. Their curriculum was well rounded and to the point. I would highly recommend going to this school if you are looking to get a CDL.

Review №48

Phil was a great instructor. He was very patient and gave me alot of great advice. They made me for a zero to a Hero.thanks agsin

Review №49

As soon as I spoke with DTRl about the school. I knew it was a great fit for me. I spoke with all the schools in Las Vegas. And none of them gave me the feeling as DTR. Ultimately I made the right decision and Im glad I got my start with them. The training and the instructors were great. I learned so many things and Im coming from driving city buses. I highly recommend DTR School of Trucking.David Hicks

Review №50

This is my second week and I have the worst learning experience they have a good instructors. but the school is greedy they never care about you learning or not it all about the money

Review №51

I took a Saturday course to learn alley docking and I gotta say it went well. They make sure if you are ready for truck driving and go beyond understanding how you learn and process things. I recommend this school if you have what it takes to be a driver; they do not waste time on anyone who is not ready.

Review №52

DTR is a really Great Truck School. Russ and Phil are great instructors they may be hard but I guarantee if you’re meant to be a truck driver and have the passion they will work hard as nail to help you.

Review №53

Great program. Had so much fun with learning the ins and out of the industry and how to safely operate these trucks. Absolutely recommend if you enjoy driving, want to travel, looking for a challenge, or just want to start a new career. Would like to see an advanced course for experienced drivers in the future.

Review №54

First I would like to thank our instructor Mike Graham and the rest of the DTR staff for being a world class bunch! These guys crammed 2+ months of curriculum into a very fast paced 4 weeks, and did it in a way that the average fella like myself could retain and utilize all the information. From the pre-trip, the air-brakes and skills, and finally the actual on the road driving, DTR in my opinion offers the best all around crash coarse in trucking on the block. Thanks for the education guys, and if anyone was looking to get started in the transportation industry, DTR is most definitely a great place to start!!

Review №55

DTR is an outstanding program with an even better staff, the instructors that work here have many years of experience and are very patient. If you are looking for a great trucking program LOOK NO FURTHER! BIG SHOUT TO THE STAFF FOR BEING SO PROFESSIONAL...SEE YOU GUYS ON THE ROAD!

Review №56

I stopped once to ask questions after 9 am the door was locked called them twice in 2 weeks no respond they might be close

Review №57

DTR School Trucking was Great experience.They delivered as advertise .It beautiful thing to learn the trucking industry.They were very affective in there training techniques.Thank you. DTR School of Trucking.

Review №58

Excellent school and extremely knowledgeable staff. DTR will give the individual student the exact training and skill set to drive every facet of the trucking industry. They had bend over backwards to help me reach my goals. Students are not just a number as it is with the large driver mill schools. Great job DTR we really appreciate your going the extra mile.

Review №59

Graduated DTR School of Trucking.They have a great quality CDL Class A Program .I like the way the program is organized .there training.Instructors and the administration were great.I Highly recommend DTR School of School Trucking.

Review №60

Great company very business like.

Review №61

Where do I begin...DTR from the start gives you their expectations and they live up to it. I took the full course which was recommended by them and Im very glad I did. There is so much information that was given. Between Instructors, you will receive tons of knowledge. I would highly recommend going to DTR School of Trucking to anyone who is looking to get their cdl or even there refresher course.

Review №62

The school has been an amazing experience. The instructors went above and beyond in making sure we learn as much about trucking as possible. DTR educates its students beyond the bare minimum in order to make sure we are prepared for the road as well as the current trends of the trucking industry.I highly Recommend DTR School of Trucking for a great Education..

Review №63

I have had an amazing experience at DTR school of trucking and learned so much. In just the 4 weeks of training I walked away with so much knowledge and would recommend this school to anyone who is looking to get into trucking. Thanks to Daniel and Russ. Thank you!

Review №64

It has been an honor and a privilege to be trained by true professional that show they care about their students and take the time to show them the proper way to do the job. I learned all about truck safety,the trucking industry,the safety of other,and all the important thing about operating a commercial motor vehicle. DTR School of trucking has an excellent supporting staff to help you get through the CDL Process.I graduated and Im on my way to start my new adventure,something as I always wanting to do since I was a little kid.I highly recommend DTR to any one trying to become a professional truck drive,they have the tools to get you there.

Review №65

Excellent truck school, the owner is very professional and friendly and they are willing to help you get what you want and the instructors are very professional and friendly, have patience to help you achieve your goal professionally.

Review №66

I had just call up to DTR and a very rude man had answer the phone. Obviously he had an issue with me because I am a woman. His answers to my questions was very abrupt and mean-spoken. I guess this school do not want my kind there.It is so sad in today society that this type of person acts this way. Please by all means BEWARE!!!!!!!!!NOTE: The star that I gave this company, well I guess I could go no lower.

Review №67

School was great.Instructor are great.They help my grow and gave me confident to succeed in all my studies .This is a great program..DTR really know what they are doing in the trucking ...I highly recomend to anyone looking tobecome a trucking professional.Thank you DTR School of Trucking

Review №68

I came in with no knowledge on trucks whatsoever and came out with a the knowledge, skills, and a job in trucking. The instructors are knowledgeable and willing to teach you everything you need to know to be successful in the career field. I will say this if you are a slow learner and not dedicated then you will have a low chance of passing the tests to get your CDL license. This definitely is not for everyone but if you have the determination and learning ability then this school will take you far. DTR changed my life and it can change yours.

Review №69

Hello guys,I had an awful experience with this school and i would like to share it with you and to help everybody to avoid this school.Whatever you do, do not waste your time coming to this school. Yes it is fast paced. I have been here 16 days and they worry more about the pretrip than actually teaching you how to shift a truck. For this 16 day if I drove 4 times 20 minutes it was a lot. Then they waste your time sending you to test when you are not ready and when you ask for help with shifting they deny it. You tell them you are not ready to test they still send you for whet to fail. Total waste of time and money. Never again.

Review №70

It was an amazing experience,, Mr. G, Mr. Robert were/are very great instructors! they are very polite, intelligent, extremely patient people!!! xD ! They well teach every step, everything you need to know including (safety), especially very Funny People! I Had a Blast and you will too!I highly recommend this school...

Review №71

I wouldve liked to write a review of the actual truck driving school, but unfortunately I never even got to set foot in the door. I set up a meeting with Daniel to discuss the kind of program I needed, which he bailed on to handle a situation with his kids, which I completely understand, although it wouldve been considerate of him to tell me before I got there for the meeting. He said hed get back to me the following morning, which he didnt, but after a little arm-twisting, I was able to set up a meeting for the following afternoon. I showed up to the meeting at the appointed time, and he sent me a text saying that he would be a half hour late. I subtly pointed out that I was getting a little annoyed with the process at this point, and he told me to get lost. Luckily, I tried RTDS next, which worked out great, since you can sign up for individual training by the hour there, and they have impeccable customer service.

Review №72

Small class rooms allow instructors to be one on one with you, and make sure you understand the concept of being a truck driver and they give you there undivided attention to make sure your a successful truck driver great school. I recommended DTR to any one looking for a great career.Thank you DTR

Review №73

I attended DTR school of trucking in October 2017. i enjoyed the class and the professional attitude of the staff. My appreciation goes out to the staff for all you help. i would recommend this program to anyone interested in getting their CDL.

Review №74

Definetly happy with choosing this school. Excellent instructor and staff.Highly recommend it.

Review №75

This school was amazing to me! Coming in i thought i was just going to learn to drive a truck and get my CDL, but i learned way more than driving a truck. safety was my biggest thing, and i learned so much safety that i apply to my life daily while driving. I would recommend DTR school of trucking to anyone!

Review №76

The staff are awesome They treat you like part of the family. The personal attention really helped me to pass. I recommend this school to everyone interested in getting their CDL

Review №77

Great experience. I would recommend DTR school of trucking to anyone. Very pleased customer.Very proud to get my CDL from DTR,very knowledge and professional.This school really cares about the student education and it shows Thanks DTR ...

Review №78

Great school, great people. I recommend that if your thinking about trucking, give them a call. I drove truck years ago and they helped me get my CDL back, and let me be human doing it. Thanks..

Review №79

Great guy i learned alot got my cdl would recommend

Review №80

Hi Daniel, DriversI enrolled for the Refresher Course after being out of the seat for over 11 years. When I first spoke with Daniel in his office what impressed me most was his professional manner, hes a Trucker for sure.We spoke about the course, especially the pre-trip, to which I paid close attention to his words until I was convinced he was the man I wanted to do business with and then I told him he had me convinced his was the right school, and if he had given me any indication thered be cheating or a unprofessional slipshod manner in the teaching, Id tell him Id be back with my money, and hed never see me again.Drivers...? THIS is the school you wantDont go anywhere else even if its cheaperAt DTR School of Trucking you are not just paying for school, you are paying for a quality educationNOT a Trucker Story3s and 7s Drivers

Review №81

Great staff, if youre debating taking truck driving up as a career, these are the people to go talk with and should choose, to get you started down that path.Very professional. I highly recommend DTR School of Trucking...

Review №82

I shopped around for a truck driving school in vegas and this was my third and final stop. The other 2 schools i looked at didnt seem to really educate on the industry of trucking i felt like they just wanted to take my money and push me out. However at dtr the staff is really nice and gives you the attention needed to teach you the right way, school was quick and very educational they also help place me with a great company to drive for. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

Review №83

Great experience. I had fun.I came to this DTR not knowing anything about trucking, and after graduating, I know a whole lot more about the handling a truck and trucking industry. finished. Great teachers.teachers were very professional and patient.I highly recommend this school to people that are looking to get their CDL license.

Review №84

Had a very high-paced, informative, and professional experience at DTR. If you can show your determination, and willingness to work hard, these guys will put their all into you. when you come here take advantage of the education because it is a high quality course.

Review №85

Great school and great instructors I came to reinstate my license after moving from another state. Brandon and the crew were great.

Review №86

Ladies, if you are considering a career in the trucking industry, but fear your ability to manage such a large vehicle or feel women arent welcome, hear me out. As a female who has worked in this field, I know there is nothing to fear. In general women are accepted and protected. Women are excellent professional drivers. This is a career you can support a family with, being lucrative and rewarding. At dtr school of trucking they encourage ladies to come learn. I just recently took a week long refresher course. The experience at this school with the instructors was not only informative, but fun. If you are thinking about making more money and enjoy driving I recommend getting certified and licensed and believe dtr is a great place to do just that!!!!

Review №87

I want to start by saying that this the best school to come to learn and get your CDL. From the class room to the exercise out in the range to the actual driving on the road. I really recommend people come and do their schooling at DTR school of Trucking.

Review №88

DTR School of Trucking was the best decision Ive made in a long time.The instructors and the curriculum were right on point.Its a fast paced,hands on course that provides all the necessary tool to succeed in obtaining you CDL Class A.They give you insight into the Trucking industry.I would highly recommend this trucking school not only to beginner truck drivers, but also any one interested in trucking education.

Review №89

Great school very informative Mike the instructor is very helpful and informative,And The program is very helpful as well a lot of information from this school goes a long way you will feel confident when you leave here and you’ll be a safe driver .go here it’s great .

Review №90

This course was a wonderful experience mostly because I Im a young women I started this evening course when I was only 19 years old. Throughout the course I have learned so much from backing to driving and per-tripping my vehicle . I would definitely recommend this school, specially to young women out there.

Review №91

Just completed my course and received my cdl the director Daniel gets to know who you are and what you want instead of trying to just give you a sales pitch my instructor mike was great and very upfront and had a lot of experience and was very knowledgeable I didnt know very much about trucking but now I know how to be a professional and safe driver and he helped me the whole way it was a great and fun class if you want your CDL come here .

Review №92

How much is the school thinking about pay all up front $$$

Review №93

My first meeting with DTR was great! Their great guys and was very helpful and understanding and willing to cater to my schedule. They are also very knowledgeable about the trucking industry. My instructor Mike was awesome! he has been trucking for many years and knows all the ins and outs of the trucking industry. very straight foward and a great teacher. He made learning how to drive a tractor-trailer fun and a great expierience. Thank you DTR trucking you guys are amazing!!!

Review №94

I just graduated DTR school of trucking and I had great experince.they helped me get my license. Everyone was very great and knowledgeable and instructor work with one on one to teach everything about trucks .I really recomend this school. I had got a great trucking education.

Review №95

Instructor was great. Owner sucked, you need to have water, garbage can and a clean micro-wave in classroom. If someone gets hurt on your equipment, on your range you need to communicate with them, at least call to find out how their doing.

Review №96

Dtr training taught me everything I need to know about operating a combination vehicle and has built my skills and confidence to get ready for my next journey in life as a truck driver. Everyone at Dtr was great and I thank them all for this life changing experience. Let the journey begin=)

Review №97

We highly encourage women that have always interest and desire to go for their CDL Class A license and become professional truck drivers. DTR School of Trucking has lady instructors that will make this process not only comfortable, but will help you achieve the goal of starting a lucrative career in the trucking industry.

Review №98

DTR school of trucking cdl,The instructors and range operators where awesome|| they do not leave out anything when it comes to getting the cdl you need. From the class room education learning the does and donts of everything including the safety that is needed before you jump into a truck on the range where you will learn to do your pre trip, backing and driving. they are truly a great company to get your cdl through and they stand behind their word. All of the instructors have decades of experience with on the job working.if you want to get your cdl I would not hesitate to get it their.

Review №99

I had a great experience taking a refresher course with DTR, I highly recommend this school. Every one was highly knowledgeable, I learned a lot !!

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I recently earned my CDL for the commercial vehicle industry at the DTR school of Trucking in Las Vegas and I feel compelled to share my experience with all who are looking to enter this line of work. I’ve trained in other industries in my life and I’ve come to realize just how important great and thorough education is. It starts and remains one of your most helpful tools to take with you every day to work. DTR, from the first day right up to graduating, made my education such a priority.They covered every aspect of the trucking industry, from safety to industry standards and what is expected of me as a professional driver. And everything in between, even the industries history and where we can expect the industry to head to in the future.They also provided us all with ample opportunities for employment upon graduation. I am about to begin my fist job in the trucking industry from a company suggested by DTR, and I feel so ready!As for DTR’s director Daniel T Rios, wow, what a soulful bastion of this industry. His attention to safety, to detail to the thrill of working across this country and the greatness this job brings to America and its responsibility and ours to it was and is such a joy to learn from. Anyone who can perform in a band, run an important school and be a great family man, well, Daniel is great!My lead instructor was Micheal Graham. And like a great band, or great team there are always 2 that lead and compliment one another making the experience transcendent. Micheal was so helpful in teaching the do’s and don’ts of Trucking. His daily, hourly patient training was zen-like. He loves what he does, he loves the industry and he passes that feeling on to his students. And he has a great sense of humor, and along with Daniel these qualities are so helpful. I thank you both from the bottom of my heat and look forward to continuing our friendship.Thank you both so much and see you soon,Wayne B LovelessRecent grad from DTR

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