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Nevada Teachers of Tomorrow

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There should be something seriously happening to this program and their website. They dont respond to emails and calls! I have tried to get in contact with them through the ways I can think of, email, calls, visiting their local office( from the googled address), their twitter,and their Facebook. Unfortunately, all failed to get their any response. This is so weird and bad. I need their supporting document urgently to be hired by our school district. I really wonder whats going on with this program and where their staffs are. Feel worried and upset!

Review №2

Havent been able to get in contact with anyone by phone for 6 weeks! Went through email, received a response, then heard nothing back for 3 weeks now. Completed this same program in Texas and they were timely and professional from the very start, never had a communication issue. This is just completely unacceptable.

Review №3

Finding it impossible to get a call back in a timely manner with info needed to be hired!

Review №4

This program was absolutely life changing for me. I was seeking a more rewarding and fulfilling career so I decided to do a career change and become a teacher. I reached out to multiple programs, but Nevada Teachers of Tomorrow was quickest in response. Ana, the program advisor, was really helpful and anytime I emailed her with a question, she’d reach out to me in less than 24 hours. Upon finishing the program and applying for my teaching license, Michael, the program director, met with me and walked me through the interview process. He looked over my resume to make sure that it was good, and then sent my resume over to his contacts for charter schools. Within 2 hours, I had 2 interviews set up. I interviewed the very next day and got hired as a full time teacher at a wonderful school.If you are on the fence about becoming a teacher or don’t know where to start, Nevada Teachers of Tomorrow is the right place to begin your journey. Michael and Ana has made this process an easy one. I’m excited to begin the next school year as a special education teacher.

Review №5

This is a great program! My life needed a change and Nevada Teachers helped me start a career in teaching! Great price but the customer service is what made the program. They prepared me for the class room life and helped me find a job that suited my style. 5 Star program!

Review №6

I am very grateful that I chose Teachers of Tomorrow as my ARL provider.As a full-time substitute teacher/mom of a 5 year old, I have very minimal time for doing anything. With teachers of tomorrow, I take classes, take quizzes, finish assignments, and projects on my own time.100% self-paced, no pressure, no stress. All modules are very organized and easy to follow. I cannot thank my adviser Ana enough. She goes above and beyond to clear any concerns and questions that I have and she guides me on to the right path. I recommend this ARL provider to anyone, especially those who appreciate personalized attention and guidance.

Review №7

Let me tell you: if you are considering this program do it. I finished the first portion to start applying for jobs and the day after I completed it I started getting interview offers. Ana the main contact person is amazing with helping you getting started. Michael the program director followed through the same day with helping with my resume and getting it out there. I cant say enough positive things about the program.

Review №8

This program changed my life! The online training portion has been easy to access and complete. The advsors have been friendly and able to answer all of my questions. I am grateful for a program that prepares you for the teaching.

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The courses in their website are easy to navigate and are designed for easier but faster and better learning. I’ve learned so much so far. I’ve also passed my 2 required Praxis tests (the first take on both) and as soon as I complete Phase 1 I can be ready to go full-time again. Thank you Nevada Teachers of Tomorrow you are the answer to my prayers. Special thanks to Ana Bradley who guided me all the way through.

Review №10

Switching careers from engineering to teaching, I was looking for an alternative route to licensure (ARL) program, and Im happy to have found Nevada Teachers of Tomorrow.There was a low upfront fee, then the balance paid in monthly installments (over a year, only if you get hired as a teacher). I assessed that its much faster than enrolling in a university or college program.It uses online & self-paced learning, which I prefer, since I can complete modules at my own pace at whatever hours are convenient for me. There are message boards to interact with other students, quizzes, and end-of-unit tests. They are rigorous (you need to take the lessons to pass), but they are low-stress in that you have multiple chances to re-accomplish for an 80% passing grade.One of the highlights for me was my advisor, Ana. Whenever I had a question about courses, licensing, the program, or job search, she was very helpful and responded quickly. Most contact was by email, but we also talked via phone several times, and I always felt like she was caring, courteous, and knowledgeable.I looked into the CCSD ALTA program (which is cheaper, if accepted), but found that they pick the public school where you perform the internship. I was willing to pay a premium to have my choice of school (public, charter, private).Summary: I completed the pre-service courses & Praxis test within several months, applied for my conditional license, and I already have a job offer for the coming school year. I still have remaining more self-paced online courses and another Praxis test to complete over my 2 conditional teaching years, but it does not seem overly burdensome. So, based on my results and my experience with Ana at Nevada Teachers of Tomorrow, Id recommend them!

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I have the privilege of being a part of the program and I would like to commend Nevada Teachers of Tomorrow for their operations. I have never been in a program as smooth as this one. This program has been great for me due to the flexibility. The self-paced, online courses makes it easy for when those unforeseen moments of life occupy your time. They have also been very helpful with providing hiring events information and tips for getting hired. This is a program that want to see you hired. So, if you are serious about ARL I recommend them.More importantly, the staff has been my greatest wow factor. So, id like to take a moment to give some praise. First and foremost, id like to thank Ana and acknowledge her professionalism and customer service. I have been able to count on Ana even before starting the program. She has kept every commitment made and always followed up with an email. Ana has been able to answer every question ever asked and has always returned my calls same day or within 24 hours.Next, id like to thank my teacher Mrs. Copenhefer. She has been there to provide clarity when necessary and answer any questions that I had about assignments. Also, she will get your graded assignments back to you in a timely fashion. Best part of all, she allowed me to use her as a reference. Thank you!Last but not least, I want to shout out Mike Gentry. Its not often that you get a program director to reach out to you and help advocate for you when necessary. He is very down to earth and knowledgeable about processes and next steps (this comes in handy if you dont know what to expect). There has been many days that he was ready and willing to take time out of his day to help me. No matter the time he has been available to take a call or put out calls, send and/or respond to an email. I am truly appreciative of that!Thank you Nevada Teachers for being so knowledgeable and helpful and making my journey easy!

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