John B. Alexander High School
3600 E Del Mar Blvd #6559, Laredo, TX 78041, United States
John B. Alexander High School

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I just came out of a meeting that went horribly wrong. I came in there to get out of a unit they have there. I came with a positive attitude and came out crying for what they could not understand how it feels to be stuck and not get out until they say you can. The days I’ve had are like this you get there eat and then work no help unless you ask ok good. I’ve been good not so good with grades bc thay didn’t give me any work for that subject and know I am failing. Hey made me and my parent cry for what she said and what her aditutude is. She is bully pick on me and spreading like a virus. I say that school is the worst if you are in the unit at that school. They don’t want to deal with kids that are misbehaving. They don’t try to direct your kid or you to the right path and when she makes her mind you can’t change her mind. Not to mention the point system they have for the unit kid you have to aculmalate points a lot by behaving 100% perfect to get out of the unit to be able to go to classes. Do you as a parent think that your child or children can be an angle for more than a month stuck in a class you can’t get out unless you go to the restroom. When you go to the restroom and someone is watching you so you don’t go anywhere else. Then he/she goes in with other students in there and he/she says “are you ok, name are you in here, do you need to go to the nurse” don’t you think that is embarrassing I think it is so the only possible thing I would do is leave the class room and I think you would too I am never ever going back to that school. That say they want what is best for your kid that don’t. Before I was in the unit I was homebond which means that a teacher would teach me at the place I was at. I have major depression so me and my parent thought it was a good idea if I go back to school. I did go and it was going good until the work they gave me was too easy. I told them to give me work bc I wanted to challenge my head and they said no bc they are not the ones that gives me the work. They said the teacher give me the work. I have been there not ever a full week and I am already frustrated I want hard work and they can’t give me it this school is the worst school ever.

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Bulldogs !!! Class 2005Awesome memories

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Go Bulldogs LOVE IT

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The campus is so old and dirty :/

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The students are very disrespectful

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They suck ass

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I dont.

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