10-4 TrucKing & CDL Training
46400 Division St, Lancaster, CA 93535, United States
10-4 TrucKing & CDL Training

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Let’s be honest, most people looking to get their CDL are looking to do so on a budget. 10-4 trucking is the best bang for your budget. Owners and trainers are very friendly and welcome you like family. Special shout-out to Chris the owner and Nate the trainer! Both of them will hop in trucks and show you how it’s done if you challenge them to a skills competition no matter how good you THINK you are.

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The training speaks for itself, they offer free demonstrations for No additional fee. What you see is what you get No surprises. With over 25 year of experience in transportation and Training Curriculums. Safety is first. You are able to complete your training in a few weeks or take your time all for the same price. Sounds great to me. Check them out. Bonus they also offer training on 53’ trailers and offer Work Ready courses.

Review №3

My experience as a student was amazing! I highly recommend 10-4 trucking to anyone who is looking for truck driving school.

Review №4

ISRAEL, NATHAN, CHRIS, JOSE, MERCEDES, DAMARI.... THANK YOU!!!!You guys made my CDL experience amazing. Got treated like Family and Always answered my questions. The best decision I could had made was to choice 10-4 Trucking.

Review №5

Stop looking all around this is the your spot they training you like a pro!!!Thank you Mr. Jose you made my day or late me be more specific you made my career, and I’m ready to take the test at the DMV.

Review №6

It’s a great affordable school.They were always able to work with my work schedule which made it easy for me to train. Thanks a lot! 10-4!!!

Review №7

I am so very grateful for Jose and Chris in helping to prepare for class A. Jose has been very patient with teaching me the fundamentals of up shifting and downshifting. He really pays attention on my weaknesses and guides me through to improve. Chris has shed new light on perfecting alleydock and describing to me how to do the backing skills more effectively.And really appreciate Mercedes being flexible and understanding with the scheduling. Overall good experience. A solid team, professional, kind, and committed.

Review №8

The best school out here in the antelope valley! No rush In anything everything is based on your own time and full with many different ways on to get your CDL. The best training you can ever get is here! Never too late nor too early of age to get your CDL as well!

Review №9

Anyone looking to get their CDL this is the place to go. Chris, Ernesto, and Israel really help you get through it. From start to finish. Thank you guys for everything by the way Im still waiting to get a shirt lmao.

Review №10

First off what is there not to say about this school. The instructors have lots of tricks to help you learn and every instructor is different and they all bring something to the table in regards to knowledge. Also they are the most reasonable priced school of them all and it’s the best bang for your buck. Inquire about there payment plan. Which is another great feature. The entire staff is friendly. Chris, Ernesto, Israel and Damaris. Open everyday also which helps because the of o pop rocked flexible schedules. I mean they even helped me get a Class A with passenger endorsement in 10 days. Give these guys a try you won’t be disappointed.

Review №11

Chris & Israel are great instructors. They really teach you everything you need to get the class A license. And there is no pressure on how long it takes you to get your license; you make your own schedule that works for you. Great price and no set time on how long it takes you to complete the course makes me glad I chose this school.

Review №12

I highly recommend this Trucking & CDL training services. Detail oriented, great communication, outstanding people skills. My experience was amazing, I would recommend to my friends and family members. Didnt have any problems at all. Thanks to them I was able to obtain my class A drivers license. I encourage you to check them out for yourself!

Review №13

You get more than what you pay for. Great staff. I obtained my CDL thru the pandemic. If you dont get your cdl its because you dont want to.

Review №14

Best trucking school around.

Review №15

My experience here was so great very friendly family oriented with the way they show and teach shoulder to shoulder experience Chris and Ernesto are great teachers very professional with teaching skills also i would go back to take a refresher if needed. Damariz is nice.too😜 Shout out to 10-4 helping Get my CLASS A Whoooooo!!!!!!You also can save money going here doesnt cost much payment plans are available and they will work with you.

Review №16

I had a great experience at 10-4. Instructors were able to help me out with any problems or question that I had. They made the environment there comfortable for anybody, whether it was your first day or if you were towards the end of the program.

Review №17

Worst school ever trucks are always down, never have a test date when you’re ready. Don’t really train you as there always eating, they say they open at 9am buy they are never there until almost 10am. Don’t end up going the cheap route with this school trust me. Israel is by far the best trainer there that’s the only good thing I can say.

Review №18

Great school for CDLGreat prices and schooling

Review №19

10:4 provides a very comfortable and warm environment for your truck training. You will feel like family when training. If you are hungry for success they will help you meet your goal fast. I would definitely recommend them for your truck training purposes.- Gutierrez

Review №20

Best school in California. Chris and staff was on point 100 percent. Highly recommended.

Review №21

This is a very great school! All the instructors teach you what you need to know to get your CDL license they don’t get frustrated & they work with you if they see you struggling untill you got it 100% I highly recommend 10-4 trucking to anyone trying to get a class A license. Best school around.!

Review №22

Hey guys if your looking to get your CDL, 10-4 will best prepare you with all the tools to make it happen! Very patient instructors, and most effective training to make yourself ready to go. I Got my CDL Class A first try! Price is unmatched, invest in yourself with the place to get you ahead, 10-4 Trucking!!

Review №23

Youll be very frustrated with this school if you plan on getting your cdl fast. They show up late and leave early every day. If you plan on attending this school in the summer bring water! Trucks have no ac youll be miserable. You only go out driving 2-3 times a week at most. Some weeks you wont drive at all. Other schools you go out nearly every day. Yes this school is cheaper, but in the long run you actually lose money and experience with the extra time that youre stuck here. Trucking companies are skeptical to hire you when you graduate from value brand schools like 10-4. Save yourself the headache so you do not end up at CRST like me!

Review №24

I can’t say enough about these guys. I had already spent A LOT on a trucking school that turned out to be the work of a little con man. I found 10-4 trucking school through a friend and if I hadn’t I would be out even more money. In a few months they gave me the confidence and know how that I needed to pass my test the first time around.Chris is an amazing instructor and an all around good dude. I was commuting from an hour and a half outside of Lancaster and still could not be happier.10-4 was my lifeline.THANK YOU GUYS!!!

Review №25

I’ve only been to this trucking school, but all I can say is that I’m glad I did. These guys were excellent instructors! They broke it down very simple and made sure you understood everything before it was your time. I recommend anyone and everyone wanting a CDL to go on over to 10-4 TrucKing to do so.

Review №26

Best school in the av great team that teaches u everything u need to know about the truck i highly recommend it. 10-4 all the way!!!

Review №27

This is my only commercial driving school experience. The classes in Lancaster are not typical classroom setting but Chris, the instructor will give you the paperwork and info needed to pass your permit and Class A commercial driving test. It is up to the student to put in the effort at home to memorize the paperwork. Chris will help you get where you want to be. The school is family run and are very friendly and helpful. They went out of their way to reschedule my drive test again when I failed the first time so that I could meet my deadline. Call them if you want to save money and pass your test!

Review №28

10-4 Trucking is a great school i came in with my permit explained i wanted to get my class a as fast as possible and the instructors worked with me they got me ready from february- march 29 i obtained my class a very good school its all on you what you put in you get in return good instructors good equipment ive sent 3 of my friends there after i obtained my class a 👍🏾

Review №29

Great school, great price and great people, they go out of their way to make sure you master all the skills needed to pass your test. Definitely will recommend to anyone who wants to get their CDL. Got my CDL in 3 weeks thanks to them.

Review №30

Awesome school to go to..... they take their time to teach you. I recommend this school 👍👌👍

Review №31

Where do i start with this amazing CDL school. They help you all the way through from start to finish....very patient instructors Chris and Danny are the best drnt rush me took me awhile to complete but at the end they pushed me through. If your looking to get your CDL with no problem this is the School to go to. Thanks 10-4 Fam

Review №32

Affordable, best instructors. Put in the work, get the results. Thank you Chris & Ernesto.

Review №33

I went to the trucking school 10-4 I was happy all students pass in one try they teach well Chris and Danny where great I went there as a student now we are friends great school I always tell people about this school God bless Chris and Danny

Review №34

We are a Family here at 10-4 trucKing and Cdl training all of our students leave with that wonder feeling of being part of something amazing!!

Review №35

10-4 trucking is the best cdl training Chris the instructor is very patient and if he sees your struggling he will help u I would definitely recommend 10-4 trucking to my family and friends

Review №36

To anyone out there looking for a great school to pick up a CDL LISCENCE this is the perfect school to go to.. chris and his instructor take the time and effort to trian and prepare there students one on one if necessary.. they push you beyond your limits and never complian when asked for help! The staff is humble and understanding and wish for you grafuate the school. They instantly give on truck training which no other school gives you. Im very grateful for the chance i took with them and chris did not let me down. Also the prices they give is the most affordable you with get in the area you cant compete with that its a win win situation for everyone.. so everyone please go check them out.

Review №37

100% recommended

Review №38

A very nice experience makes you feel very friendly and very patient instructors as a family to teach very flexible payments. 10-4 Truking tank you so much.

Review №39

Very good school very good instructors make sure very well before taking you to the DMB that you pass all your exams sadly so that when they go to your site they feel very safe and not nervous my son got his license in this school and my husband also recommend it hundred percent!! Cris and Señor José. Many Fatties !!!!

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