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Review №1

Ms. Bell was a wonderful instructor. Daisy was also very helpful even after the program ended. Ms.Bell really prepares you for your certification exams, they were a breeze! Thank you Ms.Bell, my nursing journey has been flourishing after your program I’m very happy I found it!

Review №2

I absolutely enjoyed and learned a lot from Bell Healthcare! I was fortunate enough to hear about them from my former classmates and I was able to finish the course and complete my hours which was such a breeze! They made the textbook lessons east to follow and comprehend and the hands on training was very thorough.I passed my CNA state exam on my first try thanks to the help of Mrs Corado and Mrs Bell! I will definitely recommend to everyone I know!

Review №3

Took the CNA course and the CPR, I’m glad I choose bell health care! Ms.Bell was amazing! She’s the best instructor and person I have meet she’s so kind and nice I’m glad I was able to be part of her program I would definitely choose her for any other program. If you’re looking for a school to start your career I would recommend bell health care! Thank you Ms.Bell for showing us all your learning threw out the years you are a one of a kind with a big heart. God Bless You Always!And and MS.Daisy thank you for always explaining and emailing our weekly schedules.The Best in the AV!

Review №4

Flexible class hours, Good teachers, Affordable, Helpful career services, Positive environment, Good career preparation, Hands-on training. Enjoyed how the teachers were supportive through the whole course, they encouraged for us to keep pushing through our careers. I highly recommend this program.

Review №5

I took both the CNA course and a CPR course here at Bell Health Care and would recommend it to anybody looking for either of those things. Mrs. Bell and her staff are incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and helpful. I passed my CNA examination first try with the knowledge and skills I gained from the school. Would definitely recommend it!

Review №6

There is not enough positive things to say about Bell Healthcare Training School. I moved to the area a couple months ago, and needed to take my career to the next level. This was, hands down, one of the best decisions I ever made. The cost of tuition, the payment plan options, the flexibility of times, the instructors teaching and lectures: everything about this school will help you succeed. Ms Bell truly cares about making sure all her students are prepared to take their exam to start looking for jobs in the field. With lecture, clinical hours, plus test prep, this school was awesome. Ms C was a wonderful instructor and looked out for us during clinical hours. Ms D was always helpful, and answered questions and emails promptly. I did my BLS class with Ms Bell as well as CNA and HHA. I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking to get their certifications.

Review №7

I had the pleasure of completing my CNA course and HHA at Bell Healthcare Training school I would have to say my teacher Mrs. Bell is an amazing instructor! She’s taught me soooo much and I am confident with the knowledge she has passed down I would make a great CNA/HHA. I would recommend anyone who is seeking to be CNA or HHA go to BellHealthCare Training School. It’s so worth every penny. And I also want to acknowledge Daisy because she is very professional and helpful with any needs from the moment I placed my 1st call to inquire. I’m very pleased that I have chosen to start my career training with them!! Thank you

Review №8

The reviews is what led me to take the CNA course here and you will definitely not be disappointed! Mrs.Bell cares about her students and it shows in every class. Classes are very flexible if you have a day/night job. After the course, they also assist with job leads! I just completed my BLS here as well. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a flexible schedule and wants to be in a engaging, hands on environment. Thank you so much Mrs.Bell!

Review №9

I would highly recommend this school if youre looking for a CNA program. Mrs. Bell and her staff are super nice and are always willing to help you and answer any of your questions. You WONT regret registering at this school. :)

Review №10

When I first enrolled in Bell Healthcare I was excited, as well as nervous. Being in the program made me feel much more understanding about the Healthcare setting. Mrs. Bell was the best instructor ever. Her teaching and explaining, making sure we understood the text was amazing. Mrs. Bell is super outgoing, helpful, and really kind. It was a pleasure being enrolled, Ive been taught more than what I thought I knew, and was introduced on how to perform skills the correct way.

Review №11

I really enjoyed the experience with attending Mrs. Bells class she made the class fun and you can tell she enjoys and loves what she does I was nervous going back to school especially in such a short period (3 weeks) it was most definitely worth it. Daisy was also a big help as well with anything I needed. Just took my state test and passed on the first try I would highly recommend BHTS. Thanks!!!!!

Review №12

Choosing this school for my CNA Course was no mistake you have quality teachers that teach you and guide you through the course your instructor Mrs Bell is excellent making sure you know the quality skills that youre taught if I had it to do it all over again I wouldnt choose anybody different..

Review №13

Choosing Bell Healthcare for school was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my career ! Not only do we learn the material but practice hands on as well. The staff and teachers were always so kind, helpful and patient with their students. I finished the class in 4 weeks and by the 5th week already found a job in the health field. If you’re trying to get certified for CNA or CPR for a reasonable price I highly recommend!

Review №14

Mrs. Bell has a gift, she has the biggest heart to teach and she loves what she does. I was so afraid to not being able to learn as I haven’t been in school in a while, but she made learning fun, practical and easy.Ms. Daisy has been extremely helpful and together they make an excellent team. Very grateful for both of them.

Review №15

Very good experience with very helpful staff! The skills lab really helped and I enjoyed my CNA & CPR class!

Review №16

The 5 stars are well deserved.Quality training for CNA/HHA.Mrs.Bell is an excellent instructor.I feel well prepared for the exam and more knowledgeable for future healthcare education.

Review №17

Staff was nice, understanding and professional!Well organized considering the pandemic! Pace was great and the instructor took her time with us. I really enjoyed this class and would definitely recommend to others! Whenever I decide to further my career Ill be right back at Bell!

Review №18

Where do I even begin? Well, to make this short, Bell Healthcare Training School was the best decision I made. Mrs. Bell and Ms. J are phenomenal teachers! They both take the time to explain any questions you have and explain anything you are having trouble with. The course material was compact, yet so straightforward AND possible in just a short amount of time (4 WEEKS)! We had the opportunity to practice our skills, which was great hands-on experience. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is interested in the medical field, and it is also a great stepping stone for your future career!So what are you waiting for? You definitely wont regret making this decision!

Review №19

Such an amazing school! The staff are all friendly and courteous! Mrs. Bell is such an amazing instructor very patient and kind. If your interest in starting a career in the Healthcare field, I recommend starting with this school. It’s convenient and has a very friendly atmosphere for learning. They will set you on the right path for you future.

Review №20

Amazing staff and instructors, does everything possible so that you finish the program and become licensed!

Review №21

I was looking online for CNA schools and saw this one, after reading the reviews I chose to come here and so thankful I did.  Mrs. Bell is 100% amazing, she is extremely professional, efficient, patient and so kind.  Her and her staff, Mrs. Daisy are well organized, informative and very pleasant to work with.  I started 2 months ago and have completed my CNA and Home Health Aide Courses as well as CPR and BLS training.  I am so thankful to have found Mrs. Bell, her training and knowledge helped me accomplish my new goals and I look forward to helping others and applying my nursing skills I am now trained in.

Review №22

I like how they are there for you even after your done with the program. They wanna see you pass and will help you get though anything your struggling with in the class. This was my first time ever doing a CNA course and I passed with them because they care and wanna see you pass. Definitely recommend this school.

Review №23

Highly recommend. Bell offered me the flexibility I needed to complete the CNA course that worked around my work and family schedule. Daisy is amazing hands down, and so is the teacher Mrs. Bell. Also theyre Accredited, which is a must.

Review №24

This was one of the best decisions I made I really loved this course I highly recommend it, they are very flexible with your schedule && it’s fast && easy, you learn many new things about becoming an CNA && everything is very understandable. Mrs. Bell is a great teacher && she always has the answers that you are looking for!

Review №25

Nice school, nice staff (Ms. Daisy & Mrs. B. 😉) & good experience overall. Affordable & felt like a real positive learning environment. COVID SAFE. Just took my state test on the 8th & passed!~Thank you B.H.T.S ♡

Review №26

I had the pleasure of completing my CNA + doing HHA and I would have to say my teacher Mrs.Bell is an amazing instructor! She’s taught me soooo much and I am confident with the knowledge she has passed down I would make a great CNA/HHA. I would recommend anyone who is seeking to be CNA or HHA go to BellHealthCare Training School. It’s so worth every penny. And I also want to acknowledge Daisy because she is very professional and helpful with any needs from the moment I placed my 1st call to inquire. I’m very pleased that I have chosen to start my career training with them!! Thank you -Jasmine R.

Review №27

I recently completed the CNA course and I was very satisfied with the whole process. Mrs. Bell is so accommodating and really cares about her students. She wants to make sure everyone understands the material and she is always available for questions. If youre looking for a school with caring and compassionate professionals then look no further than Bell Healthcare Training.

Review №28

This was the best training experience that Ive ever had it was challenging as well as rewarding. I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to start their career in nursing.

Review №29

Love this school! The staff is amazing and friendly. They are patient with you and answer all your questions. The course is very detailed yet simple. Also I had the honor of attending with an amazing class! Kind of sad its over almost seemed like it went by too fast! Trust me start your CNA journey HERE, wont regret it! 🤗

Review №30

My experience at bell health care was amazing I really enjoyed the program I really learned a lot I like that I was to get done with schooling while working and being a mother it was not stressful or forced it worked with my schedule and I’m so happy that I chose the right school. The instructor was awesome she made sure you understand what’s going on and make you feel excited to learn it was just overall a great program and I would definitely refer people to go there

Review №31

Im so glad I found this school! I was looking everywhere for a reasonably priced school that wasnt so far from home and I stumbled on it one day of searching. The staff is really welcoming and kind and they really want to see you succeed. I love how were given real life scenarios to where the skills would apply and how to handle different situations. I also love that the lectures are online as it fit my busy schedule :)

Review №32

I loved my experience here for my CNA class, Mrs. Bell was such an amazing teacher!! If youre thinking about signing up for this school definitely do it, you wont regret it!!

Review №33

Mrs. Bell’s Healthcare Training School is much much more than just one course. Mrs. Bell offers the course, which comes with digestible yet timely courses and teaching, a supportive workload to the course, and hands on activities. Daisy and Mrs. Bell are a phenomenal support to your success and are both diligent and extremely friendly. During these times of COVID-19, they offer an opportunities to connect with sources that help you complete your certification and state exam. (Along with furthering your education as an HHA if you want!). It is a fast paced course that requires commitment and diligence but not without the proper tools and preparation for what the course deserves and needs. I would absolutely have done it sooner if I would’ve known what an opportunity this school is. I can say thanks to Mrs. Bell and her school I have started on a sturdy and structured path for my future and career. ♥️

Review №34

Excellent customer service. Teachers are professional and very knowledgeable. Facility is clean and well kept. Very friendly atmosphere. Great place to pursue a nursing degree.

Review №35

Had a great time. Mrs. Bell is a Great teacher she make the class fun

Review №36

Great school! I had a great experience going to Bells healthcare training school. The teachers will work one on one with you if you need the help. They will follow up to see how you’re doing, they also scheduled a couple of interviews for their students who finished the course.

Review №37

I want to say thank you to Mrs. Bell. What a refreshing time ... If you need to polish your pebbles, Bell Healthcare is the school . I can assure you.. You will shine !!!

Review №38

Recently finished the theory portion over zoom. Great instructor. She really wants you to succeed and ask questions to see how much knowledge we have. The book we used was easy to read and it had a lot of pictures show us some skills. The skills lab has all the equipment we need to practice our skills. There was a nurse in the lab and we had one on one time with her. They really want us to learn and be safe.

Review №39

I love this school and the teacher she was amazing she really good with teaching I was afraid I was not going to be able to do it but she made it so convenient and fun and it was only 3 weeks u can’t beat that everything about it was good thanks Ms Bell .

Review №40

The reviews that you see are REAL, from real students. That should tell you something. These are reasons I gave Bell Healthcare Training School 5 stars:1. Excellent curriculum (on ZOOM, keeping everyone safe)2. Excellent, knowledgeable, experienced NURSES teaching you3. Thorough clinical lessons, on campus4. COMFORTABLE, respectable environment. Perfect for learning5. They help you after graduation with whatever you need help with. Such as finding work, or resume writing, and clinical practice.It was well worth it.

Review №41

This course was fast and gave me everything I need to become a great CNA! Mrs.Bell and all of the staff are lovely. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a way to get CNA certified.

Review №42

Best CNA course in the AV area. Highly recommended. Mrs. Bell and Mrs. J are the best teachers you cold have. They are very hands on and they make sure you understand what they are teaching you. I would go again if I could. Loved it so much.

Review №43

I’m glad I’ve made the decision to attend this school. Mrs. Bell And Mrs. J are two amazing instructors who made the course easy to understand and was always willing to help when needed. They both want their students to succeed. If your looking for a school to take your start your nursing career i highly recommend. You want be disappointed

Review №44

The Bell Healthcare Training School was the best decision I have made in while. It has been a many years since I have gone to school. School use to intimidate me, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish a four week program. With the help from Mrs. Bell and Ms. Jay I was able to pass my course and with more confidence. I am now working in a acute care center, and I hope to start working on my LVN next year. Thank you very much Mrs. Bell, Ms Jay, and Daisy.

Review №45

I highly recommend Bell Healthcare Training. They are excellent educators and some of the nicest people you will meet. The program was very quick(4weeks).

Review №46

If I could describe Bell Healthcare in one word it would be amazing! Both Mrs. Bell and Ms. Harris are such great lecturers. They are very welcoming and down to earth. They make it easy for us to ask questions. At first I was nervous about the class and the level of difficulty, but it is safe to say that the way the class is structured makes it easier to learn the material. The class itself is very organized and Mrs. Bell and Ms. Harris are easily accessible. I thought it would be difficult to find employment after completing the course, but it was not. Ms. Daisy was very helpful when it came to looking for employment. The entire class was such a great experience. I definitely recommend Bell Healthcare for CNA training!

Review №47

Amazing instructors. You can tell they really care about your success and everything needed to obtain your certification. Overall, I highly recommend this school to anyone looking to get certified and receive proper training.

Review №48

It was very good class..and good experience.. and ms Bell good teacher 😘😘

Review №49

I recommend this school to anyone wanting to become a CNA. The teachers are amazing and helped a lot. I’m thankful for them going through this process. 😊

Review №50

I really love everything about this school i was able to finish fast and also able to do it while taking care of a 2 month old baby the classes were online so that also helped me alot also Ms.harris is the most loving teacher to have so kind & sweet has a great spirit very joyful thanks for allowing me to join this school it was great

Review №51

I found out about this school through a friend and didnt even know it existed right here in the AV! Its a great school with amazing staff! The school has all the equipment you need to get a real hands on experience as well as knowledge of your job as a CNA. The teachers were all very patient, kind, thorough, and involved in your learning and understanding of the material. I felt completely prepared to take my state exam and passed with flying colors. Thank you Bell Healthcare Training School!

Review №52

Great school with friendly teachers. They were so helpful that I pass my state exam at first time testing.

Review №53

If you’re thinking about becoming a CNA, I definitely recommend this school. The teachers are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. The class is concise and well taught. I was looking at schools and I wish I had started sooner. This is such a hidden gem in the AV.

Review №54

Been looking for a school since the pandemic started. I was living in LA and I moved to Lancaster. Finally, Im so glad i found Bell Healthcare Training School. The BEST CNA school in VA. Mrs. Bell was AMAZING teacher, Miss JC and Miss Daisy very accommodating. They really care about the students. Very professional and excellent service! Highly recommend! Worth every penny. Thank you Mrs. Bell!

Review №55

I took the CNA course at Bell Health. Everyone was so nice and truly wanted you to succeed! I took this course from June 1-June 26 M-F and met with Mrs. Bell for our skills labs. Mrs.Bell was willing to answer any and all questions and made sure you knew what you were doing. Lectures were interactive and Mrs.Bell was very thorough with every lecture. Overall, this was an amazing experience and would recommend it to everyone!

Review №56

If you are looking for amazing CNA program this is the place to go!! Mrs. Bell is amazing teacher.. She is very compassionate about her students.. Which makes a successful student.. Was very Commentating with her students needs.. Look at people her classes are doubling.. I am looking forward to other programs she will be offering.

Review №57

Bell Healthcare Training School is an amazing Accelerated CNA program, the staff were amazing. The content and exams were straight forward, it does require discipline and time managing. Overall I am glad that I chose Bell Healthcare Training School.

Review №58

OMG!! I moved to California a year ago and I was trying to find a CNA class that wasn’t far and that didn’t have a lot of bad reviews. Well, that was easy I saw Bell Healthcare Training School and not one bad review in sight. So I decided to try it out (it’s affordable too), my first week Mrs. Bell taught lecture and it was amazing she makes you feel part of and she let me ask as many questions that I needed too. The second and third week Ms. Harris taught lecture and she was so personable and down to earth I felt more like I was in class with family. In 3 weeks I learned so much and I was so nervous about finding employment for my 100 hours of Clinicals, but they give you every tool you need to succeed when your 3 weeks of lecture is complete. So I finished on 10/23/2020 and on 10/26/2020 I went to 3 facilities with my resume and application packets I put together, one facility interviewed me on the spot and offered me a position, the next day another facility called to schedule an interview with me. So it’s safe to say that Bell Healthcare Training School gave me everything I needed and it was a decision I’ll never regret.

Review №59

First I want to say that the instructor Mrs Bell is awesome, I know we have faced a difficult hard point in time with this pandemic which forced us not to attend a class setting or have are clinicals many important things had to close but we made it work with zoom!! This experience will be something I will never forget its a milestone in my nursing career but still thankful and greatful for my opportunity, of becominga Certified Nursing Assistant, Im one step closer. I would recommend this school to whoever wants to further there education in the medical field the staff is great. Thanks Mrs Bell your the best..

Review №60

Training at Bell Healthcare Training School was an amazing experience! Mrs. Bell has a wealth of knowledge, real-world experience, and compassion that make her a wonderful instructor. The skills lab is fully equipped for thorough hands-on experience. Thanks to Mrs. Bell, I feel fully prepared and excited to enter the field of healthcare!

Review №61

Absolutely highly recommended.. high level of education ..very professional ..outstanding teaching program ..excellent trainers very personalized..they really care for students 24/7..thank you

Review №62

Great place to be. Very professional and up to date.

Review №63

I took the CNA program here and I can honestly say and it has been one of the best decisions I have made.The staff and teachers here are so caring, helpful, and want you to succeed. This school is truly amazing and I am very grateful to have been able to attend.

Review №64

Bell healthcare Training School was a great experience. The teacher was excellent, she explained the material well and it was easy to understand. We were able to get a lot of hands on experience. I recommended this school to anyone who is looking to become a nurse’s aide!

Review №65

Great instructors, adequate learning, extra help if needed, hands on training, small class and amazing staff. I enjoyed my time here at Bell Heathcare! I passed the class with flying colors due to the knowledgeable instructors and the training. I can now say that I am a CNA!!! Thanks for everything

Review №66

The Bell Healthcare Training School is such an important addition to the AV! Mrs. Bell is a great instructor and the location is central to everything

Review №67

Great people. Great service!

Review №68

This school is absolutely AMAZING!! The staff is very friendly and the Antelope Valley location is excellent to avoid the commute down the hill! The instructor takes diligent time with each student to ensure you pass and are ready to take the state exam. In just 5 short weeks you earn your license and then you are ready to start a rewarding career in Healthcare. The curriculum is easy to understand and the clinical experience helps it all come together. Affordable, fun, and fast; thank you Bell Healthcare, this experience has changed my life forever!!

Review №69

I took the CNA course at this school and it was such a great and pleasant experience. The instructor, Mrs. Bell, has so much patience, shes knowledgeable, and truly wants you to succeed. I would recommend this school to anyone wanting to start in the nursing field.

Review №70

The instructors really cared and wanted their students to be successful as a CNA. I took this course in June and I like how Mrs. Bell took the time to listen to weekly feedback on how the previous week went, and then she compromised and adjusted based on what works best for the students. Due to the pandemic, the lectures were done mon-thu through zoom. Lab practices were only every Fridays in school where all materials are provided, however, they are willing to let you practice in school on other days if you need to. The CNA course was only 4 weeks long and it went by fast yet very information. There were 8 chapters of homework due every week but everything was on the book and were feasible. Try chunking the homework by chapters throughout the week so you dont have to procrastinate the last night just to finish the homework. Because remember, there are 8 chapters. Practice your skills at home too, stay on top of your homework and you will be fine. Enjoy! Thank you BHTS staffs and owners. :)

Review №71

Wonderful teachers & Staff! Caring, considerate and knowledgeable! Highly recommended!

Review №72

This program was so help to my life. If your looking to start a career this would be a great start.

Review №73

Very good experience & good communication and very good teachers!! #@😊

Review №74

I would definitely recommend this school.

Review №75

Great place to work. Awesome owners.

Review №76

Mr.s Bell Is The Best Instructor There Is Out There. She Is Very Professional. I Loved The Course. I Learned A Lot In Theory On Campus And Its So Awesome We Got To Do Clinicals At Elison John. Hands On In The Clinic Is Very Helpful. I Would 100% Recommend Becoming A CNA At Bell Healthcare Training School.

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