Eastside High School
3200 E Ave J 8, Lancaster, CA 93535, United States
Eastside High School

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This school doesnt even deserve one star. What kind of school does not condemn a student for being verbally abusive to one of their students and using racial slurs? Are you not promoting it by not condemning it. It has given your school a lasting reputation and I would not let my children attend a school where racism like this is okay and where screaming at teachers is fine. What kind of school is this? Racial slurs in this day and age is absolutely disgusting. I am so uncomfortable with the fact that the school would allow this. Hopefully, the student get punished.

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Your doing a stellar job raising respectable young adults!! Lol NOT!!!! Not only only was one of your students verbally abusive to a teacher, but, not one student stood up to help that poor man!!

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So what happened to the student Gideon Yapp who committed hate crime against his physics teacher in class and to his classmates who were giggling while the abuse was going on? I think the school needs to openly condemn the student and the whole situation and owes the community and explanation of what they are doing to protect the integrity of their staff and students alike.

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Variety of sports, beautiful big campus EHS has alot of opportunities and program for our youth I am happy we decided to stay in our home school

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NOT A SINGLE STUDENT stood up against Gideon Yapp !

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I did 1 semester of 9 grade here i enjoyed it :)

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Disgusting school that lets little white boys like GIDEON YAPP disrespect hardworking, patient, underpaid teachers like MR.HSU. This school is disgusting. I can assure this trash of a person did not get punished, but oh no let it be a person of color and you know damn well theyd be DEAD. GIDEON YAPP the school didnt punish you but life will get you, you basic ass prileveged racist white boy. And since the school didnt do anything this school is also RACIST. EASTSIDE HIGH SCHOOL IS RACIST

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Advice: expell gideon yapp or worse, and give mr. hsu a goddamn promotion

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Good sbhool if you get along & vibe with everyone, but if you want the cute girls you gotta go to palmdale hs, but this school got me a 4.0 & Bestity so its a bool sbhool

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The students here are disgusting rats. Dont go here! Seriously not even trying to be funny.

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Despite the rumors said by the residents here in the Antelope Valley, Eastside High School is like every other public high school in Antelope Valley. There are teachers at Eastside High School, who had even taught at Quartz Hill High School, that can testify that Eastside is no different than any other high school. The AP and Honors teachers are at the least above average. They care about their students and are willing to cooperate with both student and parent. I will say, however, that some of the teachers teaching regular classes are not at the same level of care or passion for their students education as the Honors and AP teachers. It was also stated that Eastside high School, holds the most AP classes. One would just have to be carefully with choosing what class they take. The curriculum has shifted to the Common Core Standards which will be interesting to see how they will change their teaching. Overall, Eastside High Schools classes are just like every other high school here in Antelope Valley.The extracurricular activities here I find to be exceptional. Eastside High School seems to be a more art kind of school. Their band is amazing along with their colorguard. Their Drama department, in all honesty, is the best out of all public high schools and make the most profit out of all clubs in EHS. Their visual arts program has also been on the rise with new projects such as Wasteland and Crosswinds which can be seen in MOAH. (Crosswinds was a collaboration between art and physics).They have also held an art showcase with diverse talents and ethnicity ranging from salsa dancing to speaking out poetry. EHS also has a couple of dance teams and clubs as well that provide teaching in a veriety of classes. Their sports program would have an average rating. EHS does have a variety of sports: basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball. softball, tennis, cheerleading, cross country, track and field, swimming, football, golf, and wrestling. The only Golden Champions title I recall is the Boys Volleyball team in 2013 and possibly 2014. EHS also has a variety of academic extracurricular programs such as Mathletes, Mock Trial, Mock United Nations, Robotics, and so much more. They also have clubs that embrace diversity such as the Latino Club, The African American Association, and the Multicultural Club.Personally, Eastside High School is an amazing school. You just need to find the right people and do what makes you happy.

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The best performing arts school that Ive been to.We have a state of the art Theater that cost 15 million dollars, and we have an awesome, music, art, and academic program.

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I go there and the cheer squad is so awesome

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Gideon Yapp, a student at your school verbally abused his teacher, Dr. Hsu. I hope you do something about this, unless you want more backlash from the media.

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Isaac canal gos here and he is better then ever

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I made some good memories thrtr

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Eastside pride love going there amazing school.

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This school is one of the worst schools out there, my son could not learn there, he had 5 different teachers in one class!! i wouldnt send my dog here

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Best school ever

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Its okay school I graduated from there I miss it high school

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Good school 👍

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Love this school

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Tennis team sucks

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Racist students

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I like it

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Very nice

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That one

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