Office Depot
2434 W US Hwy 90, Lake City, FL 32055, United States
Office Depot

Review №1

This is a five-star Office Depot. I had a few minutes to have something printed for my employees 10-year anniversary and I went in with an idea. Not only did Liz at the print center come up with a much better idea she whipped it up and presented it to me in minutes while tending to four or five other customers. Brenda at the checkout was a delight also. Top notch service and I cant wait to see the final result which I will add to this post. And I havent even shopped in the rest of the store and I need a label maker so I have to go back..its very clean and well organized. And they had social distancing stickers and a bunch of other PPE supplies that I didnt even know were available locally. And theyve got contact-less pick up service and a easy to use self-service area!

Review №2

We came in to get some photos printed out. The guy printing them out was doing amazing as well. My stepmom gets overheated quickly and as usual we got her a cold water and she used it to keep cool. We met a worker named Debbie who went further to help her keep cool. She gave her mints and even put a fan in front of her. Now she feels fine and its all thanks to a kind worker going above and beyond what she had to do.

Review №3

I dont know how they are in business. First I called and couldnt get anyone on the phone. We went up there looking for a printer and they had little to no stock. Nobody around to ask for help. Overpriced products you can find for pennies on their dollar. Store is dirty.

Review №4

The two employees that were working 5/27. I came in 15 minutes before close, they made sure my pictures were printed before I left even though I didn’t realize the pictures was supposed to be picked up the next day. They made sure I left happy even if they were busy and about to close.

Review №5

Great place for office or just general business supplies. Love their various selection of paper, notebooks, invitations, etc. The Print Shop has been a life saver for me!! The prices are very reasonable. Clerks very helpful with computer programs, fax, printing, even FedEx. The customer service is exceptional!! Kudos to the female clerk in the print shop today. Again; Business Life Saver!!

Review №6

If you want to buy printer ink go here. If you want to have your computer serviced or buy a computer, dont waste your time. I have been to this store 3 times with my parents computers and they havent been able to help me one single time. All they are interested in is selling you a new computer! If they wont help you with your old computer, what do you think their service will be like when you buy a new one from them. My mothers computer had a virus and they told me to throw it away and buy a new one. I took it home and with several hours of work (not a computer expert) I erased everything on computer and re-downloaded Windows 10. Computer works great! Took my Dads computer to get a new battery. Kid told me a new battery would cost almost as much as new computer. Didnt even take the time to look up what it would cost. Came home and found battery online for $38.00. Called company to make sure was right battery and ordered it. If you need expert advice, go anywhere except this store!

Review №7

Placed a print order online, but no store could find it. Canceled and replaced, and was given a 4pm pickup time. I arrivate at 4:30 and order hadnt even been started yet.Luckily I got a chap named Michael who was covered for the actual print guy, and by covering I mean fixing the mess the real print guy left when he went on break.Long story short, the online ordering is buggy as hell, and the dedicated print guy is trash, but there is at least one guy who knows how to get stuff done around here.

Review №8

Came in twice to the printing center and the ladies are not very friendly, act like they don’t want to work and ignore customers. They just sit there and have conversations with each while you’re standing there waiting to be served. They do not seem very knowledgeable of the services and while they were discussing customers orders the blonde lady kept just saying well I hope they don’t want it today.

Review №9

If I could give them no stars I would. We used their print service a while back and was told the job would take 15-30 mins. It took over an hour. We gave them the benefit of the doubt and went back today at 11:48, was told 30 mins and our 3 sets of prints (8-10 pages) would be ready in 30 minutes. Went back at 1 and at 2:20, prints still not completed. Might as well drive to Gainesville or Jacksonville and save ALOT of time.

Review №10

Small. Staff is overly helpful. I know some people like that, and Im sure that someone in management thinks its a good idea, but I really dont need to be asked if I need help every other aisle.All that said: its much better than the Office Max I went into in Gainesville. Despite Lake City being a smaller city, the store was cleaner, the shelves actually had product for sale on them, and it carries standard office supplies you would expect to find (like paperclips)

Review №11

Absolutely the worst managed business in lake city, every time I go in, 10 people waiting in line and one cashier. And 3 other employees walking around and watching.

Review №12

We purchased multiple desktops and laptops from this store for our business. One of them was sold to us still locked in Demo mode and the admin is locked. We have been working with them for months to get this resolved. They have sent tech support and still couldnt resolve. We have showed electronic proof of purchase and Brenda the acting store manager has refused to resolved this. I have been waiting for the area manager Susan to call me back and still waiting.We have been sold an unusable device and the store has yet to correct this issue.Go any other place to make your purchases other than this store!!!

Review №13

I went with my father to return a briefcase he had bought with his original receipt but he didnt have his debit card with him because he had left it at home. Both manager that were working that day were extremely rude! They were practically accusing my father of stealing when he had his receipt! My father had to drive all the way back home and come back to the store just to show them his debit card! That was when they finally decided to do the return! This was the worstest customer service we have ever had in our life! I really do hope that officemax looks into more who they hire as manangement. They were just terrible!

Review №14

Great Store, Friendly Staff and Usually Not Too Busy!Had some custom work done here and they were very helpful as well as accommodating to my needs!

Review №15

Service center is on point. Works through customers fast. Printed off my pdf extremely fast and helped with shipping.

Review №16

Nice office supply store. Organized, medium variety of items priced mid-range. Nice helpful staff.

Review №17

The customer service at this store is exceptional. Everyone was so helpful and pleasant. I definitely recommend them for your office needs. :)

Review №18

The employees went above and beyond helping customers at the Lake City, Florida store. It was storming outside and one young man got an umbrella to help a customer load her purchased item as well as helping the woman get to her vehicle safely.

Review №19

First, when we went in to pick up our order, they knew nothing, had lost the order. When they found it, they were short staffed (a chronic problem) and said later, then “later” became a constant response.We went back at least five times over two days, and finally, after being given no hope they would prioritize the order, we finally (at 5 pm last evening!) just took what they had done and left. Our recommendation is never use them again. They kept dealing with other jobs, incompetence, and customers and not just cutting our cards. Once, they just printed two to a page and cut the page in half.This whole experience was a big dud as far as we are concerned.Chronically short-staffed, couldnt find a manager, etc, etc. Go somewhere else.

Review №20

Very quick service. I asked for a TI 84 calculator and they were very helpful. Thank you so much.

Review №21

I like this place they greet ya when you come in an very helpful. The service was fantastic an theres plenty of everything ..Your in an out an on to the next errand..

Review №22

Place has nice stuff, just never can find what I think should be there. Had a conflict with ads during back to school. They didnt honor a basic newspaper ad. And yes, the ad did not specify nor exempt a specific store.

Review №23

Nice and helpful. Great prices .

Review №24

Decent office supplies store. Always friendly staff.

Review №25

I think giving that place 1 star is 1 to many. Poor service, not helpful at all, the blond lady behind the counter was more worried were she was going to put her next tattoo rather then help anyone . If that lady doesn’t want to work why doesn’t she just leave and give someone a job that wants it. I’m so sick of people like that it will be a cold day in hell before I shop that place again.very dissatisfied with Office Depot.

Review №26

My son had to return a product via FedEx and the clerk was pleasant and helpful. His first experience was a good one and he feels confident using their services.

Review №27

I have enjoyed using their printing and copying services. The staff is courteous and always willing to help.

Review №28

This is the case every time I go in there. I see a line of people at the printing desk waiting and waiting. One staff working the printing desk. All of the do-it-yourself printers are in need of paper or ink but the one single staff working the desk doesnt have time to do anything about it. While over at the computer repair theres 2 to 5 people sitting around leaning against counters and doing nothing. Go figure.

Review №29

Store is clean well stocked and staff if helpful though may not be knowledgeable on all products

Review №30

The help is so great they do all they can to serve you.

Review №31

This store has amazing employees! Very helpful and knowledgeable, with what needed to be done for our benefit

Review №32

Called them with my kids school orders, they had them bagged and ready to be picked up the same day! Thank you

Review №33

Very knowledgeable. Helped me buy a new printer.

Review №34

Its ok. The prices are on the high side. And they are understaffed at checkout big time. And the checkout process is SLOW, I think due to the type of cash register equipment. But it was far less walking and hassle than going to Walmart.

Review №35

It was really great the lady help me a lot

Review №36

I always get wonderful service ever time I visit there business center.

Review №37

Big box store with a home town feel. Nice employees.

Review №38

Standard Office Max.The Staff could be a little more attentive to the 1-2 customers in the store at any time.

Review №39

The man at the register was by himself. But he did an excellent job helping me.

Review №40

Always available to assist with alll your needs.

Review №41

Enjoying quality time with my family at Dennys where a cup of coffee is never half empty. .!!

Review №42

Very clean and helpful employees but prices are a bit high on some things.

Review №43

Poor customer service. Guy behind counter outright refused to help find and do services.

Review №44

Store ok but higher prices then Walmart. Great for office needs. Not busy at all.

Review №45

All you may need for your office with great service.

Review №46

Like most office supply stores, except they have very friendly and helpful staff.

Review №47

Tonya was very friendly and helpful in assisting us in selecting a printer.

Review №48

Service has gone down hill fast in last two months. I have given up and will never shop at office max again.

Review №49

A girl named Sarah works the register. Super helpful and super cute to!

Review №50

The product I normally get for my business packaging is hit or miss I have asked the staff about ordering habits and how we could avoid the problem but they have no idea how it works. I have also been standing in a long line before with one cashier while just a fe feet away a group of employees including management have been engaged in a personal conversation even after the phone was continually ringing they did not break the cashier ended up answering the phone while she was waiting on the customer. Store is clean and there is a lot of staff but that is about all.

Review №51

Good selection of office supplies business accessories.

Review №52

Friendly helpful staff. Ink cartridges have high mark up on them compared to manufacturers site!

Review №53

Service ok, departments could use more training in the copy center. Also stock items need to be reordered when out.

Review №54

Store experience was great. Access to my personal cell phone is totally offensive!

Review №55

Nice clean well kept up office Max

Review №56

Wonderful staff. Very helpful

Review №57

Good selection of office supplies, some a little pricey

Review №58

Found the store very clean and organized,,staff was friendly and helpful

Review №59

Prices tend to be high. Friendly staff but small selection of office goods. Most items can be bought from Walmart for a lot cheaper. Good parking lot size but in bad shape so drive carefully.

Review №60

Quick and convenient service at the print desk

Review №61

Most of the time the staff is pretty friendly and knowledgeable.

Review №62

Do not go to office max to send off a fax they charged me almost 5$ to fax 2 pieces of paper

Review №63

Customer service was wonderful and everyone was very helpful....

Review №64

Always helpful, good selection of supplies.

Review №65

They were very helpful and friendly.

Review №66

Standing around waiting to make copies. Finally, after getting a little help. The copier didnt work. Paper jam. Just to longer wait.

Review №67

Fred is awesome. He just needs help because he is so busy!

Review №68

Staff member very blunt not welcoming at all. Appeared irritated by my visit.

Review №69

It was the worst customer experience Ive seen..I waited twenty minutes after requesting help..I just bought a printer and left..45 minutes in a store without help with two customers in store is just wrong.

Review №70

Excellent viscusto service!

Review №71

Thanks to Tonya for out standing customer service and you should give her a raise

Review №72

Tonya was extremely helpful and pleasant.

Review №73

If Walmart doesnt have that electronic youre looking for, check here

Review №74

Wish they had more employees at the copy area. Its always busy

Review №75

Employees were very helpful.

Review №76

Very courteous and helpful staff.

Review №77

Great selection. Employees nor very outgoing or friendly.

Review №78

The worst customer service and Management!!!! Forbidden to go 15 min before closing they will treat you even worse!

Review №79

On the best day its hard to find someone there to help you on the worst day it takes for ever get checked out

Review №80

Found all needed items, on sale, a plus.

Review №81

Helpful printing staff.

Review №82

Very helpful staff.

Review №83

No customer service, and never has anything in stock!

Review №84

Many products to pick from. Associates were very knowledgeable and helpful.

Review №85

Called to get info about a new laptop. The person who answered the phone was too busy to help or just didnt want to. I will be going to Gainesville to do business from now on.

Review №86

Very helpful staff

Review №87

Not much help in the store and doesnt carry a large selection.

Review №88

Faxing or copying no help try somewhere else

Review №89

I went there to fax a 15-page application guy said sure fax is over there go a head then after I got done they said that will be 40.00 buckswtf

Review №90

Friendly very helpful

Review №91

Good printing options

Review №92

Not enough people working. Its very hard to find help.

Review №93

Very satisfied.

Review №94

Very helpful employees

Review №95

Always a wonderful experience

Review №96

Get what you need! Prices arent very competitive but only place in town for all office needs!🤣

Review №97

Always helpful staff

Review №98

Hit and miss some times no ink for printer.

Review №99

Opened on time. Very friendly

Review №100

It has everything I need.

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:2434 W US Hwy 90, Lake City, FL 32055, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 386-752-7830
  • School supply store
  • Business to business service
  • Computer consultant
  • Computer store
  • Copy shop
  • Furniture store
  • Mailing service
  • Office furniture store
  • Office supply store
  • Shredding service
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–8PM
  • Thursday:10AM–7PM
  • Friday:10AM–6PM
  • Saturday:9AM–8PM
  • Sunday:9AM–8PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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