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Charter College

Review №1

I’m really enjoying my time here at charter college. I am going to be a certified medical assistant in less than 2 months. The teacher are great and always willing to help. I love all the hands on things that we are doing.

Review №2

Mrs. Thaisy a great instructor, she makes class wroth coming to.

Review №3

This was a very lucrative experience for me. I met several wonderful people who are still relevant in my life coming out of school. The hands on activities in class proved invaluable in the field, I felt well prepared for my externship at the end of my classes. Classroom etiquette wasn’t to the standard I was expecting from a college nor the standard I would have liked it to be. Over all it was an experience I wouldn’t trade.

Review №4

I am a full-time instructor in the Medical Assistant program at Lacey Charter College. Myself and the Lead Medical Assistant instructor bring nearly 50 years of combined experience as certified Medical Assistants into our classrooms. We are absolutely dedicated to our students and want to see each and every student succeed. Lacey Charter also has a top quality Pharmacy Technician program and the lead instructor is incredibly knowledgeable. We have a great team here at Charter College and our students are the best!

Review №5

I attended Charter College at the Lacey campus and had a great experience as a student, and highly recommend their program. The instructors and administration staff have been extremely helpful from the beginning of my time there up until I graduated. The programs that are offered are recognized by potential employers thus creating greater opportunities for employment after your externship. In addition their services dont stop at graduation as you can continuously work with the college to update your resume. I would highly recommend considering this college if you are looking to pursue a medical assistant certification as my experience as been exceptional.

Review №6

I really enjoyed my time here. I have been to many different schools but, Charter College was different from the first day I step on Campus. The schools environment was nothing like I felt at other schools, Everyone was friendly. I think what really took me back about Charter College was that the Instructors and Campus Manager really took the time with each student to make them become successful not only in their chosen profession but also in the students life. I found myself falling behind in some classes and the instructor took time out of his day to reach out to me and asked me if there was anyway he could help me get back on track. I would recommend giving them a call or going in and speaking to an admission representative to see what programs they offer and see if Charter College is a right fit for you.

Review №7

The institution was more concerned with getting people in to get money than they were with the quality of education the students received. The lab wasnt built for the first two months of us starting the HVAC/R program. They decided that the best way to teach the students hands-on training would be online. Why didnt they wait until the lab was finished before enrolling students? Halfway through the program, the instructor decided to quit for a module and then come back. The instructor for the HVAC program teaches us off of YouTube videos more than anything. This institution is more concerned with your monthly payments than what you actually learn and take away from these courses. I recommend that anyone who decides that the HVAC field is what they want to go into, enroll elsewhere. I dont understand how they are accredited to continue to operate the HVAC program. Please read the reviews before enrolling. I wouldn’t wish this place upon my worst enemy. There is not one student who has been through the HVAC program at the Lacey campus that has a positive experience. The MA or pharmacy program are set up, all of the positive reviews have come from those programs, it’s a completely different story for the HVAC program. If Bruce tells you that he can help you with interviews with local HVAC companies because he knows the owners, don’t believe him, it’s just a sales pitch to get you in.

Review №8

Love going to this school. All the instructors are helpful, knowledgeable and care a lot about their students. They have helped me in successfully receiving my MA certificate. I recommend this college to anyone that wants to go back.

Review №9

I went through Charter College in Lacey, WA for their Medical Assisting program, and it was a great experience! The teachers and staff are there for you every step of the way and work to get you to work! I highly recommend anyone looking for a new career, to check out Charter College and see what they have to offer!

Review №10

I love this college and recommend it to everyone who is looking to go back to school. The instructors especially Mrs. Miller goes above and beyond the expectations for any teacher i have ever known. The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. Charter college really does live by the motto we work to get you to work! As I come to the end of my program, I am sad to leave because these people have become my friends.

Review №11

As Campus Manager, I am fortunate to work with and see all aspects of the operations of Charter College. Charter is 100% focused on our motto We Work To Get You To Work. I am proud of our students and what they are accomplishing and have accomplished. The Staff and Faculty of Lacey bring a passion and dedication that is 2nd to none inspiring students to make their dreams come true.

Review №12

Better off any place but here. School for profit expect delays extra charges half wit instructors and sub standard education. I review nothing online but for the way charter college operates is insane this place makes itt tech look legit and at least with them you could get a job!!!! If your planning on going to charter please for your own good read all online reviews really research because frankly I can think of cheaper ways to end up flipping burgers for a living.

Review №13

I love this campus, the staff is friendly and there to help you succeed. My experience attending this school was great. Changed my life for the better and I made great friends too.

Review №14

Awesome instructors. Very nice campus. Im very happy I decided to go to school here.

Review №15

Loved my time here! Miss Thaisy was the greatest MA instructor, and Dr. Bruce started us out on the right foot in our SS classes!!

Review №16

Fast pace MA program with great instructors like Miss Miller, Thaisy and Tanya Alvarez go above and beyond, very knowledgeable, and friendly. I would recommend if you are looking to start your healthcare career.

Review №17

The staff is very friendly and helpful. I really enjoyed going to school here.

Review №18

Fast pace programs with a fun and friendly campus!

Review №19

Its a great place to be

Review №20

I have seen lives changed it is a FANTASTIC school!!!!!!!

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