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911 Driving School of OlympiaLacey

Review №1

We came here on Saturday at 8 and no one was here. At 8:06 a man opens the door but doesn’t open the place for business. I told my kid to knock on the door, and this rude white guy tells her “we’re not open, there’s no admin!” and proceeds to slam the door shut. Update your website and leave a sign to let everyone know you’re short-staffed.

Review №2

Waste of money. Go somewhere else. Very unpleasant. Starting with every phone call to their office. Staff was rude. I brought my daughter for her drive test appointment. The instructor was just showing up. No greeting, he just pointed at the sign-in sheet. No one else in the office and no lights on. He never introduced himself or gave any intro. Just told her to get in the car and adjust everything. He was very rushed and agitated. He spoke to both of us like he was angry for some reason. The test didnt go well as you can imagine. $80 for my daughter to be demeaned by this man. What a waste.

Review №3

The instructor spoke to me like I was a five year old. He was extremely degrading!Basically spent $80 to get verbally abused the whole test. Definitely not recommended.

Review №4

Super friendly, attentive, and helpful staff. Ive never had to wait more than a minute or two when dealing with reception.The instructors are great as well. I had a lesson and driving exam with Don Stevens, and I cant recommend him enough ! I was a little anxious going into the driving test, but he tried his best to put me at ease. He is extremely professional, kind, patient, and really knows his stuff. Thanks again, Don !

Review №5

Terrible business, ended up having to cancel my appointment after I pre paid. After two months of back and forth with their office, and repeated attempts to contact management they informed me that they werent going to refund my $80. Complete robbery, totally unprofessional. Go to Olympic Driving School, they are an actual upstanding business with people who care about the customer. If I could give 911 Driving School zero stars I would.

Review №6

I enrolled. Had a family emergency and had to leave WA. Cancelled before the first lesson and needed a refund. Only Leadership can do this apparently. So ive had to call and leave messages with the staff in hopes that the issue would be passed on and resolved. Lacey 911 never called me back, mailed a check without telling me (i paid with a credit card), and unfortunately sent it to the wrong address. Now Im waiting for Leadership (the staff cant help), to see if the check was cashed before they can resend a new one. This was two weeks ago when I spoke to them last. Sonya said she would call. Never heard back. This all started in August. Still dealing with this in late October.

Review №7

Great place the staff is so nice and so welcoming being a formal student at 911 has been the best thing, even though you might think it’s scary to walk in and feel like you have so much pressure on your shoulder they will always be there willing to help you no matter what, even during this pandemic they try to take care of everyone because they know that everyone deserves to have their license, also Scott will play hopscotch with you during this whole pandemic ( 6ft apart of course) but I would like to say that this is the best school to go to and I highly recommend everyone to go here.

Review №8

Awesome service thank you, very professional.

Review №9

The youngsters working desk are rude. Isabel, Sonya the owner, and a few others have 👎🏿 customer service. I had an issue with joining online class. Isabel could not answer a basic question, was rude, mentioned a callback which she never fulfilled. Sonya didnt help and was rude as well threatening to refuse refund & refuse service, and hung up. Management doesnt appreciate customer feedback nor have a problem solving attitude. 👎🏿

Review №10

Kaylin and Martin are rockstars!! Today we came to Lacey from Vancouver for an appointment at the DMV expecting to have my son take the driving skills test. Come to find out they don’t do that there!! He was set on getting his license so we went searching for the closest driving school to take the test. 911 driving school was only half a mile away! They didn’t have any appointments, but Kaylin didn’t give up and called Martin and he agreed to come in early and do the driving test for my son. Wow!!!! So kind and gracious!!! And he passed!!!! Highly recommend 911 driving school and these great people!! Thank you so much!!

Review №11

Great place to learn to drive! My three youngest children all went through this course and my oldest granddaughter too! Looking forward to sending my grandson through this course as well. Teachers are great - no complaints from my kids. If you are not sure which school to send your child to, I would strongly encourage you to call and talk to someone at 911. Again, great place to be if you need to learn to drive!

Review №12

Best driver instructor I cant begin to explain how kind considerate the instructor was even more so extremely knowledgeable on teaching.

Review №13

Best instructors!! Don Stevens took my anxiety about driving from 150% to 10% after 2 lessons! He is so knowledgeable about driving and gave very clear instructions. I took one star off because my drive test was cancelled without my knowledge but it was eventually fixed.Thank you!!

Review №14

Easy to get in, friendly staff.

Review №15

The people are nice. However I find it highly obnoxious that the lady at the front desk tells my son there is only one instructor and 2 people doing the written so he will have to wait. That in it self is not the problem. We were fine waiting. The problem occurs when 12 other people proceeded to walk in to do the written, then are permitted to walce back and start their written, leaving my son waiting almost 2 hours! She said 2 people were finishing. Not anyone who walks in will be allowed to go ahead of him. Some people even taking it twice! Im glad he passed and got his license, eventually. But I fill like they need a different business practice. Or maybe dont say there are only 2 people in front of him! Long story short, plan on waiting. Definitely pack your patients for the day.

Review №16

The staff was welcoming but that is sadly where good qualities end. Waited three whole hours for a 15 minutes test only for them to tell me that he was not going to be there and to leave. Place is actually a joke.

Review №17

Instructors are great, thats the only redeeming quality, rest of the staff is incompetent, especially with scheduling and giving correct info over the phone. When we first signed up we were never told how drives were scheduled, then later we had drives scheduled that were canceled with less than 24 hour notice, other family member had there final driving test canceled 3 times. Yet the one time our family has to reschedule a single drive on short notice due to school issues we get charged a $40 fee. We werent compensated when the situation was the other way around.

Review №18

The employees are very helpful and polite

Review №19

Great experience, very kind and patient people, they treat you well and are concerned about your needs at all time. I would absolutely recommend this driving school although I only took the tests for the license. Keep up the great work guys.

Review №20

Love 911 driving school!

Review №21

My son just completed drivers ed. I really appreciated that the scheduling, the payment, and all the info you need can easily be found right in the portal / website. I was able to schedule my son’s drives and even cancel them if I had a conflict in my schedule.My son enjoyed the instructors and he said all of the driving instructors were “cool” and “way more patient” that I am. The way I see it, you can either send your kid to 911 Driving School or you can attempt to teach your teen (who already knows everything and won’t listen to their mom) how to drive and also deal with the anxiety caused by taking him/her on drives. My hats off to those driving instructors! They have a hard job! Thank you for making the process easy!

Review №22

I liked the practice drive before the actual drive test. Made my daughter feel very at ease and comfortable. Also great to rearrange schedules to accommodate our busy schedule. Thank you.

Review №23

911 driving school is the best driving school around. They have concern for the students that attend and help them understand the rules of the road. I really like how personal they are and will help make you the good driver you are. I would recommend this driving school to any one, especially to a parent that wants to be sure their kid is safe and aware on the road.

Review №24

Came in with a SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT. They made me wait for two hours. When I went to take my drivers test, a wire came loose on my tail light and the instructor failed me in less than 30 seconds. It took my dad 10 seconds to plug a wire back in, and they wouldn’t finish my test after making me wait two hours because they “over scheduled.”We then went to tumwater (because the Lacey location refused to give me a refund for a test they hardly gave me a chance to take.) where we were treated much better, and the instructor treated my 20+ year old car nicely, and validated my feelings that the first instructor was awful about the whole thing. Needless to say, just go to the Tumwater driving school. Much more organized, and will treat you like a decent human being who is just trying to get their license.

Review №25

Great people great service!I would highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Review №26

My husband was referd to 911driving schooI while at Fort Riley Ks. We both need our Washington licence.From what Im ununderstanding is the dmv knowledge test and driving test is not a convenational State ran Dmv?less stressful Im hearing We look forward to using the service. Kudos for you many posative reviews.

Review №27

Had a great experience with 911 driving school I have come so far with all the skills they have taught me in the lessions that I took. I am now a great driver and feel very confident behind the wheel. The instructors were very nice and helped me with the skills that I wanted to learn that were on the test. And I pasted the test the first try. Thank you so much 911 driving school and I am so happy to have learned with you guys!

Review №28

Great staff. Awesome with the kids. Already had two kids go through here, and one more left. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Review №29

I was very happy with the instruction my son recieved. instructors were knowledgeable adults and off duty police officers which was a big plus for me. My other sons will go here when they are ready, too! Thank you!

Review №30

Update: Went into the office about a year later and the office is extremely disorganized. The owner was busy assisting a vendor who came to fix the air conditioning while a young lady had a line of folks to help by herself. The owners daughter seemed to be working, but it seemed she didn’t know that much about what was going on. Things were in several different locations and hard to find. Both girls had to, on several occasions go through every cabinet and to other rooms to find testing booklets and others, while the line waited and phone calls did too! At one point, the owner’s daughter disappeared and the young gal was answering the busy phones and a very long line of customers all by herself. The owner was no where around either. The owner seemed very unprofessional and unorganized. She was only at the front desk for just a few minutes, using her cell phone on speaker to call customers at the front desk. Never once did she ask what she could do to help this poor young lady or to find what her daughter was actually doing! I got the feeling that her daughter didn’t really work all that much and this one gal was the one keeping the office afloat. Not a good working environment, poor customer service, and shame on this owner! Get yourself together and make your daughter do the work by herself, train her so she could work just as hard as the other employees do. Organize the office so everything that is frequently needed is within the receptionist grip. If you had two highly trained professionals working, what an improvement it would make. It starts with management first! Lead the team and everyone should be accountable and share in the same duties. There should never be one person getting slammed and being left alone while two others disappear! Very unprofessional when you make customer wait fir what seems like no particular reason except for people missing who could be helping!Overall, good experience! It is costly, but I am glad that the instructors were ex police officers, from what I understand! There were Issues with the consistency of information given by receptionists. I put a comment online regarding my experience I had while registering. When I came into the office to ask additional questions about the program, the receptionist asked me for my email address because she said her and her boss had been trying to figure out who made the comments about their experience registering. She then proceeded to ask me further questions regarding my experience in front of my daughter and continued to insult another receptionist. Totally unprofessional and it was really none of her business! Comments or suggestions are to be confidential and the customer should not feel like they are being interrogated, especially by someone who only works behind the desk!! The owner/boss should not be openly speaking with her staff about the reviews of this particular school, UNLESS they somehow are in regards to a particular employee’s performance as a reprimand and for retraining. The online service that you use to schedule or reschedule is horrible. 911 driving schools should really retire this program that is unreliable, not user friendly, and requires you to call in anyways to find better appointments or class makeup!

Review №31

I had a great experience, the staff and teachers were SO friendly and helpful. It was very clean and organized inside, compared to Cascade(YUCK). I definitely recommend going to 911, other family members of mine went to other driving schools and ended up going through 911 after going through the other schools, because they were unsatisfied.

Review №32

They were a big help! I came in prepared and was able to get the written and driving test taken care of in one week. Proximity to the Lacey DOL office is another plus.

Review №33

Great staff, very helpful to my son, very clean place to hang out while waiting. Call first, they may be able to test even if its not in the listed testing hours.

Review №34

I hate seeing all the horrible reviews on here some I get but others its like cmon people!! Now having my son learning from them I am so thankful I pick and choose through my reviews always. My experience with them has been amazing thus far. I signed my first one up it was very simple to do. The communication with the staff has always been great I have even had a ton of questions never once have I been treated like I was asking something stupid when even after I was given my answer I was like...duh to myself. Got some incorrect information from my child about the needing of 50 hours (with what we thought was in a 30 day period) turns out we have almost a year till he turns 16 so we have plenty of time. Thanks to Michelle for talking this mom off a bridge as I was in meltdown mode trying to figure out how to squeeze 50 more hours out of myself somewhere this month to get this all done.From my sons point of view he is loving the class and learning things, he isnt much of a talker and he has literally chatted my ear off all the way home after each class about all he has learned. He is loving his instructor Rob who seems to engage with the students with stories to help them remember things and stay focused.These being actual law enforcement and retired law enforcement is one of the main reasons I chose this one for my son as I figured this would be how they kept the students attention and he would be able to learn more this way. So far my plan is working.Only bad thing I will say is that now every little thing I am doing wrong gets pointed out but hey at least the kid is listening lol.Thank you all and keep doing what you are doing I am so glad I placed my child in your hands to help him learn the roads. Now if you can provide support groups for the parents that would be great too...I do not know how you do it. I only have are putting yourselves in vehicles with multiple a day!!! Bless you people!!!!Thanks,Sara

Review №35

I paid to take my written test I passed and they didnt update my score into the dmv database. They said its because I am a persons with a disability which I explained to them BEFORE I took the test and I asked them specifically if I could do it, which they said yes. I called back for a refund and was given the run around for weeks and I never received the refund I was promised. I had to go to the dmv pay again and retake my test.

Review №36

Awesome place both my kids completed the course. Very knowledgeable staff.

Review №37

Amazing, had crazy Craig. Gives great insights to cops side, and very comfortable in instruction.

Review №38

Took my drive skills test here the instructor Scott was awesome. Would recommend.

Review №39

We now have our second teen going through 911 driving school Olympia/Tumwater. They have great instructors and staff.

Review №40

Both of my kids have used them and I would recommend them to anyone. They enjoy working with the kids and it shows.

Review №41

Awesome and friendly staff!

Review №42

They were very good helped me though questions, considerate and friendly

Review №43

The tester was very calm and professional, he made the test very easy.

Review №44

An ok experience however I later learned I way overpaid. The other school in town was much less and since I had two kids to go I really could have saved almost half of what I paid here. Im not sure everyone here teaching really had police experience and I dont think that was a overall plus.

Review №45

Mostly busy and you may have to wait a while but great people and service.

Review №46

Excellent staff. Training was very informative

Review №47

Arrogant staff and unprofessional

Review №48

Great program!

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