99 Cents Only Stores
7908 El Cajon Blvd, La Mesa, CA 91941, United States
99 Cents Only Stores

Review №1

Theres never enough registers open compared to the multitude of customers. I understand that no one wants to work since covid and getting unemployment and such but still its frustrating for customers, as well Im sure for the employees that showed up, sucks for them. San Diego county is such a high dollar place to live and I see so many customers are seniors and perhaps single moms, folks struggling. Seems they make this store their main place to grocery shop so while others may just go in to buy a few things, we are behind folks with full baskets, again long lines and only 2 registers open. I see they are building even more housing/apartments right across the street. That makes me think that there will be even MORE customers coming in the near future. I hope owner/management is thinking ahead of the impact this will have and how unsatisfactory it would be to just have 2 cashiers open. Yall need to consider the growth and additional customers that is about to spill into your store.

Review №2

I visited the store on El Cajon blvd in la Mesa 3 days ago, I purchased about 60 bucks and was going through my receipt which I thought was too high! I was charged 5 times for multiple items that I only got 1 of! For instance I bought 2 plants got charged 3I got 1 scrub brush got charged for 2 and so on...and the items where NOT .99 cents these were the items that have a price tag on them that say another price! this happened 5 times! I called and let them know I would be returning to the store for a refund, the lady I spoke to said no problem I’m sorry this happened... when I returned I was told that my refund had to go on a gift card for the 99cents only store! Wait WHAT! I was over charged by the cashier! And I have to have my refund on a gift card! NO! I said where is the manager? She said oh he is gone for the day! I said OK who is in charge? She said the lady in charge is on a break 1hour break! I said... well I’m not waiting 1hour call her! She than walked away from the register and left me standing in waiting... I said to another cashier? Where did the lady who was helping me go? She said back to work... long story short I was-handed a 10 dollar card to spend in a store I will NEVER step foot in again! Worst customer service ever!!

Review №3

Love this store. Great deals, amazing prices. Helpful staff. Very clean store. Never know what you will find on sale.

Review №4

Walked the two and a half miles to get their 99 cent salad mix. Very happy with it. Similar slade is $ 1.48 to $2.48 in near by stores. Also bought $2.99 one pound ground beef. Very good trip. The walk did me good.

Review №5

I Love this Store, Always Clean, Sanitize, Nice helpful workers. Thank you so much & God Bless you 🙏🙏🙏

Review №6

No lines today! Sometimes would be my only 1/2 Star off. GREAT DEALS!! PRODUCE SECTION RARE SOME 99 ONLY STORE IS HERE!! DEALS

Review №7

Love this place as you never know what they will there. You can always rely on buying fresh milk,eggs,butter,cold cuts,cheese, veggies,bread and other staples. They have such a wide variety of regular items like pantry goods,canned goods,other staples etc. Ahh but then they get name brand items that are always much cheaper then regular grocery stores. I always check dates in whatever I buy however I do the same at regular grocery stores. You would be surprised at major stores if you read the experation dates. Major chain stores dont always have up to date goods. So do yourself a favor. Check out this 99 cent store. You will save money and feel good about it.

Review №8

Love the store for most items for 99. Neat and tidy. They also have restrooms and it was clean unlike other 99 store. Got a notebook that will sure fit someone who feels need a little push saying Make your dreams happen. Parking lot isnt a problem too.

Review №9

Always Find thing for Super Cheap 99 cent to 10 bucks Highes

Review №10

Open early, closes late. Friendly helpful staff. Too many people with tables out front blocking the entrance. Products usually fresh, and displays are normally clean and neat.

Review №11

My trip to the dollar store this time I was unimpressed they had the smallest section of fall stuff ever! All they had was a bunch of Halloween stuff and its freaking August?! Wheres my fall s***!!

Review №12

Products are unbeatable yet the registers need to be working more but the store is great I’ve found great staff and costumer service very respectful people

Review №13

So awesome, unexpected deals on many things, sometimes movies too!

Review №14

This store is in a great location. Staff could be a little bit friendlier. Isles are usually well stocked.

Review №15

Excellent parking. Has items I need/am looking for. Cashier was friendly and expeditiously assisted me.

Review №16

This store should be called the almost nothing for 99 cent store. But I love it.

Review №17

The store always seems under staffed, with line backed up to the middle of aisles and the cashier dont know how to call for help.

Review №18

Plant an idea theres another better!Do it.Do it!!

Review №19

In San Diego for the first time. The city might be new but the 99 cent store continues to be super helpful wherever you go! Good Job!

Review №20

I shop there every week because I know that I will always find things that I like or want at a bargain price.

Review №21

I live in rosarito Mexico I go all the way on that side of town just to shop! They have lots of stuff.. many different Oriental noodles🥡🍜, fresh strawberries 🍓, great Mexican candy🍬 they have things in this store that other stores dont have🥰🤩 I love this 99 store! #1!!!!!

Review №22

They always have something worth investigating. Have to go often to catch the deals!

Review №23

Very well stocked on party supplies and Valentines and Easter decor! Only 2 lines item so there was long lines to pay.

Review №24

I love shopping here. The store is well organized, the staff is always courteous and helpful when I ask for specific items. The location is convenient, right off fwy 8 and 125.

Review №25

Very rude staff . I have to call four time to find out if my grandma left her card at thieve store, each time they were telling me to call Back because they are busy .

Review №26

It was ok filled with good stuff. My only complaint is that it is too crowded and the line for the cashier is long and extends to the isles which makes navigating them crowded and hard. Also, there is little supervision on the safety measures for covid. Customers are not really standing 6 ft apart. They are actually very close giving how crowded it is. There is a small sanitizer bottle near the entrance but no one really uses it because its in a dead place and these things that are quite important are being ignored and not displayed as they should be.

Review №27

Never been to a 99 cents store that sells wine. Store wasnt as stock as it should be but Im guessing its due to covid and people buying extra things. Overall there is more variety of things compared to other 99 cent stores.

Review №28

I like this place. People are fairly respectful of social distancing. Appeared to be fully stocked

Review №29

This place saves me hundreds of dollars a month everything is perfect everything is excellent

Review №30

Good service always shop here.

Review №31

For what it is its a decent store nicely kept up clean and all the people are very nice I just wish your store like that would pay its people a little better but for what it is full five stars

Review №32

Good store lots of stuff other 99cent stores dont have

Review №33

Its a 99 cent store, not much else to say. Im always surprised at how inexpensive the produce here and yet its also good quality. Its a good place to browse and youll nearly always find something interesting.

Review №34

Found what I needed and a few items I didnt know I needed 😀 good store good employees, helpful. Only issue is because of theft most of the carts were locked up had to go out into the parking lot to get one.

Review №35

Wow, personal response..I definitely will be back.. enjoyed my visit.....

Review №36

Very clean and organized. Best thing.. More than 2 cashiers were open, so I was in and out in minutes!

Review №37

Staff very friendly. Store is clean amd stocked well.

Review №38

Its always great customer service..

Review №39

Great place. Shelves are stocked now. Problem is that the shopping carts are rare. They must have taken a lot of them away so they dont have to keep cleaning them. So make sure you hunt down a cart before going in store.

Review №40

Great deals on everything fresh produce / laundry supplies/ Cleaning supplies, and More😃

Review №41

Great selection of items at a great price.

Review №42

Very messy store, long lines to pay

Review №43

Great items

Review №44

I recently made a visit with my little sister to purchase a few Christmas decorations,after we made a trip to the next door store Burlington. it happened to be on a rainy day night, while in the store my phone died, ordering a lyft. So we lost our way home. I asked the cashier was there any way that a cab be called on our behalf, the cashier(newly hired) wasnt sure, so I asked for a manager. The manager( fair skin Hispanic woman, dark curly ponytail, walked with a limp) finally came and the cashier explained the situation, the manager barely looked at us and said rudely NO! I know there are procedures and rules but Ive worked in retail and customer service for over 10 years and I know that a paying customer, can at least have the courtesy of cab call( well where Ive worked)if needed. We werent random people off the street begging or hustling, I was a customer that needed a safe, dry way home with my underage sister and our purchases. How it was handled was unacceptable. Honestly if I wasnt with a child, I believe I wouldve said some ugly words but that wouldnt have solved anything. If thats your policy, of not letting customers who have limited transportation at least get a courtesy cab, then yall need to fix it.

Review №45

Love their deals, cant go wrong !.

Review №46

Always good, but check the exp. dates

Review №47

Never enough cashiers. Always very busy. How can you be this busy and not afford the labor to open all check stands? I spend more time waiting to check out than I do shopping. Really poor management. Must run a 5% labor.

Review №48

Certainly better with the addition of staples like milk, and eggs.

Review №49

Love this place, just found a wireless mouse for $3

Review №50

Not as good as Santee 99 only...but helpful to save $!!!

Review №51

I go for glass bottles and soda always a good deal the 99 cent store is my favorite over the other dollar stores around. Always seem to have better selection on everything canning jars glassware pet supplies sometimes have some good produce. Big Gatorade for a dollar great for your sports season.

Review №52

The workers are upset when we buy the reduced not our fault.somethimes they ask for more money or they charge more.

Review №53

Fast and friendly service

Review №54

I spent 40 minutes waiting in line to pay for 3 items, because there were only to cash registers open,while too many people were waiting in line

Review №55

Every thing i needGreat prices

Review №56

This STORE needs an INTERNAL sterilization and thorough CLEANSING. Period. Employees STEALING money and merchandise on CAMERA. DISGUSTING sexual romps for better pay, positions, and PAID time off. I don’t need a “response” from the owner if the “owner” is posting words that lacks substance and action. The owner states a BETTER store is in process, if true, I suggest owner PHYSICALLY going to this store and CLEANING it up by hiring hardworking employees WITH customer service training.

Review №57

They just remodeled and they do try to be on it getting check out lines open. I know retail is challenging and I appreciate these peoples efforts. 99 cent only is really fun and such a treat really. Holiday decor? Yes!

Review №58

They have ALMOST everything youre looking for, and they have GREAT prices!

Review №59

Great store! Great employees. I am new to the area and I was thoroughly impressed.

Review №60

Fully stocked and workers cleaning great place to shop

Review №61

If you are a savvy shopper and know current pricing for produce and food, you can find some great deals. Midweek is best. Also has a seasonal section that has fun sundries to brighten up your home.

Review №62

Too much good stuff not slot at 99cents though

Review №63

Great holiday selection of toys, decorations and food! Many items now $1.99 and above to meet need for special holiday presents! Bananas only $.49 per pound.

Review №64

My favorite 99 cent store... Great service

Review №65

They are away from everything being at 99 cent when you buy a gal of milk it $ 2.99 when you buy the real cheese it $1.98 cents. You can save some money.

Review №66

Love this store has a little bit of everything! Great for picking up odds and ends and holiday decorations. Although the store is 99 Cents Only some larger items are slightly more expensive but still a bargain.

Review №67

This place has tons of stuff, but I am most thrilled with their fresh veggies and fruit that they have. I adore their butter lettuce and tomatoes n stuff.

Review №68

Another one of our go to spots. We often drop in just check out some of their garden fun items. However, it seems that management isnt the best at scheduling for shelf stocking because during rush times (between 1-4 PM), they almost never have enough registers open to accommodate the high traffic increase. :(

Review №69

Didnt find what I was looking for but found a lot more other things. Have to go in to a 99 cent store with a positive mind and realizing they dont all have the same stuff. At the end of the day, you will find a bargain especially on something you didnt even know you were looking for 😉

Review №70

All the items on the shelves (@leadt most of them (85%+) are marked as they are supposed to be marked as according to the manufacturer costs of making/selling the products and so forth. Of course we always will be seeing a handful of items that are going to be overpriced for the category and or amount-size etc.

Review №71

Clean and well stoked store. Has good produce and grocery items. Actually, every section has great selection. Friendly staff makes it even better.

Review №72

Manager on my last visit was not nice at all. Tho I understand she was doing her job, she must have missed the memo that the point of running a retail business is to make money, and to do everything possible to make sure the customer is happy. Fail. Speaking to customers in a condescending ghetto-fabulous tone may work in other parts of town, but not here in la mesa, sorry to say.

Review №73

Love this place! Great produce. Always can find a deal. The recent one was big bottles of Perrier! In the store theyre $2.99 each, here a $1. Yahoo!!

Review №74

A lot of variety of product, i bought for a party and there is a variety of designs

Review №75

99 thanks! For the 99 savings! 🤑

Review №76

Great place for many things

Review №77

Favorite store

Review №78

One of the better ones

Review №79

Like a kid going to the candy store

Review №80

Besides the usual dollar store items this store has a very good selection of seasonal produce, beer and wine. Staff was friendly even if they are overworked. The major drawback for is it tends to be crowded. Great place for cheap holiday decorations.

Review №81

I love 99 cent stores. I always find things I never knew I needed. Great for school supplies as well.

Review №82

They have so much stuff to look at.

Review №83

Great place for bargains. I shop here first. There merchandise changes, so you never know what bargains you will find.

Review №84

One of the larger stores. Has some groceries and frozen foods. As well as some household goods, great seasonal section. Some employees are more helpful and friendlier than others.

Review №85

Though it says 99c. There are some items costing 1.99c and more. So check price tag. Seasonal items like shopping for Christmas decorations etc are good.

Review №86

You always can find good deals! In the last few months they started selling wine from $2.99 to $3.99 and some are very good.

Review №87

I always find exactly what I need, 99¢ store never lets me down. Its super cheap stuff.

Review №88

This store still has a lot of Christmas stuff! Great stuff! ❤Besides that, I mostly always end up finding the things @ this store that I cant find @ the other 99 Cents Stores.

Review №89

The cashier Maryam seemed upset as a cashier charging me multiple items twice and as she waits for customers to pay she has her arms crossed with attitude. This 99 cents use to have better cashiers and I dont know what happened.

Review №90

My items came to $6.16. I had exactly $6.00 dollars in quarters and a nickle, dime and a penny. The cashier she said i can only take $5.00 in change. This caught me off gurad, and I felt offended.I have been to many 99 cents store and never heard of that and plus I did not see any signs posted. So I left my items there. This was my first visit to this 99 Cents store location. I would not recommend this location.

Review №91

Nice variety of merchandise

Review №92


Review №93

I was discriminated against in this store by a Chris. She ran after me in the store and accused me of stealing when I Just purchased over $30 in items

Review №94

Im only putting 2 stars because i love the 99 cent deals. But its the 1st and last time I come to this 99cents only store cashier (Isabelle) was tripping because i used an empty box to carry what i bought talking about recycling. Bad customer service. I guess shell lose her job if i take a box that gets thrown away Ill just stick with the market st and chula vista 99 cents stores

Review №95

A nice variety of fresh produce & canned goods. Couldnt find any zucchini.... Friendly cashiers! I dont care for the outside solicitation of $.

Review №96

I go there for one reason. to do a project at home . its really reasonable price. but if you look for Quality no .otherwise you can get a lot of stuff.

Review №97

Everything at $1. So much organised and vast varieties of frozen food, fresh vegetables and fruits. I love this place as it saves lot of my money.

Review №98

Theres a wide variety of good things for a buck. Stop shopping at Wal-Mart and go to a 99 cents store.

Review №99

The 99 cent store, i find everthing that i need, i love it

Review №100

Cool place

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  • Phone:+1 619-697-7599
  • School supply store
  • Grocery store
  • Kitchen supply store
  • Outlet store
  • Produce market
  • Discount store
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Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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