Imagine Kissimmee Charter Academy
2850 Bill Beck Blvd, Kissimmee, FL 34744, United States
Imagine Kissimmee Charter Academy

Review №1

I have two children here and their strengths and weaknesses are so different from each other. I love that theyre treated like individuals with their own set of unique needs. Ive seen teachers and staff show genuine caring as they made decisions that would impact students in very personal ways. After 6 kids and nearly 20 years working with the education system, as a parent, Im genuinely impressed and appreciative of their individual approach toward educating.

Review №2

I love how they pay attention to every kids academic needs. All 3 of my children benefit from this great school. The front desk is all way ready to help. The teachers keep you in the loop of what’s going on and they know each kids by name. If you need help with your children homework, they are just an email or a phone call away. I love how they are so involved in my children education. Thank you so much 😊

Review №3

Our experience at IKCA has been amazing! We came from a private school, but after having Ava here for the last two years, there’s no way I would leave here. She gets the one on one that she needs, smaller class sizes, and the teachers and staff are all amazing! Ava loves going to school now, and I really do feel were part of a family! All the staff pretty much knows her my name, as do they me. Like I said, the school has been amazing, and even more amazing through very rough times, both personally and globally through the pandemic. I wouldn’t trade the school for anything! Thank you IKCA for making this such a wonderful experience for my Ava! Thanks, Melissa Lang

Review №4

My girls have been at IKCA for 13 years now. My oldest started in Kindergarten and my youngest is currently in 5th grade. We have had nothing but success for all 3 girls. IKCA is attentive to their needs and positively responsive to change. This past year of COVID-19 changes have been challenging for all, but the staff and teachers at IKCA communicate well and keep us informed of all changes and issues.I highly recommend IKCA to anyone. Your child will be well taken care of!

Review №5

The teachers have a lack of communication with students and parents they dont grade work on time or update grades before they go in and they do not want to involve the parents in they childs education and progress it is horrible moving from ny I would have thought it would be more better judgements and organized here but I was not happy I had to remove my child from this school the beginning of this semester now he is doing great where he at his new school and the teachers reply back to parents in regards to their child academics or whatever.

Review №6

Great school! my daughter didnt know English before, then her teacher Mr. Martin and her English teacher Mrs. Cabello

Review №7

Wonderful office staff!! Very helpful and courteous.

Review №8

My son just graduated kindergarten and I must say Im impressed with this school. He loves this school, the students and his teacher. He cannot wait for first grade. I love how they send you test grades every Friday, theres lots of teacher involvement and events throughout the school year. Check it out, if you want your child to succeed.

Review №9

An amazing school with a great climate. All students get a personal computer (that they cannot bring home). School also treats bullying seriously.

Review №10

As my experience in middle school here it is a joke because the teachers and the school education is not professional and very unorganized, they dont take anything seriously. They do not give kids homework because the teachers say that they had studying to do and not to give them necessary work, i recommend for you to not put your child here because it will put him very behind.

Review №11

This school does nothing to help students. I used to go there and the school has gone downhill since(currently now a college student) . My brother gets picked on and the teachers did not do anything. My sister had the same, nothing stopped till I stepped in. He won’t be returning 🤷🏽‍♀️The only good in that school is Mrs.Richmond and Mrs. Q..

Review №12

The school has been through negative administration changes, but its a school that is small enough to still offer a positive environment for character development and caring teachers.

Review №13

This school stinks my kid is only in kindergarten and every time he comes home he says that he almost died cause just a few days ago my kid said that he heard that thies girls named Kimberly and Raven were in the bathroom smoking weed so if youre kid is at that school or rEven interesting going to that school dont and what ever this school is oow ikca you lucky I gave you a star 😒😒😒😾

Review №14

My son is enjoying this school you should visit this school

Review №15

Im only giving four stars due to the fact this is my sons first yr,,, there,, but so far so good ..i have no complaints,, so far ..and as far as some of the other reviews there isnt a school in kissimmee that doesnt lean toward spanish for it is a predominately spanish area as well as most of florida an example i paid for my son to go to a st cloud school and they taught him very little he has excelled here...i have found the staff and teacher very approachable and the only complaint ive heard of the principal is shes to strict,, well in my opinion schools in general are not strict enough these days ....ill write another review in the future ..hope this helps ..and the school has an A rating for state and federal testing .as well

Review №16

I love this school is awesome😍

Review №17

The staff was horrible especially the principal. It was GARBANZO BEANS!!!!!!

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