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Washington Care Academy

Review №1

Faduma is not only fun to listen to but very knowledgeable! She made the dementia and mental health classes easy to understand. I live the way she also brings in her practical personal experiences

Review №2

Faduma is wonderful teacher. I had very helpful training with her. I recommend 👌 to take class with her.

Review №3

Faduma is absolutely wonderful! I did her online course and skills lab for the HCA certification. While it can feel a bit overwhelming trying to remember the steps for some skills, Faduma was always patient, willing to answer questions, and she tried to have fun with us while emphasizing the important things. She was very welcoming, too; I get anxious doing any sort of in-person training, but her positive energy has a way of making students feel safe

Review №4

Faduma is top notch! She has the most wonderful personality, patience and truly is one of those people that wants you to learn and enjoy it-and she absolutely makes that possible! Shes so great about keeping up with us and making sure we had everything we need as well. Ive done these classes/certs before but never in a more comfortable and positive environment. Both the regular coursework and the specialty training provides plenty of great info and definitely left me feeling more confident about my own skills and what I was taking out of the class compared to the past. Also the zoom classes were probably the first Ive taken I havent even thought about falling asleep during. All around great place, and even more so great teacher!

Review №5

This was an absolutely well done and both entertaining and informative course. I was not looking forward to 2 8 hour days of courses but they flew bye before i even noticed. Faduma was outstanding and made sure everyone felt included. She is exceedingly good at what shes does and i truly feel i took a lot away from this weekend!

Review №6

Faduma, you are doing an amazing job. The training is very interactive and the way you explain stuff makes it easier to learn/understand. The examples too are relevant to the topic. Thanks

Review №7

The reasons to take classes through Washington Care Academy: (1) I love that the continuing education credits for the yearly mandatory 12 credits are packaged in a bundle (2) I love that the classes are affordable (3) I love that all the classes are online (4) I love that when I had a little glitch in one of the classes, I was able to call Faduma and speak with her directly (5) I love that Faduma is accessible for any problems or questions I may have regarding the classes. This is a top-notch program.

Review №8

Faduma is a amazing instructor, just got done taking my 75 hour home care aide training. She is so kind and so helpful. Skills was great too.

Review №9

My experience in these class was very satisfied better than expected great instructor very outgoing very clear in the information and videos well explained and Enjoy all the experience she has to give

Review №10

Faduma is awesome! She is so knowledgeable & keeps the learners attention. She’s an awesome instructor. This is such a great class. I feel like I’m well prepared for the HHA state exam.

Review №11

Faduma is an excellent teacher. She teaches everything we need to know. Our classes were hands on and it was easy to understand everything that was taught. Online courses are informative and interactive which makes the learning so much easier. Faduma responds quick and is an accommodating teacher. Thank you for a great experience!

Review №12

Instructor is amazing. Great class so thankful to have been part of it.

Review №13

I just finished Faduma’s weekend course for dementia and mental health. The classes were very informative and I gained so much knowledge. Faduma is a great teacher, very knowledgeable and has so much passion for what she teaches! Her online classes are very understandable, very clear and well thought out. It was my first zoom class and she made it really enjoyable!I am in the process of taking her 75 hour Online classes. I wish I had done this sooner!!I would highly recommend this class to anyone that is looking into online classes, best online class yet!Thanks Faduma!Rebecca

Review №14

WCA was incredibly helpful, timely and friendly. Faduma made sure I was well prepared and her response times to answer my questions were always very prompt. I would recommend this academy!

Review №15

Washington Care Academy is a stellar institute of learning. I recommend everyone taking at least one Healthcare course, even if you are not going into the field, in order to better understand disorders and/or diseases that you or a loved one may one day have to face. I learned so much about myself in taking the certification class, and how to better connect with both my sisters who have had depression. Faduma Mursal, Course Instructor, is amazing!! She made operating the Zoom Lessons fun and Interactive. I am so appreciative of her ability to help me gain the knowledge that I can now share with my family to bring us all together.

Review №16

Faduma is a amazing instructor. She is so patient and her 75 hour course was great, it was easy to follow, and since it was online it was flexiable and I could do it at my own pace. I would recommend anyone looking to get home care aide certified to take their home care aide training with Faduma and Washington Care Academy! You will love it. Plus she helped me with the HCA application, what more could you ask for!!

Review №17

I would definitely recommend taking any of Faduma programs. She is a excellent instructor and will relate the content to a real life experience (whether it be your personal life or work experience) which helped me remember the lesson. Also Faduma made the 8 hour training go by fast with her great personality 😊

Review №18

I got more than enough Knowledge from this care academy in General and from my understandable instructor in Dementia and Mental health training course I appreciate you Faduma.

Review №19

This self paced online training was great. The moderator was fluent, concise and delivered the material in a way that was understandable. You have access to the trainer by phone and they always pick up your calls. The course and the training that follow for the speciality training was done in person with small groups to accommodate for social distancing. Overall I recommend anyone to enroll. Finally you learn more than you actually need to face the prometric HCA exam

Review №20

I taking 75 hours online glass right now and its very easy to follow and youre only required to attend 2 days of skill training. Faduma, the instructor will schedule for that training for you. She is very skill and knowledgeable about her training materials in the class room. I would recommended for anyone want to become HCA. Thanks so much Faduma.

Review №21

I took both mental health and Dementia classes fromFaduma and she is an outstanding teacher, very informative, I liked she is a nurse who has worked with people who are experiencing mental health issues.She is funny and makes the Class environment joyful . She is ready to assist you in any question and help you navigate through a world we only see in movies or read in booksShe puts the human before the illness, and helps you see the person for who they are. God bless you for your work Faduma!!.

Review №22

I am recommending everyone who thinks online course is boring and less interactive to take it with Fadumo. I guarantee you won’t fall asleep. She will make you want to interact. She is a great instructor and way knowledgeable about the topics she teach. I feel very well prepared to work with mental health and dementia population now. Thanks Fadumo, see you again! Jamila

Review №23

Like the class.the instructor is amazing.

Review №24

Faduma is a amazing instructor and I really enjoyed her course. I took the complete 75 hour home care aide training with her and it was so smooth and the website was so easy to navigate. It didnt take me long to complete either. She was helpful and her videos in the training were very enjoyable. I recommend to anybody who needs this training to take it with her, you will love it. No more going to classes all the time its online and very flexible. If you will be working adult family any place and need the 75 home care training look no further. Shes so helpful, I can go on forever, Im just grateful we have this amazing training.

Review №25

Great class! Faduma is very personable, thorough and helpful.

Review №26

Faduma’s style of teaching and training was phenomenal! Being a caregiver came as a family obligation rather than a choice, so I’m now thrown into so many situations that I’ve never dealt with. I’ve realized a few things though... I very much enjoy caregiving (loving people and showing compassion come natural to me), and this class clearly has shown me where I need to make adjustments to handle things better. Hands down, perfect instructor for this class. Appreciated also the participation and discussions we had as students.Thank you Faduma!

Review №27

If you are in search of a training for healthcare aide or courses on how to work with individuals who have dementia or mental health disorders this is a great place to get the training. The instructor is very clear and informative. She is definitely knowledgeable and compassionate. Having it offered online was a huge plus for me because I live on the other side of the state and work, so traveling was not a good option.I did the zoom courses for dementia and mental health (due to COVID restrictions), and she still made the courses very interesting.I highly recommend Washington Care Academy.

Review №28

Faduma is a great instructor. I took the 75 hour HCA training and it was amazing. She is so patient and flexible. I would definitely recommend her training.

Review №29

I just took the 75 hours training for home care aid. Wow, I thought this was going to be so boring and dry. We had such a wonderful class. Faduma was amazing during the skills class and the online portion was very easy to follow along. She was made sure we all felt confident and were well informed. She touched on the critical areas often and always makes herself available for questions. I would highly encourage anyone needing 5o complete their course to go to Washington Care Academy.

Review №30

My training experience at Washington Care Academy was excellent. Fudma made the materials easy and fun to learn. Very Interesting and will be very helpful for my future in health care. She is always ready to assist you with your learning needs. Highly recommend. Thanks for everything,Melissa

Review №31

Just finished taking the Mental Health course taught by Faduma. She is an excellent instructor who teaches by various means such as ppt. videos, everyday life examples, polls, quizzes, and Q&A. I highly recommend her for all classes she is offering. Mental Health/Dementia/75hours for HCA...etc. all courses are listed on her website. Many thanks Faduma!!

Review №32

Thank you for everything Faduma. You are an incredible instructor. I admired your patience, content knowledge and professionalism.

Review №33

Faduma is amazing! She knows her stuff and is so engaging! Learned so much from her class on Dementia and Mental Health.

Review №34

Great learning experienceInstructor was amazing!!from the beginning to end. She has detailed knowledge,energy and patience.and character.Thanks

Review №35

Faduma is an amazing teacher! She speaks so well and is so informative! I love the class and how much information I can get. I also love how she explains the topics, it was a great experience to have her teaching these classes! The understand of dementia and mental health will stay with me for a long time with the way Faduma has taught me!

Review №36

I took the Dementia and Mental Health courses taught by Faduma, and she was awesome! I’m required to have training in these subjects as a RN working in assisted living, and I wasn’t super excited to be taking required courses. However, she made the subjects a great review and has a great personality that shows when she teaches, so she made it fun! Thanks so much, Faduma!

Review №37

Faduma is an awesome intstructor. Very knowledgeable and engaging. She makes the courses interesting and the content is great.

Review №38

I loved this class, the instructor was wonderful. Very informative, and helpful. I’m not a computer savey person, and I’m much older then my classmates. She made the class fun and easy to learn. Take her class, you won’t be sorry.

Review №39

Faduma is a good influencer she help to understand the class i took Dementia and Mental health it was easy to understand with the video clip so, Thank Your hard work

Review №40

I like the courses that are provided in this class.And I especially like the Instructor,Faduma.I took Nurse Delegation,Mental Health and Dementia training classes.I have learned valuable real world, applicable lessons from Faduma’s years of experience as a nurse.I highly recommend these classes.

Review №41

I really felt that Faduma was extremely knowledgeable and very professional and passionate about teaching students about Caregiving. I believe all students who attend her training will be successful when time comes to take State Certification.

Review №42

I took HCA class from FADUMA I call her FATOU and shes fine with it.Fatou is an outstanding teacher, very informative, knowledgeable, full of empathy and patient.Shes funny and makes the class environment joyful.Shes flexible and ready to help her students in everyway possible .I guarantee you, you wont fall a sleep 😴 🤣.I will definitely recommend her training to the world. Shes the best teacher of the year. God bless you and thank you for the wonderful work 🙏 🙌

Review №43

I took a class on dementia and it was great the teacher was understand able good example that made sense I am much more informed than before thank you Faduma continue passing on the knowledge to more people 👍👍👍

Review №44

The class is so interactive and I like the fact the Faduma is always available for inquiries .the class modules are pretty easy to understand

Review №45

I greatly enjoyed this class and teacher!!!!!

Review №46

Faduma is a wonderful instructor who takes the time to help you understand mental health and dementia. She has great training examples and inspires the class to participate in the training to get a full understanding of what they may experience in their careers. As a manager at a memory care community, I applaud her training style and the fact that she gives real life expectations. A wonderful teacher who I hope to encounter again.

Review №47

Great class and such a nice instructor! I highly recommend this class for HCA!!

Review №48

Best teacher,very jovial,and audible.I highly recommend her

Review №49

I truly enjoyed this classroom setting. I learned a lot and was surprised at how fast the class went by. Lots of interaction, discussions and not boring at all. I also love the online class I am taking so that I am able to take it at my own pace that fits well with my schedule. Faduma is a great instructor and I highly recommend her classes.

Review №50

I really appreciated that I can complete most of the 75 hour training online. Super convenient and self paced. Attending the mental health and dementia classes were also very informative. Mental health was very important to me and explained how important it is to be able to identify different conditions, signs and symptoms. Appear similar but are its own identity. How to diffuse situations. The instructor is lively and had real experience and scenarios, events that everyone can relate in some way. You experience roleplaying. Role playing always makes me uncomfortable, but her classes were easy to interact with others allowing myself to experience and utilize skills taught. It was fun! Focus on self awareness. How you speak and interact with others not just in the workplace. I look forward to skills classes. Thank you Faduma!

Review №51

As my experience of this class for miss faduma if there is word that i can express my Gratitude how happy i am.I thank you so much.....All went well as i enroll in this classeverything is easy to followAnd ms.Faduma is very reliable anytime you can count on anything you asked questions.Very clear the instructions,the lectures,the steps that need to do.More power Ms.fadumaGOD BLESS YOU!

Review №52

I found the instructor very knowledgable about the subject matter being taught. Because the HCA course could be taken online I was given more flexibility with my working schedule. If you wish to enter the healthcare field then this is a good option that is quite affordable.

Review №53

This was a great class because the instructor was so informative. We covered the information in the course and the questions on the test came so easily. Got to roll play. This class helped me be a better employee and caregiver.

Review №54

I highly recommend this coarse. Not only is this coarse user friendly; I cannot boast enough about the instructor. Faduma Mursal is upbeat, engaging, extremely supportive and encouraging! Classes were fun! I learned alot and am so very thankful I chose Washington Care Academy. I know if I need any help in the future with understanding any topic covered Faduma Mursal is more than happy to help.

Review №55

Thank you Faduma for the best training ever, and I strongly recommend to someone who looking to take a training for adults family home care.

Review №56

The course was very excellent. Perfect for Adult Family Homes as its convenient. Great blend of Online with hands on skills training. Instructor is very friendly and cooperating and always willing to help.

Review №57

I took the complete 75 home care aide training with Faduma and i really enjoyed her classes. She is so helpful and the skills hands ln training was so informative.i learned a lot and will definately recommend her school.

Review №58

Getting your Home Care Aide(HCA) can be very confusing and difficult because there so many information in the internet. If you want a company that will guide you and hold your hands until you graduated apply Washington care academy. You will meet instructor faduma, she is selfless instructor that will never let you down. My experience was phenomenal, I enjoyed every minute of the training because she made it so easy and understandable. Her online course are so clear and full of important information. Anytime, you have question or stuck on problem don’t hesitate to contact faduma via text message because she will always respond to you quickly. Over all, faduma is amazing instructor, very knowledgeable, helpful and she will make sure you get the best education possible. She is the best......Good luck with your new career.....

Review №59

Faduma is an excellent instructor. Her online classes are easy to follow.

Review №60

I took mental health and dementia specialty classes with Faduma and I really really enjoyed the class. We role played, discussed topics and learned a lot in the class. I’m glad I choose her school. I would recommend this course to anybody interested.

Review №61

The classes are well done, simple and you can work from home at your own pace. Simple, precise, and to the point. Faduma does an excellent job and explaining each topic as you study. There are a few days of in class training. No more two weeks sitting in a classrom, this program for the most part can be worked around your schedule. Perfect!

Review №62

Faduma Mursal was a great instructor, teaches with clarity and enthusiasm, it was not boring, just a joy to be part of the class!!!😄😄😄

Review №63

The class was great. Best instructor ever.

Review №64

Faduma is doing a great job..She is amazing

Review №65

I took the online class and this was convenient for my busy schedule. The lessons are awesome easy to understand and follow interactive and Faduma is great. Then I went for her mental health and dementia class that was amazing. There was a lot of interaction role playing that by the time the class was done we had a full understanding of how to care for clients. This was an eye opening class. Faduma is a great teacher. I would definitely recommend her for anyone who has a busy schedule or anyone who wants to take HCA, dementia class, mental health or continuing education you will not regret it. Thanks Faduma .

Review №66

Fadumas classes are great- she makes the information accessible, is enthusiastic, and to the point. She has many stories from her years of experience in the healthcare world. I am a NAC, and I will definitely be taking my future CEs with her.

Review №67

Really great trainingThanks Fadoma.....

Review №68

I really appreciate that there is a class on line to take this caregiver course. I like being able to work at my own pace from my computer and my home. I like doing the modules with Faduma listening and reading at the same time and being able to review the material and quizes. I enjoyed my weekend taking the dementia and mental illness classes in Kent and being able to meet Faduma in person. She brings a lot of knowledge and energy to the class and makes it very interesting. I look forward to putting into practice what,I have learned and highly recommend this course Washington Care Academy offers to everyone interested in pursuing this field. Thank you Faduma for all your work putting this course together and available to us.

Review №69

She was very good teacher and I learn a lot the class.

Review №70

Good skills testing, hands on experience. Well taught and knowledgeable.

Review №71

She is excellent teacher

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