Clytie Adams School of Ballet
50 Main St, Kaysville, UT 84037, United States
Review №1

Amazing school. Our daughter gas been there 6 years.

Review №2

Ive danced here since I was little and have loved every minute of it! The teachers are amazing and make dance so much fun! Im sad that next year will be my last year, but know that I will cherish these memories forever. Thanks Clytie for making this school of ballet such an amazing place for young girls to have fun and learn new skills💘

Review №3

Both of our daughters have attended Clytie Adams for the past few years. We’ve been to three different dance schools in the past, and Clytie is our favorite. If you’re looking for a true ballet school as opposed to a competitive dance studio, then you should turn to Clytie Adams. We’ve loved the school and the high quality program they provide. There isn’t an “office” per se, and the ability to communicate with management isn’t always easy or prompt, but the overall program definitely makes up for it. The dance studio Clytie’s labor of love and the annual concerts are beautiful. The live band and symphony are marvelous and we always look forward to them. We’ve felt lucky and blessed that our daughters have been able to attend Clytie Adams School of Ballet.

Review №4

We love this ballet studio! Prices are great, and the training is top notch! They have really fun fun teachers that my daughters adore and the recitals are phenomenal! I’m always so impressed by how much my girls progress each year. The staff runs things very professionally.

Review №5

I love this place!!! I went here for about 3-4 years and it was the best. I learned a lot, and met great people. My dance teacher was always helping me out, and let us make our dance for the recital! She had us pick out something we wanted to do for the dance recital, and then put it together. This place is amazing! It always smelt fresh and clean, not like dirty smelly socks. And we went at our own pace, if you did not understand something, we would keep coming back to it intel everyone in the class got it down perfect. And at the same time we would learn new things, and it was not overwehling. I love this school so much.

Review №6

The only reason Im giving this whiny place 1 star is because giving zero stars isnt an option.My husband and my sons regularly visit the My Barber location and when they asked for coffee the nice barber told them that he couldnt provide coffee anymore because the dance studio complained about the smell and the barber was asked to no longer make coffee.What a RUDE, PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE thing to do!! So, the dance studio can make the barber shop smell like a high school boys locker room but the barber cant make coffee? What a bunch of hypocrites. Because of that Ive enrolled my daughters at Lightbox. Wake up and smell the coffee, Clytie, youre attitude just cost you several students. Oh, popcorn smells, too. You might want to complain about Lisa next.

Review №7

I enjoy the live orchestra recitals, the reasonable pricing, and the investment the teachers make in the long term growth, development, and learning of the dancers they teach.

Review №8

We love Clytie Adams! Classical ballet studio with reasonable prices and expectations!

Review №9

We have not been impressed by this school and especially the management.

4.2 Rating
  • Address:50 Main St, Kaysville, UT 84037, United States
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  • Phone:+1 801-544-2987
  • Ballet school
  • Good for kids:Yes
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