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Hawaii Healing Arts College & Massage Professionals

Review №1

Had a massage and it was honestly not very good. Had an Advanced Intern for $50 plus tip. He did have a mask and face shield so kind of like a blond darth vader. Did not seem confident and honestly creeped me out and kept talking and asking me questions during the massage and kind of breathing heavily, so hard to relax. He seemed nervous. Not sure how he was advanced. I would go back but maybe try an actual professional. Disappointing.

Review №2

As a student and a client of Massage to fellow therapists, I would recommend it to any and all who either want to learn or receive healing. Samantha Wong is a brilliant instructor, mentor, and friend and is the most intuitive body worker I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I apply all of the knowledge I obtained from my schooling here to my daily practice and am so grateful to have gathered knowledge and experience in such a loving environment.

Review №3

Serene, fabulous, beautiful place and amazing massage therapists as well as fun and friendly staff and receptionists which is just as important. I have gotten massages for many years all over the world, this place is at the top of my list and Ill be going back regularly. The therapist really paid attention and gave a massage fit for me with detail to my neck and back which were bad. She was an intern but gave a top notch professional massage.

Review №4

Ive called the administrative office of this school for information and I had a negative experience towards the end.I was intending to become a massage therapists after over 900 hours of education in the mainland and was hoping to find answers to becoming licensed in the state of Hawaii. The woman I called sounded very reluctant to help me and schedule to call back on a Sunday, 4 days in advance from my first call. She never gave me a call back and I tried calling back with no answer.The next day, she had an excuse about overwhelm by workload and taking over other students client. She is under assumption I did not want to continue my massage education as I had gone through another massage program and that it was too expensive to be in the state.I did not feel welcomed by her and fell under the false impression of them welcoming other people from other state / country. I am a military veteran too and she seem to sounded prejudice against it as she started listing other Veterans with different issue that does not pertain to me.She told me to look up other school on the website myself.I was not satisfied with their help and service.I will have to look for another healing arts school to master my craft in aiding humanity.Update: Forgive me if I had not done my research, Shinya. I am mistaken that this school would aid veteran like myself for continuing education in massage therapy. This private institute seem to belong those who reside in Hawaii or have done their own research. I will resign in practitioner of massage therapy.

Review №5

Always professional yet friendlyThe interns are great and work hard to gain the hours needed for cert. Cert masseuse are good. Each person has their style. Ask for what you want.

Review №6

First off I would give zero stars if I could. Before going here my boyfriend and I called to make an appointment. We had a gift certificate from Christmas we wanted to use. The receptionist told us we would have to pay an extra $20.95. And although hesitant we agreed. My boyfriend and I go in and they give him and dont ask if he prefers male or female they automatically give him a male (again we just go with the flow trying not to judge even though he already felt uncomfortable) the male therapist tells my boyfriend he prefers that he keep his clothes on. Again my boyfriend goes with the flow. After we finished my boyfriend (who is always level headed was mad) he tells me that he didnt get a massage and his therapist just pushed on different spots on his back holding these spots for 4 to 5 min each. He also was in the lobby waiting for me because he massage was only 50 min although our gift certificate states 60 min. So we go to pay and the receptionist tells us I know I told you $20.95 on the phone but the extra price is actually $25.95 with tax almost $27 each. We paid the extra $54 and left. By far the worst experience we have ever had . I work in the service industry and this place is horrible. We will be telling all of our friends family and coworkers to never go here and dont waste your money buying anyone a gift certificate they will only end up spending more money.

Review №7

I am reviewing the massage I received there by Rachel Lahey, rather than the college itself.The massage overall was nice but I was very disappointed because I specifically chose Rachel because her description said she will address specific areas of tension/pain.I kindly asked her twice (once before and once during the massage) to focus on my lower left lumbar spine and she seemed to make a point to spend less time there than literally anywhere else on my body. I have a very serious issue and spent over 140 dollars to get it addressed and was boarder-line insulted by her unwillingness to do what I had asked.Otherwise the massage was relaxing, and I felt she was a good masseuse, Its just hard to relax when you feel like youre paying to be ignored. Almost like she wanted to give her massage routine more than she wanted to help her client.

Review №8

Aloha Jeffrey LinI am writing this review for the defense of our Admissions Manager. I am the owner of Hawaii Healing Arts College. Our Admissions Manager is one of the most loving and caring individuals I have employed at this school. It is very unfortunate and sad to hear about your complaints. However, this is a PRIVATE MASSAGE SCHOOL which has nothing to do with a massage therapist licensing of the State of Hawaii. Your complaints and argument are totally pointless. You are calling a WRONG PLACE. You should have done your own thorough research before calling many times to inquire about the licensing for the State of Hawaii and bothering people working very hard there. Hawaii State Board of Massage Therapy at DCCA is the right place to contact ! Mahalo !

Review №9

Very helpful even when they couldnt get me in they graciously offered other places..will try to get in later !

Review №10

It was not really good for me nor my boyfriend. the place is nice but the license misuses we got where not good at all. Poor jokes where made and overall a not so pleasant experience.

Review №11

Angie is great - very professional and gives a great deep massage

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