Rock Valley Driver School
14 S River St, Janesville, WI 53548, United States
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I have been trying to reach them about my son being able to complete his requirements for a month. I have left 3 emails and 3 messages. No response.

Review №2

I am 16 and a half years old. I first contacted Rock Valley Driving school when I was just over 15 years old. By the time I was 15 and a half I was still waiting for them to give me my information for my online course. Finally a few months after I should have gotten my temps they gave me my info. I noticed problems with the site they went through right away. I Frye’s calling and E-Mailing but they never answered. They just left me to figure it out. Now, here I am, 16 and a half, all my friends have their license and I’m not even close to getting my temps! 😡

Review №3

Absolutely terrible. DO NOT USE THEM!!! It is next to impossible to get ahold of anyone after they take the money for the class. I have left multiple messages for days on end and do not get a return call. My son has a limited amount of time to complete his driving portion or he has to pay the full amount and start again. We owe 50.00 for him missing a session. I would love to pay it but CANT REACH ANYONE TO DO IT. He is nearing the time where he will have to start over. His online act is locked because he owes money so I cant even pay in on there!!

Review №4

If I could give zero stars I would. Stacy, the owner, is absolutely the worst to deal with. All is well with the program and then when you get down to the last few behind the wheel times she will change all the rules on you.They do charge a $50 cancellation fee for any missed drive times regardless of the reason. They will not allow you to schedule any further drive times until that fee is paid.Your child needs to be watching out the window or be sitting outside waiting for them when they pull in your driveway because they will not honk the horn or send them a text or go to the door to let them know that they are there. They will drive away and charge you for a missed drive time then good luck trying to schedule another one.For the love of God, save your sanity and go to another drive school and tell all of your friends to do the same!

Review №5

Then owner of this place is very unprofessional, they changed the drive time on my son without notify him then charged him a $50 fee for a no show. She returned my call after the next day saying they came at the other time so that wasnt their fault as she was yelling at me like I was a child on the phone. Does not return our calls or emails so he can complete his times. I Would NOT recommend!!!

Review №6

Terrible! They do not return calls then charge $50.00 when you no show what you were trying to reschedule! Then cant schedule more until the 50 is paid but do not answer the phone to pay the fee. Absolutely ridiculous.

Review №7

Worst Driving School Ever!!! I wish there was zero stars, Can not keep track when students make up there missing time as my sons still pops up he’s missing time when I took him to make it up, Also charges 50$ when you cancel the day before even if it’s a emergency or sickness.

Review №8

They are very unprofessional and the sister to the person who owns this place calls people Liars about there horrible experiences here. My sister went there and had sessions with this man who said the kids questions were stupid when they were valid questions to be answered. They never call you back or answer to schedule drive times either.

Review №9

Worse then best defense driving school.

Review №10

This will probably get deleted however, I am looking for a driving school for my son and I take these reviews seriously. Thanks for the feedback from you all.

Review №11

Site would randomly shut down and the woman running the business was unwilling to help. Would not recommend.

Review №12

They give you fees for missed rescheduled times even without notification about the new time not recommended do not send your kids here !

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