Camsen Career Institute
4401 Salisbury Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32216, United States
Review №1

School is lies they say one thing on the phone and then say something different in person. My son went there and alot of the days came home early either do to Instructor changes no teachers or their hr labs being canceled. They said everything was good on the phone then had the audacity to tell me something different in person and different grades when i went in person. They are out just for the money instead of properly training individuals to be proficient emts and paramedics. They are just about checking the block and moving on the next dollar sign oops i mean potential student.

Review №2

I dont understand the negative reviews because my experience along with many other returning students is completely different. This school gives you the tools to succeed. It is up to you as an adult who is paying to take these classes to apply them to better yourself as you go along. The initiative is in your hands because the majority of the learning/studying is done on your own time outside of your scheduled class time. Id like to say they hold your hand every step of the way and believe me they do but they also make it clear that it is ultimately you who is in control of your ability to pass the NREMT. They are very organized with your syllabus. You know your class curriculum, labs, exams, quizzes etc.. ahead of time. So youre never lost or surprised on what is happening. My entire experience taking my EMT course was a great one. Coming from an accounting background I didnt know anything about anything when it came to being and EMT and 3 1/2 months later I passed my class. A week later I took my NREMT and passed that as well. It cut me off at 60 questions. Meaning I grasped everything that was taught to me at Camsen. Now Im a returning student taking my 13 month paramedic course. The staff is very much willing in working with all of their students whether it comes to schedule or extra study time to prepare you. Im actually really glad that I chose to attend Camsen. Ive never felt prouder of myself and I have to thank the staff there, especially my instructor and the owners for training me diligently in the classroom, lab, and ride alongs. Im out in the world now working as an EMT and Im confident in my skills thanks to them.

Review №3

These folks did a jam up job in getting me certified and ready for a career in emergency medical services

Review №4

Called in to ask a question about NREMT Debra I believe was her name hung up in my face. Called back immediately surprisingly no answer very unprofessional not good for business. How can you teach someone to save lives when you can’t even hold respectable conversation !

Review №5

Great Instructors that are very knowledgeable and honest. I Like that you dont have the books to tote around But still use one for the home. This school is awesome.John L CookGraduating 05/2014

Review №6

I would not recommend this school to anyone who is expecting to attend a professional school for an EMS career. This school branched off from FMTI that shut down because of the way they treated students. The student services consists of one person who is completely disorganized and disrespectful to students and the way she talks to them. The owner and his wife are the Directors and swear up and down that they are not trying to get in your pockets but every action of theirs shows otherwise. They tell you to come to them with any problems you have, and when you do they make sure to tell you it is your fault for the problem you are having. They play favoritism for anyone in the fire department, and treat anyone who are not on The job like you are not worthy. They provide only the minimum information to legally give you your certification and absolutely do not set you up for success to pass the NREMT or NREMTP tests. They only teach how it is in the field, not what you need to know to pass your National. I have been to other schools and have had no problem. This is absolutely the WORST school I have ever been to.

Review №7

The best affordable school in Jax. There are professional medics teaching, who know the street, and how to face SHTF, when it occurs. I really hope the school will expand, and the budget will permit to introduce more resources and equipment for students. I am grateful for the knowledge given by great people of this school!

Review №8

By far The best Emt and Paramedic school in Jacksonville. The school is 100% digital, and is growing fast. You get a ipad with your books loaded onto it which is a major perk so ur not lugging around a Big back pack. They will work with you on payments and do all they can to help you stay in class. The Owner Jeff cambell is the most honest guy iI have met and so is his wife Amanda. I recommend this school if you want to learn and get a direct approach to your tranning without all the Fluff.Currently in Paramedic schoolgrad July 2014

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