Dollar Tree
80 Front St S, Issaquah, WA 98027, United States
Dollar Tree

Review №1

Great selection of candy & canned food. Good mix of name brands & generic. I checked best if used by dates and most were great... into the next 6 months or more. Found a few items in cereal that were just past the freshness date.

Review №2

Lots of good merchandise made very cheaply. We were hoping to find a balloon arch tape and couldnt ourselves but an employee tracked them down for us! They were incredibly well stocked and the tree in the parking lot made lovely shade to park under.

Review №3

Most of the cashiers are very kind and thoughtful. I really like this election of food products drinks etc. All for a dollar

Review №4

Lots of interesting stuff. It all costs a dollar! What is not to like?

Review №5

Cool place, I go here atleast once a week and its pretty nice and clean unlike alot of other dollar trees

Review №6

This DollarTree is sometimes a little messy but compared to the Greenlake store this one is neat. I’ve found items at this store that I’ve not found at other locations. The store is messy because customers pick stuff up and then decide they don’t want it and just set it down wherever. If you don’t like the store being a mess don’t do that. They’d have to raise prices to hire enough staff to keep the store totally orgaanized.

Review №7

It has just openned so its one of the nicer and most organized dollar trees... and its a convenient location for periodic random stops to find cheaper one time use tools etc

Review №8

It was very disorganized! It looks like the store shelves havent been straightened in a week. This was at 9:45a! I have never seen a Dollar Tree look like this. Disappointed. There was even July 4th things still on the shelves on October 1st.

Review №9

Clean store, friendly service and great selection.

Review №10

One thing I really enjoy about coming to the dollar tree is it’s clean it’s large for the most part it’s always well stocked the staff are friendly they have a restroom you can use if you have to go to the bathroom but the restroom was not clean so that would get a one star but the store is great the people are great there’s lots of parking it’s easily located and I can get almost anything for the right price

Review №11

The Dollar Tree franchises,have all the things to keep simple minds content, w/ all of Chinese imported products always available on sit to duplicate any other invention!!!TheRealInternetMan😎

Review №12

Really nice to have this local it is so affordable! every time I go to the casa to I ask how much an item is as a joke I recommend doing it!

Review №13

Hes a lot of love at the Issaquah Dollar Tree great employees a lot of items its just a great Dollar Store once again the employees are the best part

Review №14

The cashier was so unfriendly. She didnt say anything or even smile at any point. The line was also very long - there was only one person on cashier duty, the other person was on break.

Review №15

Typical dollar tree, the lady wasnt the friendliest but the guy was ok. Clean and parking lot wasnt gross. Definitely better than the Renton locations for sure.

Review №16

They have a great selection of stuff but its a smaller space and they have quite a bit so it can get a bit messy.

Review №17

Good, we found a lot of things for the garden

Review №18

Smaller than the average dollar tree, also out of 1 of the 2 things I came in for...

Review №19

The staff at this location is so friendly, helpful, informed, and stayed upbeat even during these unpredictable and scary times we are all in. It’s nice to be able to rely on this store for so many of my everyday needs. My wife and I come often and will always recommend to others. Keep up the good work guys. It’s not unnoticed.

Review №20

Brand new in Issaquah in the old market location. Its brand new so everything is fully stocked and clean inside. Pretty much like any other dollar store, cheap but not alot options.

Review №21

Good place to find cheap stuff. Especially for seasonal decorative that you change very often.

Review №22

Store normally is well stocked, but lately its a mess in there. This store has more product than other DTs in the area. The staff isnt very friendly, only expecting a hello when at the cash register, but nope, nothing. This could be a great store with a little amount of effort.

Review №23

Horrible! The people who work there are kind enough. But they definitely do not have enough staff for such a busy store. Almost every single time I go in there and there is a line. A very long line. Several times Ive had to up and leave without my items because it just took way too long. Today the line literally went through the entire store. Myself and several others gave up. There was no exaggeration at least 30 people standing in line. Its tough to try and keep social distancing in that situation. I had to just leave my stuff and walk out. So did several other people. The female manager is always very kind. But they need to get that store staffed. I feel sorry for the workers. And the patrons.

Review №24

Great products and decent placing

Review №25

This is the dirtiest most disorganized and poorly run dollar tree. The worst

Review №26

Steve rudely told me he was not going to put the merchandise back. After my debut card wouldn’t go through. After apologizing about the inconvenience me of my card not working. And that letting them know I would return letter. He looked me in the yes and told me he wasn’t putting it back and that I needed too. Last time I check the dollar store doesn’t pay me so I’m not sure why he thought I would do his job for him. Then when I called to get the problem resolved the manager was extremely rude and did not seem to understand the problem with hanging an employee tell me that I needed to put my own merchandise back. I will never go there. I also will be telling everyone about this experience. Worst dollar store I have ever been to.

Review №27

It’s a great store, the people that work there are really nice.

Review №28

Very good shopping experience 💜

Review №29

Cashiers were super nice and friendly. Store manager was not. I came to pick up an online order and instead of helping me he sat in the back office for 10 min even after greeting me and asking for the name on the order. Im still standing by the registers with my 4yr old waiting for my online order.

Review №30

Customer service not good at all

Review №31

Friendly staff. Has lots of freezer food do thats a plus.

Review №32

Wow its May 20th and youd think the employees would be wearing masks.. Nope? And I understand they dont want to be working but be glad you have a job.

Review №33

BEWARE if you order balloons here! I paid in advance and when we went to pick up our large order for sons graduation and they couldnt find the order and did not have balloons ready. They were unsure were the prepaid balloons were and made no attempt to apologize for their error.You have been warned! When buying balloons never give them an order they arent capable of handling it properly. Very disappointed.

Review №34

Some incredible bargains to be found. Extremely convenient location for me. But I highly recommend avoiding Front street. Its even awful during hours when traffic is generally light. Havent had much (if any) interaction with the staff. However, to me this is always a major plus.I like to believe that I am at least competent enough to figure out how a store works on my own. In my experience most store employees only offer assistance when they suspect you of shoplifting. Due to this stores location I imagine this to be very much the case here as well. But for good reason. This quaint little town of is Issaquah has taken a turn for the worse.

Review №35

Someone working here wasnt wearing a mask at all, but for a dollar tree it had a very good selection and well stocked. What was advertised on posters outside was exactly what they had in store.

Review №36

Store sign requires mask. Clerk not wearing mask. Shelve stocker wearing mask improperly below nose. Check out line way down aisle before a call for another clerk. Many shelves in disarray.

Review №37

We normally love this dollar tree, very good selection, right down the street and friendly staff. An interesting experience this morning however, when the man at the cash register announced over the loud speakers that he was quitting and shutting down the store. We sat our things at the check out counter and left. A thoroughly interesting experience, I have never seen someone quit publically before. But like I said earlier, it is an overall great store.

Review №38

This is a nice store and you get everything for a dollar! You also get lots of chargers for cheap. There is a lot of parking space, and the store is very big. My only concern is that there is nothing to lock the bathroom door.

Review №39

I love the concept and its nice to have a dollar store close by for those last minute items and party supplies. The store cleanliness was terrible, customer service poor, and shelves low stocked.This is my third time at this location and all three times have been similar experiences. I will raise my rating when the store improves.Added pictures of store condition to pictures on store profile.Not a good start for new store!

Review №40

The manager and his employees were very rude to us and when we asked him if he had something in the back he had a snippy response to us and didnt want to go and check. They also do not do returns they do item swaps. I would not recommend going here. It is safe to say I will go out of my way not to come back to this store again and will be going to the Dollar Tree in Renton where the employees are 100 times nicer.

Review №41

I could spend hours in this store!!! They have so many great items. I especially love their hardware section! I absolutely recommend this place.

Review №42

This is a great place. I bought a couple things for my car and toddler. I got a laundry basket for holding all my car things... Papers towels, first aid kit, water, Lysol wipes, grocery bags... I come to the Dollar tree to buy Little things for on the go... Camping. Birthday parties....

Review №43

You get what you pay for but its a great place to get those things that anywhere and everywhere else will cost you 5 times the amount (example) ground pepper 4 to 5 dollars the tree its only a 1$ and you will never know the difference so if you get over your own ego of thinking your better then shopping at a dollar tree you will find great products

Review №44

The messiest Dollar Tree I have ever encountered. Items on the floor of most aisles, items not in any sort of order In most aisles, do not have many new items for long periods of time. Cashiers stand around chatting instead of trying to straighten up. One guy last weekend was putting items back where they belong but it’s difficult because so many items aren’t in the correct spot in the first place. It’s disgusting. I will be going to Kirkland until a decent manager comes in & overhauls the place. It’s very sad.

Review №45

The selection of items are very small. And some things doesnt worth buying there anymore. Got a bag at candy corn. It came with a samall amount than got at Target and found a better deal and the same brand.

Review №46

Same as other Dollar Tree stores. Stuff is better organized here. Everything is a dollar. I love getting balloons from here. You pay $1 for a balloon including the helium gas, thats inexpensive I would say.

Review №47

The staff was friendly and helpful. I found great deals on party items, a few household, plastic storage and & dishwear items .

Review №48

So glad this is within walking distance of my home no less. I dont have a car. Love my $🌳~

Review №49

Not a lot of inventory. Pretty messy

Review №50

Store is great! Employees dont seem very happy at all. Like im Inconveniencing them.. But then again they are probably making minimum wage so I dont blame them.

Review №51

I love Orlando! You ask a question and he has the answer. Thanks Orlando your the best!

Review №52

I wandered around browsing, found all I needed and more and staff was courteous, what more would I want.

Review №53

Very nice clean and organized plus had alotta good stuff other stores dont have !

Review №54

Umm its the dollar store everything cost $1. Do not expect quality products or staff. Craft supplies are great for my kid.

Review №55

This place is a joke. Its convenient to walk to. I didnt know they were closed when I walked in. They could have been polite about it but no. They turned away a customer. Ohh well. Ill take my business elsewhere

Review №56

I use the dollar tree in Cle Elum regularly. I was shocked to see the state of this store in Issaquah. Every isle looked ravaged. I went in looking for fabric storage cubes. There was not a selection our to choose from. There were a few beaten up cubes where they should have been. I will go to Cle Elum next week I guess where they stock shelves.

Review №57

Great patient customer service

Review №58

Having Dollar tree near to my place is really great I am very is new with variety of stuff i really loved it and would go more often.

Review №59

Big store, organized very well. A lot of nice things for kids and house.

Review №60

One of the best dollar trees I have been in.

Review №61

Place is always a mess but at least we found what we were looking for

Review №62

Pretty nice place. Everything is $1

Review №63

Dirty, no garbage can in womens bathroom, aisle hadnt been swept in days. Floors were sticky, totally unorganized.boxes of un opened stock every where. People were nice.

Review №64

It’s the most messiest dollar tree I’ve seen. Low stock... hard to find the items you want.... items on the floor and never saw any employee try to put it back.... so disappointed

Review №65

Id really like to open one up Snoqualmi

Review №66

Dollar stores are always great, get all the basics for a $

Review №67

Cashier was friendly and courteous, selection always great.

Review №68

Store is at perfect location

Review №69

Extremely rude staff, very messy store. Refused to let my son use the bathroom (which we found closed but he needed it urgently) even though we were paying customers. Waived his hand in my face and said “go, leave!” So we left without completing our purchase. They apparently don’t need or want business!

Review №70

I love the cleaner awesome with bleach.

Review №71

This is a large Dollar Tree with tons of items. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Review №72

This Dollar Tree has very few seasonal items, very disappointing. The place was an absolute mess.

Review №73

Not busy great Christmas bags... be care of the they are ln tac.

Review №74

Staff was very nice, good stock, short line

Review №75

This store is a mess. Does the general manager just not care?

Review №76

Workers were barley wearing masks.

Review №77

Always friendly and asking how my day is, polite and smiling. 🙂🙂😶

Review №78

Management was helpful in resolving our issues with a prior purchase which was faulty.

Review №79

Christmas ornaments, cleaning supplies, greeting cards, wrapping paper and much more only for a $1, its a shopping paradise! :)

Review №80

Everything costs a dollar. You dont go here expecting high quality items but every now and then youre suprised with what you get. A little under staffed but still relatively clean.

Review №81

Welcome This is the fiirst store in the area, known as Dollar stores

Review №82

Dont shop in Issaquah. They charge for grocery bags. Not as good selection as other Dollar trees. I guess its ok in a pinch.

Review №83

Very messy. Not well stocked at all.

Review №84

Ive been to the new Dollar Tree in Issaquah twice now and the store is like half empty,shelves are only half full, not a very good selection of anything,was very disapointed, I dont know if they just have not received all their stock yet or what!!!

Review №85

Great price on Tissues.

Review №86

Nice location and big store

Review №87

Friendly staff!

Review №88

Its an average dollar store however everything really is one dollar but that also means everything is cheap

Review №89

Smaller than other dollar tree ..small stock

Review №90

Super messy, lots of merchandise mixed together or laying on the floor.

Review №91

Buy anything for a $. Economical!!!!!

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Review №93

Cheap prices, everything is $1

Review №94

Lovely and helpful!!!

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Review №98

There are some pretty good options for the price.

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