Kenton County Bus Garage
11132 Madison Pike, Independence, KY 41051, United States
Review №1

Absolute worst . More times than I can count my son has been left and seen the bus not even go down our road, every-time you have to call every single individual is so rude like a bus picking up your child ISNT important to them. It’s ridiculous.. any time changes in bus pickup/drop offs are NEVER communicated, and when they decide a bus stop it’s just up to the parents to “figure it out” .Absolutely disgusting .

Review №2

This morning my childrens bus was 40 minutes late. There was a sub but that is no excuse considering this driver has drove this route in the past. He completely passed a childs stop and that child had to run down and catch the bus with my children. As a parent I would like to request that this person no longer drives he does not seem to be a safe driver and he does not pay attention at all. I honestly do not feel safe with my children being on the bus with him. Thank you

Review №3

After an incident on the bus( my child middle school being bullied by a high school student)I confronted the bus driver. The first thing he said was “that kid is the last one on the bus everyday”. Told me all I need to know about Wayne. He could care less about the safety of the kids, just wants to keep his schedule. We drive our kids to school now, we don’t feel safe with them on the bus anymore. Nothing as ever done. Even went to see the assistant principal.

Review №4

Best bus garage out their.Shout out to Mrs Kim and Mrs lovely

Review №5

Several times my children & the children in the neighborhood have been left standing in bad weather waiting for the bus only to find out after trying to repeatedly reach the garage that theyve stopped the buses for one reason or another. They never give you an estimated time as to when they will be there or running. Youre just supposed to keep your children out in the bad weather and wait until they decide to come. They are late for school and miss breakfast bc of this. Its ridiculous. The app is a waste that rarely works and doesnt inform you of anything and the employees are rude and nasty when you call to find out whats going on

Review №6

I called because the bus flew past my kids this morning and didnt pick them up. Debbie answered and I explained to her that the bus missed them and I had to be at work soon and couldnt wait in the long line to drop them off at school and was asking if the bus driver could come back since he wasnt more than maybe 5 min away. She said sorry hes on Richardson he cant. I said I will be late for work now because the driver wasnt paying attention even though my kids were on the end of the driveway yelling at the bus as it flew by. Then she was going to hang up on me without even asking the driver if they could turn around.. She said they dont do that. Well no more than 10 seconds later here comes the bus to pick them up. She straight up lied to me and didnt even offer to help at all. Shed rather argue with me than fix the situation.

Review №7

Good fields.

Review №8

Great people

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  • Address:11132 Madison Pike, Independence, KY 41051, United States
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  • Phone:+1 859-356-5050
  • School bus service
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