Lifesaver Driving School
9156 Will Clayton Pkwy, Humble, TX 77338, United States
Review №1

I really enjoyed learning with Life Saver Driving School. They were fast, efficient, and organized. They also work with you and around your schedule. The driving instructors are very helpful and patient when it comes to teaching and helping. I overall had a great experience with Life Saver Driving school and would heavily recommend you sign up for classes with them.

Review №2

Coach Easter was extremely professional. I was able to take the course at my own pace allowing me to finish quickly and efficiently. Definitely wouldn’t go anywhere else

Review №3

This driving school is truly the best! Great coach, great teacher, great environment. Full of energy and good vibes. Class was fun and went by fast. They help take care of everything and answer any questions. I got my license within 3 and a half months! I recommend this driving school to everyone who’s looking for a driving school!!

Review №4

My name is Allison Reese and i attend Summer Creek High School. Coach Easter is very professional and i had a great experience taking my road exam through his driving school. I recommend all teenagers and young adults to get there license and exams through this program. You won’t regret it!

Review №5

Super sweet people working here! They were so helpful and patient. Was super nervous but they definitely helped me calm down. My friend recommended me to take my test here, will for sure be recommending to my other friends.

Review №6

Very comfortable driving with Coach Easter. Making everything feel very safe and comfortable. Had a great experience for my drivers test and would definitely recommend.

Review №7

•I really like how professional coach Easter and Ms. Easter are. They are very welcoming and helpful from the very first class to the road exam.•I appreciate how we were taught the basics yet important things such as road signs and stop lights.•this school is not like any school.. while as it is very entertaining and fun… it’s also not a hard class they teach you everything you need to know to be a good and safety driver !!!

Review №8

Started learning from them as a senior at Atascosita HS, they work well around schedules and school events. Coach E makes it very easy to understand driving on the roads and the impact of safe driving. They make the process to getting your drivers license’s quick and simple.

Review №9

I’m India, I go to Humble Highschool and I can tell you that there’s no other driving school that can possibly compare to LifeSaver!! This is as good as it gets. Great price, Great teaching, Great everything. Mr and Mrs Easter know exactly what they’re doing, I recommend them to any and everyone.

Review №10

Mr. Easter is a great teacher that will make you feel very comfortable behind the wheel! The school is quick and efficient. All around good experience.

Review №11

Absolutely amazing the school will teach you everything you need to know and coach East is one of the best teachers. Definitely recommend doing your driving with them.

Review №12

From Nimitz high school, coming to the program real nervous and scared but Coach Easter made driving so easy for me and pretty much everyone in the car and around him. I’m so grateful to have him by my side helping me through this part of my life.

Review №13

Amazing Service!! Fast and professional. You will not be disappointed coming here to lifesavers. They definitely saved mines! I recommend them 100000000%.

Review №14

Lifesavers is the best driving school in the Houston area. The instructors are very understanding and relate with all driver. I would highly recommend Lifesavers to anyone trying to get their license.

Review №15

Great driving school to go to, a lot of my family members came here and they loved it. We always recommend this school to anyone who is wanting their permit and license. They make everything easy to learn and really good communication.

Review №16

Coach Easter was an amazing instructor! Amazing and easy classes, really easy to follow along and overall a great experience! 10/10 recommend!

Review №17

Great people helped me learn to drive recommended to al!!

Review №18

This business is very professional and fast. Overall had had a great experience with the instructors and people. Would recommend 100%

Review №19

If you looking for a quick, easy, and efficient driving school this one is it. I mostly had coach Easter drive with me and he was very funny and entertaining. He also was a great teacher too and gave really good tips to improve my driving. Deborah Easter also took me driving to and was very helpful and nice. They both have fast reaction skills so your child will definitely be safe if they’re not familiar being behind the wheel. All I can say Is I had a lot of fun and now have my license.😁

Review №20

One of the BEST driving schools! Vey thorough and professional. 10/10 would recommend!

Review №21

Had a great experience here, amazing environment and teachers and overall amazing experience. They teach you everything you need to know before taking road exam to have you ready!

Review №22

Recommend friends and other people to come. Great instructor very professional quick and easy

Review №23

I recommended this driving school to anyone in need. They’re very professional in their businesses and are very helpful. I highly recommend taking your driving test here

Review №24

Great service coach Easter is great with his teaching methods makes it so easy with a hint of professionalism

Review №25

I recommend coming here because it helps you to get your license in a fast and easy way. The people are really nice and they like having a conversation with you. They are really precise on the right way of driving and on how to stay off your phone and to pay attention to the road. I really do recommend coming here.

Review №26

This school is very professional. I highly recommend. They treat you like a regular teen adult as you should be treated. They teach every thing you need to know. It’s straight business. Also great communication.

Review №27

Great experience! The guy was very nice and i wasn’t nervous at all. Definitely better than the DPS and so much easier.

Review №28

Coach Easter is really good he makes you feel comfortable and gives good feedback back highly recommended !

Review №29

Very good and easy. Great instructors and very nice. The best place to take your drivers test!

Review №30

I had a great experience taking my test here. I would recommend all my friends

Review №31

Amazing driving instructor, highest quality service in all fields, an overall wonderful experience.

Review №32

Lifesaver is exactly as the name suggests. I took my driver’s ed here and got my permit within a week. The teaching is great and easy to understand, it’s worth every penny.

Review №33

I had a great experience!The teachers are very nice and understanding and over all teach you everything you need to know and learn about driving and how to do it the safe and right way over all 10/10.

Review №34

The driving school was very beneficial and convenient. They allowed me to take my test through them and were just as eager to get me on the as I was. Truly appreciate it!

Review №35

It’s was a good experience they teach and train you well, in my opinion I think they are way much better than anywhere else, I recommend you should come here, they teach you how to drive properly, they teach you about the traffic signs and everything you need to know about it.

Review №36

I’m from atascocita high school and I chose to come to this driving school. They did really good!! I loved the service and the class was so easy. The road test was also very easy! Y’all should really come here if you want your permit and license!! 10/10 for me I loved it.

Review №37

It was a great experience . Everyone was nice and very helpful and great at teaching . With them being as helpful as they were made my experience easier and easy for me to learn everything i need to know.

Review №38

A lot of experience, you can learn a lot of stuff about driving, and be safe, and also know all the rules. They make everything easier for you to do and can get it done quickly.

Review №39

My experience with life savers was amazing coach Easter was the best he was calm the whole time and keep it really professional

Review №40

They have been great they taught my son and now my daughter. Would definitely recommend!!!

Review №41

I have finished this program and it has been very helpful, it has taught me enough to pass the writing exam and the driving exam. would recommend

Review №42

Lifesaver Driving School is truly a “Lifesaver!” They help me through the whole process on getting my license. Talk to Mr. Easter he is very professional and will help you all the way with great communication. Truly do recommend this place.

Review №43

This Driving School was very beneficial. I highly recommend. Teaches you good driving and tips, I was most definitely ready for the road after this driving course.

Review №44

This is a very professional and helpful school both Coach Easter and Ms.Easter did a great job helping me with my driving .

Review №45

Just had a drivers test here at lifesavers and it was great. It was faster to schedule and driving with the instructor makes it way easier to drive with then the dps.

Review №46

Great Driving School! Nice people and a comfortable environment to learn in. Best Value for the best experience.

Review №47

Everything was very streamlined and easy here, all questions I had were answered quickly and everything was very straightforward and simple. I would recommend this driving school.

Review №48

Came for a last minute road exam and they were able to put me in. The very good vibes and overall calmness while driving

Review №49

Every at Lifesaver Driving School is good at what they do. They teach how to drive so well ! I recommend everybody goes here. They help you get your drivers license as soon as you can. They help teach you how to drive really well and help you fix your mistakes with driving. They also let you know what you do wrong with driving so you can work on your mistakes at home and come back to Lifesaver Driving School to fix your mistakes.Practice makes perfect.

Review №50

This is a great driving school if you need fast and affordable drivers ed or observation/driving hours. It’s drivers test is also very affordable, and the teachers are very competent. I’d definitely recommend this place to anybody who asks.

Review №51

The best driving school! amazing communication and instructor, i truly learned so much.

Review №52

It was fast all I had to do was make 2 trips up at the school and got my license on the 2nd trip . professional and easy

Review №53

Very professional and an awesome environment to be in, at Lifesaver Driving school they really care, and make sure your comfortable while there driving with you, and really make sure you know what your doing when you get behind that wheel!! Highly recommend anyone to come!!!

Review №54

Great classroom environment, as well as a good driving experience. Would recommend to friends and family.

Review №55

Great experience! Everyone come here!! Easiest way to get your license!

Review №56

Coach Easter was the best!! Such a good driving school and a good test :)

Review №57

Coach Easter was very nice and cool. Definitely recommend this for your learning drivers.

Review №58

Great place, great environment. Made me feel comfortable while taking the driving test. Will highly suggest to friends and family

Review №59

It was a very easy process, and I learned a lot through them! They also allowed me to get my license through them! I would definitely recommend :)

Review №60

LITERALLY THE BEST DRIVING SCHOOL EVER!!!!!! very patient when it comes to driving and very calm I 100% RECOMMEND coming to LifeSavers Driving School for first time drivers thats ineed of getting thier liscense. i promise you wont be disappointed ☺️

Review №61

Great driving school! At first I was super nervous and scared about driving. But now I’m confident and have my drivers license!!

Review №62

Life saver driving really approved my driving 5 outta 5 service really recommended you come there

Review №63

I would definitely recommend anyone of any age coming here. The instructors are great and they teach very well. They also did a good job of making me feel less nervous while completing my driving.

Review №64

I came from Oak Ridge and the experience was really smooth, the classes were easy to understand, and the instructor was good for driving.

Review №65

I would recommend it totally it’s a good place to send your kids to learn the proper and safe way to drive.

Review №66

I definitely recommend this school if your looking for a quick and efficient driving school this is the one! The coaches are very professional and will walk you through every step of the way with amazing teaching techniques .

Review №67

Very professional and helped me a lot when I felt nervous about driving. Do their best to make you feel comfortable

Review №68

They do prepare almost everything for you. It’s perfect if you want a fast and easy way to get everything done. I recommend it to my friend and he said taking the road exam with them was so much better than having to wait for the DPS.

Review №69

Amazing!! school love the people greet to work with just a all around great and amazing school

Review №70

Came in today, really professional driving school got everything I needed including my license, recommended for teenagers and adults really good place.

Review №71

I would 100% recommend they were very professional and very good with communication i loved coming here

Review №72

Hello, my name is Mariah and this is the best driving school to attend. The instructors are very kind and flexible on time. When I tell my friends about this school they always say “I should have went to yours.” You never have to feel nervous when driving with the instructors because they make you feel more relaxed when driving. This is the driving school you will want to take!

Review №73

Very professional service!!! I felt very welcome and learned a lot!! I go to Nimitz high school and many of my other classmates have came to Lifesaver. I highly recommend this driving school !!

Review №74

Very professional, and helpful.. they helped and prepared me for my written and road exam to get my drivers license. I would 10/10 recommend

Review №75

This place is so amazing !! very professional and good communication, my instructor was good at explaining and being patient with me when i didn’t know how to do certain tasks, such a great place i recommend this place to anyone !!

Review №76

They are very good at teaching you the laws of the road, they have one on one time with you in the car and are very effective. Many services are made convenient at this well rounded driving school.

Review №77

Highly recommend the instructors are really patient and gentle if you want to get your license Life savers driving school is the place for it ..

Review №78

This is the best driving any one could ever go toThey teach you everything and is very professional and also patient with every one.

Review №79

I go to Humble high school and I recommend everyone to come here and get your license.It’s the best experience I ever had.

Review №80

Great school!! Taught me and a few of my family members. Helped us all get on the road safely.

Review №81

Lifesaver Driving School is a Great school ! Very efficient and informational classes. The whole process was easy and the staff was extremely helpful and wonderful. I recommend to all my fellow teenagers and parents looking to get their kids started on getting their permit/license.

Review №82

I go to AHS and getting my license here was nice and easy good schooling nice teachers

Review №83

Very good driving school and straight to the point.

Review №84

Very professional instructors, great training! Highly recommend!

Review №85

Graduated from MacArthur great review learned many things great service definitely suggest

Review №86

Everything is nice and professional, got straight to the point.

Review №87

One of the best driving experiences I have had. Me and my family did several driving alternatives trying to get them face to face and online so I could originally get my permit but when we came to mr and Mrs Easter’s driving school we knew that it’s where I would stay until I was finished. I recommend this driving school over other alternatives, thank you mr and Mrs Easter.

Review №88

I recommend this driving school cause they really teach and keep things professional

Review №89

I recommend this driving school there nice and a good driving school to look forward to if your looking for one.

Review №90

Best place to go for driving lessons! Everyone is super nice and helpful.

Review №91

This is the school I recommend!!! I am about to graduate from spring high school and I wanted to learn how to drive before I graduate. And this was the spot for me! Mr easter and ms Easter are the best driving instructors ever. At first I was very nervous but once you talk to them and get in the car you will be comfortable! They will take their time with you and go over everything. Do not be shy to ask any questions because they will answer it ! If you ever need the best instructors this is the place to come !!

Review №92

Best driving school ever past on my first try!!!

Review №93

My name is Terron, I’m about to graduate and I really needed to take my road test. I’m was so happy to be able to take it here. Good service. Good communication

Review №94

Came to do my road test and It was very professional and welcoming

Review №95

Really professional, taught everything I needed so I was ready to get my drivers license, very reliable place with a great price as well.

Review №96

I had the best experience driving with them. The ride was easy and the people are all nice and have conversations to make you comfortable!

Review №97

The teachers are great! I was able to complete my written test, get my permit, and finish my road test no problem

Review №98

This was super easy and great experience. Instructor was nice and made the test stress free. Best driving test ever! I definitely recommend this place over any dps test.

Review №99

Best place to go. Great instructor. Communicated every step of the way. Fast and easy. I recommend to everyone 100%.

Review №100

I took my test today and it was amazing I will definitely recommend this Drivers School to others. Best experience I’ve ever had really good teachers there.

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